150 Outstanding Goddess Braids That Will Make You Feel Divine


Braids are the protective hairstyle that will make you feel comfortable as well as help you with your physical appearance. Out of all the protective braiding hairstyles like Box-braid, Senegalese Twist, Locs, crochet-braids, etc., Goddess braids are the powerful one because along with all the advantages mentioned above, it also provides a statement about your uniqueness through your hairstyle which is usually god-like.

goddess braids

Goddess Braids are similar to other braiding techniques. When we mismatch different hair styling technique or merely create a divinity through a style, we get goddess braids. The huge chunks of braids that are braided together creating a box braid, Senegalese twist or even locs that seems a bit hard to make or handle by the commoners are the goddess braids. We have come up with various goddess braids in this article. But before that let’s learn about some ways to easily hold onto the heavenly goddess braids.

Things to remember

  • Braiding can be tough on your scalp. So you must moisturize your hair before you start doing your goddess braids.
  • Before getting a braid, you have to research a lot about the style you would want for not regretting later.
  • Most of the people keep their goddess braids for an extended period (4 to 6 weeks). Clean your scalp regularly within a week.
  • People use extensions for having a fuller look. Consult your hairstylist about how thick you want your strands to be and buy the packs according to that.

Zig-zag Middle-parted Braids

The middle zig-zag parted braid is just two side dutch braids closer to the ear that is comfortable for the sports person. The hair is left open towards the ends to give a playful look.

Brown Highlighted Goddess Braids

If you are a quite outgoing person and you need to protect your hair from the sun then, the goddess braids are the one for you.

Crowned One Goddess Braids

Some of us prefer the junk kind of look instead of the pretty one. If you are the one having long hair, braiding your hair into a single strand can help.

Rainbow Crown Goddess Braids

If you have a great event coming up and you want people to know about it, bringing colors to your hair can express your joy.

Divergent Braids with Braided Bangs

Divergent Braids start from a point and diverse in a different direction. This goddess braids also has banged on the front that is braided.

Goddess Cornrows

Attach the braids with the roots to create the Cornrows where each twist is parallel to each other.

Dutch Crown Goddess Braids

One of the strands is made from another side which crowns the whole front head. Another strand can either be created by back braiding from next part or by simple braiding taking the remaining hair.

Stunning Goddess Braids

The Goddess Braids are not just only for comfort, but it is also for dazzling up a little more than yesterday to look like a diva. Wear glittery makeup with a white outfit to make your ground.

One-line Bang Goddess Braids

The goddess braids have a one-line bang that comes from one of the parallel-braid and is attached to another one creating a U shape.

Alternate Black Braid

The thick and thin black braids are alternated keeping the two-thin parallel twists in between.

Box Braids

The Box Braids are created by taking a section of hair and braiding it adding extensions for a denser look.

5 Goddess Braids Low Bun

The five strands of braids are created in a parallel manner and then as a low bun for making this 5 Goddess Braids.

3 Parallel Braids Low Bun

The 3 Parallel Braided Bun is a useful hairstyle for an office woman who doesn’t have time for maintenance of their hair but still needs to look classy.

Alternate Blonde Rainbow Braids

Did you ever fantasize about living in a colorful world as a child? Fulfill a part of your childhood dream by coloring your hair.

Twisted Wrap Updos

The Twisted Wrap is for all those mothers that want some decorative yet not too much showoff kind of hairstyles.

Two Ponytail Braid into One

The Ponytail Braid is an elegant look with the sleeked pony turned into braids that go on with a variety of outfit from sexy shorts to classy pants.

Reddish Divergent Braids

The heavy divergent braids with some touch of red in it look shiny and beautiful that is good for your day to day hairstyle.

Top-bun Crown

Expose your flattering facial features with this Top-bun Crown that pulls up your face by creating bun for a younger look.

Alternate Braid

Embellish your Alternate Braids with golden beads to look furnished.

