3 Top Tips On How To Get Thick Hair


When it comes to hair, one thing is for sure. Nobody is happy with those thin strands and if you have them, then you probably feel at least a little bit jealous and envious when you walk past a man or a woman flaunting thick and bountiful hair. I can definitely feel your pain and I cannot blame you for those envious emotions. Yet, I also believe that the time has come to put a stop to those emotions and if you are wondering how you can achieve that, I suggest you keep on reading.

If you thought that I was going to recommend some mantra that can help you stop feeling jealous over other people’s thick hair, then you were most definitely wrong. I have something much better in store for you today. Basically, the idea is for you to learn how to increase hair density and thus become perfectly happy with those strands on your head. Consequently, this will also help you get rid of those envious emotions, because you will now probably be busy staring at yourself in the mirror and admiring your very own hair.

Okay, the “staring at yourself in the mirror” part might be a bit of an exaggeration. Or not? To each their own. The point is that you can actually do something about those thin strands of yours, meaning that you no longer need to feel unhappy and sorry for yourself when you notice that your hair is not as thick as you would want it to be. Instead, you can do your best to make it thicker.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether that particular goal is even achievable, but the results that some men and women can flaunt with certainly prove that it is very much achievable. Of course, you cannot just wish for it and expect things to happen overnight, without you putting any actual effort into it. That’s not the way things work here, since we aren’t exactly living in a world filled with magical spells, potions and similar trinkets.

So, instead of just lying around, doing absolutely nothing and hoping for your hair to get thicker all of a sudden, you should step up your game and actually do something about it. There are some methods you can try and some tricks you can use with the aim of achieving this particular goal. The only thing is, you will need to be committed to the goal and rather persistent if you want to achieve it, since, as I have already said, nothing happens overnight.

In addition to commitment and persistence, you will undeniably need something else. I’m talking about the fact that you will actually have to learn what to do and which steps to take if you want to get thicker hair, which basically means that you could use some helpful tips. Well, if you keep on reading, you will undoubtedly get some helpful tips and, hopefully, learn how to make that dreams of yours come true. Let’s get started.

  1. Watch What You Eat

I know that you have probably heard this a million times and I know that it is usually people’s go-to piece of advice no matter what type of a problem you might have. The fact that people are actually using this piece of advice so often has led to it becoming sort of meaningless, which most certainly shouldn’t be the case. So, I suggest you take what I am about seriously instead of rolling your eyes and going about your day as if nobody said anything.

The point is that you will have to watch what you eat and try to maintain a healthy diet if you want to get thicker strands. Food doesn’t affect your hair only if you put some ingredients directly on it, although there are some ingredients and natural thickening ways that could help you, such as those you can read about on this website. In any case, the food you consume also affects the health of your overall hair and, thus, its thickness level. Avocado, nuts, vegetables, salmon and other types of ingredients filled with heathy fats and protein can help you achieve your goal.

  1. Shampoo Type Matters

You might think that it doesn’t really matter what kind of a shampoo you put on your head, but that is most certainly wrong. Here is a piece of information that is also probably being repeated far too often, but it’s still worth mentioning, and I hope you’ll finally remember it. Different hair types require different shampoo types. The same goes for conditioners and any other hair products that you might be using.

So, instead of just grabbing the first product you see on the shelf, I suggest you take your time to do the necessary research and figure out exactly what it is that would suit your specific strands. In addition to that, you might want to give some of those thickening shampoos and products a chance, because they could definitely work for you. Of course, if that’s what you are doing, you should make sure to choose high quality products sold by reputable and trusted brands, because not every thickening product is made the same way.

  1. Stop Over Washing

If I told you that there is such a thing as washing your hair too often, would you believe me? While I cannot guess the answer to your question, here is what you absolutely need to know. Over washing can definitely be harmful for your strands, because they need their natural oils in order to stay healthy and become thicker, which is your ultimate goal.

This basically means that you shouldn’t wash your hair every single day. Just don’t use this as an opportunity to start washing it too rarely, because that’s not a good thing either, since you need your scalp to be clean and healthy. To put it simply, you should wash your hair every couple of days, so find your middle ground and make sure not to overdo it.


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