120 Marvellous Half Up -Half Down Hairstyles


Half-up, half-down hairdo is such a hairstyle, to the point that gives you a spectacular look. You can try a half up-half down haircuts for any event – a wedding, a gathering, or a night out with your companions. These hairstyles are overly simple to do, and you can make them messy, chic, intricate, or luxurious as per your preference.

Here, we’ve mentioned 120 variations of half-up,half-down haircuts which you can take as a reference before preparing for any occasions to catch everyone’s eye.

  • Waterfall Braided Half Updo


Waterfall hairdo gives you an exceptionally charming appearance and has numerous assortments among which two more beautiful above. For the updo as in the first picture, you have to get a handle on the upper portion of your hair, make fishtail mesh moving from one corner to the next and clip it, other hairs remaining free. What’s more, for the updo in the second picture, make waterfall design going to the center from opposite sides and tie it. Again, for the rest of the hair make ideal tight curls to add on that additional charm. These hairdos will undoubtedly make you look fabulous so try it out without the slightest hesitation.

  • Half- Up Braided Bun

Are you looking for a casual hairdo that will help you appear bold and captivating? If that is the case, strive for this top braided hairdo for which you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Divide your hair into two sections: upper and lower, the upper part being somewhat little contrasted with the lower.
  2. Presently, for the upper part again partition into two segments and make french twists either full or halfway to the base.
  3. When you have achieved the ideal point, get a handle on the rest of the hair of the upper part and move it as a high bun.
  4. Let the lower part of your hair stay free.
  5. There you have your half up braided bun prepared to vaunt for your casual days.
  • Bow Shaped Updo

It is one of the lovely half-up updos that you can endeavor. To recreate this look, first, create perfect curls to your overall hair. Then, take half your hair from the upper portion, make a pouf and secure it a bun. Again, roll your hair at the middle taking it inside the bun so that a bow shape will be formed. It’s an excellent combination of creativity and elegance.

  • Flower Accessorized Hairdo

You might know that hairstyles play an important role to take your personality to next level. That is the reason many girls including you out there reading this seek for unique and elegant hair designs and hair tints. It’s not only the design and color that makes you look amazing but, the accessories you decorate your hair with at last also helps take a different turn. Here, we’ve presented to amazing hairstyles decorated with flowers which are quite simple yet looks stunning.

  • Volume at the Top!

Voluminous hairstyles were one of the most followed hairstyles in the ’80s. But, now that girls want to experiment the retro looks, the above mentioned are few of the hairdo with volume at the top. Uphold your If with curly hair as curls outline the face with complete grace and a great deal of identity! Moreover, this voluminous half up half down hairstyles suit the best for your party attires such as evening gown.

  • Short Hairstyles

Short hair is flattering on almost everyone, while some suits everyone and, others are better for certain face shapes and hair textures. Take any of these half up half down short hairstyles as your inspiration and recreate it on yourself. It’s a simple style but will give you an effortlessly modish glance when you pair it with your regular outfits.

  • Flowing Waterfall Hairstyles

Once in a while, a straightforward style is all that you need to feel assured and elegant. This waterfall braid hairstyle is very charming, and it can look different from many forms. Further, you need to pick the pattern: braids or twists you like the most and endeavor any most engaging half up half down waterfall hairstyle.

How to do?

  1. Take a section of your hair on either side of your head.
  2. Separate it into three areas.
  3. Like French interlace, cross the strands of the sections that you’ve separated.
  4. Again, cross the remaining strand and get a new segment of your hair.
  5. Next, rather than grabbing the existing strand get another strand and cross it around the centerpiece.
  6. Cross the first and third strand, over the new center strand.
  7. Repeat step 5 and six around the crown of the head.
  8. Braid the closings together and secure.
  • Flower Bun

The beauty of a flower is appreciated and loved by almost everyone. So, why don’t you seek to be loved and appreciated through your half up half down flower bun? Make twists or braids from two sides only at the half section of your hair and bind it together as a flower-shaped bun.

  • Half Up Knot Bun

Do you have long hair? Also, do you wish to style your long hair quickly and look graceful? In that case, initially curl your hair just at the tip. When the curls are complete, section off your hair from the front and tie as a half up ponytail. Again, roll the ponytail and secure it as a knot bun. Your half up knot hairstyle is ready to make you appear astounding.

  • Twisted Hairstyle

This hairstyle also falls amongst one of the most preferred hairdos in the category of half up half down hairdo. For this, first, create a rough texture to your overall hair. Then, take small sections of your hair from two sides and twist it flowing towards the middle. When you reach the focal point, secure both the twists with a hair elastic and leave rest of the hair for what it’s worth.

