91 Elegant Crochet Braids That Will Blow Your Mind


There are only a few numbers of women that are satisfied with the length, texture, and color of their hair. Taking this into consideration, the Fashion Industry has come up with various innovative ideas for modifying the hair as desired. The Crochet Braids are one of them. These Braids help in the protection of natural hair for the proper growth. Crochet stands for a small hook in French. So, It is also known as Hooked Braids. Crochet Braids are the hair extensions that are added to our hair through latch hook and is secured by a loop that is present on the root of the Braid.

Applying Crochet Braids

  • Wash and moisturize your natural hair properly.
  • Braid your natural hair into cornrow.
  • Slide the latched hook choosing a place.
  • Open the hook and place the crochet braid into it and close the latch.
  • Pull the latch hook and secure the braid into the hair creating a loop.
  • The Braid consists of a loop on the roots and free on the other. The other end is pulled through the loop and is secured.
  • Repeat these steps unless we want to stop.

The advantage of Crochet Braids over the Woven Braids is it can be transformed into any styling techniques without the showcase of the base design. Read on to know about various Crochet Braids hairstyles.

1. Dark Kinky Spiral


If you want to enlighten your facial features and complement your skin, This Dark Kinky Spiral are always the best. Apply eyeliner with nude lipstick for a natural look.

2. Shoulder Length small curls with Side Bangs

Do you want people to linger around complimenting you? If so, try this kick-ass Shoulder Length Small Curls with Side Bangs. Pair it up with some smoky makeup and wear a Shape Metal earring to complement your jawline.

3. Half-up Space Bun Braids

You are never too young to look cute. Wear this Half-up Space Bun Braids leaving some strands at the front to frame your face. Apply Simple nude makeup to look adorable.

4. Thin Loose Curls

If you find organizing thick hair troublesome but do love curls, these thin loose curls will give you the double benefit. You will need low maintenance for your curls, and you will always look pretty.

5. Middle parted Spirals

If you are into more of a comfortable look, you should go with Middle Prated Spirals. It is comfy for the swimmers as it doesn’t tangle around your face as it can be placed back at your ears.

6. Burgundy Ombre Braids 

Small Wavy curls can be looped with Wavy Box Braid to give a false view of some hair left unbraided. Burgundy can be one of the colors for your crochet braids. Pair a large earring to look classy.

7. Pixie tight coils with Bangs

Pixie coils are the optimum hairdo if you are a cool mom. These tight curls with bangs give you a quick look without much of an effort. It is a work look where the hair will not be a trouble.

8. Burgundy tiny curls

The circle cut has been a favorite hairstyle for men during the 70’s. Later women went along with the haircut and looked as fabulous as they did with other men trends. Burgundy color little curls will go great with the cut.

9. Half Up-do Ponytail Havana Twists

Havana Twists are the enormous twists of hair which is a way of creating natural dread. This style is designed by wearing the Havana twist and maintaining it into a half ponytail. Wear the ponytail twist front to compliment your face.

10. Shiny Collarbone length bouncy Curls

Get your desired length of hair with this Crochet Braids. Using curling iron can damage your hair. So, Wear this Shiny Collarbone Length Bouncy Curls for silky hair.

11. Half Up-do Top-knotted Bun Bouncy spirals

These Burgundy Sombre Bouncy Spirals are beautiful. Keep it up into a Half-up Bun and apply colorful makeup for a more elegant look.

12. Brunette Braids

Brunette Brown looks good for every complexion of women. This style is created by twisting a large chunk of strands into a Side twisted pattern and adding the curls to the braided strand at the end.

13. Voluminous Coils

If you go to the beach very often during summer and don’t have time for heating up the curls, these loose spirals can be your go-to look. It is low maintenance and hair protecting procedure.

14. Loose Spirals

If you go to the beach very often during summer and don’t have time for heating up the curls, these loose spirals can be your go-to look. It is low maintenance and hair protecting procedure.

15. Long Senegalese twist

Senegalese Twist is the small Havana Twist that is always tighter and smoother. It is an excellent way to attain this tiptop alluring look. Wear a stoned necklace to give a sassy look.

