101 Awesome African Braids That You Will Surely Love


African ladies are blessed with textured hair that’s strong from one end to another. For most women, it’s hard to hold a tight braid. However, African braids can make that possible. Either way, depending on the style that you are looking for as well as the face of your shape there are plenty of looks that you can accomplish.

However, African braids are becoming more and more popular. Aside from offering an excellent way to improve and maintain your hair, African braids have the capability to transform a plain hair into an elegant one. What’s more is that they only need less time to make as a majority of the tasks are done beforehand.

Nevertheless, here are some of the best African braids where you can choose from. Make sure to select the style that suits you the most.

101 African Braids Styles

Black Braided Bun Updo

An attention grabber hairstyle. This hairdo features swirls of larger braids and smaller braids that are pulled back to have a classy bum. You can add some hair clips for a more dramatic effect.

african braids

Belugah Braids

This beautiful hairstyle is perfect to wear when attending occasions or even a casual meet.

Brown Long

Looking for a long and brown African braid? Then you cannot go wrong with this hairstyle idea.

Braid Mane

If there is a hairstyle competition, without a doubt this one will be crowned as the champion thanks to its elegance as well as sophistication.

Rugged Black

Big rugged African braids that are ideal for ladies with low-density and soft hair.

Black Thin Style

This hairstyle proves that not all types of braids need to flow to the back.

Mid-length Torillas

Even though it looks like simple braid swirls, many women still prefer this style because it is to maintain, remove, and braid. Either way, it also seems really good and stylish.

Spizer Thick

This style features some braids that are separated neatly to display attention for every strand.

Aurbun Black

As you can see in the image, the half of the braids are rolled and put together to create a perfect bun, while the remaining braids are hung at the back.

Tresses Colored 

Searching for a new hairstyle inspiration that can give you a more sophisticated look? Why not go for a full red that has a dark blue style just like this one?

Side Lemon

Want to give your daughter a different and unique braid style? Then you should give this African braid a try.

Braid Chops

A famous Kim Kardashian’s braid hairstyle that is worth trying for. On the other hand, if you are a big fan of her, then prove it by wearing this style.

Clean Pixie

Another great hairstyle that can give you a class and elegance at the same time.

Riff Raff Brown

Want to try a new braided hairstyle? If yes, then this style is for you. In fact, it is effortless to make, all you have to do is bring your braids forward and to the side.

African Serenity

What about hair jewelry? There are times that, that you would be astonished to see how much a variation a detail like this can create. However, you can take this hairdo as an example. Without a doubt, that twists are stunning. But what makes this style more attractive? The answer is very easy, the gold leaf headband.

Castle Braids

Who told you that you couldn’t make a braided down while the rest of your twists are hanging at the same time? Look for that person, and show this beautiful African braid to him/her.

Spritz Hair

Did you know want makes this hairstyle pop? The fine detail place to styling the front crown into appropriateness.

Crazy Color

Attain a casual and simple look with this braided style that features different colors.

Mohawk Braid

A kickass hairstyle that is ideal for both men and women who wants to create a statement.

Short Side Locks

Place your small locks to the other side and add some accessories on top of it. Either way, this hairstyle is perfect for kids who want to try a new style.

Tuning Curling Twists

A very artistic hairstyle that every little girl will surely love.

Thread Curls

The light, seemingly, and unregulate strands of this style can give you a rugged yet well-polished final look.

Fly Away 

This African braid is ideal for ladies who have an “I don’t care” attitude. Nevertheless, this hairstyle features twists that are separated neatly at the center of her head.

Strand Braids

A tightly styled hairdo that can make a braided mane.

Bold and Bang Braids

Achieve a classy and sassy look with these bright and bang braid. Even so, the twists are separated very well for a just distribution along with your head.

Colored Butterfly

A colored butterfly hairstyle that is merely beautiful. On the other hand, the tops are perfectly designed to bring out an elegant and differentiated style on your head.

Deep Braid Roll

The hair swirls are neatly braided to a single large braid as well as complemented using a light colored crowd that is made using another big and single twist.

Kiddie Mosodo

To make a fluffy mosodo at the top, you need to intersect the cornrow braids right at the center. Nevertheless, this hairdo is perfect for children as it takes cares of their hair during this period.

Classic Mosodo

Embody confidence and class using this easy to make braid style. Furthermore, its black and deep shine will make your makeup and face pop.

Feathered Classic

This style is somewhat similar to Farella. However, the only significant difference is that this hairstyle creates a crown braid which runs across the head and tied tightly at the back.

Intimate African Braids

This style sports a bun that can end in a natural side hair or ponytail. Both of them can make you look sharp and stunning.

Reverse Mohawk

It is not a traditional mohawk. With that said, the front middle-length cornrows do extra fairness to the reverse mohawk.