  • Overlapped Braided Hairdo

Are you a big-time braids lover? Do you wish to strive for braids almost every day and some special occasion? That being true, try this beautiful half up half down braid hairstyles. Create a pouf at the center by backcombing your hair but only if you wish to do so. Then, from two sides make braids: tight or pull through till your coveted point and tie it. Once the twists are ready, bring both at one point and clip it in an overlapped manner. Moreover, make slight curls or waves towards the end to make yourself available for a glamorous event.

  • Criss-Cross Updo

There’s something about a criss-cross hairstyle that turns the heads of many. They’re basic and essential to do when in lack of time.

How to do?

  1. Gather the hair at the front and top of your hair, backcomb it and create a pouf.
  2. Next, for the hair that you’ve created a pouf, tie as a ponytail.
  3. Take new strands of your hair from two sides and criss-cross it over the ponytail.
  4. You can create as many criss-crosses as you want.
  5. For the leftover hair form curls to finish off the look.
  • Pull Through Braided Bun

To get this look, make fishtail braid starting right from the top of your head continued downwards till your yearned point. Later, pull your braids from the base to give a voluminous glimpse and turn it upwards as a bun. Leave the rest of your hair loose, and there you are ready with an utterly pleasing appearance.

  • Half-Up French Braids

Do you prefer to leave your hair loose almost all the time? Are you tired of the same old boring style and want to give a slight modification? You should only get a handle on the upper portion of your hair and make a french mesh either in a messy or polished way. Additionally, you can make curls at the tip of your hair to look all the more enchanting. It’s incredibly enjoyable for regular days.

  • Double Knot Bun

Do you wish to create a hairdo thinking out of the box? Attempt for this double knot bun at the top and leave rest of your hair in a slightly messy way.

  • Hanging Knot Hairdo

How to prepare?

  1. Detangle your hair and grasp the upper half of your hair as a ponytail.
  2. Warp your hair around the hairtie to give a polished finish.
  3. From that point onwards, create a hanging knot-like structure until you reach the base and leave it all things considered.
  4. Your quirky half up hairdo is ready to make you appear fantastic on your regular days.
  • Circular Braided Hairstyle

This hairstyle is thoroughly distinctive. Here, a French braid is created starting from the top of the head continued in a circular motion and clipped at last. The remaining hair at the base is let loose in flawless curls.

  • Multi-Braided Hairstyle

There’s nothing finer than styling yourself with a multi-braided design. This haircut is ideal for relaxed living in any season. Additionally, you can wear it with straight hair like appeared or with beach waves for an increasingly romantic look. Pursue these necessary steps discussed underneath to get the look:

  1. Separate your hair into four sections, two at each side.
  2. For sections at each side, make french followed by fishtail braid until you reach the tip.
  3. Combine all the braids and again make classic French twist starting from the center of your head.
  • Side Pouf Hairstyle

It is one of the easiest and quickest hairdos you can aim for while running short in time. Grasp a thick part of your hair from the crown area and grip it making a decent sized pouf. What’s more, you can backcomb your hair to create a pouf if you have a thin hair or else typical volume will work pushing it slightly backward. Moreover, this style works the best on the hair of any length and for anybody.

  • Braids at the Side

It’s pleasant to blend up and explore new styles with your hair every time. This simple hairstyle suits for hair of any length and works best for any event. Also, there are no convoluted abilities required to create this side braid half up half down updo. You should assemble a little segment of your hair from any one side, make any plaits that you favor and clasp it once you achieve your ideal point. Further, complete off your look with waves or straight hair according to your inclination. It’s incredible.

  • Top Braided Ponytail

Braids and ponytail are those hairstyles that never go out of fashion. A regular braided ponytail might make you seem outdated. So, to avoid that endeavor top braided ponytail as in the picture above. It will give you a completely chic and modish appearance.

  • Wavy Braid Hairstyle

The ideal getaway looks: tying back a blend of French and fishtail twists as clearly shown in the above picture and giving whatever remains of your hair a chance to hang free.

  • Beach Looks

Have you got any plans to spend your vacation or weekends by the beach? If yes, do you wish to look appealing and lovely in a way that people turn their heads? For that instance, try this twist followed by fishtail braid updo. Besides, adorn your hair with flowers at the end to get that lovable glance.

  • Decorate with Hair Ornaments!

By now, you might have gained enough idea about the variations of half up half down hairstyles and how elegant it helps you appear on different occasions. This haircut certainly assists you in seeming to be appealing, be that as it may, on the off chance that you brighten your half up half down updos with unique ornaments it will go about as a cherry over the cake.

  • Twists to Braids at the Side

This is a spectacular hairstyle. Why not style it in a half-updo? Seeming striking is sure.

