102 Cool Rainbow Hair That Is Worth Trying


Rainbow hair has become trendier than ever with the discovery of various techniques of putting several shades of colours into different patterns. Rainbow consists of 7 different hues of red, green, blue, indigo, yellow, orange and violet. It is the best way to match up with every dress in your closet. It can be applied to any texture, colour or size of hair to create a colourful look. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Katy Perry and many others are following the trend and rocking it on wigs or their natural hair. Rainbow hairs can get damaged soon so you should keep on visiting your hairstylist from time to time for proper care. Consider a few things before colouring your hair.

  • Avoid the sun, pool and using shampoo, a conditioner that will fade out the colour.
  • Visit your stylist frequently. If you are low on the budget, choose the same colour.
  • Be sure about the shade you want and show the colour to your stylist to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Use clarifying shampoo before colouring to clear the previous colour.
  • Do a swatch test before colouring to find if you are allergic to it.
  • Don’t panic because your hairstylist can fix anything.

Everyone wants to showcase their inner child or wildness either through the way they dress up or the way they do their hair. But many people hesitate to wear bright hair as they are not sure if the style will compliment them or make them look weird. So here are some description of the rainbow hair done by famous hair stylish like Guy tang that might give you an inspirational idea about the colour palette that might suit you.

1. Barbie Rainbow

Did you play with Barbie and Ben during your childhood? Then you surely have wanted to become Barbie. In Barbie rainbow, Each curl strand consists of two contrast in colour giving beautiful dimension to each coils making you look like a doll.

2. Oil Slick Dark Root Waves

Every colour vibrant is enhanced and amplified with the black root giving an oily texture to the whole waves.

3. Bluish Unicorn Multi-braid

The braided hair has different shades of blue, pink and orange colour resembling a cartoon unicorn which we have seen through our childhood.

4. Autumn Crown

Like the autumn leaves having a different shade of red colour, the crowned hair also has dark roots flowing through the red hue.

5. Auburn Hidden Rainbow

The Auburn looking hair consist of different colours beneath which resembles a rainbow.

6. Pastel blue with highlighted Braids

The root is pastel blue, and other pastel colours emphasise it with the braids beautifully flaunting the highlights creating a dimension.

7. Unicorn Ponytail 

The unicorn ponytail is an easy way to take the hair out of your face when you are working.

8. Galaxy Sombre Space Bun

The Purple emerging to different shades of blue and pink with the glitters placed on the space between two buns gives a galaxy vibe.

9. Crown Metallic pastel

The half-up hair twists create a crown and the metallic added to different colour provides the better silhouette to the waves.

10. Peacock 

The flowing of green towards the blue and magenta shades resembles a dancing peacock playing with its colourful feather.

11. Neon booster on pastel Rainbow Waves 

Use the Neon violet as a booster to the pastel colours to make the hair not too much vibrant and not too much faded.

12. Side-cut Pixie

Side-cut Pixie already shows the relaxed vibe and when is coloured with the different colour shades makes you look like a free bird. Showcase your best makeup skills to rock the look.

13. Brown Platinum hidden Rainbow

The Brown Platinum Hidden Rainbow is for those people who want the bright hair colours but cannot because of work.

14. Long Berry Waves

The various forms of berry, like blue, red and blackberry have the variation of colours in it with some consisting green leaves.

15. Snake pattern Rainbow

The pattern on the hair resembles a silhouette of the figure in snakes body hence called Snake Rainbow.

16. Eye catchy Rainbow

The variation of different colours on the hair is like candy to the eye. If you want to turn heads, go for the hair-do.

17. Painted

The painted looking rainbow is usually oil spread making it look slick and shiny.

18. Pinkish Green Highlighted Pixie

The hair consists of distinct hair colour of coral, green, blue and pink which are attractively blended popping out each colour uniquely.

19.Fairy Curls

The Light pink moves towards the light blue and yellow so pleasing that the look gives a good definition of aerial.

20.Straight Pony

The straight hair is tied up to a ponytail which consists of multi-toned pink with pastel colour. Comb-up the baby hair using creams to give a slick look.

21. Thunder Waves with Braid and Bun

Place the middle-parted waves in such that it resembles thundering of different colours making the person look like a mythical creature. Put on glittery makeup to give justice to the hair-do.

22. Fashionable

How trendy are you? The craze for the rainbow hair has brought the fashion into the real working world and not limited only to the fashion industry. Blush up a little more with the bright makeup.

23. Black hidden Rainbow

Unlike the above-hidden colourful hair, the presence of black colour illuminates the hidden rainbow.

24. Ocean 

If you are travelling across the ocean this vacation, then you probably should get the ocean rainbow.

25. Dusky Crayon highlights

The light shades of green, purple and pink are highlighted to the natural hair like crayons to give a gloomy look.

26. Top Scattered Rainbow

The top scattered rainbow consists of various colours separated from a point like that of an umbrella. The bright, vibrant hair compliments the fair skin too well.

