76 Stacked Bob Hairstyles That Will Give You A Pleasing Glance


Stacked Bob is a hairdo that will give you an extremely satisfying and appealing look. On the off chance that you are searching for a haircut to take your identity to next dimension, stacked bob would be an ideal choice for you. To look chic, it isn’t fundamental for you to dependably go on with long hairs. If looking fashionable and setting a trend is your point, attempt stacked bob without even batting an eye. Furthermore, stacked bob more often than not can be styled as short or medium length. Here, we present you 76 distinct varieties of stacked bob that you can browse :

  • Black Stacked Bob

stacked bob

The vast majority of the young ladies out there might have imagined that gazing chic and up-to-date with common dark hair is inconceivable. But, Ladies! it is the wrong perception that you having been conveying for this long. On the off chance that you settle on stacked bob on your regular dark hair has appeared in the photos above, you will without a doubt look greatly noteworthy and be the talk in the crowd. Besides, you can keep your stacked bob straight or curly or wavy as per your preference.

  • Blonde Highlighted Stacked Bob

The blonde features on reddish brown hair appeared in the image above looks completely stunning, isn’t that right? For this look, ask your beautician to initially shape your hair as stacked bob with a slight volume at the back. At that point, request that they apply on a reddish brown coloured shade or some other darker shade as you want for. In conclusion, instruct them to highlight certain parts of your hair with a blonde shade. There you have your haircut that looks striking and in the meantime makes you look daring and chic.

  • Wavy Bob Updo

Do you fall under those who love wavy haircuts? Additionally, do you stress that waves can’t be framed splendidly on short hairs? If that is the situation, don’t stress over it and endeavour for the hairdo appeared. Also, the stacked bob wavy hairstyle causes you to look increasingly perfect and appealing.

  • Ice Blonde Stacked Bob

When women are following the exemplary blonde, brown, red and shades accordingly, for what reason don’t you strive to look one of a kind with the icy blonde shade? Besides, the icy Blonde shade accompanied by bob with side bangs will make you look graceful in appearance.

  • Layered Blonde Bob

Layers a standout amongst the most well-known hairstyles that make your hair look thick and luscious. Furthermore, layers are intended for long hairs as well as can look similarly attractive on short hairs. Here, we present you stacked bob layers on blonde hair which gives you a chic and modish look.

  • Rose Gold Blonde Bob

Are you looking for an alluring updo? Well, if that is the case why don’t you seek for the hairdo appeared here. To get this look, ask your hairstylist to chop off your hair as stacked bob and then, colour it as a blonde to orangy tinted ombre. A flawless hairdo to roll your day-to-day fashion.

  • U-Shaped Stacked Bob

As referenced ordinarily before, there are varieties of bob hairstyles which can undoubtedly be pulled off by everybody. Here, is a u-shaped stacked bob for fine hair which you can without much of a stretch make sense of it through pictures too. For this, you have to trim your hair as fluffy and short at the back continued as somewhat long at the front. Furthermore, you can keep any hair colour that suits you well and as per your preference.

  • Splendid Sleek Bob Updo

Do you wanna look amazingly great and alluring even for your day by day outs? That being the situation, experiment with this stacked bob straight smooth blonde bob updo. Besides, the hairdos of this length are too attractive and this is an incredible style.

  • Bob Hairdo With Highlights

For young ladies who don’t favour exceptionally in-vogue hairdo’s, stacked bob would be the best choice. It gives an exceptionally striking look and suits for all facial structures. In addition, the stacked layers make the highlights look magnificent.

  • Shaggy Bob

To those of you who favour short hairdos, you can endeavour for this haircut. This is a stacked shaggy bob with layers. Moreover, you can add on highlights or only a single shade according to your desire and look absolutely striking.

  • A Hint of Purple

This hairdo is the same as what we’ve talked about so far. The just distinction here is the dash of purple shade on stacked bob which gives you a rich look.

  • Bob With a Perfect Finish

Who wouldn’t like to have a hairdo with an ideal smooth complete, you without a doubt do like to, isn’t it? Attempt any of the above-appeared stacked bob hairstyles as all the frosty, light blonde and highlighted colour throws an engaging charm.

  • Eccentric Updo

Have you at any point observed any Korean or Japanese drama and found hairdos such as these very striking? Ask your hairdresser to redo this look on you which gives you an exceptionally peculiar and gruff finish. Two to three layers with various shades will give you a whimsical glance.

  • Vibrant Highlights on Blonde Hair

Here we’ve presented you three diverse picture with dynamic features on blonde hair. These stacked bob highlights will give you an entirely prominent and fantastic result. First is a fantastically stacked bob that stands because of the blue highlights. Second, is a style that has the hair longer in the front than the back with an amazing purple shade. Lastly, a stacked style overflowing with some splendid and shocking pink tones.

  • Lustrous Hairdo

Ladies who love smooth, luxurious and lustrous hair should positively settle on this haircut. These hairdos give you an extremely polished and sophisticated glimpse. Moreover, the sharp points make you look to a great degree exquisite.

  • Brown Stacked Bob

Brown tint has been a standout amongst the most favoured shade by both young and matured women. Additionally, the shade runs absolutely well on any skin tone and hair of any length. Attempt the above-indicated hairdos that have soft and flowy layers and catch the eye of numerous towards you.

Wouldn’t it occur immaculate on the off chance that you have a faultless blend of hair tints? Here, we’ve displayed blonde layer over a red layer and a blonde shaved hairdo. Both of these stacked bob has its very own appeal. Henceforth, go for blonde hair with red layers if you need to flaunt some extra shaded layers or go for shaved style on the off chance that you need to get a bold and daring appearance.

