Your Best Friend is Engaged – Now What?


Outside of your own engagement, the most exciting engagement you will likely celebrate is your best friend’s. This is a time to truly share in their joy and excitement, and all the love that surrounds them. Now before you get too caught up in the moment, you’ll want to remind yourself that as the designated best friend, your duties are probably just about to begin.

There is a good chance you’ll be named the maid of honor, which means you’ll be in charge of planning such things as the wedding shower, and the all-important bachelorette party. It also means it’s never too early for you to start planning, or at the very least brainstorming, how you’ll make these events memorable.

Here we’ll take a look at a few simple tips for planning the bachelorette party, which is usually the most anticipated event for the bride, bridal party, and all her friends.

Chat with the Bride-to-Be About Her Wishes

While planning the bachelorette party will be your responsibility, and chances are you want to keep everything as a surprise, there is nothing wrong with chatting with the bride-to-be about her wishes. She may have some specific requests, some people she wants added to the guest list, certain dates that she has available, etc. You’ll want to have this chat really early on before the planning process really kicks off.

Pick the Perfect Venue

Next, it’s time to start thinking about the venue. Picking the venue well in advance will allow you to make any necessary reservations or bookings, help you to determine the theme and décor if needed, pick the date, and figure out how many people the venue can host for the party.

Some of the more typical venues include a local bar, pub, or club; a karaoke bar; a fancy restaurant for a more classy style party; a spa; a hotel; or even a destination that requires everyone to travel.

Send Out the Invites Well in Advance

You want to be sure that you are able to send out the invites well in advance so that you get a great turn-out at the party. Typically, four to six weeks is a great amount of time to give guests, but if the party requires traveling such as a plane trip, then you’ll need a lot more notice.

Don’t Forget the Party Supplies

No matter where you plan on holding the bachelorette, or what type of atmosphere you want to create, one thing you simply can’t go without is the party supplies. This is what will help push the party over the top, and really draw attention to the bride-to-be.

Be sure to spend a little time on choosing the supplies, and pick things that are fun, unique, and that your friend could even hold on to as keepsakes. Take for example the Bride Squad Fanny Packs and the Bride to Be Sash and Tiara Box from Bachelorette Box. This will draw plenty of attention to the bride, garner her lots of congratulations, and just have her feeling special the entire time.

Pick Some Party Games

The final tip is to pick out some bachelorette party games that can be done throughout the party. You’ll find endless ideas online, each one with their own fun twist. You may also want to provide fun little gag gifts or prizes for the winners of the games.

Let the Fun Begin

Now that you’ve fulfilled your duties as the best friend in planning the absolute perfect bachelorette party, all that’s left to do is enjoy the event and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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