27. Scattering Energy

Are you a painter and have you ever drawn rays of sun coming towards the earth which consist of oceans and forest? The figure resembles the whole sentence written above.

28. Arctic Hidden Rainbow

The hair colouring technique can provide you with two styles for your casual and weekend look when hair is down and placed up respectively.

29. Artistic Rainbow

The artistic rainbow consists of various colours hue that is deep coloured at the top and softens toward the end.

30. Pastel Rainbow

If you want a low-key rainbow look, the Pastel Rainbow is your way to go.

31. Bright Neon

Are you into the bright colour that will give you a glamorous appearance wherever you go?  Neon shades of different colour are mixed to create a rainbow for the look.

32. Platinum Bowl Bolt Thunder

The Bowl haircut consists of Purple Platinum which is highlighted by a thunderbolt giving you a superhero look. Put on some low-key colourful makeup to brighten up.

33. Hard Candy

Did you ever go for trick or treat? If yes you sure did get colourful candies as a treat during the Halloweens.

34. Thunder Lightening Superpower

The platinum hair covering the superpower colours resembles a lightning thunder.

35. Oldie Rainbow Bangs

Give your coolest granny a rainbow bangs to match her personality leaving the rest of the hair white. Dress her up with some funky, trendy clothes to match the hair.

36. Hidden Parallel Rainbow Style

One of the best ways to style a hidden parallel rainbow is by braiding the hair upside and putting it into a bun.

37. Balayage Waves

The hue of royal blue, purple and green are highlighted to the hair to create a balayage look.

38. Natural black Hidden Rainbow

The natural the easier it is to fake your hidden rainbow look. No one will know there is a fairy-tail underneath your natural hair.

39. Amethyst Rainbow

If you are into spiritual things, Wear the rainbow hair which looks like a stone of meditation and spirituality called amethyst.

40. Flames

The blue root emerging to green and pink looks like a fusion of blue and red flames.

41. Messy Rainbow

‘The messier, the better’ is a famous quote we have heard and is same in case of the hair. The colour with the messy texture compliments the style better.

42. Nature

The colours of the forest, mountain, mud, ocean and other earthy things are present in the hair colour giving a natural vibe.

43. Unnatural hidden Rainbow

The shiny texture of the hidden rainbow makes it look like the plastic hair used in Barbie head.

44. Faded Pixie

In the given side-cut pixie, each colour in the root when goes to the tip of the hair fades-out.

45. Fall Pixie

The less warm colours with more cool colours represent the changing of an autumn season to fall. Piercing makes the pixie look cold.

46. Smooth pastel

The rainbow is different from other because the black, dark hair at the root starts off with a vibrant neon rainbow colours and slowly turns lighter and smoother in texture.

47. Circus Rainbow 

Were you fond of the colourful circus plays? The hair is all about that same presentation making you look like a drama queen.

48. Fire and water

The faded turquoise and yellow waves are given a classy, slick look by metallic highlighting which represents the Fire and Water element with which a human cannot survive.

49. Underneath Unicorn

The underneath unicorn hair consists of a bright shade of unicorn.

50. Pastel Unicorn 

Create the TLC (Tender Loving Care) look using the similar pastel pink, blue and purple colours.

51. Sheer Super Power

What is your favourite superpower shade?  The Sheer Super Power combines the Blue Mystique, Green Aurora, Magenta Magic, Lightning Bolt, Purple Raven and Arctic Blue into one to give vibrant shade.

52. Messy Bun Rainbow hair

A simple Bun is another way to show off your underneath rainbow and making the bun messier will favour the look.

53. Super Unicorn

The twisted horn on the front top with the metallic pastel makes the person look actually like a unicorn. Make your appearance glow-up using shimmery makeup.

54. Aqua blue to Fruity pebbles

Fruity Pebble hair colour is for those who want to start off their new day in a fruity and spicy way. The various shade of pastel blue is converted into different radiant colours.

55. Rainbow fishtail

Is your daughter bragging about their friend’s stylish mother and how she styles her daughter? Then you should surely try this technique for your daughter to impress her.

56. Pink highlighted with Pastel Denim and pearl

The Denim on pink is one of the best colour combinations, we have ever seen. The pearl highlights on the bangs give the lighting effect. Wear a black and golden eyeshadow with a black dress for a contrast look.

57. Old furniture

The mix of the dull colours with the bright one is a former furniture placing technique. Here the dull greenish brown is combined with the bright magenta, violet, aqua blue giving contrast in colours.

58. Supernova

The hair resembles an explosion creating brilliant colours of light radiating energy outward. Hence it is called the Supernova.

59. Siamese Fighting

The colourful half-up fishtail with the two side flowing strands of hair makes the hair look like a species of fish known as Siamese Fighting with a broad tail.

60. Fading Fuse

Two different colours fade out to its appropriate shades from two sides and fuse in the middle. The red to magenta is changed to coral and the turquoise blue to light green to yellow which gets fused.


62. Pearly Waves

The pastel shades and the pearl blonde are coloured one after another in a verticle way to give a beaming effect.

