Why is Brazilian Butt Lift so Popular These Days


Larger, rounder butts can be difficult to achieve even if you commit to a regular workout. If you feel like your exercise routine is not that effective or you are simply born with unattractive backsides, a popular cosmetic surgery known as Brazilian butt lift can help you achieve a fuller, more curvaceous butt with natural-looking results. Read on to know why this cosmetic surgery procedure is so popular these days.

Brazilian Butt Lift uses your Own Fat Cells

Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that makes use of your own fat cells in order to enhance the appearance of your butt. During the procedure, fat will be harvested from one or more areas of your body through a minimally invasive procedure known as liposuction. This involves creating a small incision in the target area and then inserting a small, thin tube (cannula) attached to a powerful suction to break down and remove the fat cells.  Once the fat has been harvested, it will undergo a purification process in the laboratory. During this process, impurities such as blood, oils, and tissue fluid will be separated from the healthy fat. The remaining healthy fat will be then stored in vials. Once the fat is prepared, it will be strategically injected in layers directly into the areas of your butt that need additional volume and fullness.

In the first few months after the procedure, some of the injected fat will be reabsorbed by your body. For this reason, you will need 2 to 4 treatment sessions (each treatment spaced in 4 to 6-week intervals) to achieve your desired results. After 6 months, you can expect to see the final results of the procedure.

During your consultation, you will undergo a health assessment and will receive a comprehensive explanation regarding Brazilian Butt Lift details.

Brazilian Butt Lift is considered a 2:1 Procedure 

With this procedure, you can achieve a fuller, more curvaceous butt while removing unwanted fatty tissue in problem areas of your body, making it a 2:1 procedure. First, one problem area in your body is slimmed and sculpted through a minimally invasive procedure called liposuction. After harvesting the fat and processing it in the laboratory, it will be injected into the second problem area which is your butt. By enhancing the shape, size, and overall appearance of your rear end, you are left with a more aesthetically pleasing butt. Brazilian butt lift is one of the best ways to achieve an hourglass body especially if you have excess fat in your abdomen and hip area since the procedure can add this unwanted fat into your buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift has a Lower Risk of Complications 

Perhaps one of the reasons why this procedure is so popular is that it is associated with a lower risk of complications. This is because using your own body fat for injections in problem areas of your butt will not cause your body to reject it since the fat is not a foreign object. The procedure does not make use of implants so you will expect smaller incisions and lesser scars. With Brazilian butt lift, the risk of infection and allergic reaction are lower compared to butt implants because some implants contain harmful substances or chemicals. Therefore, undergoing the procedure will require a shorter recovery time with a lower risk of untoward signs and symptoms. 

Brazilian Butt Lift produces Natural, Discreet, and Permanent Results 

The procedure can give you a natural look and feel to your butt area since it makes use of your own body fat and no foreign objects such as implants are used. Furthermore, it helps you achieve discreet results because the procedure does not produce a significant increase in the size of your buttocks. In general, at least 1000 cc of fat will be harvested from your problem areas to allow the injection of 500 cc of fat per buttock. Going beyond this amount will cause a significant amount of fat to be reabsorbed by your body. By injecting the recommended amount of fat, it results in a modest increase in your butt size, thus, producing discreet results. In addition, Brazilian butt lift also produces permanent results because your own body fat is merely being transferred from one area of your body to another. While some of the injected fat will be reabsorbed by your body, the remaining fat will establish itself with new blood vessels, thus, creating permanent results.


Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic procedure these days because it sculpts the problem areas of your body while enhancing the appearance of your buttocks. It has also a lower risk of complications and it produces natural-looking and discreet results.


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