Thin Parallel Braid

The small parallel braids mix the ethnic to the modern with the twist being the traditional hairstyle and the makeup with the ear jewel bringing modernization to it.

Senegalese Twist

Senegalese Twist is tighter and smoother twisting of hair that gives the beautiful appearance, and it can be an all-rounder hairstyle.

Braided Bun

The regular bun can be tiring, so style your bun to resemble it as a flower. The side braids will enlighten the look.

Braid Crown with Braided Bangs

If you have a fancy jazz dance competition somewhere soon, this Braid Crown with braided Bun will give you that exotic look for the audience to admire.

Differently Swiped Thin Parallel Braid

Some people are so much drawn towards creative things that they don’t want it if it doesn’t mean anything. Try this Differently Swiped Braids with the unraveled ends either with feed-in braids or just by leaving the hair.

Two Braids Bun

If you have a fete you are going to attend; this cute bun hairstyle will make you more lively. Wear some flowery dress to keep up with the hair.

Huge Braided Bun

Wear this Huge Braided Bun that works magnificently for the bossy lady. The baby hair trend rocks the hair-do.

Parallel Braid Wrap

The edgy Parallel Braid Bun is a classy bun that will turn peoples head throughout the evening party you are going to attend.

One Side High Braid

The straightened natural curly hair can be bulgy. Thus when we braid it from the top, it can be a little higher than the surface which created the High Braid.

Back Spiral Braid Bun

Are you having a wedding ceremony soon and want a unique hairstyle for it? Don’t worry this Back Spiral Braid Bun will get you through it.

Lotus Pony

The small divergent strands from the front which resembles a Lotus flower is tied together into a ponytail. You can unravel the ends to give an amusing look by adding feed-in braids.

See-through Braid Ballet Bun

If you think you cannot handle the weight of extensions on your head, this thin See-through Braid Ballet Bun will also look ravishing.

Parallel Bang Braid

If you want your hair to be more extensive, this parallel braiding of the bangs diverges the strands and makes it full and dense.

 Alternate Top-Bun

The Alternate Braid Bun provides a shaved effect due to the corresponding thin and thick twisted strands.

Burgundy Thick Braid

Add burgundy color to your braids for a fire look. Showcase your makeup skill with the Up-do.

Messy Crown

If you are having a girls day out, this Messy Crown can be your hairstyle that vibes about a carefree angle having a day off and just being among your girlfriends in a safe zone.

Zig-Zag Middle Parted Senegalese

Styling a Senegalese is a simple thing to do. Just a partition to the hair will help. Unravel the curled ends to bring a fun-girl side.

Senegalese Two-side Braid

The Senegalese Two-side Braid fakes Space-bun from a distance because of the big braids created from the surfaced twists.

Two-side Unicorn Braids

The purple and white colors on the braids resemble a unicorn which is said to be a mythical creature.

Curvy Braid Low Bun

Separate the three braids by small curvy twists for decoration which will be brought down to a classic low bun.

Huge Crown Goddess Braid

The Huge Crown brings an angelic look to the model and the combed baby hair on the front adds the innocence.

3-Angled Braided Low Bun

The 3-angles Braided Bun has a different look from the front and the back because from the face the hair looks casual with side-partition and back-end has the 3-braids together.

 Two-side Pony Braids

Do you ever reminiscence about your childhood when you used to have a two-sided pony. Bring back your youth with these cute Two-side Pony Braids.

Curvy Parallel Braid

The horror lover will surely love the Curvy Parallel Braid because it seems as if a giant spider-like creature is attacking the models head.

Goddess Locs

What can be more Godly than these chunks of massive locs? Get these Locs with unwrapped ends for an extraordinary look.

Mohawk Low Braid Bun

Who says we have to shave sides to create a Mohawk? This side sleeked Mohawk is formed just by braiding at the mid portion that ends as a Low Bun.

Bun with shaved back

The Low back side is cut at the nape of your neck to the to give a gangster look.

