103 Modish Crimped Hair That Will Provide You Thickness


The famous 80’s crimped hair is back on trend. If you don’t know what crimped hair is, you surely know the curly zigzag strands rocked by Britney Spears on her music video of ‘Stronger.’ The hairstyle had somewhat gone out of the track a few years back, but this time it has returned to be trendier than ever.


Crimped hair is usually done in straight hair by the curling rods having a saw-tooth-like structure to provide the kinky appearance. The modern crimping rod was invented in 70’s for creating the crooked waves for Barbara Streisand. In 2018, Beyonce made the crimping comeback in Instagram with a bang.

How To Crimp Hair?

  • Using a curling rods known as crimper that has built-in tooths to create the crimped look.
  • Braiding your hair into thin strands and then leaving it overnight or just heating it with straightening iron.

We have some of the best crimped hairstyles of all the time on our galleries for you.

Puffy Hair

If you are remaking the 90’s theme hairstyle, don’t forget this Puffy Hair. Add heavy accessories and don’t omit the colorful makeup tricks to reminiscence that era.

Middle-parted Chest-length hair

This electrifying Chest-length hair gives an excellent look to the model by flaunting the attractive facial structures. Wear some glow makeup to highlight some of the quality.

Black Natural Crimps

The Natural curly hair when straightened gives a texture to the strands that are straight but has a hint of kinks in it. The model here without hesitation showcases her beautiful hair with some curls near the forehead.

Half-up with Bangs

Hillary Duff as Lizzie Mcguire in a sitcom has this popular side crimps with bangs which she styles differently and never deceives us with new hair-do.

Bandaged Hair

Crimped hair can be hard to handle as it is bulgy and dense. One of the best ways is to clamp it towards the head using a headband. It is also helpful during the night to not destroy the curls.

Purple Half-up French Braid

Purple is the color of luxury and compassion. Add some pink highlights to the rich purple for some soft romantic side. Crimp and french braid the whole hair for some playful look.

Childhood Pony

Do you remember going to school with short low pony looking all cute? Well, the ponytail is similar, but the model here is going a little sexier by showing off her cleavage with the beautiful tattoos.

Emo Low Crimps

The grayish pastel with other colors with the black patterned eyeliner and the yellowish tone makeup is the ultimate Emo look that vibes about the devil side of a person.

Wavy Hair

Britney is regarded as one of the style icons of the ’90s which are seen on her music videos where she always has something unique about her hairstyle. She had rocked the crimped hair look during the time.

Pony with Multi-thread

Styling a plain blonde hair by adding different colors of thread can add attraction towards you. Be hippie when it comes to your hair for a fresh look.


Do you remember your barbie’s rough and gigantic silicon-hair? The model resembles one of those with the big green eyes, beautiful lashes, eyebrows and a perfect face shape with the puffy hair.

Loose Crimped Hair

How do you think an angel look? If you don’t have a good image, then this model with the perfect Loose curls and innocent eyes can give you a portrait. Wear a white gown to look angelic.

Layered Crimps with Straight Bangs

The crimped hair will get along with the straight layered hair very well because the straight-hair are not capable of much texture in which they both can compensate. The bangs are empowering the whole look.

Loop Waterfall Braid

The crimped flowing hair makes the resemblance of the flow of water shown by the waterfall braids more vivid because of the wavy texture it provides.


The Waves in the picture is created by a straightener simply by ironing the hair by twisting it into a full twist. Thus made crimped hair are large and curvy rather than bent.

Korean Bun

The picture shows a Korean hairstyle which is created while wearing a Hanbok, traditional Korean dress. There is an addition of crimps at the side which is formed just for a fashion.

Half straight and Half Freeze

During winter the people with wavy hair wearing a beanie usually suffer from the half straight half freeze hair. But it is cool, and you can roll on it.

Caramel Ombre

The Caramel Ombre to the black rooted hair is a great way to make your hair look shorter than its actual length. Our eyes ignore the colored hair from a distance but make sure to wear something that won’t contradict the hair-color.

Blonde Kinks

Another portrait of an adorable doll appearance given by this Blonde crimps is fascinating. The makeup along with the advantage of facial features makes the model look enchanting.

Reddish Curls

Red is the color of bold and sexiness. The chunks of a reddish hue on the blue-eyed model makes her look irresistible. Go for the hairstyle if you want men to stare at you.

Rose Crown

Some people live for drama. If you are one of those, wear this stirring Rose Crown hair-do for a dramatic appearance. Showcase your colorful makeup skill and wear accessories to adorn your look.