16. Shoulder length curls

If you want to have an excellent look for a party, this Shoulder length curls is the right one. The side bangs and the dazzling makeup shows an elegance in you. Pair it up with hand accessories and a collarbone visible dress to flaunt your hair.

17. Voluminous kinky textured

If you are tired with your tight small braids hairstyle and want a free, comfortable hair, you can open the braids to give you this voluminous kinky textured hair.

18. Dark Collarbone length Spirals

Young teenagers obsess about the fictional vampire characters. If you are one of them, get this Dark collarbone length spirals. You can showcase your smoky makeup skills for a more precise look.

19. Barbie Curls

Almost every girl has wanted to become a Barbie doll during their childhood. Make your dream come true with this side-parted Barbie resembling curls. Pair it up with some bright and shiny outfit to give the doll look.

20. Bantu Knotted Curls

Bantu knots are one of the cutest Small Buns. Making top knotted Bantu at the front and leaving the curls free on the other side creates the look.

21. Face Framing coils

The perfect umbrella cut curls are the alternative way to go for high school girls who don’t want too much of a classy look. The bangs on the front and the face-framing coils makes you look like an adorable teen.

22. Huge Havana Twist

Havana Twist can be your hairstyle if you think tiny braids have become too mainstream. These spiky twist can go along with the hair accessories to give you a flirty look.

23. Long Curly Purple Faux Locs

Long Curly Faux Locs is another barbie style you can go with to look like a doll with extra styling sense. Purple color your Locs and try lighter shades of your hair color makeup for more

24. A-line Lob highlighted curls

In A-line Lob Curls, the coils are hooked in such a way that they give an appearance of long hair at the front which keeps on decreasing going back. Highlights give another look to the hairstyle.

25. Purple Braids

If you are bold enough to be a freak, this electric purple braids is the best one for you. The will pull your risky attitude. Showcase your hot makeup skills to look fearless.

26. Half Up-do Senegalese Twist

Senegalese gives you more of a tight and smooth look than any other twist. If you want an uptight look for an occasion, Half Up-do Senegalese is the right choice.

27. Side Faux locs with a golden clip

Locs are not always rough and tough. It can also be pretty and stylish. This Side Faux Locs is just the way to look different with the Locs. Style with the hair beads and rosy makeup to show the class.

28. Purple Half Up-do Bun Havana Twists

Havana Twist is heavy and can be challenging to put up to it. Hence creating a Half Up Bun can help us to keep up with the twist.

29. Shiny Twists

The Long and shiny Twist gives us an appearance of healthy and well-built hair. Showcase your best makeup skill with the look to look like a doll.

30. Blonde Ombre Coils

Blonde Ombre is a way to go if you are tired of all the shades of bright hair color which is always the favorite color that compliments every complexion.

31. Half Up-do Twist with Side Bangs

Replace the normal boring Half Up-do you always do by the twisted Half Up-do for the wedding sessions. Side bangs and everyday makeup can complement your appearance.

32. Layered Long Fusilli curls

Layering one color crochet onto another can give you the colored layers in the hair. The Long Fusilli Curl is one of the best ways to flatter your colors. The mix of blonde, dark brown and black is a right layering color.

33. Blonde Highlighted Soft Curled Bob

Soft curls are always beautiful. Pair it up with some cool one shoulder tops for a retro look.

34. Kinky Face Framing Loose coils 

Look all sexy and classy with this Face Framing Loose loops. A leather jacket will pair up good with this biker look.

35. One-Sided  Loose Spirals

The Side Cuts has been a trend. If you want Side cut without an actual shave, then you should surely try this One Sided Curls where another side is braided.

36. Dark Brown Shaded Chunky spirals

Dark Brown shades are the ultimate hue for the chunky spirals that have been popular for some years. Nothing can go wrong with this rough work look.

37. Puffy Twists

If your precious child wants you to make her the fashionista of her age, then you should surely try this puffy spirals for a voluminous hair.

38. Highlighted Senegalese Twists

For a different Senegalese Twists hairstyle, add a Highlighted crochet hair to your twists. Do parallel braid to protect the natural hair, and hook the crochet in it.

