Forget about bad hair days, wear hair extensions


How many times have been frustrated by a “bad hair day” and it ruining your morning? Most likely more times than you care to admit, especially when you just can’t get that ponytail right. Or maybe you want to experiment with a new hairstyle you saw trending on Instagram but lack the volume, length, or you don’t want to damage your natural hair. Here’s a little secret most of those beauty bloggers and Hollywood starlets won’t admit to; an instant solution to all your hair problems–hair extensions!

Your hair is like a crown to your head and it is one of the most noticeable features of your overall look. It’s not uncommon for ladies to spend endless money on hair products and services. A trip to the hair salon can easily drain your bank account dry! Yet, when your hair seems like it doesn’t want to cooperate and still doesn’t grow as quickly as you would want it to or gets damaged too easily, these investments in hair products are pretty much lost money.

Does it really have to come down to making peace with the idea that you will never experience your dream hair? Absolutely not! While not everyone is born with the genes for growing long, voluminous locks, hair extensions certainly make it more accessible for everyone, even if you’re not a beauty guru. If you are considering buying hair extensions but still not sure whether you should do it or not, we’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t hesitate.

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Instant change of style

Know the famous saying of Coco Chanel “A woman who changes her hair changes her life”? It may sound like a cliché and changing your hair won’t necessarily change your entire life yet, a major style change can give you that breath of fresh air you may be needing to feel more confident and satisfied with your look.

If you ever felt like you needed to change up your style but didn’t have the patience to wait 2 years for your hair to grow out or maybe you didn’t want to damage it by dying it, the good news is that thanks to hair extensions you can do it in just a few minutes.

What adds the cherry on the cake with hair extensions is also the fact they are not a long-term commitment. If, or when, you want to go back to your natural hair or want to try a different hairstyle, especially if you’re using the flip-in kind of extensions, all you have to do is to take them off.

Hide bad haircuts

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there and received at least one bad haircut at some point in our lives. Whether you failed at explaining to the hairdresser exactly what you wanted or they just went a little too wild with the scissors, the result is the same–you are now stuck with a bad haircut until it grows out..

Don’t despair! The good news is that you no longer have to wear a hat or wait for months for your hair to grow back, you can hide the poor-looking results within minutes with hair extensions.

Try a new color

Perhaps the most frequent experiment we all do with our hair is dying it in different colors. And, if you do, you most likely know by now how damaging that is for your hair. Yet, should that stop you from trying the bright pink you’ve been dreaming to have in your hair? No, only that you can do it without even damaging your natural hair by wearing hair extensions.

As the hair extension market is in such huge demand and popular these days, you can find colored hair extensions every shade you could possibly want to experiment with.

Moreover, once again, hair extensions are not a long-term commitment that you will be stuck with for a long period of time. If your hair color project didn’t look as you expected it to, you can simply take them off and return to your natural hair color.

Add volume

Thinning hair or hair loss can be a major hit to your confidence. Thankfully hair extensions can help you with this one too. By adding extensions in your hair, you will regain that volume you once had

If you want to try a different hairstyle, be it wavy curls or a high ponytail, but don’t have enough volume in your hair, even just a few hair extensions added to yournatural hair can work wonders.

Pro tip: by adding wefts with different lengths in your hair it will not only give you the voluminous effect you have been dreaming for but the result will also look very natural.

They are easy to use

Perhaps the main reason why hair extensions have become so popular these days is the fact that they are an instant solution to all hair problems, be it bad hair days, short length or a bad haircut. Moreover, their main advantage is the fact that they are so easy to use. If you are attending a special event and want a more sophisticated hairstyle, that perfect look is just a few minutes away.

You don’t need to see a professional hairstylist to apply your hair extensions, especially if you use clip in hair extensions. Yet, it is important to consult one when choosing your hair extensions to make sure you go for the right color, length, and material (although we all know that natural hair extensions are the best choice).

Killer hairstyles

If you are following all the hairstyle-related hashtags on social media, you’ll certainly have a dozen hairstyle ideas (at least!) saved to try for your own. Don’t let a lack of volume, length, the color or thickness needed for these looks to deter you from trying! Whether you want wavy curls or the perfect ponytail, hair extensions will help you achieve that perfect hairstyle just like you saw it on the Internet.

Hair extensions can bring so many benefits and are more accessible now than ever. They can solve all your hair “dilemmas” in a matter of minutes and help you get that glamorous look you’ve been dreaming of so you can kiss goodbye to bad hair day.


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