150 Stunning Braided Ponytail Hairdo For Enchanting Appearance


Like any other hairstyles, braided ponytail is also the one that helps you flaunt an enchanting appearance as you all might have known that braids and ponytail is such style that never fades away. Braided ponytail hairdo is suitable for women of any age and looks stunning on the hair of any length: short, medium or long. Creativity and simplicity is something you can pull off well with this hairdo. While styling yourself for any occasion, take the pictures mentioned underneath as a reference.

  • Style it With A Bow!

braided ponytail

Are you looking for an adorable hairdo that makes you or your baby doll look lovely? In that case, strive for braided ponytail hairstyles as mentioned above. Take the pictures as your reference and attempt for any one of these hairdos that you feel comfortable to make. In conclusion, style it with a bow on top which makes throws a charming and dazzling glance.

  • Long Natural Braided Ponytail

Style does not generally accompany exceptionally extravagant and chic hairdos. A basic haircut can likewise make you look a la mode excessively. Braided ponytail hairstyles for long hair is the best decision for your casual look. Additionally, for an ideal combo, go for this haircut with a voguish outfit.

  • Fishtail Braids to Ponytail

Do you find fishtail plaits sophisticated? Additionally, would you say you are searching for a fashionable yet elegant and straightforward updo for attending a meeting? At that point, fishtail braided ponytail is the best alternative for you to get a perfectly professional look.

  • Multi-Braided Updo Style

Well, looking elegant is all reliant on you. Explore different forms of hairstyle and be a talk in the crowd. This hairdo has Multi-braids on overall hair streamed till the tip and is later tied as a ponytail. Likewise, you can highlight your hair with your preferred shade to make the updo more appealing.

  • Style Like Gigi Hadid

    Do you consider Gigi Hadid as your fashion icon and want to remake her style on yourself? In that instance, you can go for this simple look where she has braided center part with two tiny braids followed by a high pony. It’s ideal for your daily go-to glimpse.

  • Splendid Hairstyle

A high ponytail is a hairstyle that makes you look chic and magnificent. But, to bring a little change to a usual high ponytail, you can make braids at the center. This center braid ponytail has an allure to turn the heads of many towards you.

  • Bubble-Partitioned Style

It’s better to parade some style even on your typical days. However, you probably won’t have enough time each day. Along these lines, remembering both the time constraint and form you can endeavor for a bubble-partitioned ponytail. To get the look, you have to make a ponytail either high or low and divide your hair into numerous sections as a bubble. There you have your marvelous bubbly hairdo ready to make others jealous of your style.

  • Creative Hairstyle For Black Hair

Do you fall under those who love experimenting with creative and artistic updo’s? In such a case, why don’t you give this hairstyle a try? You might need the help of a hairstylist who can dedicate much time and effort to get a fantastic final result. Moreover, you can prefer this hairstyle if you are showstopping any modeling events.

  • Three Braids to High Ponytail

A combination of three braids into a high ponytail will give you a smooth appearance. What’s more, you can make any sort of interlaces, for example, Dutch, great, fishtail contingent on your ease and comfort. The ultimate result will get loads of compliments spilling out of your dearest individuals.

  • Two-Sided Dutch Braids

If you are engaged with any sorts of a game or gym the, this two-sided dutch interlace is a superior alternative. You should, part your hair into two sections and make fishtail dutch braids on the two sides individually.

  • Ariana Grande Inspired

Ariana Grande is an American singer and an actress. With her cute and charming appeal, she has been able to reside in the heart of many girls, isn’t that true? Do you consider herself as your idol and want to look adorable her? That being the situation, why don’t you strive for this beautiful three braided high ponytail updo? It’s most comfortable, most straightforward yet elegant updo you can make for any special events or day-to-day look.

