What is Lebron’s Latest Shoe? An Insider Look


Basketball icon LeBron James’s latest sneaker sensation the LeBron 16 Air Trainer combines both form and function in an impressive signature shoe design. Buy Nike shoes? Then you are familiar with LeBron’s fifteen years of incredible reliable powerhouse footwear designs. Designer Jason Petrie crafted this latest sneaker for incredible dynamic motion and power.

Impressive High Performance

Blending sports performance with impeccable LeBron style, the LeBron 16 sneaker basketball shoes meets the needs of any explosive basketball player. What are basketball sneakers without unique features like Nike’s Battleknit 2.0 Flyknit material and Air Max and Zoom Air cushioning and protection?

For the athlete with power and fast motion on the courts, the LeBron 16 provides shock absorption and protection like no other shoe. Enjoy energy-returning cushion with each step.  The external heel provides extra support. Rubber outsoles provide multi-surface traction. The shoes are tough and can handle all the abuse of the court.


The trainer provides additional ankle support and cushioning. They provide a nice “bounce” when you sprint and allow for a higher vertical jump. The LeBron 16 Air Trainer provides grip and a good feel overall for any athlete. Whether you compete at a high level or just for leisure, the LeBron 16 Air Trainer changes the way the you will play basketball.


Enjoy head-turning visible Air cushioning and striking colorways, as well as premium level leather detailing. Make a statement about strength, power, and style simultaneously on the courts. The refined look and feel includes a speed lacing system and heel tab loops. These allow for easier on and off access of the shoe. Besides styling these shoes on the courts, you can wear these shoes to class or out on the town. Enjoy these durable attention-grabbing shoes.

Black and White Design

Perhaps one of the more signature style points of the LeBron 16 Air Trainers is the black and white design. You can choose the black and white option, which means that one shoe is a sleek black while the matching shoe is white. Talk about eye-popping fashion statements on the court!

Black/University Red Design

If the Black/White option is not your style, try the innovative Black/University red. Almost entirely in black, key features like the heel and design are in a dark eye-catching red. The shoe is simple to lace and easy to take on and off. The sole offers bounce and style.

Medicine Ball

The LeBron 16 Medicine Ball design will be released in the spring in Asia. The sneaker design beckons to the 1988 OG Air Trainer 3 Medicine Ball. Dressed in a cool cream color and Navy branding, this trainer has its own unique signature look. The cream, navy, and light brown color scheme spreads throughout the entire shoes. The materials are a mix of leather, Battleknit, and AT3 perforated panels.

Rock the courts with the latest LeBron 16 Air Trainers. Whether you are a professional athlete, a kid just kicking it with your friends, or a college athlete, these shoes will revolutionize how you play the game.


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