70 Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits that are truly Inspirational


If Rihanna could wear a silk nightgown at a wedding and look hotter than the hottest women in the world then why can’t you babe? Copying those truly inspirational Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits will accomplish their reason for modeling and flaunt of new style statements. Innumerable fashionista folks that walk around you all the time could have these Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits to take your eagerness in the top of the mountain.

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits1.1

Mixing and matching styles made popular by your favorite celebs will enhance your fashion sense and who knows if your destiny puts you on the ramp floor! This article will guide you through every minute detail as to make you the fashionista thereby maintaining your core personality as well. In addition to this, you would not have to fear about losing your professional image at workplace since these sexy Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits will transform you in whatever look you want.

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits

Rihanna’s Thigh Split Long Maxi Skirt

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits6- Rihanna

Indeed, anything down to the simplest outfits will also great when flaunted off by Rihanna. Just look at how seducing she is looking in her grey crop top with a classy thigh split long maxi skirt. Platform heeled booties with this outfits is looking so stunning making it necessary for you to try it on a romantic beach date.

Robert Downey Jr’s Stunning Biker Leather Jackets

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits7-Robert Downey Jr and his biker jacket brown leather

A decent stud look with this stunning biker jacket in leather worn over a cool collared shirt and trouser looks simply professional. Add up a chic of brown leather boots along with spikes haircut to look fantastic just like Robert Downey. Enhancing your look by coloring your hair in brown and lighter shades is another great idea.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits10-Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

One of the loveliest couples in Hollywood movie industry Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are looking adorable in their perfect dress ups complementing each other. Brad Pitt wearing a classy trench coat over his sexy suit coat with leather shoes complementing Angelina’s wrap long one piece flaunting off the sexy cleavage walking hand-in-hand.

Copy Style of Ripped Jeans with Keri Russell

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits21-Keri Russell

Shock everybody at your friends’ place with this stupendous Keri Russell ripped jeans styling sense. You will love this simple yet classy combination of ripped jeans with relaxing tank top left loose with deep neck. Get a ponytail done walking with complete confidence by feminine sandals and sunglasses on head.

Megan’s Body Con Dress

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits25-Megan Fox

Why don’t you wear a classy body con dress with a long button down sweater just as Megan Fox in her styling images? Hot pair of stilettos and some stringent curls in hair is all you need to step out of car and have a grip on numerous eyeballs. Get your legs waxed girls as to flaunt of the cheeky legs wearing this stunning outfit.

Go Grey and Black with Victoria Beckham

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits39-victoria beckham

Indeed, grey and black is a great combination when even Victoria Beckham is in favor of this fabulous combination. Get a sexy grey blazer worn over a simple black slouchy top and leather pant in black. You may get a messy bun with this apparel or even copy the hairstyle from Victoria.

Amal Clooney in Sonia Rykiel’s One Piece

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits45-Amal Clooney in olive green Sonia Rykiel one-piece

One piece is common these days but have you ever imagined what Amal Clooney wore while moving out to some other place? This chic one piece is undoubtedly a new thing that you could try. A cropped shrug will look great if a curvy girl tries this attire. Glamour is simply unrealistic when a classy handbag and footwear is worn along.

Try Ripped Hot Pants with Emma Roberts

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits55-Emma Roberts

Street styling is redefined by Emma Roberts in her comforting outfit release. A simple white colored tee tucked inside a hot pant. See, how beautifully she added up a chic statement with plaid shirt fastening it around the waist. Sneaker will turn this casual look into more swag.

Dashing Leather Skirt flaunted by Selena

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits56-Selena Gomez

High waist leather skirt flaunted by Selena Gomez would love her fans to make this outfit popular and praised by all those sexy girls out there. Get a blazer in grey with this attire to sophisticate the look and femininity to it by getting a classy wallet with your numerous essentials to stay fresh throughout the day.

Traditional Deepika in Lehenga

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits64-Deepika Padukone

Lehenga-choli has always been on the top of traditional outfit and especially when Deepika Padukone walks the ramp wearing this gorgeous outfit. You will flaunt of your flat belly and sexy neckline attracting several hearts towards your forever-21 smile. A metallic footwear with studded rhinestones incorporating amazing patterns look gracious with this outfit.