Ways to create:

  1. Make a twist starting from one side of your head until you reach the center.
  2. At that point tie it as a ponytail and start with fishtail braid till the bottom.
  3. Secure it at the end with an elastic band.
  4. Finish it off by letting the rest of your hair to hang loose.
  • Light Blonde Hairstyle

This light blonde hairdo gives you a soft and subtle glam. Further, to look cool and dashing clip your hair in a half up manner. You will be ready in no time for your daily dayouts.

  • Overlapped Twists to Curls

Numerous young ladies won’t have the thought concerning how interlaces are made, so, twists are the ideal substitute for young ladies like them. For this hairstyle, you have to twist your hair from the two sides and when you achieve the center hook it together in an overlapped way. Besides, complete off your styling with amazing curls using an electric hair styler.

  • Pouf hairstyles

Pouf hairdo goes back to eighteenth-century yet is by all accounts slanting a ton nowadays. There are distinctive kinds of pouf hairdos you can attempt to look sophisticated. Above mentioned are diverse sorts of half up half down pouf hairdos pursued by romantic curls. It goes well for evening gowns or notwithstanding for your own wedding.

  • Loose Braided Hairstyle

Give your basic plait a new contort with this charming style which is kind of fun and simple to make. Braid the strand of your hair moving from one edge to the other. Starting at the highest point of a plait, utilize your fingers to pull the hair in the interlace outward to the sides. This will make the twist look decent and extensive. Continue pulling outward on the twist until the point when you achieve the ideal width. Moreover, to make the appearance more elegant finish off by creating light waves or curls to the tip of the remaining hair.

  • Style it with a Flower!

It’s obvious that everyone wants to appear lovely and enchanting for any special events that they’ve to attend. But, at the same time girls might not find appropriate hairdo’s that make them look chic and graceful. During such situations, it is better to opt for simple half up half down hairstyles decorated with flowers at the end. Five distinct types of hairstyles decorated with flowers are shown above which you can ask your hairstylist to recreate it on you.  Everyone in the event will surely be buzzing about how lovely the updo is.

  • Simple Hairstyles

It is better to keep your style simple on ordinary days. However, simple does not imply that you go for the dull haircut yet limit deciding on extravagant and over-adorned style on regular days. We’ve referenced some of the simple half up half down hairstyles ideal for you to blend with casual outfits. These hairdos are simple yet elegant.

  • Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding day – a big day of your life where you deserve to feel extra special. You must choose your outfits and hairdos thoughtfully so that you stand out the most gorgeous and beautiful amongst all that day. Take the hairstyles mentioned above as your reference and make yourself prepared for your big day. Moreover, these updos on long white wedding gown will leave everyone awestruck.

  • Half Up Twists or Braids

To get this look, you need to make braids or twists from two sides only at the upper half of your hair the lower half remaining free. Moreover, the lower half can be molded into curls or waves as it gives a graceful touch to a simple hairstyle. It looks stunning.

  • Curly Hairstyles

Do you have any plans to go to dinner with your lover? Assuming this is the case, you have to make yourself prepared with astonishing hairdos just as outfits. The varieties of curly updos in half up half down way accompanied by plaits, twists or knots unquestionably make your lover fall in love with your appearance. Hence, an attempt for any of the curly hairdos at least once without any hesitation advances you to look startling.

  • Half Knot Hairdos

It is one of the coolest and voguish hairdos.

How to do?

  1. Detangle your hair to remove any knots.
  2. Hold the top center part of your hair and tie it as a ponytail.
  3. Also, you can make tiny braids in the middle to look more voguish.
  4. After that, take the remaining hair from the middle part and roll it as a knot bun.
  5. Use u-pins or elastic band to secure the bun in place.
  • Simply Braided

This haircut looks stunning, as well as highlights your facial features. The steps to create this hairdo are as follows:

  1. Part your hair as you would typically.
  2. Braid the front segment of hair from the two sides and stick them at the back of your head.
  3. Twist your hair with a hair curler to add a romantic touch to this half up-half down look.
  • Random Updo

Well, looking stylish comes from quirky and gorgeous designs, but if you lack short in time, it will not be possible to create it by self or go to a hairstylist. In that case, merely light waves and clip your hair half up in any styles that you want to. Two easy to create designs are shown above for reference.

  • High Half Ponytail

This is another interpretation of a great adorable hairdo – the half ponytail. If you have thick hair put it all on the line! It will flaunt your volume superior to most different hairstyles.

  • Glamorous Hairstyles

If you are looking for wondrous hairstyles that will help you be in the limelight of any exciting events, then strive for any one of the hairdos as mentioned above. It’s incredible!


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