105 Brunette Hair Color Ideas For All Skin Type


About 90 percent of the people in the world have Brunette hair. From the lightest shade of brown to the darkest and the black, all fall under brunette hair. People often confuse Brunette hair only to be brown, but it also includes the most populated black hair. The brunette hair-color is said to be decent and boring, but it has made its way out through the boring-list with the various transformation of coloring techniques and is trendier than ever in this era of the fashion industry. We will discuss many methods that are applied for the better embellishment of the hair in the galleries below.

brunette hair

We know “Healthy inside gives Healthy outside.” So, before we talk about the outer ideas to make our hair look good, we should remember a few things to keep the base of our locs sustainable.
Things to remember:

  • Eat foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, proteins and zinc like salmon, fish, egg, walnut, spinach, blueberries, etc.
  • Take supplements consulting your doctor.
  • Know the time for cleaning your hair. Don’t overdo it.
  • Moisturizing and Conditioning your hair is very important.
  • Using protective-creams is important before styling your hair with rods.
  • Don’t Brush your hair harshly and protect it from sun damages.
  • Don’t always use a hair-drier, let it breathe the fresh air.
  • Avoid smoking and caffeine.
  • Stressing leads to hair fall, so practice yoga.
  • Drink water regularly.

The gallery below consist of ideas to create a younger and smart looking brown hair with the old and tiring old brunette hair.

Cherry Dark Brown

The addition of red undertones on the dark black hair creating patches makes the hair three dimensional with the waves.

Tawny Brunette Hair

The Tawny Brunette Hair is perfect for the cool-skin tones with dark or light brown eyes. The layers of the hair are highlighted by the bright copper brown having a little darker roots.

Light Brown

Do you want an undramatic look with your warm skin that looks natural than ever? Color your hair with warm colors whose tone is near to your skin color like light brown than blondes.

Latte Ombre Brunette Hair

How do you like your coffee? If you love it with more milk, you can express your love towards it through the Latte Ombre Brunette Hair.

Glossy Medium Brown Hair

Who doesn’t want their hair to be shiny and beautiful? Get this Glossy Medium Brown Hair to have a natural looking healthy hair. Wear an up-to chest outfit to showcase the lustrous locs of hair on the fair skin.

Dark Coffee Lover

If you are addicted to dark coffee and not with the milky one, do not worry, we do have the darker shade of brown to go with your addiction.

Tint of Ginger

The wavy texture of hair and the green color in the eye reminds of the natural redhead with rather dark hair and a tinge of ginger than the whole gingered hair. So you know how you can be a red-head now.

Copper Highlights

The roots are darker than the surface hair colored with dark brown shades, and the curls on the front are highlighted by the copper complimenting the model’s fair skin.

Straight Ashy Brunette Hair

The straight ashy brunette hair is middle partitioned and is placed behind the ear that is flaunting the beautiful facial structure of the model. The appearance can be a great look for a hangout with your friend.

Neutral Brown Hair Textures

The Neutral Brown shows off according to your straight or curly hair textures. The curly hair might engulf the balayage brown hair because of the twist and turn, but the straight is shiny and flaunts the color.


When we bleach our dark hair, after some time the black hair grows back and shows off at the roots. The blonde hair towards the neck is flaunting the shimmery outfit, and the black-roots are complimenting the smokey makeup.

Faded Light Brown

The hair-color can wash off after some periods. But you can still rock the look wearing darker outfits and lighter makeup to it rather than the bright ones. Angelina is looking plain yet stunning here.

Reddish Brunette Hair

Coloring red to your dark brown hair is delicate. It creates an orange or copper-like hue slightly instead of the red you desire. But people prefer this hair as it is more natural than the red.

Dark Brown Up-do

Get yourself a little glam like the diva Bella Hadid with this natural dark-brown up-do. Pair a shimmery ear-piece and keep the makeup rosy. Wear a sleeveless, open red outfit to make the crowd woo for you.

Full-head Cinnamon

If you are attending a party, get this hot and spicy looking appearance with the Full-head Cinnamon hair color. Wear a minimal bronze makeup with a net dress to keep up with the look.

Golden-honey Brown

If you are participating in a show as a guest or the show’s actor, the gold and silver is the best combination to focus the audience —the minimal makeup balances the Golden-honey Brown hair with the silver outfit.

Golden-brown Highlights

Many people are fond of the natural good looks. If you are one of them, then some little golden highlights on the side can be your thing. To add up the pure look, wearing a white can adorn the appearance.

Honey Peekaboo

The Honey Peekaboo on the messy dark brown hair with the freckles on the face is giving a vibe of a simple person that has been through a lot and is good with hiding like the color of their hair.

