World’s Largest Diamond Mining Sites


Most jewelry enthusiasts keep themselves busy with specifics regarding the 4Cs and the prices of the various sizes of diamonds. They are usually not interested with where their precious stones originated. A diamond’s origin tells a lot about your stone and will help you better understand and acknowledge its history.

While diamonds are found in all parts of the planet, there are particular locations that have diamonds in abundance compared to others. These locations are where the world’s largest and brightest diamonds can be discovered. There are also specific areas where certain stones can be mined more than others.

For instance, when looking for pink diamonds, the mining site Argyle found in Australia immediately comes to mind because of its large deposits of natural pink diamonds. This mine is famous and vast but there are even bigger mining sites that experts are less familiar with. As a matter of fact, most of the world’s largest diamond mining sites are found in Russia.

If you are wondering where the diamonds on your watch came from, it would have probably originated from these humongous diamond mining sites.

Russia’s Mining Sites

With the record of the biggest country in relation to its landmass, Russia boasts its pride in the diamond industry by owning five of the largest diamond mining sites in the world. Jubilee, which is located in the Sakha region, is the world’s most massive diamond mine. This mine contains an open-pit kind of mine and is operated and owned by Russia’s diamond giant, ALROSA.

Udachny is the world’s second largest diamond mining site and is found in the Yakutia region. The mining site is also managed and owned by ALROSA. Mir is the world’s third largest site and is also found in Russia’s Yakutia area.

The world’s seventh largest diamond mine is Grib and is currently being developed by a major Russian oil company. Russia also boasts as the home of the world’s tenth largest diamond mine called Botuobinskaya.

Australia’s Mining Sites

The Argyle mine located in Australia holds the record for the fourth largest diamond mining site and is the country’s ace in the world’s diamond industry. Because Australia is approximately a fourth of the size of Russia, it is really amazing to have a mining site of this quality.

Rio Tinto is the owner of Argyle and has been operating and producing the precious stones since 1983. The mine started its operations using its open pit but has now focused more on doing underground operations. It is regarded as Australia’s first block cave mining site.

Africa’s Mining Sites

South Africa, Botswana, and Angola are three countries in Africa where the remaining largest diamond sites are located. Catoca is a diamond mining site found in Angola and holds the title for the fifth largest diamond mine. The sixth is also situated in South Africa’s Limpopo province.

The Orapa and Jwaneng mines are found in Botswana and is ranked as the eighth and ninth biggest diamond mining sites respectively. Having these enormous diamond producing sites improved Africa’s fashion, culture, and lifestyle.

While the above mentioned mines are the largest mining sites in the world, there are currently other huge diamond mines that have emerged across the globe. One of the most recently opened diamond mines is Gacho Kue which is a partnership between Canada’s DeBeers company and Mountain Province Diamonds. It is situated close to the Arctic Circle and is regarded as the largest diamond mine within the last 15 years. It is assumed that this newly opened mine will make up for the loss of Canada’s other existing mines.


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