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When you say Instagram, you say role models. Why do people follow other people on Instagram? Because they are looking for sources of inspiration. Instagram is the tool fashionistas needed to become famous. All they have to do is taking pictures of the outfits they wear daily and post them on Instagram. Followers will not be late to come, because every style has a fan. Fashionistas already know that fashion is subjective, so they do not expect everyone to love them. They find a niche, they get followers and they become influencers. Influencers have a great impact on the fashion world, because nowadays even great brands collaborate with them when they want to reach new audiences.

Everyone follows at least two or three influencers on Instagram, even if they are not aware. When it comes to fashion, they are the ones who set the trends. They take designers clothes and create outfits, in the majority of cases different from how the clothes are worn on the runaway. While some influencers have a website where they write blogs or post videos, the majority of them are based only on Instagram. Here are the world’s most famous influencers.

Alexa Chung

Very few persons do not know who Alexa Chung is. If you are passionate about fashion then you have to follow Alexa Chung on Instagram because she is the one who started the overalls and Peter Pan trends. She is so famous nowadays that she has her own clothing lines with AG Jeans, and Marks and spencer.

Aimee Song

When she first started her blog, Aimee Song wanted to talk about subjects like interior design. But, she also posted articles about her outfits, and she noticed that her followers were more interested in that subject. So she decided to change the purpose of her blog and to focus on her personal style. Now, she posts photos of her outfits daily. She collaborated with great names in the fashion industry, like Bloomingdale’s and LaCoste. She still is an interior designer, but she is famous for her influencer ability. Her Instagram page is called Song of Style and she prefers classic clothes for her outfits. She is known for the bold choices she makes when it comes to fashion and she offers pieces of advice on how to put them together on her website.

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni is not only an influencer she is also a fashion designer and businessperson. Her blog was considered the Blog of the Year, in 2011. She is the image of famous brands, and she is collaborating with designers from all around the world. She even has a Barbie doll dressed in the clothes from her collection. Her influencer career took her to paths no one would have ever imagined when she first started her blog. She cannot count the collaborations she has and now that she is a mom, she reached a new audience. It is stated that she is one of the most highly paid influencers in the business.

Lauren Conrad

People know Lauren Conrad from the reality show called Laguna Beach. This show helped her gain popularity and she took this advantage and started a career in the fashion industry. She slowly became an influencer, and she started her own clothing lines called Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad. She was on the cover of the most famous magazines worldwide and in 2012, the Glamour magazine sold the greatest number of copies from that year, when they put her on the cover.

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo became famous thanks to the television series The City. When the series aired, she was part of the PR department for Diane von Fürstenberg. She appeared on the cover of famous magazines and she has built a modelling career. She was also the image of numerous brands and she was named multiple times Icon of Style. Olivia Palermo has a sense of style that makes her unique in the fashion industry. She takes casual street clothes and combines them in outfits that look expensive. She is a fan of Zara, a company that is known for selling affordable clothes. Her skill is to always look polish, no matter if she walks her dog or she is front row in New York Fashion Week.

Giovanna Engelbert

Giovanna Engelbert is not only a fashion influencer, she is also a creative director, stylist and fashion editor. You have plenty to learn if you follow her Instagram page. On her page, she shares photos with her best outfits, but also photos from the fashion events she attends. She is always in the front row at every fashion show, and she is a top name from the guest list of after-parties.

Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine is known for her blog called Man Repeller. She built herself an image of a woman who prefers to dress clothes that would be considered unattractive by men. She is proud of her style, and this particular style has brought her fame. She has the courage to try on clothes that repel men and she offers her followers glimpses of her outfits 24/7. She would have no difficulties to associate her name with the ones of famous brands like Victoria Beckham, Fenti or Missoni. Considering her slim figure, she would look great in Missoni, a brand that promotes modern clothing. It was started by the designer Ottavio Missoni and his wife Rosita and Angela Missoni continues their legacy.

Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho is one of the influencers who also has a website where she posts content for her followers. She is a member of Fhits, one of the greatest bloggers network founded by Alice Ferraz. She has reached great popularity around the globe and she continues to post tutorials that help people put together celebrities’ looks. She is one of the top fashion influencers on YouTube, because she has two channels, one in English and one in Portuguese.

Being a fashion influencer has some ups and downs, but these women prove that you can build a career from posting photos and offering beauty advice.


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