51 Latest Caesar Haircut Ideas For You


Caesar Haircut is originated a long way back thank you know. From the name itself, it describes its identity. Roman Empire Julius Caesar had a unique style of maintaining his hair and keeping it as his identity. It is one of the oldest dated haircuts to 60 BC. As a matter of fact, it is unbelievable that this old haircut still roams around us and is one of the coolest haircuts to be in anyone’s bucket list. During the emperor’s time, his hair slaves surely did an excellent art of work. The rumor has always roamed around that he choose this hairstyle to hide his baldness at the front of his head.

The hairstyle contains a bunch of hair bangs facing down towards the forehead so that may support the fact too. So this may be a great choice for men suffering from baldness at the upfront. Caesar style haircuts nowadays is a great trendy hair boon.

Everybody knows this style as Julius Caesar haircuts because of the emperor’s influence and obsession on this haircut. The golden age for this hairstyle was in the 90’s when everybody wore this haircut. Thereafter, many hairstyles and designers have modified Caesar haircuts to a better form and style. The hairstyle is now coming back in various additional style. Caesar fade haircuts, dark caesar haircut, black caesar haircuts etc are some modernized and optional form of Caesar haircuts nowadays. Here are some Caesar haircuts pictures to provide you with a better explanation of this extraordinary and astounding haircut.

1. Dry fringes and Caesar


A bit dry fringes can actually do good for Caesar haircuts. Long hair is kept at the top for bangs facing downwards at the upfront. The sides are not trimmed too shortly or faded. Mostly, some designers avoid clippers in this style. Clippers may make the sides too short and the bangs may go naked at the top. So for a leveled cut, scissors must be a better option in this case.

2. Faded and dark bangs

As you look in the picture, you will find a nice line of sides trimmed and faded. At the shortest form the sides of the hair is to be trimmed, so that hair would look more spiced up. For the bangs instead, you can keep as long as you desire considering the main Caesar touch at the front. For a wet partying look, gel and hair ointment can be used. A fine line of beard would be a great ending dessert for the haircut.

3. Messy caesar

This style here does not contain any fades and fringes at all. Although it doesn’t fall back at the line of Caesar haircuts. You can just adopt this by getting one of the Caesar haircuts and rubbing your head. It gives you a messy but an all-around look that would go with anything you wear. What could be better than getting a Caesar haircut which requires low maintenance? Its a brilliant time saver with some killer looks to give to you.

4. Short curls

Fringes and curls are an extra point for you if you are getting one of the Caesar haircuts. Julius Caesar too had curl bangs up front at one of his styles and it looks more perfect. With no any fades at the side, this short curl looks marvelous. Cut short your curly hair and leave a short hair at the front facing downwards. With a little trimming at the sides, your short curly hair would look outstanding and beautiful.

5. Spiky Caesar

If you have that thick spiky hair you have unnoticed for a long time then this just may be the thing for you. The advantage for people with spiky and straight hair is that they can do anything they want with hair. So choosing one of Caesars haircuts can be an awesome idea for you. The sides are medium faded and the spikes at the top section are groomed and trimmed to face downwards at the front to get that Caesar look.

6. Medium short and faded

Guys who do not like much of long bangs and too short style while getting Caesar haircuts can uproot this style. Medium short hair always gives you an average classy look. The sides can be much better if medium faded too so that it matches with the top section of your hair that is medium cut. This can also get much better if your beard line that connects with hair is clipped to the shortest form as possible.

7. Medium fade with texture

Nothing can be perfect than a textured hair. Those small choppy cuts make your hair look so arranged and perfect that you would not ask for more. In this kind of Caesars haircuts, The sides are medium faded so that the texture made at the top doesn’t go out of the stage. Medium fade surprisingly assists the textured cut to look more open and beautiful. It’s a beautiful category of Caesars haircuts.

8. Modern and modified

This one of the Caesar haircuts here is a modified and modern version of Caesar haircuts. The sides are half faded and the topmost part of the hair is kept a bit long. Talking about the length in this, there should be at least 3 to 5 inches of hair for this kind of Caesar haircut. A bit textured silver, brown, golden or any color will mix-up really good with this kind of hairstyle

9. Razored Caesar

Razored cut may be the fastest way of getting one of the Caesar haircuts, you just clip the sides with a razor with any type of style you want and you are totally done. The sides are faded as shown in the picture. With untouched top section the sides are almost temple faded. You can have the topmost part of the hair a bit messy and uncombed. Just do it with your hands save some time too!

