123 Beautiful Waterfall Braid Hairstyles With Tutorial


Waterfall Braid as the name symbolises is a plait of hair forming a pattern with the flow of strands like a stream through it. It is one of those hairstyles that fit in every outfit whether its a special occasion or a casual date. It gives a perfect look irrespective of the texture of hair. Read below to get an easy steps idea for classic waterfall braid.

Easy steps for Classic Waterfall Braid

  • Part your hair into two sections and take a portion of hair from one side.
  • Create three sections of hair from the portion. Now we will be following the French braid style.
  • Cross the section 1 (from the back) over section 2(the middle) and add a little hair from the back to the new back section.
  • Cross the section 3(from the front) over section 1(new middle section) and drop the 1.
  • Cross the section 2 over section 3 and add a little hair again from the back.
  • Now pick up a strand of hair from the front bottom to replace section 1.
  • Cross the strand with section 2.
  • Repeat this till the point you want your hair to be braided.

1.Four Strand Braid


Are you bored with your regular hair pattern? Try this Four Strand Braid in which one strand for the third crossover is the first braided dropped section.

2. Curled Braid

This Braid is good enough for the people with curled and tangled texture hair who have a hard time to get the hair out of their face.

3. Bob Braid

Bob is considered to be the cutest hairstyle. Create a braid on the front section of this hairstyle to add more cuteness to it.

4. French Braid with flower

If there is something that brings out elegance and simplicity both at once, it’s this French Braid with flower hairstyle.

5. Low Back Braid with curls

Are you tired of your thin hair? This Low Back Braid gives your hair volume with a bouffant at the front top and the waves on the back.

6. Five Strands Braid with Highlights

Create this Five Strand Braid and be prepared to get a lot of compliments from your colleagues. Try the pinkish blonde highlights for a more graceful look.

7. Aqua-blue Ombre Braid

This Aqua-blue Braid gives the vibe of the ocean. Try this Ombre hair colour with braid and look like a mermaid searching for a sea.

8. Brown Waterfall Braid

Call Brown hair, the old fashion but it is still the most used colour of all, and it still manages to look attractive in every hairstyle.

9. Messy Braid

Messy has become the new trend. It is an effective way to show how beautiful you look even with the less effort.

10. Crowned Braid

The Queen wears the crown. If you think you can give justice to the word, You are sure to love this Crowned Braid

11. Blonde Waterfall Braid

How often did you have an idea of getting or have had blonde hair? If you still haven’t then you should surely get it with this hairstyle.

12. Low Waterfall Braid

This Low Braid is just another Waterfall Braid with the Braid slanted. You should have this hairstyle for a casual look.

13. Light Brown Highlighted Braid

If you have a natural brown hair and prefer it that way, highlight your hair with a shade lighter than that to give this dense layer effect.

14. Blonde Ombre Braid

Ombre technique came into fashion world some years ago and has been popular ever since. Try this blonde ombre to give you a pure angelic look.

15. Blonde Brown Sombre Crown Braid

If you are into gold stuff, you should surely try this Gold Brown Blonde. The Sombre look gives the false vibe about your hair colour being natural.

16. Ash Blonde Crown Braid with Side Pigtail

If you want a mature look for your youthful face, you should surely try this Ash Blonde Crown look. Leave the end of the Crown to the side to give a jewellery effect.

17. Crown Braid Twist

If you are in a hurry and still want to look gleam, you should try this Braid. It is easy to make than other Braid.

18. Artistic

You can recreate this Artistic look by braiding the sections of hair until the end giving an opposite ‘S’ shape and be ready to get attention.

19. Loose Curl Braid

When we talk about Beach, the first thing that comes to our mind is loose curls. This Loose Curl could be your hairstyle if you have plans for Beach vacation.

20. Loose Four Strand Braid

This style is the Four Strand Braid where the one Braided strand is crossed loosely to other to give the false jewellery idea.