Soft Crimps

The Soft Crimps looks striking on the natural look of the model with freckles and the jawlines that vibes about nature’s child looking for a peaceful destination.


Another doll appearance with the huge U-shaped hair which shows a fierce person that is terrifying and mysterious than exciting. The eye makeup adds the terror.

Ashy Kinks

If you need to play the role of a Roman slave, this Ashy Kinks with the leather haltered black dress will give the exact appearance of a maid during the era. Keep your makeup as minimal as possible.

Half-braided Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bobs are in fashion, and with the addition of kinks, it looks splendid. The strips seen on the crimped hair below the braids resembles feathers of birds like a hawk, koel, etc.

Blonde Half-up with Side One-strand Braid

How often do you hang out with your close ones? The Blonde Half-up hair can be your hair-do for a day out. Wear sunglasses on the sun to protect your eyes and add side braid for embellishment.

Light-Brown Smokey Hair

With the trendy Smokey eyes, Smokey hair is also in the fashion industry now. The Crimps adds the smokey nature to the brown-hair more. Keep up with the smokey eye shadow and the patterned neck-piece to look mysterious.

Choppy Hair

If you are a struggling artist working on some pub to earn your living, you can have a stylish hair-do with just a simple crimper which is cheap and effective than attending a hairstylist on a daily basis.

Natural Kinks

What can be more beautiful than these natural kinky textured hair? The dark color adds a more realistic feel to the look. Showcase your makeup skill to keep up with the curls.

Afro Blonde Hair

When it comes to Afro hair, we think about the majestic black curly hair, but can’t blonde be one of those. This Blonde hair is an example of it.


Wrap up isn’t always boring. This Wrap up has twisted front hair that is brought together with other hair to create this marvelous wrap of hair that is loose and comfortable.

Dutch Knot Braid

The Dutch Knot Braid is created by adding blonde crimped extensions to the ashy brown hair which suits the people with blue eyes and fair skin.


The crimped hair appearance is not only done by the girls but also by the men. The under-shaved blonde pixie is quite cool and can also be done by the women for a boyish look.

Middle-parted Black Crimps

Middle partition is a classic way of parting your hair. The division never goes out of style and makes you look enchanting and beautiful that vibes about an old soul. Embellish the appearance wearing a simple pendant.

Red Half-braid Full pony

If you are a student and should tie your hair for not being disturbed during the school, you can get this half-braid full pony to look stylish yet attentive and focused.

Faux Simple Bun

The wrap looks like a simple low bun from the side but is a fishtail braid which is allocated as a bun at the end. Loose some of the hair towards your ear if you want to frame your face.

Multi-colored Hair

If you have a dark hair, you should be selective about the multi-colors you are wearing on your head. Colors often do not catch up with dark-roots. Wear a patterned outfit to match the look.

Blonde Knots Mohawk

The Blonde Knots resembles a dragon’s sharp and spiky spines on the head which is a mythical creature as the knots are above the surface like the spine.

Spiky Long Hair

The model’s facial structure, expressions, and the spiky hair all want us to resemble her like a bird. The feathers and the earrings all are by the appearance.

Side Braided Hair

Does your child always brag about someone being a great hairstylist? Make her a Side Braid with the crimped hair for an upcoming school event to astonish her with your hair-skills.

Hip-length Crimped Hair

Be a sexy devil for this Halloween with this Hip-length crimps. Wear a crown and wings with black feathers to go with the flow. Red lipstick can power the look with smokey makeup.

Two-side Fishtail Braid

The Two-side Fishtail Braid reminds you of your younger self as it makes you look youthful than your actual age. The Fishtail is loose and won’t make you feel uneasy.

Wrapped-circle Mohawk

The Wrapped-circle Mohawk is created by dividing the hair horizontally and making a ponytail which is again taken with another section and made a pony shaping it as a circle which is done until we reach the end.

Magenta hues Braids and Wrap

The hues of magenta done to the black rooted long hair look marvelous and what makes it more incredible is the braids and wraps with the crimps. Wear a black leather jacket to contradict the cheeky vibes.

Mermaid Crimps

The curls are like the waves of the sea that are so perfect that everyone will want to fall for the look.  Be a Mermaid and lure the men with this crimps. Accessorize yourself with pretty jewels design and wear something white.

Purple Whole Double Crown

Everyone knows the power of a queen. Double up the crown with this vibrant purple even if you are a commoner to feel as fierce and powerful as the Queen.

Ashy Dutch Braid

Dutch braid gives a plait that is slightly higher from the surface than the roots. This Ashy Dutch Braid provides a little-matured look to a person. So if you think you look too young with your age then get the hair-color.

