The Way Laser Skin Tightening Reverse Skin Sags and Wrinkles


If you have noticed the appearance of your skin changing, you are in good company. Everyone’s skin changes as time passes. Those changes can occur because of internal influences, such as hormone level changes or diet. The speed of the appearance of certain skin problems, such as wrinkles and sags, can also be greatly influenced by external sources. Those sources include repeated sun and weather exposure, as well as exposure to pollutants and chemicals. Laser skin tightening is a top method used to reverse some of that damage.

The Relationship Between Laser Skin Tightening and Collagen

Collagen is a substance naturally found in your body. It functions somewhat like a glue because it exists between skin cells, and collagen molecules tend to pull together. That helps your skin to bounce back into place when stretched. When your skin becomes damaged over time, collagen can be damaged or loss. At the same time, natural production of collagen slows down when you get older. That combination creates weakened skin that does not contract back into place as easily when stretched. Then wrinkles and skin sags start to form.

What Laser Skin Tightening Does to Reverse Skin Damage

Laser skin tightening is one way to reverse skin damage that causes loose skin. In some cases, treatment with medical laser equipment can also help you strengthen your skin against future sagging. That is because the lasers use heat and specific light frequencies to encourage the collagen within your cells to move. As one collagen molecule moves closer to another, the skin is tightened. At the same time, certain laser treatments for sagging skin cause changes within your body, making it try to repair itself. One way it does that is by increasing the amount of collagen produced. By adding more collagen and encouraging collagen molecules to be more attracted to each other, laser treatment causes the skin to regain some of its elasticity and becomes less saggy.

Establishing Your Ability to Have Laser Skin Tightening

Laser skin tightening is a safe procedure for most people. However, it can be complicated if your skin is dark because the laser can change the pigment in the treated area, unless it is a special type of laser deemed appropriate for the treatment of dark skin. Laser skin tightening can also be hazardous if your skin is too oily because of increased burn risks. Additionally, laser skin tightening is only capable of tightening your skin to a certain degree. Therefore, it is best used to treat wrinkles and slight to moderate sags as early as possible. Advanced sagging may require other forms of treatment, such as surgery.

Signing Up for Laser Skin Tightening

When you sign up for laser skin tightening at your local skincare clinic, you will most likely require a group of treatments. Your clinician will talk to you about the number of treatments required ahead of time. During each treatment, the technician will first make sure your skin is devoid of any materials that may cause adverse side effects, such as perfume. Then he or she will use pulses of the laser to treat the skin on the part of your body you want treated. Cool air and other techniques can be used to minimize your discomfort during the process, but you may feel some heat and an unusual snapping sensation as the laser treats your skin. It can take a few months for improvements to be fully obvious. Although, you may see some minor improvements much sooner. Each case is different.


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