22. Dutch Braid with Ribbon

Dutch Braid is merely the French Braid where one strand is crossed under the other rather than over. Adding a ribbon on the back can give us the school vibes.

23. Two Strands Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Fishtail Braid is the super easy and satisfying technique of all. If you want to look pretty with less effort, you can go for it.

24. GOT inspired Braid

If you are a real fan of GOT, you probably have tried this Braid. This hairstyle will automatically give you the vibe of Bold and kind person.

25. Wavy 

As the waves, this wavy hairstyle can make you look both pleasant and threatening. So if you are a person who is sincere of your boundary, go for it.

26. Headband Braid with Ponytail

Not everyone is fond of ready-made headbands. If you struggle with the hair everywhere, This Headband Braid with Ponytail is your thing.

27. Formal Headband Up-do Braid

If you are going to an official event and want to up-do your bun, Formal Headband Up-do Braid can be perfection.

28. Messy Headband Up-do Braid

Not everybody likes formal. Messy Headband Up-do Braid is undoubtedly best if you wish to go pleasingly messy.

29. Side Ladder Braid

Add uniqueness to yourself with this attractive Side Ladder Braid. You can highlight your hair with wine colour to beautify it more.

30. Ladder Crown Braid

Grip your hair more on the place with this Ladder Crown Braid. The straight hair gives a smooth look.

31. Bob

Waterfall Braid are popular with any length of hair. These Bob Braids are as cute as it can get.

31. One-Sided French Braid

Are you crazy enough about braid to try any look? This One Sided Braid is a crazily excellent technique to show your inner wilderness.

32. Wavy Braid with A Ponytail

Do you have half straight and half wavy hair? This Braid is the hairstyle for you. The Braid start just below the straight portion and the curved portion creates a volume.

33. Long Crown Braid

Feel like a princess with the Long Crown Braid. Blonde Balayage is the hair colour of Disney princesses.

34. Blonde Sombre Braid

Sombre hair colouring is the highlighting technique that makes the root hair more close to the lower highlights to give the illusion of natural hair.


The hair looks more attractive with the thickness. Try this Dense Braid look to look youthful and delightful.

36. Highlighted Waterfall Braid

Highlights create a pattern with Waterfall Braid. The dark non-highlighted portion pops up and shows contrast which looks beautiful.

37. Backside

The Backside Braid as just a simple way to fake the Hairpin. If you have a problem with a hairpin, this is a comfy way to put your hair together.

38. Low Side Bun

If you have a dinner date after work and want to look put together, you can do this Braid. It’s like hitting two things with a stone.

39. Balayage Waterfall Braid with bangs

Bangs compliment your facial structure. So Braid with Bangs is the best possible way to look good from all side.

40. Double braided Waterfall Braid

This Braid is the same as a classic Waterfall Braid but in a double row. The dropped section from first braid is added again to be left hanging.

41. Dark Brown Braid

Most of the celebrities you know go for Waterfall Braids when they have special events to attend and shiny and silky Dark Brown Braid are never going out of style.

42. Rainbow Hair

Rainbow colour symbolises the colour of life and Wearing them signifies you as a free person that goes with the flow of life. Don’t be afraid to try this.

43. Half-up tied

If you want to flaunt a look for your daughter’s beautiful and robust hair, Half-up linked Waterfall Braid is a way to go.

44. Half Up-do Waterfall Braid into Double Dutch Braid

This confusing Braid is very easy to recreate. The middle section hair is Waterfall Braid, and the dropped section from both side is taken to create a dutch braid.

45. Blonde Highlighted Braid Twist

Twisting is another brilliant work for braiding — Blonde the hair out to give the dense highlighted look.

46. Five Strand Braid with Flower

Are you a sunset and summer kind of person? Try this Five Strand Braid with Flower to give a boho-chic look.

47. Blonde Braid with Twist

There is various styling technique for the Twist Braid. Either braid the dropped strand or leave it untouched for a different pleasing look.

48. Bronde Highlighted Braid

Bronde highlighted Braid is also an alternative for the showcase of pleasing contrast between the hair section.