Emma Watson in Long Skirt

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits65-Emma Watson

This unique pattern of skirt seems like it is skinny half way and then turns out to be a pleated one thereby touching the floor. You will love wearing a gorgeous glittery grey tank top with this skirt. Pixie hairstyle looks great when it comes to look fabulous in this attire along with your armlets and neck-pieces.

Cara Delavigne in Denim Jumpsuit

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits75-Cara Delevingne in denim jumpsuit

Undoubtedly, denim jumpsuit suits the one and only Cara Delavigne but it will suit you as well if you wear it with an attitude of fashionista. Wear a sexy jumpsuit cuffing its legs up with a velvety jacket over it. You will look great in sassy leather high ankle booties and a cap over head to make you look swag.

Wear Boyfriend Jeans like Rumor Willis

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits82-Rumor Willis in rolled boyfriend jeans, leopard heels And bag, olive green button up

The classic combination of olive green and denim blue boyfriend jeans looks simply retro when tucked inside the pants. Cuff up the denim and dress your hair into a low bun. Leopard heels and themed bag looks amazing with the outfit. A classy dark lipstick with light makeup including foundation and compact will make you look out of the world

Priyanka Chopra flaunting Strapless Dress

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits91-Priyanka Chopra looked great in a sheath dress

The super classy strapless outfit worn by Priyanka Chopra at IIFA awards party has become favorite choice for youngsters since then. You may wear a statement necklace with innumerable studded rhinestones and colorful hoops. A high bun with sophisticated smile on your lips is all you need to make your look a distinct one.

Jamie Chung stuns in Denim shirt over Pleated Skirt

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits8-jamie chung style

Pleated A-line skirt looks sexy when worn with simple sleeveless denim shirt, preferably a deep necked one. You will make a unique style when added a hat and a sunglasses on a special sunny day. Simple flat foot pair with brown leather texture looks amazing with contrasting garb.

High Waist Cotton Shorts by Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits12-Scarlett Johansson

High waist cotton short is an adorable choice mad by Scarlett Johansson when worn over a deep necked loose top with netted detailing. A knot bun made sophistically lower one is a great hairstyle to be tried over this outfit. Nobody could ever regret wearing no accessory with this outfit. All you need at the end is a pair of cowboy boots.

Geometric Print Pant worn by Emma Stone

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits13-Emma Stone

Cropped tank top in simple black color looks fantasizing when worn with amazing narrow bottom pant with geometric print which was dressed by Emma Stone in 2014. Stilettos look so glamorous with this attire and so your personality. Pixie hairstyle for short hair and high ponytail for long hair is perfect for this garb.

Lacy Dress Code to be followed by Kangana

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits22-Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut was spotted wearing classy backless lacy attire at the release of bollywood movie Krrish 3. Carrying a lacy outfit with a glamorous attitude is not easy since it is a daring one. Waterfall hairstyle suits this outfit the most when you hoping to look your best in the upcoming prom party.

Flawless Yellow printed Jumpsuit by Beyonce

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits23-Beyonce looking flawless in this printed yellow jumpsuit

Looking flawless is the job of one hand when someone follows the superstar Beyonce. Every movement of her post-wearing yellow jumpsuit with traditional print on it straight up-to the calves look dashing. Platform bellies make this complete attire look way more different and styled.

Miley Cyrus Grunge Style

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits24-Miley Cyrus's Grunge style

Simple tee with mini hot pant along with leather boots looks gorgeous and this grunge style is simply a blockbuster. You will look enhanced with a thick detailed necklace and incredible hairstyle. Get a military printed jacket and tie it around your butts for a yo-yo look. A classic handbag with leather texture is all that makes your ready for a day.

Anne Hathaway in Luxe Blanket Coat and Tan Leather Boots

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits26-Anne Hathaway wearing a luxe blanket coat with skinny jeans and tan leather boots

Accompany your Skinny denim with bold luxe blanket coat and tan leather boots this winter just like Anne Hathaway did this year. The amazing leather boots to put a cherry on your beautiful personality complementing the breezy weather looks mesmerizing. How about trying pumps instead as to name a new fashion statement?