Braided Lob 

This Braided Bun is another adorable hairstyle for short hair that is created merely by middle parting the hair and braiding the sides. Adorn the braids by adding beads to the end.

Half Unraveled Fulani

Fulani Braids are the most decorated goddess braids which have a variety of characteristics like middle braid, beads, cuffs, etc. You can add a statement necklace to go with the flow.

Half-up Huge Braided Bun

Half-up Bun is an excellent way of keeping your hair out of your face as well as looking attractive.

Half Woven Goddess Braids

Are you a person that can’t describe yourself? Warn people about your sophisticated behavior through the woven wrap.

Criss-cross Braid

Criss-cross Braid is created merely by crossing two braids at the top-half and then braiding in the side with the half left hair.

Braids Ponytail

This extended length braids ponytail adorned by the wrappers and beads looks charismatic. Nothing can ever go wrong with the uptight pony.

Spiral Top

The Spiral Top is braided from the bottom and ends at the top of the head. The back portion looks as if it is shaved and the upper part is flowery.

Brown touched Box Braids

The Box Braids can be rough and dull, so add some hints of red to the braid to make the color pop. You can always adorn the braids with beads.

Sleeked Crown Wrap

Do you know about an Indian culture of wearing a flower on hair? The Sleeked Crown Wrap on the back resembles the garland.

Messy Double Bang Braid Low Bun

The quote ‘The messier, the better’ also works on the hair. People prefer the messed up look more for a daily hairstyle than a perfect clean bun.

Goddess Braids Large Bun

Are you courageous enough to hold onto this massive Bun throughout the day? If so showcase your boldness getting the bun.

Alternate Braids Ponytail

Bring finishing to your ponytail by creating the alternative braided patterns for an extra appearance. Wear spectacles for a smart look.

Black Middle Double Braids

Showcase your double trouble attitude towards other with this Double braids during a sports game to showcase a winning nature.

Front Thin Braid

The Front Thin Braid is for those people who have thin hair problem and aren’t ready enough to showcase it.

Scorpio Braids

This Braids have patterns and somewhat resembles a Scorpio. Showcase your evil side through it.

Sexy Goddess Braids

Who says the goddess braids cannot be sexier? Showcase your smokey hot makeup skill with the Alternate Parallel Braids to look like Kylie Jenner.

Baby Hair

Keeping Baby hair and combing it on style has been on trend nowadays. Instead of threading out the hair on the front, brush it curvy to rock it.

Cleopatra Crown

We have always seen the Queen of Egypt wear a large crown and this braided-hair resembles her tiara.

Side Curly Ponytail

If you are planning to go to the beach sometime soon, this Side wavy wrap will go with the beach vibes.

90’s Worker

The style completely resembles the 90’s era with the braids and the beaded necklace paired with the earpiece. You can add extensions to the twists for high-braids.

Wolverine Braids

If you are a Marvel fan, then you will love to have the Braids as the three braids on the side remind of the character Wolverine from X-men.

Wrapped Mohawk

Mohawk was a hairstyle of men at the beginning, but now women also wear it as a fashion to look tough.

U-shaped Braids

The U-shaped Braids looks quite official and will be a great hairstyle for those working women that want a classy appearance.

One-sided Face-framing Senegalese Bangs

The hairstyle is a unique one as we only braid one-side and another side has free Senegalese twist that frames the face.

Spiky Ends

Create a spiky end to your braids by braiding to the last until no hair is left.

Half Fishtail Full Pony

The Half-fishtail Full pony is also a kind of Mohawk look because of the sleek side portion, and also we can only see the fishtail part adequately.

Half-Mohawk Braids

Another gigantic yet gorgeous Mohawk look that will bring flowing compliments towards you is this Half-Mohawk Braids.

Light Golden Brown Highlighted Bun

Embellish your plain alternate braided bun by adding golden brown hair extensions to look dazzling throughout the night.

Cylindrical Bun

The braided strands are put into a Cylindrical Bun to give an elongated shape to your face.