49. Loose Blonde Braid

Loose Braids are comfier than tight braid if your hair is long enough to be on place. As already said blonde highlights are best for the contrast.

50. Highlighted Asymmetrical Waterfall Braid

This look can be created by cutting the hair asymmetrically and making it more trendy by using the highlights.

51.How To Do Waterfall Braid with Bangs

This Waterfall Braid with Bangs are the hairstyles on a wedding day where you can be a bridesmaid to your best friend.

52. Waterfall braid into Two Dutch Braid Single Strand

The two Dutch Braid from the Waterfall Braid as discussed above is now taken to create a single strand Braid.

53. Middle-parted Two-side Half Up-do Braid

Only changing the parting side can make a difference with styling. Middle parted Two-side Up-do Braid is a classic technique which makes you look simple yet alluring.

54. Balayage Curled Braid

Nothing can showcase better colour and density than Braids and Curls. This hairstyle gives justice to Balayage hair colouring technique.

55. Lob Two-sided Half Up-do Braid

This Lob Two-sided Half Up-do Braid is another adorable hairstyle. The light Pinkish shade provides elegance to the look.

56. Half-up Two-side Pony-braided Braid

Mix up various Braiding techniques with one another to create a new style. This Hairstyle has Dutch braid as well as Fishtail braid in combination to look.

57. Waterfall Braid

There are various Braiding techniques for Waterfall Braid. The figure shows the plait of each kind of braid.

58. Sunflower Artistic Braid

The Inverted ‘S’ shaped Braid can give an artistic view of the loosened-up braid which is highlighted by different shades of colour resembling a sunflower field.

59. Double Braid Middle-Bun

The casual braided bun replaces the classic Up-do at the back of your forehead, and the double twist replaces the braid.

60. Pink Shade Braid

The different shade of pink highlights to the hair makes the contrast beautiful. The roots are dark with a purple hue and are lighter going down to the end.

61. Mermaid Braid

This mermaid Braid can be recreated by doing a two-sided braid and again braid it together by adding the fallen part of hair until no dropped section is left.

62. Loop 4-Strand Braid

This style is also a mixture of various kind of braid forming an ‘S’ shape. Loop braid, Dutch braid come together to create this style.

63. A-line Highlighted Braid

The A-line has hair shorter in the back and longer in the front. The braid is comfortable even with this texture of hair. The pinkish and purple highlight contrast shows elegance.

64. Highlighted and Braided65. Platinum Highlighted Backside Braid

If your face is fair enough, but you still want more illuminations, then you should go for platinum coloured Braid.

66. Perfect Curl Crown Braid

This Crown Braid could be your Prom night hairdo if you are still trying to find the suitable hairstyle for your prom dress to look convincing.

67. Multi-braid Cascaded Fishtail Braid

Look both stylish and get your hair out of your face with this Multi-braid cascaded fishtail Braid. Get some highlights for the better look.

68. Half-up Loop Bun

This Braid is one of the irresistible hairdos. The combination of the dropped strands making loop buns like a rose and the ash grey highlights are just perfect.

69. Bob Headband Braid

The headband on the top and bob haircut gives the idea of complete facial features, and the makeup skills make them look more appealing than ever.

70. Blonde Ombre Double Braid

This technique is another best way to show off your beautiful contrasted Ombre hair. The double braid shows the contrast better.

71. Loop Braid

In this hairdo, Do the braids in such a way that they represent a knotted loop. This hairdo also gives the illusion of a headband.

72. Huge Braid with Bangs

This style

73. Double Crown Braid

This Double Crown Braid have been in fashion since the Roman empire era. Many women related to the emperor showed their personality through this hairstyle.

74. Long Loose French Braid

75. Half Up-do Folded Bun Braid


76. Woven Bang and Bun Braid

People who admire and are inspired enough by the braids will never get bored with time-consuming yet extraordinary braid designs and try various ideas to make one.

