60 DIY Nail art designs that are actually very Easy


In the modern world, for a lady her grooming is very much required. To enhance the overall appearance a woman has to take care of a lot of things. The sensuality of every lady needs to be complemented with certain other factors that blooms her look. Nails play a major role in highlighting the beauty of woman. There are a variety of nail paints available which are very popular. Some of the famous cosmetic brands have successfully launched several stunning products for pampering your nails.

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Nail art is the latest introduction which is growing very much in demand. Many experts and professionals are providing this service to design your nails with various attractive designs. This has also become the latest trend as women are opting for this art work to shine on exclusively. Do you also wish for something similar for your nails? Are you seeking the help of someone who can guide you in acquiring a beautiful nail art? If that is your requirement, then here are some really fancy and stylish nail art designs which are simple and easy to be tried even at home! If you believe you creativity and have a enchanting fashion sense, then these DIY nail art designs and ideas will help you to beautify your nails with extra flavor of style and trend.

For initial steps in the field of nail art, you short sharpen your hands will some easy nail art designs and ideas for beginners. That will help you the inspect the exact knowledge of nail colors, shiners, glitters and various parts of nail art and then, you can create what you want to.

DIY Nail Art Designs

Red and White striped Beauty

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The color red has always conquered when it comes to nails. This is an appealing combination of red and white colored nail paint. You can simply fill in the base with one color and then apply diagonal stripes to obtain a vibrant design. The brightness of this effect is going to get you a lot of praises.

Black Widow

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If you are aiming to impress your loved one then this nail art is perfect for that romantic getaway moment. You can switch the use of black and red colors simultaneously. This nail art offers a sensual and sexy look which can leave anyone spellbound. Throw your charm with such magical nails.

Trendy Art

DIY Nail art designs (4)

You can experiment using these amazing shades of pink, yellow, blue, green and purple to style up your nails. The basic step requires you to apply a lighter shade of any color and then layer it up with a darker shade. Try unique patterns to make your nails look more pretty and exquisite.

Sunshine Arch Design

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Explore the cuteness in you by trying out this exquisite nail art. The unique pairing of sunshine yellow, faded pink and white has created a superb design. It comprises of an arch which mainly consists of bright yellow. This nail art is the perfect addition with your beach wear or for any pool party.

Negative Space Flowers

DIY Nail art designs (9)

If you are looking out for something more fresh and vibrant for your nails, then this design would complete all your desires. This particular art comprises of a flowery design which is majorly filled with yellow and white color. There are also spaces left in between to highlight the naked nail color. Pair it up with a stylish dress on a sunny day.

Watercolor nails

DIY Nail art designs (10)

There are several products available in the market and one such segment is the watercolor range. These nail paints offer a tinted and splashy appearance that looks very artistic. Acquire that diva look using these nail paints.

Tip Painting

DIY Nail art designs (12)

This particular nail art technique requires the use of tape and different shades of the same color. Highlighting the tip of the nail offers a more vibrant touch to the overall appearance. In the picture, the blue color has been worked beautifully to create an amazing pattern.

Purple Tint

DIY Nail art designs (14)

If you are seeking for a classic design which can offer that supreme look for your nails then you must opt for this particular nail art. The glamorous combination of purple and pink nail paint creates a masterpiece. Cover the base with purple and then apply the pink nail paint to almost occupy half the portion of each nail.

Multi-color Fun

DIY Nail art designs (15)

The combination of the three catchy colors, that is, green, red and yellow creates a flashy nail art. You can try out many designs using these three colors. As seen in the picture, you can try segment patterns by applying these bright nail paints and then applying black nail paint while leaving certain striped portions. This design offers elegance for any party or event.

Doodle Nail Art

DIY Nail art designs (16)

Teenage nail arts are often regarded as funky and stylish. This particular design is inspired by that theme. You can cover every single nail with a pattern or design that consists of flashy colors. You can print a heart or draw rainbow colored polka dots. Experiment with your doodling skills to form beautiful patterns on your nails.

Colored Zebra Pattern

DIY Nail art designs (17)

This is one of the most innovative and creative designs. The nail art reflects grace and illusion both at the same time. The design might look complicated but it can be created very easily. You just have to cover the base with white and then using black, blue and magenta colored nail paint copy the pattern. This nail art compliments the stylish and confident lady.