  • Burgundy Stacked Bob Updo

Stacked bob being exceptionally popular and talk among the group as of late, for what reason don’t you endeavour for this haircut and be the subject of gossip? The burgundy shade on bob with or without layers will lead you to show up to a great degree magnificent.

  • Colourful Updo

Do you ever discover the rainbow extremely satisfying and fulfilling? Assuming this is the case, for what reason don’t you attempt on this bright haircut and give yourself that fulfilment while strolling down the road? In addition, the hues don’t need to be actually as appeared, in fact, you can apply any energetic shades according to your liking.

  • Ash Blonde to Black

To get this look, following steps needs to be followed:

  • First, chop your hair as stacked bob layers with hair short at the back portion and longer at the front as clearly seen in the picture.
  • Next, For the layers underneath, leave it natural black.
  • Then, for the uppermost layers apply on ash blonde shade as in the picture.
  • Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, let your hair loose in a side-swept manner. Thus, you have you hairdo ready to be vaunted for any occasion.
  • Simple Yet Elegant

For the situations when you don’t have enough time to style yourself in a glam way for special occasions or everyday work, this haircut would be an incredible help for you. From the stacked bob back image shown here, you can figure out that this bob is straightforward yet looks completely lovely for everybody.

  • Engaging Hairstyle’s

In the event that you are searching for a  new style, why not experiment with this engaging stacked bob. You can include some splendid shades and you are certain to knock some people’s socks off wherever you go. Furthermore, these are an alluring style that is exceptional and genuinely unique.

  • Orange Tinted Updo

Having been discussed about vibrant and colourful shades earlier, this is also one of the very bright and dazzling hairdos that helps you shine in the crowd. A short bob that throws an absolutely astonishing and graceful glimpse.

  • Light Blonde Stacked Bob Updo’s

In the situation that you pursue ongoing trends, you may know about the ongoing hair prefers that most of the ladies favour nowadays. Among numerous, light blonde shade and stacked bob is on trend nowadays. This haircut is the best decision for the individuals who want to be up-to-date with the style and keep it simple at the same time.

  • Elongated Hair at One Side

As should be obvious it is clear in the image that, this updo has hair elongated at one side which gives you a totally extraordinary appearance. To get this look, you should simply ask you, hairstylist, to trim your hair keeping one side longer contrasted with the other. In particular, you can keep this style in the hair of any length. Besides, the shades don’t really need to be as referenced here, apply on any shade that suits you well.

  • Stacked Bob Bounce Style

While discussing short bob, the allure that the back part shows is significant. The photos referenced here shows stacked bob nape where some are shaved and some are definitely not. Moreover, these short bounce flaunts the neck which consequently makes you look extremely chic and voguish.

  • Stacked Bob Shaved Nape

The scorching summer heat and long hair at the same time might get on your nerves, isn’t it? To avoid that you can attempt hairdo as appeared above where you have to trim your hair short as bounced bob. Furthermore, to add additional appeal to the short bounce shave your hair in the nape part and let your hair free. Your hairdo is able to make you look exquisite and grab the attention of numerous towards you.

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  • Hairstyles for  Adults

Hitting the grown-up age is certainly a natural wonder. With the increase in age, women dislike going for an exceptionally alluring look. Be that as it may, to look stylishly elegant and refined even in your maturing period, women can pick these stacked bob layers with astonishing hair tints. This style will give a youthful and cheeky feeling.

  • Multiple Shaded Highlights

Are you wanting to mix multiple shades to your hair so as to bring an extra poise to your appearance? That being the case, you can go for this hairdo where you can mix brown, blonde and purple shade together to get that extra poise. Also, you can mix more shades as per your choice and that which goes with your persona very well.

  • Easy-Going Updo

As you can obviously find in the image that this haircut looks easy-going and manageable. Not splendidly settled yet looks startling with the natural tints on stacked layers.

  • Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Is it true that you are a curly hair lover? Do you wish to toss that advanced look in the public through curly updo? On the off chance that being the situation, you can go for this haircut. This hair is similarly as many of the bobs that we have discussed so far where it is styled as long at one side. To get this look, trim your hair as typical bob first and afterwards, style it up as tight curls using an electric or non-electric curler.

  • Light Waves

This hairdo is like the hair styling ideal above. The main contrast in this updo is the light, enormous wavy style is pursued rather than tight curls. Attempt this updo as it will make you prepared for any occasions.

  • Short Tight Curly Updo

At this point, we’ve just talked about stacked bob on sleek hair with an ideal wrap up. So, keeping those aside lets now talk about stacked bob curly hair which looks as amazing as a bob with a smooth wrap up. Curls do have varieties all of which make you look spectacular. Go for a short stacked bob haircut and curl them up: light or heavy curls that suit you well.

  • Mid-Length Bob

There are certain facial structures for which short bob probably won’t suit well. That being the situation, young ladies can satisfy their desire to have stacked bob on mid-length hair. It gives you an extremely easy and flawless wrap-up.

Therefore, these are varieties of stacked bob on short and medium length hairs that help you look cheeky and trendy. This hairdo is manageable and wonderful in the event that you need to revamp your appearance. Additionally, there are numerous options you can go for, from shading decisions to stiff edges. Stacked Bob is one incredible style to add dimensions and deepness to fine hair as it has layers on it. So, attempt any of the bob updos that you have your eyes stuck on and get the heads to turn towards you while strolling down the road.



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