Trend alert – what are fashion gurus recommending this fall?


As a woman, you have probably always been attentive with your wardrobe choices, and fashion has been one of your topics of interest ever since you have started buying your own clothes. However, while you may have been focused on keeping your style in-check, you might have troubles keeping up with fashion trends, considering how much these change from one season to another. If you want to look your best this fall, following the advice of fashion gurus s the right way to go. What’s exactly “in” at the moment and what are influencers promoting across social media? Here are the tips you should live by this season, which will allow you to impress with your good taste and fashion expertise:

Chunky sweaters – a wardrobe must-have

Often, combining aesthetical appeal with functionality might not be that easy, but during fall, you can stay comfy and warm, while still looking stylish if you resort to influencers’ favourite seasonal item – the chunky sweater. Oversized sweaters can be inserted in a wide range of outfits and if you accessorize your look accordingly, you’ll definitely stand out of the crowd. Autumnal shades are the right way to go in this department, giving visual appeal and coordination to your ensemble and increasing the style of an already fashionable element, as the usual chunky turtleneck is. Whether you go for cashmere, knit or wool, the fabric choice is entirely up to you and the type of outfit you are trying to put together, as long as the design of the sweater is selected properly, you’ll certainly look dressed season-appropriate. This type of item can be combined with jeans, skirts,, leather pants and can be easily worn in dressier attires, not only street-casual looks. So if you don’t already have at least a couple of chunky sweater in your closet, it’s definitely time for some shopping.

Statement boots

Although the black boot will always remain a safe and fashionable option for a fall outfit, if you want to be more daring and dress in a way that actually draws attention, you could choose to wear statement boost this season. For the best selection of footwear in this department, you could either decide on a western pair, the cowboy boots remaining a major fashion trend in the fall of 2018, or you could stick to a simpler design but a more unconventional pattern. Animal print seems to be one of the top choices of fashion lovers this season, and regardless of boot style, the eye-catching print manages to transform a dull outfit into a creative and appealing one.

Less isn’t more during fall

Despite the common conception that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and less is more, during autumn, you are advised to mix and match multiple elements and focus on creating unique combinations. A simple pair of pants, a t-shirt and a jacket won’t help you obtain that perfect, catwalk worthy image you are trying to reach. Layering has become an on-going trends for the last couple of years during sweater-weather, so creating a composed ensemble that consists of several clothing items is a great choice. A coat on top of a cardigan and a shirt underneath will look great if the colours and patterns are combined correctly. Fall is the ideal time to play with everything you have in your closet. Sweaters worn on top of sundresses, leather jackets combined with wool shirts and long tees, and the number of outfit combination you can create is virtually endless. As you are able to see when browsing through the collections available at Peak Boutique, a great fall look needs quite a few items mixed harmoniously together.

Colourful tights

This is the right time to start wearing tights again, being practical, comfortable and this season, quite fashionable. However, don’t just go for the traditional pair. Opt for tights that come in vibrant tones, and mix them in unconventional way with your other clothing elements.

Statement belts – an indispensable accessory

Considering that this is the season when you are most likely to wear oversized, thick and chunky clothing items, you might want to balance your looks a bit, give some dimension to your outfits, and also define your waist, and the best way to do those things is by adding a statement belt to your ensemble. A corset waist belt for example will work just as great with a fall-appropriate shift dress as it does with a long summer tee, so you can easily add it to one of your autumn looks. A statement belt worn with a chunky sweater and a skirt will also be a stylish choice, giving your image a dash of feminist and creating that hourglass figure every woman loves. The accessories you choose to complete your outfits with can be essential, so make sure you pay enough attention to this specific aspect when you are getting ready.

Hot pink is in

Although autumn shades are always a great choice when you want to create a fall outfit and don’t have the time to make bold choice, the colour that remains in the spotlight this seasons is hot pink. If you want to wear something that is trendy and attention-grabbing, you won’t go wrong with a fuchsia clothing item. Being considered the it-colour of the season by all influencers, fashion gurus and experts, it has been included in the latest collection of big fashion brands, designers such as Tory Burch and Siriano using it in their creations. A hot pink element in your wardrobe will certainly make a great investment.

While you might not actually have the time necessary to put together those perfect outfit combos you see on the accounts of Instagram influencers, keeping your style in-check might still be something you desire. There are a few tips you are able to follow this fall, in order to be a fashionable appearance regardless of occasion. As advised by your favourite fashion gurus, these are the things you should be focusing on for an on-point style.



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