Skin & Beauty: 5 Tips to Help Give You that Younger and Softer Skin


What is the secret of beauty? How can you get the perfect skin? Do you want to find the elixir of youth? Relax, we all do. Women are obsessed with their looks, especially when it comes to having healthy and soft skin. Some women go to more drastic measures, such as estheticians and surgeons, to get the results they want. However, in today’s advanced medical world, going under the knife it’s not always the answer. Beauty routines change as we age – maintaining a healthy and youthful skin becomes more challenging as the years pass. In our 20s, we all want to keep your skin clear, with no blemishes and blackheads. When we reach 30 years old, we want to look younger than ever. At the 40s, we begin to understand that ageing is normal, but we want to age gracefully. We finally understand that happiness and peace in life will help us look young and beautiful (with the help of serums and moisturizers, of course). In fact, that’s the point here – having a natural, healthy, and positive appearance requires a strict skincare routine. Below you’ll find some ways to help give your skin that younger and softer feel.

1.      Eat & drinks healthy

We all know that beauty isn’t all about makeup and moisturizers. It all comes from the inside – your skin is worth protecting, so invest in taking care of it, you won’t regret it. As Audrey Hepburn said: “Happy girls are the prettiest!”. Indeed, there’s nothing more beautiful than a girl who radiates beauty and happiness. For this reason, you need to learn how to be beautiful from the inside to the outside. First, you’ll need to understand that putting makeup on isn’t going to do all the job. Having a healthy diet contributes to beautiful and glowing skin.

Drink lots of water, eat your vegetables daily, get some rest, and have a positive mind. All of these will certainly have a great effect on how you look and feel. Cultivating a positive mind will reflect on the outside. Spend most of your time around those who make you laugh and keep you active. Even the silliest things can make you release stress. So, enjoy life and find beauty within yourself. And don’t forget to keep up with your skincare routine every day – make sure you at least apply moisturizer and sunscreen each day.

2.      Use the right skin care products

How to choose the right skincare products best suited for your skin? Choosing the right skincare products shouldn’t be such a challenge. If you give up on guessing what should work for your skin and what shouldn’t, you might be able to choose the perfect skincare products. Moreover, knowing your skin type it’s an important step to help you choose which ingredients work best for your skin.

Skin types

  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Sensitive
  • Combination

Unless you are a dermatologist or a degree in chemistry, reading all the ingredients on a skincare product could be like reading Chinese. It’s not common to know each ingredient on the label, but it is common to search for the best skincare products reviews and learn what ingredients are best suited for your skin. Instead of spending time doing detective work on certain skincare products, you could follow expert’s advice and find the best skincare solution for you. Know your skin type! It’s extremely important to not be influenced by a product’s popularity or packaging. It could do more harm than good to your skin. Also, beware of cheap products that use “organic” ingredients, which can still cause reactions to your skin type. Don’t be discouraged if a certain product isn’t working for you – there’s definitely another one that can help with your skin needs.

3.      Manage your stress

If you feel stressed or anxious, your skin may react in some way. Experiencing stress and anxiety can lead to ageing skin and acne, due to the release of cortisol, a hormone that breaks down collagen. It also causes breakouts, redness, irritation, and inflammation. Learning how to manage stress, it’s important to allow yourself some time to relax. For example, you could do yoga, meditation, and practice deep breathing exercises. It’s an excellent way to combat stress on your skin. To make the most of it, eat lots of fruits, such as blueberries, leafy greens, and oranges.

4.      Sleep well

Get a good night’s sleep! To help your body function at optimal levels, it’s significantly important that you sleep at least seven hours per night. If you exhaust yourself, your skin will show it! So, to maintain healthy and vibrant skin, your night’s sleep should consist between 7 to 9 hours. If you struggle to fall asleep at night, make sure you establish a nightly routine, such as a hot bath, reading, massages, or relaxing music. There is an undeniable connection between a good night’s sleep and your skin. But sleeping well is critical for your overall health. So, make sure you go to bed early at night, and you’ll wake up noticing that your skin looks fresher, younger, and a lot more radiant.

5.      Remain hydrated throughout the day

If you fail on consuming enough liquids per day, you’re not going to function properly. Your skin is your largest organ, so it needs proper care. But often, it’s the last that’s been taken care of. If you don’t consume enough water every day, your skin will not be hydrated – therefore, it will become dry, irritated, and tight. The amount of water you should drink every day so that your skin looks healthy and fresh is eight glasses (2 L).

Apart from all of these beneficial tips, there are lots of other things and habits you should avoid if you’re looking to improve the look of your skin. Avoid smoking and drinking countless amounts of alcohol – you’re not going to have the results you seek. There are lots of treatments that might be beneficial to your skin, but don’t forget to ask for specialist advice, to have even more outstanding results.


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