  • Mixed Braided Updo

To get this look, you have to follow specific steps as mentioned beneath:

  1. Detangle your hair and divide into three sections.
  2. For two sections at the side make an inverted fishtail braid till the scruff of your neck.
  3. Then, for the middle part make four strands plaits continued till the bottom.
  4. After completion of step 3, grasp all your hair and tie as a low pony.
  5. For the hair that is left loose, make standard dutch braids and combine it with the center braids.
  6. Make the braids made at step 5 loose to give a pulled-off form.
  7. Lastly, secure your lower braids with a hairtie at different parts as you can see in the picture above.
  8. Your mixed braided low ponytail updo is ready to give you a fabulous glance.
  • Messy Yet Cute Hairdo

Messy Updo! Yes, Messy! You got that right. Messy hairdos are perfect to give you elegant and cute glance most of the time. And, the hairdo reference here is side twisted and braided low ponytail utterly the best choice for regular days. Moreover, the twisted one is perfect for girls who are not good with braids.

  • Pulled-Off Updo

This haircut isn’t as hard to make as appears in the image. For this, separate a little bit of your hair at the highest part. At that point, for the rest form a usual fishtail braid till the scruff of your neck. Immediately, begin making four strand plaits to the part that you’ve separated at the beginning. When you achieve the scruff, pull the fishtail twist to give a pulled-off look and combine both the braids. There you have your low braided ponytail prepared to catch the eye of numerous towards you.

  • Spiral  Braided Ponytail With Weave

Are you amongst those who love experimenting with unique hairstyles and be a trendsetter? You can strive for this hairdo where you need to create three inverted waterfall braids at the upper part of your head. Continuing that hairstyle till the center, make a ponytail from that point onward. Again, spirally braid your ponytail. A quirky and beautiful hairdo is ready to make you look outstanding.

  • Formal Updo

Are you a working woman? Do you feel dull styling yourself with the same hair to work every day? For that instance, you can make simple dutch plaits at any one side continued as a ponytail. Moreover, roll the hairtie with your hair on top which appends a distinctive appeal.

  • Kids Hairstyles

Cute and smart hairstyle makes your kid look lovely. Try any of the above-mentioned braided ponytails for little girl if she has got any school functions to attend. All of the hairstyles if done with little dedication gives your child an enchanting appearance and will receive lots of compliments.

  • Thick Twists at the Side

This hairdo is significant enough to give you a breathtaking completion. The twists along the edge are reasonable for young ladies who don’t realize how to make interlaces or the individuals who want to give slight change to braided ponytail updo. Also, it blends well with any outfit.

How To Do Braided Ponytail?

  • Ponytail Braid Tutorial

You must have got a slight hint as to how braided ponytail is made by now. If you are confused to take a look at the tutorial procedure mentioned underneath:

  1. Grab all your hair and secure as a pony either high or low as per your desire.
  2. Then, take a small part of hair from your pony and roll it around hair tie.
  3. Start making braids until you reach towards the tip.
  4. Again, secure the braids with a hairtie, and you are ready to go!
  • Mohawk Inspired Hairstyles

Mohawk haircuts are the most stylish and advanced hairdos pursued by numerous young ladies in current days. Here, the opposite sides of the hair are not shaven but rather just a trace of Mohawk is included. You have to take a significant portion of your hair in the inside and make twists in a pouf style either till the bottom or scruff. Next, for the rest of the segment make twists or fix as a braid. Henceforth, braided ponytail mohawk will give you an exceptionally prepossessing look.

  • Side Braids to Ponytail

This side braid ponytail hairdo is sufficiently challenging to give you a wonderful feeling. There are numerous varieties of braids you can make progress toward, for example, Dutch, fishtail, four strands and considerably more as indicated by your simplicity. For this, a twist is made at any one side proceeded till base or the center and later combined with a ponytail: straight or wavy or curly which is ideal for a gathering or trip.

  • Celebrity Inspired Updos

Celebrities are the individuals who are gazed up to for the allure that they pass-on through their style, isn’t that true? These are straightforward braided ponytail updo that celebrities have strived for their red carpet event as well as for general airport look which is very simple yet elegant. Additionally, looking a la mode doesn’t always imply that you attempt on extravagant hairstyle or outfit yet on the off chance that you can pull off well a simple and manageable hairstyle you’ll look amazingly voguish.