10. Fringes at the sides

Fringers are the soul of the Caesar haircuts. The more and longer fringes you have, the better caesar haircut you will get. This style can be actually boon for those people with thick hair. Starting with trimming the locks at the front to create the thickest fringe possible at the front, the sides are minimum skin faded. Fringes with this style can also be a benefit to those people with lesser hair at the front.

11. Pompadour Caesar

Caesar haircuts are mostly down faced at the front. But fewer may know that this style here known as pompadour is mixed up with Caesar cut and is a great style for younger men out there. The long bangs at the front are now faced backward. And the sides are low medium faded. It is a plus point for people who want a longer Caesar haircut.

12. Classic Caesar

This classical Caesar haircut hair is one of the oldest on the list. The attracting part of this classic masterpiece is the front sides been trimmed in a curve but the equal shape. And it matches with the faded sides too. The sides are almost skin faded matching with the backward side of the hair too. A great line of beard would add extra touch up in this style.

13. Messy Caesar

Looking at one of this Caesar haircuts, the sides are faded to the skin traveling a little bit below to the beard line too for a better look. The fading style at the sides are medium fade and the topmost part is left with modern messy looks. Messy hair can turn really helpful when you get one of the Caesars haircuts because it just flows with it.

14. Caesar for thin hair

Someone out there wondering if my thinner hair can get a Caesar haircut or not? Well, I have the right option for you. This one of the Caesar haircuts here is totally equally trimmed to all sides for a better thicker look if you have a thin hair. In this style mostly scissors are preferred as the Clippers may buzz cut the hair and make it look thinner. The topmost part and the sides are trimmed perfectly that hides the baldness patterns you have been worrying about.

15. Gladiator’s Caesar

This one of the Caesar haircuts cast in Russell Crowe’s movie gladiator totally makes sense. The Roman gladiators in the past used to have like this kind of Caesar cut. The haircut accepts low maintenance and is easy to adapt. You can have this as your signature haircut too. The sides are totally low faded in this and the short hair at the upfront totally provides you with the touch of Caesar haircuts.

16. Slick and smooth

One of the modern styles of Caesar haircuts is shown above in the picture. This hairstyle was real catchy during the 90s as gives you this shiny and smooth look for your hair. The topmost part of the hair is cut short but with a smooth and shiny look using some ointments and hair products and the edges are left with original color if you want that too. The sides are low faded for the topmost part to look more open and beautiful.

17. Low fade Caesar

Fades play an important role in having a Caesar haircut nowadays. Modern modifications have changed a lot for old hairstyles. This cut here shows a low faded Caesar style. The front part is cropped perfectly covering Caesar’s touch. The sides are very low and a medium faded all the way to the backward too. This style here prefers the longer type of Caesar cut. You can go for it if you want one of these longer Caesar haircuts.

18. Blonde Caesar

Julius Caesar wasn’t really found to be fond of blonde hair but this here is a perfect example of modern Caesar haircuts. If you have a natural blonde that would be much better for this hairstyle. Otherwise, you can get a healthy and perfect blonde color for you. The sides here are half faded, and the topmost part is thick and blonde. It’s one of the cool Caesar haircuts.

19. Edged Caesar

Its a perfect example of a fine edged Caesar haircuts. It is more styled in a buzz cut style so this may be really catchy for those who love short hairs. The sides are low faded to the skin with no any line separating the sides and the top section of hair. The perfect edge at the front of the hair makes it look fancier and classic at the same time. Out of different Caesar hairstyles, this may be a perfect one for short hair lovers.

20. Short and Messed up

Another messy Caesar haircuts which have no any side fades neither the medium ones. you just need a pair of scissors which is mostly preferred for this haircut and trim the edges making it little shorted to the sides and leave it a bit messy.

21. Caesar for receding hair

This one of the Caesar haircuts actually helps in decreasing your fading hair. This one is perfectly made for receding hair as it is kept longer at the front to hide that baldness upfront and the sides are trimmed and match it.

22. Front Bowl cut

This Caesar haircut is perfectly bowl cut at the upfront part. This may be also the haircut for a receding hair but be careful choosing it as it has skin faded sidecut. A great texture to the hair like this would add an extra flavor at the end of the haircut session.

23. Dark and short bangs

Short bang just adds up more spices to the Caesar haircuts if you hate keeping long hair. In the picture above, the sides and highly faded, and the fringed bangs? They are decided to keep the Caesar touch of hairstyle at the front. It’s one of the cool Caesar haircuts.