Andrew’s Tweed Fashion

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits27-andrew garfield fashion

The hotness of a man lies in generous clothing and stupendous personality that is immensely garnished by tweed jackets worn over anything including denim or trousers. You must try a woolen cap with this attire as to sophisticate the look during cold days of the year. High ankle boots with socks inside will protect your styling with cool breeze.

Keira Knightly wearing Wide Leg Trouser

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits32-keira knightley style

Simplicity locates the absolute beauty and this fact could be easily accepted when anyone claiming it to be wrong will come across Keira Knightly wearing a sexy wide leg trouser over a simple sleeveless tank in colors contrasting each other. The leather loafers sophisticate the look when the trouser is cuffed up.

Bomber Jacket flaunted by Elizabeth Olsen

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits34-Elizabeth Olsen. Leather and Wool mix Bomber Jacket

What could one wear with a simple button down to shirt so the look is drastically changed without making it too odd in winters? Yes, bomber jacket that is partially made out of woo and partially with leather look great with shirt and denim. You will look stunning with high head bun with inverted French tail over it.

Copy Amy Spencer’s Oversized Jumpers with Leather Jacket over

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits37-Amy Spencer is wearing an oversized jumper from H&M and a leather jacket from All Saints

An oversized jumper when worn with classy leather jacket in black elaborated with zips is in trend after Amy Spencer publicly wore it. You will add up a cool element with sneakers and ankle socks. Get a simple pony thereby twisting and turning your pony to get a secured bun along with the glasses on the eyes.

Kerry Washington’s One Shoulder Tulle Glamour 

attends the "Face" Premiere at the Palais De Festivals during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2009 in Cannes, France.

Amazing tulle gown elaborated lacy upper half of the dress is infinitely stupendous when Kerry Washington flaunted it off over red carpet. Her walk over red carpet was made confident by exclusive pair of pumps with glittery detailing over it. Ballerina bun is all that could suit you the most at royal functions of your life.

Emma Stone Winter Fashion

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits43-Emma Stone winter fashion

Hair left untied with a woolen hat and classy sweater over button down shirt. How about trying a unique check jacket over it on a snowy day with a skinny denim pant and slouchy boots along with it? A light make up with glittery gloss on the lips will make your personality shine from top to bottom

 Floral print Shirt with High Waisted Shorts

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits47-Sienna Miller

Trying out simple shirts is quite common these days then why not try a floral printed shirt with Sienna Miller along with high waisted shorts. Loose pony with fringes out looks adorable with this casual, yet sexy outfit.

Jamie Chung Square Printed Skirt

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits57-jamie chung

Miss Chung wears a sexy crop with low cut neck as to flaunt off her flat belly and cleavage all in one outfit. You may feel pleasurable to wear this outfit along with square printed pencil skirt if you wish to flaunt off your cheeky thighs. A blazer looks professional with this feisty attire.

 Christian Bale with Woolen muffler

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits72-Christian Bale’s Longer Hair with Layers

Christian Bale might be your favorite celeb ever born on earth and why not! After all, he is our super hero; our batman! His longer hair with layers fancied with crazy woolen muffler around the neck with a simple tee and classy jacket over it. Sport shoes is all that is essential for him to look swag and hotter than the fire.

 Go Denim with Keri Russell

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits78- Keri Russell in total denim

Denim shirt + denim pant with narrow bottom = seducing casual appearance. Get your hair highlighted and curled as to look wavy for something new to add to this outfit idea. Keri Russell loved cuffing up the legs and sleeves of the apparel as to make she looks chic thereby wearing heels with leather bows.

 Sienna Millers with Loose Polka One Piece

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits79-Sienna Millers style

Loose dresses have always been a center of attraction by youngsters and there pops up a special love for the loose dresses when they it is polka special. For instance, Sienna Millers wore it and flaunted off the chic fashion vogue along with a chic brown pumps and attitude handbag to harmonize the look.

 Striped Blazer by Kristen Stewart

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits81-kristen stewart style

Printed blazer has no comparison with plain bold blazers since both have their distinct look and varied appearance. You will love wearing stripped blazer like Kristen Stewart wore it over tee along with a classy jegging. Sneakers shoes pour a plunder look to your beautiful professional cum casual look.

 Balloon Skirt with Crop top by Nicki

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits83-Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj authentically dresses up in seducing balloon skirt and adorable crop top along with her stripped heeled footwear. You may love the way she accessorized herself with classy metallic necklace and matching bracelets along with bangle bracelets as well. This outfit looks great with complete professional makeup and straight hairstyling.