Bluish Hue Highlighted Fishtail Bun

Weddings aren’t considered marriages unless someone has the braids with bun. Pair up with your bridesmaid to create a unique theme at your wedding with this Bluish Fishtail Bun.

Marine Blue Crimped Hair

The Ocean may look blue and shallow, but it is indeed too deep. Make a statement with this Marine Blue hair to seem profound.

Rainbow Crown Braid

Not everyone wants to be a captivated princess with rules and regulations; some want to be free and jolly. Master yourself with the Rainbow Crown Braid to vibe about a freedom fighter.

Blonde Low Pony

The easiest way to look like you had taken hours to do your hair-do but instead it was just a low maintenance work is to hit your hair with some crimper and tie it into a low ponytail.

Half Blonde-Half Rainbow

The Half Blonde-Half Rainbow is a unique hairdo. If you are not allowed to color your hair at your office, then this might help because the lower part hides under the blonde hair and you can look amazing during non-office hours showcasing the colors.

Rapunzel Curls

Rapunzel had long hair that helps her escape to find the freedom. If you work for social change, the crimped and long hair can be a statement for those who understand.

Clip Pony

The pattern created by the crimper at the middle part of the ponytail looks like a hair-clip rather than crimps which is cool.

Pink Highlighted Crimps

During 90’s pink hues always came extra with the crimped hair. People either had a rosy makeup, pink eye-shadow or lipstick with the crimps. The pink highlights were favorite during those time.

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Pastel Rainbow Hair

Pastels are the color for this year. The soft and magical appearance provided by the colors is incomparable for those who fancy the mystical things with fairy and other creatures. Showcase your makeup skill with the shades.

Brown High Pony

If you have a denser and natural hair goal, the Brown Crimped hair can fulfill your desire of having the texture and thickness.

Beach waves

With the news of summer coming pretty soon, get yourself ready for the beach days and vacations with this Asymmetrical Lob Beach Waves. If you have fair skin, blonde can be a matching color for the hair.

Bob Frizzy Hair

The Bob Frizzy Hair is an advanced Marilyn Monroe’s Bob with the flat surface that flows to become frizzy curls. Scarlet Johansson looks stunning with the Red Lipstick and everyday makeup.

Ponytail crimps

Brushing your hair in the opposite direction is one of the ways to give your hair thickness, but it can damage your hair. So, use the crimper to get the zig-zag curls.

Patterned Crimps

With the patterned clothes, shoes trending on the fashion industry, you can match up your clothes with the patterned hair created by the crimps. For more precise crimped look, you can add bangs with crimpers.

Half-sleeked Half-kinky Pony

If you feel awkward by your thin hair towards the ends, you can put your hair into a sleek and classy ponytail and then crimp your hair down for a massive and dense looking kinks.

Redhead hair

When we think of natural redheads, the texture of their hair automatically becomes curled. Try a crimped hair look rather than the coils to go with the trend.

Thick Crimps

Usually, we unravel the curls and make it thin. For a different look, do not detach thick crimps from your head. Part your hair in the middle for an oval face.

Pastel Pink Huge Half-up Puffed hair

If you are a fan of Amy Winehose puffed hair and eyeliner, this Half-up Puffed hair is for you. To add some chick vibes, color your hair pink instead of black. Black Smokey eyes can help with the eyeliner.

One-side Crimped

The One-side Crimped Hair can be a festive hairstyle. Decorate your look more by making a creative temporary tattoo in your face and highlight your hair into Pink Ombre. Adding jewelries will innovate the look.

Long Crimped Hair

The huge dress followed with the long crimped hair makes the person look like a princess during the 1800’s who were compelled to wear those large gowns. Let your hair flow in this year for a new princess look.

Brunette Low Wrap

The Low wrap is usually done by the salsa dancer because they have to show off their neckline for their head movements. You can add crimped hair to the hair before wrapping it up.

Two-side Knot Braid to Bun

Another beautiful hair-do that will be beautiful for your wedding is this Two-side Knot Braid to Bun that actually talks about the relationship-knot you will tie to build a future with the future signifying the low-bun.


The hues of green and the pink remind me of the peacock when it dances by opening up its wings. Even if you are old, bring the inside child out with the Peacock hair.

When people think about personal change, the first thing that comes to their mind is the hair. You feel like a different person even with a new hairstyle because it provides you with self-confidence and self-love. Change your hair-do daily and have faith in yourself, everything will work out. The above mentioned crimped hair is the easiest way to change your appearance. If you would like to add anything more, I would love to hear your recommendations.


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