Champagne Bubbles Manicure

DIY Nail art designs (19)

Every lady loves to pamper her nails. There are several products available that are aimed at maintaining the beauty and grace of your nails. This particular bubbles manicure is one amazing item which offers a shiny and perfect texture to your nails. Enhance your elegance by choosing this nail design.

Strawberry Nails

DIY Nail art designs (20)

Complete the desire for a fruity look by choosing this strawberry nail art. The final pattern transforms the nails in the form of strawberries. The beautiful use of red and green color is portrayed in this art. This design is perfect for any theme party. Ace your look by throwing this unique pattern for your nails.

Orange Muse

DIY Nail art designs (21)

Orange is a very impressive and flashy color. This particular nail art offers a stunning look for your nails. Paint the base with metallic yellow and then draw beautiful orange curved lines which must be thin. The end result is a unique design which can be matched up with your favorite dress. You can also reverse the color combination if you want to.

Tape Pattern

DIY Nail art designs (22)

If you need to attain a refined and patterned appearance for nail paint what should be done? The best way is to use a tape for this purpose. Cover your nails with a color and then paste certain areas with a small strip of adhesive tape. Once you remove this tape the texture would differ from the area which wasn’t covered. This creates a special pattern that looks appealing.

Designer Patterns

DIY Nail art designs (23)

You can easily experiment with these designs. One would require the use of shiny and metallic nail paints for this purpose. Embrace yourself by trying out these classy and stunning patterns. Cover your nails with black and highlight the tip with a hint of golden color. These metallic nail paints offer a supreme texture which cannot be matched.

Matte Easter Stripes

DIY Nail art designs (24)

This particular pattern is a wonderful nail art which is perfect for that charming lady who can carry herself with grace. The beauty of this nail art is because of the colors used. The white base is covered with the lighter shades of yellow, pink, purple, blue and green. It is then worked upon to create a colorful striped pattern in white.

Ocean Beauty

DIY Nail art designs (25)

There are certain patterns which are simple yet they offer a wonderful appearance. This particular nail art possesses the power to impress anyone. The splashes of blue and white nail paint reflect beauty. Wear this nail art during your trip to the beach or for any theme party that requires you to be the ocean queen!

Magic Tape

DIY Nail art designs (26)

We can use a tape to create wonderful patterns for our nails. As you can see, cutting out various strip patterns and pasting them on different nails would result in an impressive texture. You can try this with different nail paints to reflect an exquisite appearance.

Disco Art

DIY Nail art designs (27)

Looking at the design one might think it must be a difficult pattern but it can be attained in a really simple manner. You need a designer tape for this purpose. Paste this tape onto your nails in a perfect shape. Flaunt this unique style to a party and shine like a star!

Dark Teeth

DIY Nail art designs (30)

This particular design plays with the classic black color. One must require the use of a scissor and a tape. The nail art requires a creative hand that can smoothly work to draw a teeth-like pattern on your nails. The method is really simple as the base of black nail paint needs to be layered again while keeping a tape in between to get a highlighted effect. Wear this nail art with your favorite evening gown and impress the crowd.

Fizzy Pattern

DIY Nail art designs (33)

If you love playing with your nails then this design would surely attract your attention. The black base along with the small bubble-like spots forms an exclusive pattern. It can be matched up for a social event or any party with friends or family. Always make sure you are carefully while drawing those bubbles.

Sexy Black Art

DIY Nail art designs (34)

A lot can be experimented when you are applying the seductive black nail paint. There are many patterns which can be highlighted using a tape. As seen in the picture, one can effectively use it to obtain a stunning nail art. If you need to be the star of the evening then this nail art would help you in enhancing your overall appearance.

Zigzag Art

DIY Nail art designs (35)

One can obtain a zigzag nail art using a tape and a decent pair of nail color. The pattern is exclusive and offers a supreme look. You can try out the pattern using different alignments using your own creativity. This nail art is funky and stylish describing the modern lady.

Sea Allure

DIY Nail art designs (37)

There are certain nail colors that are bound to provide a rich look. This sea green texture can be obtained by the combination of white and the other nail colors present in the picture. You can wear it with a matching dress to reflect a royal look. Feel the freshness and the subtle nature of the sea surrounding you after sporting this nail art.

Net Art

DIY Nail art designs (38)

Style has no boundaries and such is the case with nail art designs. This particular netted pattern can be obtained by the use of two colors, that is, white and royal blue. If you need to impress the crowd at any party or event then this nail art would act as your weapon of attraction. The base is first colored with white and then it is applied with stripes both horizontally and vertically.