  • Big Braids at the Center


It is one of the smooth and lovely hairstyles for lazy young ladies out there. Casual enormous braid is made at the inside and secured as a low ponytail. You can even make waves or curls to the pony to give an additional grace.

  • Two Braids to a Ponytail

Girls! have you been searching for a hairstyle that will make you look graceful and stylish in appearance for school? In that case, you can aim for this fishtail braids at two side later tied as a ponytail.

  • Pouf Hairstyle

Puff hairstyle adds a structure to your face and an illusion to your height. It has variations as it can be made at the top, center or even at the side. Here, we have referenced three various types of the braided ponytail with puff appropriate for any occasions. It gives a captivating look to your uniqueness.

  • Long Braids

    Too long hair at times might create difficulty while aiming for fancy hairdo’s. So, to avoid that difficulty and irritation you can go for simple braids flowing top to bottom. Furthermore, leave it messy to flaunt striking look.

  • Sophisticated Hairdo


Do you always want to endure to be marvelous and become a fashionista? That being the case, you can attempt for center braid into ponytail as shown in the picture above. Divide a massive section at the center and style as a fishtail braid till the middle of your head. After that, grasp all your hair and make a ponytail. Finally, take a little strand of your hair from the braid and move it around the hair tie. You’re ready!

  • Inverted Braid

Inverted braids also known as Dutch braids is one of the easiest ways to be ready on a daily basis. Hence, an attempt for any one of these inverted braids will add extra poise and finesse.

  • Loose Braided Updo

As of now, you must have got a clear picture of how a simple updo can also make you appear ravishing. Attempt this loosely braided ponytail that will influence you to seem beguiling. Also, this is ideal for the circumstance when you need to go to a social occasion and are coming up short on time.

  • Leave it Untied!

If you are planning to go by the beach, it’s high time you need to look attractive and charming. So, for that make braids of any kind but leave it untied for what it’s worth. It will wow everybody without a doubt.

  • Sweep it to the Side

Braided ponytail to the side is a dazzling updo which is sufficiently classy for captivating occasions yet can without much of a stretch be made easygoing for an everyday appearance. Finish off this style with extravagant adornments, and there you are prepared to go!


  • Stunning Braided Ponytail

Next, we have a dazzling braided ponytail that accentuates large plait at the middle and two little braids on each side. These braids give you a trendy look when styled into a ponytail. Likewise, you can roll the hairtie with or without a plaited hair as you can see in the picture. This updo will suit anybody and looks better on long or mid-length hair.

  • Double-Sided Braids

Double-sided braids give you a charming look. If you are hunting down a straightforward and exquisite hairdo for your random days, this is the best alternative. Also, when you want to take a break from extravagant updo and are willing to go on a cuter side, you can strive for double-sided braids for significantly more style assortment.

  • Double Dutch Braid into a Ponytail

    Double Dutch braids into a ponytail is a fun and cute hairstyle. Regardless of whether you need an exquisite style, need to hold your hair back amid an exercise, or need to blend things up, this is the style for you. To recreate this look, you have to part your hair into two sections and make dutch plaits till the scruff pursued by a ponytail respectively. Moreover, this haircut works the best on long and medium length hairs.

  • Hairstyle With or Without Hair Accessories

A blend of thick and thin braids on long hair looks dazzling. Also, it makes the overall braided design look increasingly multifaceted. Plaits are framed beginning right from the top proceeded till the base and then, tied as a ponytail. Furthermore, the hair beads give additional charm although decorating with hair embellishments all rely upon individual preference. A hairstyle like this will suit anybody.

  • Elegant Side Braided Ponytail

French braids are one of the most simple yet elegant braid updo’s. All of the above-mentioned hairdo’s have french braid at the side followed by a ponytail. Also, it is not compulsory to make braids just where yo tie your hair elastic rather the braids can go right till the bottom. Besides, add-on hair tints and leave your hair in a carefree manner to make it more captivating and loveable.

  • Top French Side Braided Ponytail

We’ve seen stunning ponytails with exquisite French side plaits, yet shouldn’t something be said about fishtail mesh style? This hairstyle is too easy to be made and is superb for students who want to remain chic at school.