Fluffy Fallera

This duo and symmetrical braids run across on every side of the girl’s head and meet together right at the middle while the rest of the hair breaks to a fluffy volume.

Symmetrical Feather

Another eye-catching hairstyle for ladies who have hectic schedules. As a matter of fact, this style can be made with ease, and it only needs minimal care.

Brazilian Side Cornrows

The colored rings that are placed in front can bring an additional layer of cultural abundance to emphasize your style further.

Braided Fontage

Ladies who have a thick and dense hair will love this style. With that said, everybody can give this hairdo a try with elegance. Also, its single braided crown is enough to insert a fresh taste to your style.

Sexy Shear

This braid style well emphasizes your neck as well as face features providing a beautiful and excellent look. In addition, its clear lines will also complement the hairstyle greatly.

Side Farella

There are times that you’re late for everything and unluckily your hair is not cooperating. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with this anymore, because this braid style is easy and simple to get. 

Thick Black

Don’t what to do with your long, thick, and black hair? If so, then this style is for you.

Twisted Miracle

You can’t go wrong with style, because all the braids are laid down to display your absolute beauty. Either way, the mangled yet neatly created twists are very beautiful to look at.

Shey Long

To emphasize this hairstyle, colored braids can be positioned merely as a pair on the top or pairs at every side of the hair. But for a more attractive look, you can have them both.

Beautiful Monster

If you’re looking for a simple yet eye-catching hairstyle, you can give this one a try. As a matter of fact, this hairdo is widely suggested for ladies with low-density hair.

Brendas Waves

The good thing about this style is that it is suitable for everyone. On the other hand, this hairstyle will look more stunning for women that have a slightly more prominent forehead. Even so, the zigzag crossings that are positioned in front can offer an additional level of sophistication for the hairstyle.

Curly Black

If you’re looking for an easy to make and simple braid hairdo, then this one is for you. Similar to Beautiful Monster, this is also ideal for ladies with low-density hair.

Alien Round Locks

Even though they are not saying it, most women want to feel and look like a Rasta. Either way, rock is hairdo with big braids that is very easy to maintain.

Sexy Mama

Once again, this braided hairstyle proves that there’s so much more to a hairdo that just hair. However, this thin braid hairstyle can be styled using a ponytail, or you can just let it flow. Nevertheless, it features a unique color.

Bold Crown

This hairdo has well-designed tops which offer an elegant and differentiated look to your head.

Sassy Brown 

The main reason why lots of people love this unique hairstyle is that it brings out your face’s unique features. Also, these braids will actually leave you feeling and looking gorgeous.

Border Flow

Are you aware there are lots of jokes regarding border flow braids? As a matter of fact, according to some experts, the only way to pull off this type of twist is to make sure that the middle divider is much better compared to the United States and Mexico.

Smart Kiddie

These braids for children are simple to make, and in fact, it supports continuous hair development. Furthermore, these children twists are very easy to maintain and offer young girls a contemporary look.

Sleek Rolls 

This hairdo is similar to the smoothly rounded rolls. Even so, these braids are rolled perfectly and can deliver a differentiated as well as straightened look.

Virgin Mixed

A fantastic style for braid starters. Actually, the little shade of light brown in this hairstyle will give your hair a wide variety of styling options. 

Smooth Rounded

The shiny and dark color of these rounded braids makes the hairstyle pop. Give this style a try for a stellar look.

Sassy Cool

This style proves that thin braids are not dull. However, the hairstyle is held up by means of tying the big part of the girl’s front hair without making a distraction. Either way, if you want to achieve a rugged look, then this one is for you.

Long African Braids

Another beautiful example of a thickly braided style coming together to offer a completely different lool. Also, it’s a perfect style to try while you’re maintaining a bold feel.

Beautiful Pixie hair

The thick braids come together with ease for a more attractive look. In addition, this beautiful pixie hair is perfect for low maintenance and thick hair. For a more breathtaking look, you can ask your stylist to add some color to your hair.

Gorgeous Side Locks

Side locks don’t need to be boring as seen the picture below. In fact, you can make them more fashionable by adding a brown color to the tips. Also, this will let you rock your side locks to the office comfortably.

Long Stack

The very first thing that you will notice with this style is the length. Even so, these braids will also become visible for slightly taller women.

Kinky Curved 

This beautiful braid hairstyle features a front to the back end curls that has a fluffy style.

Top Mixed Braid

This style is a bit intimidating. Actually, it is one of the best hairdos that will set you apart from other ladies. Its loose and large braiding carry out an attractive design that you can wear wherever you go.

Sexy Sleek

An example of big box braids that can be tied to a pony. Also, this style can give you a spotless look since no strand of hair is out of place.

Olsen Braids

Another tremendous African braid hairstyle that is made using three small braids and four ones in between to make sure that all the parts of your hair are covered.