77. Double Braid with Curls and Side Bun

The hairstyle can be recreated by first making a Double Waterfall Braid with a side bun and then curling only the dropped strands.

78. Curled Crown Bob

To create a different appearance with your short bob hair, you can swirl the dropped strand of hair giving a mushroom shape.

79. Multicoloured Braid

This Braid contains all the seven shade of colour that the rainbow has gives the vibe of a bright and pleasant. You will surely give the idea of the joyful person with this style.

80. Jewelled Braid

If you don’t find the Braid fascinating enough, you can always go for accessorising the braid with some dazzling yet straightforward jewels.



82. Pastel Pink Ladder Braid

The pastel pink colour to the Ladder Braid gives a pretty girl vibe, and the ombre look with a smooth wave adds flavour to the style.

83. Long ‘S’ Braid

The longer is the hair for this ‘S’ Braid technique, the better is the view of this artistic twisting of hair. This Braid can also be paired up with a sporty outfit.

84. Braid with flower 

Accessorise your hair braid with some flower to get a look of a flower child. This hairdo shows your inner wild child.

85. Love Braid Ponytail

Love Braid is one of the most lovely hairdos. If you have a date, try this look for blushing compliments from your loved one.

86. Folded Ponytail Braid

Folded Ponytail Braid is another Braid you should try for the messy yet pretty look. It’s created by firstly making the hanging Waterfall Braid and then messily tying the pony.

87. Straight Braid with a Side One-strand Braid

It is a go-to-school Braid. The youngster loves this look as it is simple yet charming and the side braid looks kiddish.

88. Dragon Tail Braid

Do you want to look like a dragon queen? This sophisticated hairstyle resembles a dragon tail. The hair towards the nape of the neck is broad with a fishtail braid in the middle and eventually combine to form a single twist.

89. ‘S’ Bang Braid

Give yourself a barbie look with this glamorous ‘S’ Bang Braid. Wear some pearl necklace to enhance the look.

90. Short A-line bob Braid

Don’t worry if you have an occasion coming up and you have short hair. This Short hair Braid is just the thing you are looking for in a hairdo.

91. Short Asymmetrical Bob Braid 

Try this messy Short Bob Braid for a confused look. Leave some hair at the front for the bangs to compliment your face structure.

92. Half Up-do Braid

Half Up-do is the best solution to get the hair out of your face and also showcase the facial features. Small face aperture people will be glad to try this.

93. Ginger Bread Half Up-do Braid

Ginger Bread is another hair colour you can try for a more natural look. Braid can enhance your curl to look fabulous.

94. Double Braid with Double Strand 

Double Braid Double Strand can be created by making Two-sided Waterfall Braid and braiding each side separately.

95. Sophisticated Braid 

Firstly Double crown Waterfall Braid is created at the top hair. A small braid strand is constructed of a little hair section from each dropped section of hair and is decorated upward with a flower accessory.

96. Colourful Braid

Colours are the admiration thing for almost every teenager. If you are not afraid to play with tone, try this look to be the centre of attention

97. Bouffant Double Crown Braid

Braid and Bouffant are used to sweeten the hair as a flavour. Go for this style if you want to give a volume to your thin hair.

98. Boho Multi Braid

Vacation is not a vacation unless you go to the beach, Take a picture with your Boho Braid and get tanned. Try this super cool Multi Braid for head turns.

There are various types of Braid, but not all of them are flexible enough for every length and texture hair. Waterfall Braid is the master of Braids which are both flexible and unique than other braiding techniques. Though it takes a little effort, it is all worth it. It is one of the best styling techniques for coloured hair as it shows the beautiful contrast of colours through the streams of hair representing the waterfall.

If you think you have any problem following the steps above, you can surely watch tutorials on YouTube. If you have a busy schedule and have low time for maintenance of hair, you should undoubtedly view jumbo box braids Styles For You for You for beautiful Box Braids ideas for any length and texture of hair. If you are looking for wedding hairstyles, check out Short Weddings Hairstyles.


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