  • Side Braids to Wavy Ponytail

This charming French braids at the side is an amazing decision for days when you wish to look fantastically adorable in gowns or any party attire. Begin by styling your hair as a braid starting from the top continued till the nape. Once you are done with the braids, secure as a low ponytail and complete off this great style with some waves.

  • Just at the Middle- French Braid

  • Just at the  Middle-Four Strand Braids

If you have dependably been enamored with giving yourself a stylish look, this hairdo is the ideal alternative for you. You can make this style in the blink of an eye. You should isolate a little segment of your hair at the center and make either exemplary french or four-strand braids and complete it off as a ponytail: high or low according to your inclination. It is completely an ideal haircut for all events.

  • Vibrant Hairstyles

To look attractive, hair color along with amazing hairstyles plays an essential role. These are the variations of braided ponytail hairstyles for which you might need the help of your hairstylist. But, that being in place, apply vibrant hair tint and be the center of attraction in whichever place you go.

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  • Twists to Braids

To make this easygoing hairdo follow the steps as below:

  1. First, take two small sections of your hair at two sides and make twists.
  2. Create twists till you reach the center of your head and clip it.
  3. From that point onward, make the traditional  French braids until you reach the base and secure it with a hair elastic.
  4. Your twisted braided updo is ready to be flaunted on your usual days.
  • Voluminous Three to Four Strand Braids

This hairdo is a mix of three and four strand braids. To get this look, you have to divide hair into multiple sections at the upper part and make french braids till the center. From the center part, make a ponytail which is again styled as four strand braids. This hairstyle in the picture looks voluminous because of the thickness of the hair but you can aim for it even if you have thin hair. It will look lovely and enchanting.

  • Curly Hairstyle

 Attempt any of the curly braided ponytail hairdos referenced above and appear beautiful.

  • Underside Braids to Ponytail

Are you glancing around for Sporty Look? If yes, this one is for you. It is a fishtail twist that begins from the underside of the head and finishes with a high ponytail. This updo makes you prepared for any sorts of sports be it an exercise, trekking, basketball or anything as such. Go for it without having a second thought.

  • Twisted Ponytail

Most of the girls might not have a clue as to how braids are made. But even if you want to attempt for a braided ponytail, try this twisted ponytail hairdo. This hairdo is a ponytail followed by rope twists and secured with a hair tie at the bottom.

  • Ombre Updo

Ombre hairdo resides in the heart of many young ladies these days. The above-shown ombre styles are amazingly braided and designed as a flower and heart respectively. This hairstyle is charming enough to give you a modish feeling.

  • Kids Braided Hairstyles

For all mother’s out there, reading this post must have faced a lot of difficulties regarding how to make you girls look lovely and adorable, am I right? Take inspirations from the braided ponytail hairstyles shown here and make your baby girl ready for school or any events.

  • Headband Designed Hairstyle

Do you want to make a major change in your style and set that as a style statement? Opt for a headband hairstyle on your hair. If you feel confused while creating this style take the picture as a reference. An excellent updo for both random and party glance.

  • Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles

These are extraordinary styles that will give you an extravagant look. On the off chance that you need something that will look exquisite yet in an extreme manner, then these cute half up half down braided hairstyles are for you.

  • Style it with a Scarf!

Wanna feel like a fashionista? Make loose fishtail braids and tie it with the scarf toward the end. It looks charming.

  • Blonde Updo

When it comes to styling your hair in a striking manner, blondes make it more appealing. There are many shades that help to bring out the very best in you but nothing can look as stunning as blonde tone. Furthermore, if you aim for blonde tone along with marvelous hair designs it will act as a cherry on top of the cake.

  • Spunky Hairstyles

These spunky braided hairdos in the image is an excellent style for your every day or just as gathering appearances. Moreover, girls who want to throw an audacious glance in the public should definitely opt for this hairdo.

  • Waterfall Style Hairdo

Waterfall hairstyle is a kind of romantic hairstyle which seems quite difficult to make but is very easy. You can make waterfall hairdo either in a braided or twisted manner. Also, let the remaining hair free or make braids as you feel comfortable. Lastly, decorate it with flowers or other hair adornments to make it more fabulous.