Crazy Long 

If you have an extra long hair why not make it more breathtaking by adding some crazy colors. Furthermore, multicolor beads can also be used to emphasize the style.

Relaxed Queen 

One of the most favorite hairstyles as it’s easy to pull off.

Thick Long 

A unique braid style that can be tied at the back with ease while still letting some of your braids to fall back. On the other hand, it matte black shine will also make your hair pop.

Full Long Braids

Actually, your capability to rock this hairstyle will depend on your personality. Either way, it comes with an accurate design that can give you a polished and relaxed look.

Wizard Pigtails 

This African braid hairstyle features six to eight braids are arranged neatly according to your hair. Nonetheless, this hairstyle is not only stunning but elegant as well.

Free Flow Braids 

These braids are getting more and more popular. The design isn’t only attractive but sophisticated as well. Even so, pull off this hairstyle with some round sunglasses.

Chic African Braids

Good news, you can now have this beautiful African braid style with ease. However, you can alter the color of the beads depending on your preference.

Cross Attitude

This hairstyle can give you a perfect touch of sophistication. The braids are tied up using a single twist for a cleaner look.


Another excellent example of an African braid that you can rock effortlessly. Nevertheless, this style is perfect for casual events.

Soft Colored 

The vivid color of the braids makes this hairstyle pop. Also, this style will definitely complement any outfit you are planning to wear.

Magic Pull-up

No other hairstyles can deliver as much detail and elegance as this one. Nonetheless, you can rock this hairstyle in either pink, purple, blue, or pink.


A creative African braid style that will pattern your hair to perfect triangles.

Long Spirals

If you prefer long hair, then this is the best style for you.

Thin and Long Cornrows

If thick braids aren’t your thing, then this hairdo is for you. Actually, this hairstyle features very thin twists in a very stylish design. Many girls will definitely love this one because it looks very intricate.

Double Cornrows

A super stylish and creative African braid hair idea. As you can see in the image, the tow braids are beautifully styled together. Thus, this hairstyle looks gorgeous. Either way, if you are looking for a trendy braided style, then this is for you.

Honey Blonde Braids

Looking for a hairstyle that will make you stand out? Then you could go for a style like this one. This honey blonde hairstyle looks gorgeous and complements with any skin tone. Either way, a light bob style like this one is perfect for summer.

Elaborate Braid Design

Elaborated braid designs are always an excellent choice.

Feed-in Braids

Looking for a more natural and less bulky African braid? If so, then feed-in twists are for you.

Braided Hairstyle for Black Women

Another great hairstyle that will look good in the summer season.

Short Bob Braids

This trendy hairstyle will definitely help you to stand out from the crowd.

Short Braids for Black Women

Another excellent hairstyle for black women. As a matter of fact, this one can give you a simple yet exquisite look.

Fresh Braid Hairstyle

Planning to pull off a new style but don’t have any idea where and how to start? If so, then having this hairstyle is a perfect idea.

African American Braided Hairstyle

It is one of the most favorites African American braided hairstyle that is very easy to maintain.

Big Cornrows

Beautiful big cornrows hair ideas that are worth trying for.

Nigerian Fulani Braid Hairstyle

A hairstyle that will transform your old style to a whole new, different one.

Elegant Bun Style

This style will make you look versatile. Not only that, if you want to make your look more fabulous make sure to add appropriate outfit as well as accessories.

Twist African Hairstyle

This African braid hairstyle never comes out of trend.

Stylish Patterned African Braids

With these braids, rest assured you will come up with a lot of elegant designs. As a matter of fact, this hairstyle can offer you a trendy look. Either way, you can use this as an inspiration and make something similar. Better yet, create your own version.

Black Braided Hairstyle

Looking for a new way to braid your long and black hair? Then this one is something worth getting.

African Cornrow Braids

Want to give your daughter a new hairdo? Then this look is for you. Actually, you will not only love this style but your daughter as well.

Elegant and Pretty African Braids 

This hairdo will give you a beautiful and clean image without applying too much makeup and without wearing expensive clothes.

Bun African Braid 

Without a doubt, buns are great hairstyles for summer as well as spring. Either way, these are gorgeous African braids.

Free Flow Back

Women with low-density hair must give this beautiful hairstyle a try.

Cute African Braided Hairstyle 

Protect and give your hair some rest with this sweet and awesome hairstyle.

Long Cornrows

A glamorous hairstyle that every girl will surely love.

Thin and Black Braids 

A sassy and sweet hairstyle that you can wear this coming weekend. Be prepared, because this style will make you stand out from the crowd.

Accessorized Black Braids 

Looking for a hairstyle that can make a statement? Then this look is for you.

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Cute Crochet Braids

A beautiful braid hairstyle that is perfect for young girls.

Updo Cornrows

This hairstyle will not only give you an eye-catching and stylish look, but it will also serve as protective styling. Either way, if you really want to rock a new hairstyle then this one is for you.


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