 Get into Bermuda copying Beckham

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits87-David Beckham style

A casual tee with free and comfortable Bermuda is all that you need to copy David Beckham. Wear sport shoes flaunting off the sexy six packs abs and dashing attitude and you will be rock star for all the day long. Your look will remind everybody of the famous football player Beckham ad his unique styling stuff.

 Beyonce in Yellow

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits89-Beyonce

Let yellow be the color of the day a complete yellow tee with classy blazer over it. Tuck the tee inside the yellow hot pant in cotton fabric. Curly hair will give you a Barbie doll look and your sexy metallic heels will fancy your legs. How about wearing a leather up-to-the-knee boots along with this outfit to look hotter?

 Miley Cyrus dressed in Harem

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits92-Miley Cyrus

Crop top worn over a long harem looks chic with high bun that is a kind of messy hairstyle. How about trying a chunky braid instead? Trust me; you are going to love this hairstyle as well.         Miley Cyrus looks wonderful and so you will with this casual outfit and comfortable hairstyle.

 Hugh Jackman’s Winter Style

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits93-Hugh Jackman

Don’t miss the style by hottest man of the decade who drives himself crazy for his scooter look fabulous in jacket and woolen hat. The oversized lower makes his look way more stunning making everybody know that he was born to the “wolverine”. Copy this style along with your amazing personality and walk by as to make everybody look at another wolverine.

 Tweed Suit by Amal Clooney

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits99-Amal Clooney Steps Out in a Chic Tweed Suit

The authenticity of this dress code that has ha woolen texture being tweed in bright contrasting colors looks gorgeous with the attire. Amal Clooney flaunts off this attire while going at work. Tweed skirt and blazer over a simple white low necked tee makes you ready to confirm the deal positively. Ahaan, congrats!

 Heidi Klum in Short Body Con with Shawl

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits100-Heidi Klum

Body con dresses makes every girl be proud of her wonderful bodyline and shape apart from matching footsteps with latest fashion trends. You may find Heidi Klum’s style to wrap a simple, yet classy shawl as to introduce something new to the fashion world thereby making it a popular craze for sexy ladies out there.

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits101-Jennifer Aniston

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits17-Kristen Stewart

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits28-Stacy Keibler

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits29-Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits30-Kelly Rowland wears a beige pussybow blouse, print skirt and fierce heels

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits31- Hilary Duff looking perfectly polished with a touch of edge in a sleek gray coat, camel blouse and ripped jeans

***MANDATORY BYLINE TO READ INFphoto.com ONLY*** Angelina Jolie at the 'Unbroken' photo call At The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Pictured: Angelina Jolie Ref: SPL892883 171114 Picture by: INFphoto.com

Angelina Jolie at the ‘Unbroken’ photo call At The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

Pictured: Angelina Jolie
Ref: SPL892883 171114

Picture by: INFphoto.com


Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits38- Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits41-Natalie Portman

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits42-Meghan Trainor looks so adorable in this black-lace frock

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits44-On-Pointe Style With Misty Copeland

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits48-Liv Tyler

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits51-Christina Hendricks

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits52-Amanda Seyfried

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits53-Kate Moss

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits61- Alexa Vega British style

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits62-Taylor Swift in high-waisted shorts and a navy top

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits66- Stacy Keibler spring street style

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits70-Kerry Washington

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits71-Sienna Miller

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits73-Kelly Rowland Beach Beauty

Hilary Duff at the coffee.
Hilary Duff at the coffee.

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits76-Angelina Jolie

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits80-Shay Mitchell

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits84-Rebel Wilson in black and white

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits86-Jennifer Lopez Dons A Leather Jumpsuit

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits88-Vanessa Hudgens Boho Style

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits95-Lana Del Rey

Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits98-Dove Cameron

At the end, take one tip! Remember, to read easily beauty hacks, beauty nourishment face packs, make up tricks and other important stuff as to make your look just like celeb thereby paying the true worth to these Celebrity Fashion Style Outfits. Your personality, a correct attitude and a classy outfit is all you need to make the whole world stare at your eternal beauty. Enjoy Styling!


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