Ginger Waves With Highlights

People think the fair-skinned people won’t look good with the brunette hair. Kristen Stewart here has shown how that is so untrue. The Ginger Waves with the net bra-let is looking powerful on her.

Low-tied Brunette Hair

The brunette hair is the combination of copper and brown with some honey highlights. The appearance is contradictory with the black leather dress and bright dazzling ear-piece.

Golden-brown Smokey

With the smokey eye-makeup on trend, we have smokey hair on the industry. Beyonce here is slaying the Golden-brown Smokey hair with the brown creating the smokes. The bubbled dress is doing wonders with the look.

Light Brown highlights

If you are unsure about the shades of brown to go with your hair color, then you can add a different hue of light brown highlights to your brown hair that you think are near to perfection with the darks.

Brown Ombre Balayage

If you are thinking how can a hair be treated Ombre and Balayage at the same time, you can look at the model. The light shade of brown is colored to the down half of the hair with is applied only to the outer surface.

Half-black Half-brown

Instead of coloring your dark-root to blend with your colored hair well, you can come down to the half and create a half-brown half-black for more precise contrast.

Brown Thick Braids

If you are coming back from your long vacation with tanned skin, the Brown Thick Braid can be your hairstyle for some days as brown hair and skin-tan go along too well.

Caramel Highlights

If you want to brighten up your gloomy day, you can add the warm caramel to your cool brown hair. The hairstyle is right for the cold season for a more summery look.

Dark Brown Wrapped Layered Waves

Are you preparing for your wedding? If so tick your hair-do because this layered Dark Brown Wrap will surely compliment your fancy yet plain white gown you will be wearing to the ceremony.

Blonde Balayage 

Embellish your dark rooted brunette hair by adding blonde colors in balayage technique. Add white platinum highlights to the colored hair to give an appearance of the supernatural comic hero character.

Bronze Ombre

The combination of brown and copper with different proportion creates various shades of bronze. The coloring technique applied to the curls gives dimension to the hair.

Light Auburn

The Light Auburn is layered cut with each layer curved towards the face that is complimenting the princess appearance. The hair looks too natural with the minimal makeup.

Russet Highlights

If you want a highlight that doesn’t showoff from far then keep it low by blending with the natural hair color. The Russet Highlights is just perfect for the dark brown hair.

Lavender Ombre Brunette Hair

Add some chick flavor to your Brunette Hair with this Lavender Ombre. It will increase the sassy as well as the blushy side in you. Put on some rosy makeup to compliment your hair-do.

Medium Length Light Brown

The Light brown hair and the blue eyes are the characteristics of cool skin tone. So, they blend well together. If you are confused about your choice with the hair length, the medium will be the appropriate one.

Balayage Espresso

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that gives dimension to your hair. The Balayage Espresso on the wavy hair is giving more texture and contrast of colors than it already has with the curls.

Ash Brown Hair

Ash Brown is more likely to be dull and rough than shiny which resembles the ashes. If you don’t want yourself to be noticed with the bright hair colors, this one is for you.

Metallic Dark Brown Curls

Did you know guys prefer girls with curls more than the straight hair? If you are preparing to go for an occasion as a couple with him, then the golden brown curls with the curvy dress can be a beautiful appearance.

Toasted Caramel

The Caramel is a good idea to go with your Light hair color to create this Toasted Caramel that goes well with the warm skin tones.

Platinum Highlighted Light Brown

Platinum has been the trendiest color. People did platinum with most of the colors as it is shiny and gives a silky hair look. Here it is added to the brunette hair to give this Platinum Highlighted Light Brown.


The Dark Brown hair is the most healthy looking of all colors. Different products like henna bring the shine you desire.

Green Ashy

If you add cool tone color like blue to your warm-toned hair, your warm-hair is likely to be green like in the picture.

Messy Ombre

We are quite familiar with the ‘I woke up like this’ trend so we know people prefer the messier look for day to day hairstyle.

Long Brown

The hair is the feature of attraction; the beauty begins with it. The model here looks sexy with the flowing brunette hair.

Long Peanut Brunette Hair

If you want your long hair a new look but don’t want a hair-cut, the peanut hair-color could be one that matches your rosy complexion and still looks natural and shiny.

Top-knotted Asymmetrical Lob

Asymmetrical Lob has been one of the statement looks during the 1800s as women were supposed to have long hair that is symmetrical. The Top-knotted Lob brunette hair is cute and adorable.

Milk Caramel

Are you a chocolate addict? If so this milky chocolaty looking hair-color will help you show the obsession over it.

Asymmetrical Caramel Bob

Bobs are cute and adorable and make you look much younger than you are. The Caramel and blonde highlights are shading the texture of the hair.

