10 Bachelorette Party Ideas


Getting married is a huge deal. But before you ever get to that point, so too is your bachelorette party! What’s a better way to preemptively celebrate your lifelong commitment to someone than having an unforgettable time with your closest girlfriends, after all?

In case it’s about that time for you, or you’re just thinking about the future, here are 10 awesome bachelorette party ideas.

1. Music Festival

If you like live music and camping and you don’t mind a big (sometimes sweaty) crowd, a music festival might be just the thing for you. You and your best buds will have the best time listening to your favorite bands and just hanging out. And as a bonus: you’ll also look like a super-cool, carefree bride if you have your Bachelorette party somewhere as hip as Coachella.

2. Rent a Cabin for a Weekend

Renting a cabin in the woods is great for a group of friends who love the great outdoors, but also don’t love sleeping in tents. During your weekend away, you can go hiking on beautiful trails, or, if your cabin is near a body of water, fishing, swimming, or boating. At night, you can play board games or have a movie marathon while enjoying a glass or two of wine – or even chat around the fire making s’mores!

3. Dare to Skydive

This is one is not for the faint heart. However, if you and your pals are risk seekers, go skydiving! Ultimately, falling from such great heights will be an unforgettable experience, and it’s one that’s always better with friends. Plus, it really doesn’t take that much time, which means you can also go out for the night to calm your nerves with some drinks.

4. Get Pampered at the Spa

You can always show your best ladies some love by pampering them with a spa day. You’ll also enjoy the relaxing experience, given how stressful wedding planning can be. And if you plan it out properly, you could get a mani-pedi that will last until your wedding day. Two birds, one stone! Pro tip: If you have this kind of relationship, have your future mother-in-law along for this sort of bachelorette. It never hurts to butter her up, and she might love getting to know your friends!

5. Head Over To A Casino

Many have gotten used to mobile games and online sites representing casinos these days. Even in the U.S. now, slot sites in New Jersey are setting a tone for a digital gambling industry. But don’t be fooled into thinking brick-and-mortar casinos aren’t still out there! Whether you head to a mammoth casino on the Vegas strip or an exotic Caribbean gaming resort, this sort of place can make for a very fun getaway with the ladies.

6. Go to a Roller Disco Night

A roller disco night is a great place to have a funky bachelorette party. You can dress in era-appropriate clothes, lace up your skates, and just let loose. In a weird way, this kind of totally carefree fun can actually be just the thing to do in advance of your wedding.

7. See an Improv Show

An improv show is another fun idea, particularly if you’re opting for a one-night bachelorette (rather than a trip or multi-day occasion). No one ever went wrong with a night of laughter. Word to the wise, though: Be sure to research the act beforehand. Sometimes, improv tropes can miss the mark, which is a bit of a downer.

8. Enjoy Afternoon Tea

There’s really nothing classier than afternoon tea – and it doesn’t mean it has to be a dull or straight-laced affair! Don’t be afraid to go all out and dress like British royalty to sip and snack with your besties. After all, the only proper way to eat a cucumber sandwich to is have a fascinator secured on your head.

9. Go to Disneyland

You can always pregame the happiest day of your life with a trip to the happiest place on earth! You really can’t go wrong with this idea, whether that means you and your friends putting on Minnie Mouse ears and walking down memory lane, or you gravitate more towards the exciting rides and decadent treats.

10. Have a Pool Party

If you or one of your friends happen to have a pool, this is a pretty simple idea, but still a fun one. All you’ll need is a bundle of pool floats, a blender for frozen margaritas, and some waterproof speakers, and you can keep the party going as long as you like. That said, another option is to find a local rooftop pool that you can either gain access to or rent out for a more unique event.


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