Top 7 Affirmations That Boost Your Confidence Before a Date


Many people enjoying a committed relationship will have found those butterflies which once preceded their early dates replaced by a more natural, and calmer, sense of satisfaction. But getting to this even plateau can be a considerable journey. People who have been on several dates may still feel a sense of apprehension prior to a rendezvous. This can range from mild nerves to something more traumatic. Whether you flirt online on a sites like this or enjoy going to singles bars, there are certainly ways to calm those jitters. Here are seven of the best affirmations which will help boost your confidence.

Ensure you know the date destination

Try not to agree to call someone who have never been before. Travelling to this on certain location could lead to complications, particularly if you happen to get lost and find yourself running late. The ideal location would be to meet somewhere have already have some experience of, so that you will be aware of the ambience and unlikely to feel ill at ease when you walk through the door.

Do some exercise

A terrific way to boost your confidence is to indulge in some light exercise prior to meeting up. This doesn’t mean you huff puff down at the gym an hour before the date. Perhaps an idea would be to alight from the bus a couple of stops before your date location and walk briskly for the last 10 minutes. This will boost your heart rate and your body will release natural chemicals which help to relieve stress.

A modicum of Dutch courage

One of the best properties of alcohol is the way a drink or two can provide a temporary cloak of confidence by smothering nerves, lowering inhibitions and helping to loosen your tongue when it comes to conversation. The downside to this is the fact that too much will seriously impair your ability to behave rationally. Dutch courage is to be recommended, but only in very small doses.

Wear a new outfit

If you look good on the upside, you will generally feel positive inside. So a good tip for ensuring you have an upbeat dating experience is to treat yourself to a new outfit prior to meeting your prospective partner. Check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house. This will definitely give your confidence a little post and when you enter the date location, treat this like a catwalk and stride in with a swagger.

Look self-assured

Body language is everything when it comes to your date. If you just sit there, are all hunched-up and nervous-looking, you won’t look as if you’re enjoying yourself. It would be far better to try and strike a confident pose. So rather than sitting with your arms folded, stretch back and cross your legs. Give the impression you’re enthusiastically embracing the two-way conversation, nodding when you’re listening, and frequently pitching in with bold comments.

Keep in touch beforehand

Prior to actually meeting up, whether you’re sitting on a bus or train, text your partner. Indulging in some pre-date chat will definitely help alleviate nerves. You can take the opportunity to make some mental notes about possible conversation topics.

Chat to your buddies

A great way to boost your confidence is to chat with friends on your mobile phone in the run-up to the liaison. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the mood to give you constructive advice, or simply indulge in a bit of bantering to wind you up, this will all help to keep you in a positive frame of mind.


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