Skyline Art

DIY Nail art designs (40)

If you need to illuminate that look of yours then try this amazing nail art. The combination of white nail paint along with tinted patterns of red, yellow and orange offer a rich look. You can style this nail art with your party dress or wear it to any social event. Don’t miss a chance to experiment this stylish design.

Feather Nails

DIY Nail art designs (41)

This is a very creative and exquisite nail art which would offer a mesmerizing look. It can be created by adding an extension to any of the nails of one hand. You can add a beautiful feather extension that looks elegant. You can also experiment it with different colors and designs. This nail art is a blend of style, beauty and trend.

Nautical illusion

DIY Nail art designs (42)

For the peppy and lively soul this nail art is the perfect addition. That small heart design near to the tip makes the pattern more attractive. Royal blue base along with thick white stripes offers an alluring appearance for your nails. This is the perfect nail art for a date with your loved one.

Christmas Art

DIY Nail art designs (44)

There are several nail arts for different occasions and this fine nail design is exclusive for the Christmas celebration. Paint your nails with this rich red nail paint and draw a cute reindeer figure on any one of the nails. It requires an expert hand to get this amazing nail art. Style it up with your favorite party dress to portray a wonderful look.


DIY Nail art designs (45)

This nail art comprises of a subtle and classy design. If you are going for a wedding or any grand occasion you can apply this nail art to illuminate your appearance. White base and layered up with a pink leaf-design is the main attraction of this nail art. Beauty wrapped up with grace is the definition of this design.

Fruit Love

DIY Nail art designs (46)

Are you a fruit lover? If yes, then this particular design is perfect for your nails. You can opt for different fruit designs based on your preference. As you can see in the picture, the base is kept white and the specific fruit print is layered over it. Match this nail art with your dress or accessory to stun the people around you.

Smiley Art

DIY Nail art designs (47)

Express your emotions through your nails by choosing a crazy emoticon nail art. You can opt for different emoticons on each of your nails. Refresh the bubbly side of you by getting this nail art. The base is applied with a bright yellow color and then it is printed with the various emotions. Flaunt this unique design in front of your friends!

Dice Pattern

DIY Nail art designs (48)

Are you game? This impressive dice-patterned nail art is a creative beauty. Anyone can try this design at home. You simply have to put a black base and segment the nail using a grey paint. Now you can draw white spots using a fine tip to create a dice-like appearance. Highlight your nails with this art for special occasions.

Polka Love

DIY Nail art designs (49)

You can style up in the retro way by opting for a polka dot nail art. It offers an edgy and classic appearance to your nails. You can even try extensions and then paint your nails with this particular pattern. Make the best use of art to impress the crowd around you.

Pink Sparkles

DIY Nail art designs (51)

The world of nail cosmetics is vast and has a lot of impressive products. This particular nail art is simple yet amazing. Paint your nails with a white base and then cover it up with shiny pink color to provide a lustrous look. Now finally layer it up with nail sparkles which are easily available in the market. Lets the nails brighten up like crystals through this art.

Glitter Effect

DIY Nail art designs (52)

Have you ever thought of making your nails glitter like gold? Yes they can! It only requires some creativity and vision to attain such a texture. You just have to use a black base and when the paint is still fresh very carefully layer it up with small amounts of glitter. Evenly spread it around to create a shiny appearance. Match this nail art with your most precious dress for any major event.

Neon Manicure

DIY Nail art designs (57)

There are many neon colored paints available in the market which are very much in demand. Bright pink, orange or green you can get it all. The point is how one can experiment with these colors. As seen in the picture, you can apply two coats on one nail and leave the rest with one coat. This is one of the latest ways of styling. Create your own style and play with these amazing colors.

Glossy Art

DIY Nail art designs (58)

Acquire a matte finish look for your nails. This can be easily done with the items available in the picture. If you need a glossy appearance for your nails, then there are special nail paints available which are effective in offering an advance level of shine and texture. The rich black color looks stunning for the sensual and attractive lady.

Black Beauty

DIY Nail art designs (59)

One can try a lot of designs and patterns with black nail paint as it offers an alluring effect. You can style up each and every nail differently by layering up various designs such as stripes and polka dots. This nail art is perfect for any occasion and offers a classic appearance.

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These DIY nail at designs are actually very easy. You can make them perfectly, just after one or two try. And the amazing thing is that, you can intermix two or three ideas and create something of your own. After permutation and combination, we can create plenty of new ideas with this set of nail art designs.


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