Ten biggest winners in the betting industry


Gambler or parleys are big business for sportsbooks. Even though accumulators are tougher than medium bet to pull off, there are some instances when gamblers define the odds and land on huge wins with Accas. You have to put a wager with several selections in the various sports events to win here. For your Acca to land and your bet win, all the legs must be winners. Small stakes can make big profits, a feature that appeals to gamblers.

If you are a newbie in the betting industry https://smartbettingguide.com/ will help you with everything you need to know about betting. The top ten biggest sports betting winners are here.

Won 823 000 to 19 pounds in Accas, including 181, 05/1 odds

Das Mooser won the win on five three-pound fourfolds in horse racing.

Walters Billy 3.5 million dollars bet

Billy won his bet in 2010 in a game in which the new Roleans Ssits were playing against Indianapolis. He had placed his bet of 3.5 million dollars on New Orlean, who were also the underdogs.

Dave Vegas won 2.5 million dollars on a 140 000 bet.

Dave won this record-breaking win in 2015 on a bet he placed on the Kansas City Royals. He won a world series at 30/1 odds. He had risked a significant stake of one hundred and forty thousand dollars, which paid him off a big win.

Whitely Steve, 1.5 million pounds on a two pounds bet

Won 1.45 million pounds to 2 pounds on 725, 335/ one odds. This was the biggest bet winner in the United kingdom. It happened via the Tote Horse racing pool gambling service in 2011. By gambling industry recognition the name, this winner steven Whiteley, a heating engineer from North Tawton, he attended a horse racing exercise for free at a local Exeter. He placed a jackpot bet of two pounds with six selections. He hit the jackpot with a win of 1, 450, 671.71 pounds.

Craggs Fred- Won one million pounds- 50pence on two million/ 1 odds.

Crags won the bet in 2008 through horse racing betting. He had placed a 50p accumulator and struck 2000000/1 tremendous odds.

Flutter Mike 8000 000 pounds

Flutter had betted on his own house and made a big win, which led to his gambling industry recognition. In 2003, he placed a bet on his horse Monty pass, which did not let him down. In addition to his win, he got 348 000 dollars for being the horse’s Pass owner.

James Adducci, 1.2 million dollars

Adducci won this bet with a stake of 85 000 dollars. He had bet on a golfer who had not won the championship for a long while. During that day, the golfer won, giving James a big win.

Barkley Charles

He won 800 000 dollars on a 500 000 dollars bet. This was after wagering on the new England patriots, which led to winning a super bowl.

Anonymous punter

An anonymous punter won 585 000 dollars in November 2011.

Yates Daren

Yates placed a bet in 1996 for horse racing and won 550 000 dollars on a sixty two-dollar chance.


Gambling is associated with many risks, and most people tend to avoid it because they fear losing. But with the above figures, you can deduce that gambling is real, and you can achieve your dreams if you are determined.


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