  • Flower Accessorized Hairdo

Whenever you are thinking of making an uncomplicated hairstyle, simply decorate it with a flower accessory at the last. The accessory will bring all the style to place.

  • Combined Braids

These combined braided ponytail is the most easiest form of hairstyles. Divide your hair into different layers and for each layer, make usual braids. Combine those braids at the last to make a single braid. There you are ready to vaunt your appearance.

  • Mini Side Braids to Ponytail

A high ponytail is given a stylish makeover with two thin fishtail braids along the edge. It looks difficult, yet it’s truly not as muddled as it looks. Just make two side braids, sliding back and meeting up as a ponytail. You’re left with a classy look that is too sophisticated.

  • Simple Hairstyle

Searching for something basic yet in vogue? This could be a decent begin. Simply run with a side fishtail mesh till the core and end up with a ponytail. On that point onwards, make loose french interlaces and secure it after you achieve the bottom. Causal outfits could be an extraordinary combo for this hairdo.

  • Retro Braided Ponytail

Do you wish to make yourself ready with the retro looks for any event that you have to attend? Why not start with this simple braided ponytail and appear extremely beautiful.

  • Lovely Hairstyle

Are you planning to go on a date with your lover? You need to look lovely for that day, isn’t it? Try these amazingly braided hairstyles and you’ll be ready for your date to get compliments flowing from your lover.

  • A Perfect Four Strand Braids

This perfect four strands braided ponytail updo is very manageable. First, tie a high ponytail and make four strand braids either in a normal way or a dutch way. At last, put on big bright ear accessories which will blend in your simple hairstyle perfectly.

  • Duo Braids to Low Ponytail

An exquisite blonde ombre haircut is separated into two side meshes till the bottom. Both the braids are grabbed along with remaining hair to form a low ponytail. Keep the hairdo casual with your most loved ordinary closet or style it for glamorous events by decorating with different accessories.

  • Messy Braid Hairstyles

A messy braided ponytail is one of the coolest up do you can ever strive for. This is the same braided ponytail explained in above posts but done in a carefree manner. It’s constantly pleasant to change your appearance with only an adjustment in hairdo, am I right? Go give it a try and look incredible.

  • Macrame Braided Style

This updo looks difficult to make but is the most effortless, least complex hairstyle amongst many. You could directly go for macrame design or create a braid framing macrame, winding up with a lower ponytail.

  • Greyish Blonde Tinted Updo’s

Along with glamorous and trendy hairstyles, the hair color also plays a vital role to make you look startling. The above shown are variations of braided ponytail grey hair. Embrace this stunning hairdo’s and make the most out of it!

  • Jumbo Braided Ponytail In An African Looks

Ponytails seem beautiful with hair of any length; however, if you wish to set a different fashion statement, you can go for a very long ponytail as referenced in the pictures above. The braids progress right from the top till the bottom. It is striking. Besides, you can strive for any braids, and you can also accessorize the updo.

  • Triple Braided Updo

We have discussed a lot about braided ponytail by now but this hairstyle is an extraordinary choice! Rather than any form of braids continued as a ponytail, all you need to do is make three braids at the side. Make the braids flowing towards the other side of your head and then pin it up! And, for the remaining hair, let it loose with or without curls.

  • Quirky Hairstyle

Do you always wish to stand out in the crowd with your mind-boggling quirky styles? That being valid, you can recreate this criss-cross braided and look astounding. You might need the help of your friend or a beautician as this braids might be a bit challenging to be self-created. Furthermore, this updo is ideal for your easygoing appearance and notwithstanding for your exercises.

  • Dazzling Hairdo

Amongst the variations of french braids that we’ve seen, this is another braided updo to be flaunted and grab the attention of many towards you. Believe it or not! This french plait is amazingly done and stepped over into a mid-tallness ponytail. In addition, the ponytail is amazed up with some stunning and exquisite curls. This look is absolutely charming and can be quickly done by ladies for any event.


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