39. Green Highlighted Faux Locs

Turn people heads around by trying this Green highlights on your Faux Locs which is a perfect look for the clubs. You can add glossier makeup for a more appealing look.

40. Havana Twists with jewels

To give a more elegant look, Try accessorizing your spirals with some golden beaded jewels. Showcase your light makeup skill to complete the style.

41. Kinky Top-knot Bun Spirals

One of the ways to style a kinky unraveled braids is by putting a top-knot Bun which helps to keep the hair out of your face.

42. Side parted Twists

Side parted Twist is the appropriate way to show your flirty side with the twist. The neckline size hair says about your playful nature. Go with a bold, chic makeup for completing the style.

43. Huge Chunky Spiral

Are you up for a date? Try these Huge Chunky Spiral to give an appearance of a smart lady.

44. Red Havana Twists

Red is the color of love. You got to try this red Havana twist to showcase your sexy side. Add a bold makeup and gleaming jewels to go with it. Pair it up with off shoulder to look more appealing.

45. Bob Fusilli Curls

Bob Fusilli Curls is a carefree hairstyle. With low maintenance, you can get this cute Bob. The fusilli on the front gives the fringe complementing your eye.

46. Afro Spirals

Arfo Spirals is the hairstyle which has been popular among the American- African during 60’s and 70’s to mimic the then white community. Since then the style emerged hugely with various techniques to do it.

47. Red highlighted Shoulder Length Bob

Red and Black have always been a dangerous combination. Adding the red crochet to your dull black hair will enhance you. Spice it up with smoky makeup for a deadly look.

48. Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo Box Braids are in trend. Celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce look fearless with it. Styling Jumbo box gives you various looks. Watch 121 Sophisticated jumbo box braids Styles For You for styling the Box Braids.

49. Half-Up Faux Locs

Anyone can look royal with the rough looking Locs when Half Up-ed and twisted. Get some brown Locs hooked up to give highlights to complement your jaws and neck.

50. Brown Highlighted Faux Locs 

The Faux Locs, when lifted with a side part, can give more of a natural look. Similarly, the highlights give life to the hair.

51. Dark Bob Tight coils

Bob is always a fun look and black is a classic color. The short hair on the front near the eyes are the side bangs. Pair it up with a shiny earpiece and floral outfit for outgoing.

52. Kinky Dark Curls

People try hard to get the natural look. This kinky Dark curl is the simplest way to look down to earth. Wear a Red lipstick with black off-shoulder dress to look deadly.

53. Light Brown Collarbone Swirls

Experimenting with natural hair can be unfavorable. Thus the crochet braids are used for applying different shades and texture of hair for the best output. Swirls with light brown highlight can be toxic look.

54. Asymmetrical Senegalese Twists 

Styling Senegalese differently can be tough. Try this zigzag twist for your mismatched Asymmetrical Senegalese Twist. Pair it up with earring and choker to give a diva look.

55. Front Braided Brunette Spirals 

Another way to style the spirals is to braid the top on the front by middle partition and continue adding the crochet on other portion. Wear a no-makeup look with a light eyeshade and lipstick.

56. Wavy Box Braids

One of the best ways to look angelic with the Braid Box is to wear weaves. Wear a fairy makeup and plain white to give more of the pretty appearance.

57. Sombre Box Braids

Sombre hair coloring technique has become quite popular because of the way it gives the false appearance of natural hair color due to applying a dark shade of the down highlights to the root.

58.Long Red Half Up-do Bun Faux Locs

Try the Half Up-do Bun for a different look with your Faux Locs. Add Jewels to your hair and wear a long ear-piece and showcase your best makeup skills to look stunning.

59. Ginger Braid Ombre Bob curls

If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran, then you must love ginger hue. This Ginger Braid Ombre is just the best way to rock with a Bob if you are going to his concert. Watch 63 Refreshing Long Bob Hairstyles for 2018 for more of an extended bob styling techniques.

60. Natural looking Curls

Natural Curls are the goals. Try this short crochet curls for the natural look. Pair it up with some long neck piece, and you are good to go to after work party.