Silky Brown

Who doesn’t want healthy looking chunks? The brown straight can make us believe that our hair is excellent as the color is natural.

Brown Half-up Wrap

Like any other hair, the brown hair also can be styled in different ways. Here it is Half-up wrapped, and the down-hair is rolled giving the reddish undertone light.

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Layered Straight Brown Brunette Hair

If you are tired of your long and tedious hair, you can add layers to your Brown long-hair on the ends that will resemble a horse hair. Wear back-open outfits to flaunt the skin.

Layered Blonde Highlights with Bangs

Edgy bangs and layered-hair flaunt the model’s facial structure and the curves too well. The layers are twisted to give a little messy look.

Sandy Brown

The hair has pigments of the ashy color resembling the sands with different shades of brown.

Caramel highlights to Dark Hair

The Caramel highlights to the dark hair give texture to your hair when curled and create patterns when straightened. It adds the thickness to the strands.

Sleeked Brown High Ponytail

The Sleeked Ponytail is Ariana Grande’s signature hairstyle. The hairstylist has to come up with various ways to rock the pony; this brown is one of them which compliments her skin tone.

Platinum Highlighted Ash Brown

If you think you look a lot younger than your age, give yourself a matured appearance with the Ash brown brunette hair which is highlighted with Platinum.

Inner Golden Brown

The hair coloring technique is different than usual. Instead of darker roots and lighter surface, the hair-do has lighter-root and darker surface.

Dark Chocolate

If you want a dramatic look with the dark hair even though you have to keep it low, add some brown streaks to your strands. Wearing white with your appearance will make you look attractive.


Get this Bronze highlighted bang that is flaunting your facial curves, and you will be surprised to hear the overflowing compliments from your colleges. The orange outfit will work well with your hair-do.

Shiny Mauve Dark roots

The Mauve adds luxury to your dull black hair that flows down to a softer shade at the tip. Turn heads with the hairstyle during an event and look like a diva.

Burgundy Brunette Hair

Add some chick vibes to your hair with this Burgundy Brown. Wear a dark outfit to make your hair color stand out. Showcase your minimal makeup skills.

Honey Ash Brown

The hair coloring technique shows the effect of two colors on your face. If you cover the blonde, then the dull ashy brings the cool tone whereas the blonde has the warmness.

Copper Highlights

The copper highlights to the brown hair resemble rust in a metal.

Platinum Blonde Highlight

If you want a shimmer to your dull hair, the platinum blonde is the one that brings out the shine. You can add whole Ombre blonde to the tips for more dazzle.

Brown Ombre Lob

The Ombre look is created with the silky lob which has dark brown color in the outer surface whereas the bangs on the front have a honey blonde color which is flaunting the jawline.

Sombre Lob

The black hair is blended well into a brown highlight and then into blonde to create the Sombre lob. The actress is wearing a rosy makeup to go with the hair.

Ashy Auburn

The ashy tips to the light auburn blend well if you are a natural red-head with the more cooling toned characteristics. Here, the model has blue eyes and pinkish skin tone that are cool.


If you are a Marvel comic fan, then you surely have heard about the character Rouge with the white hair bang. Recreate the look with other platinum colors and look like the X-men.

Mahogany Lob

The mahogany highlights to the wavy lobs are giving more texture and dimension to the waves making the person look adorable.

Cinnamon Brunette Hair with Hat

If you hang out more of the house or in the sun, then this Cinnamon Brunette Hair with the hat is perfect for you. Wear some sunglasses to go with the look.

Ashy Golden

The ashy-hair on the top turns down to waves of different blonde shades. The hair is complimenting the fair skin tone and gives the appearance of a natural blonde.

Dark Brown hair

Luscious Dark Brown Hair is the goal for most of the naturally brown-headed people.

Blonde Black

If you are an Asian with black hair, chinky eyes and fair skin tone, the ombre blonde to your hair can brighten up your cold look. The black turning to a yellowish brown and then adding blonde-color to the tips don’t show much contrast.

Soft Tawny hair with Bangs

Selena Gomez looks gorgeous with her Soft Tawny hair. The asymmetrical bangs are framing her face highlighting her beautiful eyes.

Brown hair can be dull and boring as it is one of the natural hair colors. But you can always make it exciting by adding various colors that bring life to it. Some of the best ways to color your hair that will blend well with your skin-tones for beautiful appearance are given above. It’s not that the warm tones and cool tones can’t be mixed up together, but you have to be careful while doing so. If you are not worried about weird changes and want to experience everything on your own, try unique tones that might give good results. If you have some recommendations, I would love to hear you out.


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