63. Icy Cold

The pearl highlights the metallic shade of purple and blue to give a cold look. Add metallic shades to your makeup for a striking appearance.

64. Muted Rainbow

When the rainbow shades mix with the black, the colours fade to give the Muted Rainbow to provide different shades in bright light and dim light.

65. Mermaid curls

The bouncy, perfect curls of the unicorn rainbow colour are the mermaid curls. Spice up the look with floral hairbands and makeup skills.

66. Peekaboo Rainbow 

The bright colours can be seen in portions in waves like it is playing the peekaboo game with us.

67. Oil Waves

The shiny rainbow hair that looks like oil painted is the newest trend. The rainbow colours on the dark hair look densely healthy.

68. Rainbow Grunge

If you are not willing to have a bright rainbow, the smokier version of a rainbow would be a great idea. The hairstylist says the colouring technique is like Lisa Frank meeting Nirvana.

69. Umbrella Rainbow

The different colours placed parallel to each other and started at a point makes the bob look like an umbrella.

70. Bright lights

The colours on the dark Lob are like the bright lights you see during Christmas, but it is a perfect look for any time.

71. Cameroon Flag

If you are a patriotic Cameroonian, you should wear the hair colour representing your country with the red, yellow and green shade.

72. Faded Rainbow

Rainbow hair decolourises and gets damaged with time, and hence we should visit our hairstylist frequently to repair it.

73. Illuminating Neon

Illuminating neon has become the newest trend. People crave for the look as it glows in the dark.

74. Blonde Rainbow

The blonde rainbow Lob seems like an ombre when left straight and when styled as up-do gives the elegant contrast of colours.

75. Janis Joplin Wig Braid

Janis Joplin wore the combined green, purple and blue shade of wig to her concerts. The colours are here braided to create an allover-braid look.

76. Abalone Shell

Abalone is a seashell whose shell consists of multiple shimmery colours like that of the rainbow.

77. Kaleidoscope 

Like the tube with the mirrors creating colours due to many internal reflections, the hair consists of the shades like the reflection. Hence it is called kaleidoscope.

78. Holographic Rays

The darker roots emerge to blonde mixed pastels and then into pastel which is highlighted in between by yellow, red rays and metallic colour resembling holographic rays of light on the hair.

79. Painted Rainbow

The colours are portrayed in such a way that it looks like a colour painted is overlapped inside the other creating mountain layers.

80. Oil Slick

The shiny and polished rainbow one-sided hair is for those women who are rocking the world with style.

81. Pomelo hidden Rainbow

The hidden rainbow hair with black outlook is in the shape of a Pomelo. Watch 101 Cute and Short Hair Styles for Women in 2018 to style your short hair.

82. Pine tree Lob

The maple highlights to the green give the image of two separate parts of a pine tree having the green shade crown and brownish trunk.

84. Punk Rainbow

The shimmery rainbow highlights on the bangs are creating a rock and roll on a punk personality.

85. Bohemian hair

Bohemian hair is all about creating funky and artistic hair as you wish to have. Watch 123 Beautiful Waterfall Braid Hairstyles With Tutorial for waterfall braid ideas.

86. Army rainbow

The sidecut and the hair on the middle make the hairstyle look like an army-cut. The rainbow colour is giving a soft side to the bold style.

87. Jellyfish

The Wavy water-like flowing Neon hair resembles a fluorescent jellyfish found in the marine water.

88. Stenciling Rainbow

Paint the colours to the hair creating patterns on the head to give a Stencilling look. The first figure consists of dimensions and another consist of flowers filled with colours.

89. Tropical Sunset

The spreading of the warmth of hot colours on comparatively cold tones is similar to the tropical sunset.

90. Curly rainbow pastel

The styling of a hair can give a different look to the rainbow colours in the head. The top bun here shows off various pink shade more than other shades.

91. Bulging waves 

The pastel pink gives a bulging effect to the bluish hair whereas yellow is highlighting each curl in the strands.

92. Afro Rainbow hair

The Afro hair can be coloured in the rainbow style to give you a bright doll look.

93. Scarlet tanager

Do you love the chirping of birds and get lost in their world? If yes then you are a bird lover, and you will fall for the hair mimicking the bird called Scarlet tanager. Watch 154 Alluring Red Hair Colour Ideas That You Will Love for more red hair ideas.

94. Candy Color

The variety of vivid colours with the pattern is similar to the stick candy. Making a bow on the hair will add sugar to your hair.

95. Patch Pixie

Apply the patches of rainbow colours to the short hair to make the hue appear faded. The style is useful for those teenagers who don’t want to waste much of their time doing hairs.

These were the hot Rainbow craze ideas until today styled by many renowned hairstylists. I hope you got ideas about rainbow hair that will suit your personality. Remember about the things you should consider before colouring your hair as mentioned above. Do feedback us when you get your rainbow hair or any inspiring ideas for an update. You may also like 101 Cute Fashion Outfits for Teens worth Copying.


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