24. Spiky Caesar

Out of different Caesar haircuts, spiky style may be made for those who have spiky natural hair. Or you can have those spikes using some quality gels too. Equal trimmed at all sides, this is one of the coolest caesar style haircuts.

25. Long Bangs

So, instead of having the bowl looks with bangs or the upfront bangs, this style here introduces you to the bangs flowing to the back with sides low faded. It a perfect mix up of Caesar haircuts with other style and a great result of modern hairstyle.

26. Chopped Caesar

The side hair in this style is minimum faded and the front short bangs are also chopped smoothly for an edgy look. A nice quality of color would do really great with this line and style of hair. Other styles include bowl chopped, long chopped etc.

27. Professional Caesar

Everybody would want a professional caesar to look as shown in this picture. The sides are highly medium faded to the skin. The side separates with a small line gap with the beard and the top section is trimmed a bit short to have that professional look.

28. Curly Caesar

People with naturally curly and kinky hairs should certainly get this haircut. A perfect edgy faded side and the topmost part left to curl even more. A straight line would do just fine to separate the curl from the faded trim just as shown above.

28. Dicaprio’s Caesar

This perfect back facing bangs is the just opposite of the classic caesar cut but this mix up of old Caesar cut and modern haircuts is just perfect for you. Scissor trimmed at the sides and a perfect amount of hair at the top.

29. Dry and grey texture

Now, this style certainly looks flawless if you have a nice and decent line of beard on your face. Although the hair looks kind of dry but if you are really into this look and if it suits you, you should probably go for it.

30. Unseparated-Fade Caesar

In this style, fades are not separated. If you like unseparated fades than this haircut should be meant for your handsome and edgy look. Caesar cut certainly looks more appealing without a separated fade at the sides.

31. Messy but classy

To tell the truth, this hairstyle is probably made for guys who like to spend less time with hairstyle and hair designing. In fact, this doesn’t need any type of combing or gels. A simple classic fade would do good.

32. Short curl bangs

Caesar haircut has always been favorable in assist to curly hair. As a matter of fact, the origin of Caesar cut hairstyle is said to be started from curly hair. Feel royal somehow? In addition to this, Caesar hairstyle looks more appealing and appropriate on curly hair.

33. Short and Edgy

Short hair is the easiest form of way to get the Caesar haircut. It’s faster, cheaper and more stylish if you want a bold and serious look. Speaking about, short hair was not really supposed to be the part of Caesar-style back then. Now it is a trend amongst people. In addition to that, people are more attracted to short Caesar due to easy maintenance.

34. Shiny and faded

This style over here would really make an impression to whoever who looks at it. This partying look gives you an extra fresh flavor to your hair that really makes it attractive from a distance. Further, this can be a killer idea if you are going out dating or partying.

35. Spiky Caesar

Having spiky hair has always been a burden to someone out there. Guess what? It may turn to be a plus point for you. The spikes are certainly moved at the front and the sides are wisely faded. So this idea can really come handy if you have spiky hair.

36. The Neutral Caesar

This Caesar’s piece here is a unique way of creating a Caesar look. It doesn’t need much. You don’t really need to trim your hair sideways or at the front for this look. Just let your hair grow a bit longer and make the top hair face front from the beginning and leave it a bit messy. You are good to go!

37. Clean and Sharp

If you are getting the idea of getting a sharp look, this picture should give the entire idea for you. In fact, you can copy the whole idea of the picture above and make it your hairstyle if you have thicker hair. The sides are heavily faded at the bottom and the Caesar look at the front is given a perfect cut.

38. High Faded Caesar

This is a highly faded Caesar. The sides are thoroughly faded and made plain and deep fade. On the other hand, the fades may not be separated from the top section but it certainly gives a brilliant idea to expose the hairstyle more. The core style of Caesar is maintained at the front brilliantly.



In the end, this marvelous masterpiece o9f hairstyle has deep-rooted in modern life in a most fashionable way. Indeed, it is an old hairstyle but can be an excellent choice for your next hairstyle. This certainly should be on your bucket list. Not to mention this that the hairstyle never fades away. It is always in a fresh trend. It can be trusted anytime and anywhere you go. In addition to that, I have already mentioned that this fam` ous haircut was somehow used to hide the baldness at the front. So this haircut especially may be a great idea to whoever related.


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