61. Middle Parted Purple Spirals

Are you up for a wild party? Wear this electric purple Spirals and pair it up with the black bralette to prove the look. Middle part it for a classic way.

62. Kinky Beehive Curls

Beehive Curls is a favorite hairstyle during the fifties. The Beehived bangs and the lower bun gives the classic appearance. Pair it up with a shiny earpiece to provide a stunning look.

63. Long Afro with Hairband

Hairbands are the best way to protect your spirals from getting tangled and damaged faster. Hairband can also be taken as a styling techniques to get the hair out of your face. Pair it up with a considerable earring for a classic look.

64. Large Voluminous Curls

Do you want to add volume to your hair? Try this Long Voluminous Curls that can compliment any face shape and make you look beautiful. Wear a light pink lipstick and liner to make you feel prettier than ever.

65. Asymmetrical Lob spiral

The crochet braids that you got some time could be tiresome. Unravel the twists to give you the Asymmetrical Spirals.

66. Light Brown Ombre Coils

Light Brown Ombre is another shade that you could provide for your coils. You could twist the loops with your hand on a daily basis to avoid the damage. Pair it up with a tube dress and some golden neck-piece to look high-class.

67. Long Platinum Sombre Curls

Platinum is the shade that every girl wants to have one time in their lifetime. This Long Platinum Sombre give you a mature look. Showcase your makeup skill with a big earring to look magnificent.

68. Pinkish Purple Senegalese Twists

Not every girl are into pink but want a chic look. Pinkish purple is the shade of color you desire to have and Senegalese is the perfect twist you can have.

69. Dark Tight Coils

What is more beautiful than a well-textured hair. This middle parted Dark Coils are the classic hairdo that goes along with any complexion and for any occasion. Pair it up with a white shirt to go along the most exquisite style.

70. Crochet Braids

The figure above shows the ways to hook crochet. Apply some moisturizing hair cream and braid the natural hair appropriately. Then pinned the hair from the bottom for the texture you want.

71. Half Up-do Donuts Bun Box Braids

Another technique to style a Box Braid is to place the Half hair as a Donut Bun which will avoid the hair to come to your face and help you do your work with ease.

72. Natural Looking Shoulder Length Spirals

Natural Black Spirals up to the shoulder are the best length of hair for the people who don’t want too long and too short hair.

73. Bluish Purple Highlighted Wavy Curls

A middle part on the hair and add a bluish purple shade of crochet spirals sidewise to give a look that complements your face structure.


74. Side Ponytail Faux Locs

A ponytail is a usual hair-do which is never out of fashion. Try the Faux Locs Side Ponytail to give a more sophisticated pony look. Accessorize it with golden beads to provide an outstanding appearance.

75. Orchid Sombre Tight Coils with Topknots

The Orchid Sombre with the purple shade makeup skills and the oval face structure gives a mermaid with short hair look. The Bantu knots on the top provides a crown like impression.

76. Lob Curls

A-line Lob is common hairstyles. The Lob with the curls gives you an outgoing person look. Pair it up with the shades for an excellent look.

77. Burgundy Highlighted Mohawk Twists

Do you want your look to be threatening enough for people to get scared? Try the Mohawk Twist for the powerful approach.

78. Pencil Twist

Pencil Twist is the long crochets hooked up in your natural hair. Pair it up with tight bottoms to compliment your body.

79. Asymmetrical Spiky Lob Braids

Box Braids can be styled by an Asymmetrical Lob which can be the daily hairstyle for your high school.

80. Multicolored Braid

This green and black colored braid give you the appearance of a snake. It can be the best technique to mimic a snake in a custom party.

81. Caramel Top Huge Knot Braid

Caramel Top Knot can be another hair color used to complement your Half High Top Knot Braids.

82. Pixie Brown Highlighted Fusilli CoilsFlaunt your Pixie Fusilli Coils by highlighting the top with Brown color. Pair it with circle earpiece and neck-piece to look enduring.

Try these inspirational Crochet Braids for protecting your hair and to look stylish and paradigmatic. Try more of the trendy styles with the crochet braids and give us a feedback. If you are hair searching for a wedding look, then do surely watch 101 Steal-worthy Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles for more ideas.


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