Purple Big Bun

Purple is the color of luxury and power. Showcase your inner strength through your hair with this Purple Big Bun.

Side Huge Braid Bun

The braids strands are twisted towards the side from the bottom to create this Side Huge Braid Bun w.

2 Goddess Braids Bun

A sweet and straightforward way to tie your hair is putting it into a Bun is taking two strands of braids into a low knot. Wear some white jewels for an angelic look.

Marley Twist Bun

The strands converse from all the direction which diverges as Marley twist and then into a tight bun.

Peanut Braids

The brown and cream extensions added to the black braids resembles the peanuts. Wear a yellow or blue top not to contradict the look.

Sun-kissed Braids

Even the sun plays an essential role in the hue of the color. Your hair gives different color on sunlight and in a dark room.

One-side Twisted Braids

Keeping your huge lumps of hair in a fixed position can be tough. But if you twist the whole strands in one side can solve the problem.

Clean Black High Bun

If you are up on a fashion show and want your hair to be uptight for an extended period, the braided bun will grant you a look with success.

Multi Spirals

Instead of styling the braids by putting it up into a bun, you can create multiple knots through the strands.

Bronze Curvy Braids Ponytail

Bronze is the mixture of brown and copper that gives the hue of both the color but isn’t one of them.

White Extensions

If you are working on a play for an angel look, Adding white extensions to your braids can help you mimic it in ease.

Two-side French Braid

The French Braid is the go-to-school hairstyle. It is comfortable and easy to make.

Thick Goddess Braids

Adding extensions are not just for decoration, it also for the thickness of hair you desire.

Thin Braids Top Bun

The Thin Braids are hard to create than the thick braids, but the effort counts as it looks for tight and beautiful than the dense one.

Side Divergent Low Tied Braids

The low tie can be done anytime with less effort.

Disco Ponytail

If you are going to a club or pub, then get your hair a peanut color extensions and stand out in the crowd with this pony.

Woven Braids

The thin braids are braided so smoothly to create a massive twist which resembles the work of a person that wants a good finish.

Straight Extension

The natural curly ponytail is provided with straight textured hair-twists to give this half-curled and half-straight look.

Half-up Top-knotted Bob

The Top-knotted Bob Locs looks more like a hippie hair-do with the nose-piercing and the necklace. If you consider yourself to be free kind, you will love the appearance.

Blonde Braids

The half top of the hair is braided in thinner portion creating patterns which are weaved into two strands with the rest to develop this Blonde Braids.

Horizontal Braids

Instead of braiding the hair parallel from forehead to the back, In Horizontal Braids, it is twisted from one ear to next to give a different look. Add colors to the braids for a little glow up.

Red Braids

The red braids are created from the back in an upward direction with beautiful patterns that evolves into a chunk of tied curly hair which looks astonishing.

4 Goddess Braids

The Goddess Braids comes in different types. This Braid is one of them, the four twists.

Minnie Braids

Are you familiar with the Minnie character from Disney? Bring your childhood back creating this adorable Bun with the decorative braids in between.

Two-side Double-braided Bun

Double is the braid; double will be the fun. Add glasses for the sunny day look.

Alternate Curvy Braids

The thin braids are following the thick twist footstep for a curvy path.

Artistic Swiped Braids

This Gorgeous Artistic Swiped Braid is for those people that want to connect with people through arts.

Pony Goddess Braids

The spiky corners are gathered up together to create this ravishing ponytail. Showcase your makeup skill to look beautiful.

Enclosing Thick Braid

Surround the thick braids by two small twists giving a regular enclosing pattern.

V partition

The partition for the braids resembles the V character.

Top Bun

People choose Top Bun to be the easiest yet fancy look to be out. Wear some statement earring with it to look extra.

Did you get inspired by some of the Goddess Braids mentioned above and is willing to make one through the innovative ideas, we will be happy to hear about it. Remember Goddess Braids are called so mainly because of the aura you present among the people through your personality and the look. So keep up with your inner self much more than the outer appearance.


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