120 Pleasing Senegalese Twist That Will Turn Your Heads


Are you tired of the irons and coloring creams that is damaging your hair? Free your head from the destruction for some time by using the protective hair-do ideas like Box Braids, Senegalese Twist, etc. Senegalese Twist also known as Rope Twists are one of the best ways for your hair protection. The primary difference between Senegalese and Box Braid is that the former one is easier to do. If you don’t want to put more effort on it, crochet braids are there to help which directly includes weaving the fake twist to your natural hair. But you have to be careful as it can be tight with your hair.

Senegalese Twist will help recover your hair damage and also assist in the growth of your hair. Here are some tips for the process of installation, post-installation, and removal of the twists.

Things to know before Installation

  • The most common extension used for Senegalese Twist are Kanekalon and Toyokalon as they are synthetic and do well with the environment than a human hair.
  • It requires 10-12 packs of Kanekalon hair extensions.
  • The process of twisting takes about 5 to 10 hours according to the length of desire, and it will last maximum for eight weeks.

 Installation Process

  • The foremost thing to do is to wash and condition your hair properly.
  • After you blow dry and moisturize your hair correctly, section your hair and twist your hair adding the extensions.
  • Repeat the process to all the parts of the section.
  • After the installation, you can seal the ends by burning the extensions or dipping it into boiled water.

After Installation

  • You should always clean and moisturize your scalp as it is exposed.
  • You can use the oils and moisturizer to your twist for the fresh look.
  • Wrap Your head into a scarf to not destroy the twists.
  • Don’t expose yourself much to the sun.
  • You can wash your twists on a one-week basis.

Unwrapping Senegalese is quicker than the Box Braid. You can just cut the sealed end and unravel the twist. The process will be much easier if you spray the twist with oil and water. Don’t worry much about the hair fall because it is usually during the process. Some of the hairstyles that are popular with Senegalese Twist are given below.

Medium Length Twist

senegalese twist

Irrespective of the size, length, and texture of your hair, Senegalese Twist can be formed by the addition of hair extensions to give the length of hair you desire.

Back Bun

Isn’t putting a Bun the easiest thing to do with your hair? The Twists can be put into a bun if you don’t want your hair to disturb you.

Dark Twist

Who thought that twisting your hair like a rope could make a beautiful hairstyle! These Black Twists are the ropes people will die for metaphorically.

Front-Puff Twist

Puffs are elegant, and the twist makes it puffier and flattering. Wear a huge ring to pair with the outfit.

Two-tone Front Rolled-up Twists

The twist and roll have become trendier whether it’s on a food or a hairstyle. The Green and yellow tone reminds me of the Autumn, all bright and fresh.

Dark Auburn Twist

Dark Auburn is one of the natural shades of hair color. Hence the hair will not look like that of extensions added.

Purple Top-knot

The Purple Top-knot will be the best hair-do for your upcoming luxurious event. Don’t forget to pair it up with the jewels.

Highlighted twist

Do you know someone that craves for chocolates? This dusty caramel highlights with the black look like someone has chocolates all over their hair, and it’s fantastic.

Wrapped Bun Twist

If you are creative personnel and want people to admire it, then you should wear this Wrapped Bun Twist to give a statement.

Thick Senegalese Twist

You can have your desired thickness of twist, but you need to remember the more abundant the twist, the earlier they will loosen up.

Platinum-Grey Half-up Bun Twist

Grey is all about getting old. You want a mature look; you can mix up with the grayish tone. Style the Half-up Bun with a scarf for a chill look.

Asymmetrical Huge Lob Twist

The Huge Lob Twist gives volume to your head, and asymmetricity is all about a carefree person. The rosy makeup brightens up the face.

Pink Patches Twist

The Pink patches on the twist are creating a holographic pattern to the hair and give a chick vibe.

Shiny twist

Who doesn’t dream of shiny and silky hair? Wear a Senegalese Twist to have a fresh looking hair.

Messy Wrap Twist

Even the messy wrap looks good with the Senegalese Twists. The neatly twisted strands are fresh enough to look pulled off and damaged.

Half-up half-down

Half-up and Half-down is a classic hairstyle. You have hundreds of ideas for the half-up hair like a bun, pony, puff, twist, waterfall, etc.

Front Curve Twist

The Front Curve is classy which was a favorite hairstyle during the ’90s by many celebrities. Even Superman, Elvis Presley had it.

Senegalese Twist with flower

Are you going for a vacation to Bohemia? The Senegalese Twist are one of the popular and protective hairstyles for creating the vibe. Flowers are the key decorating jewels there.

Side Half-up Bun Twist

If you are a fan of classical dance, then you surely know about the Side-bun and the flower ornaments they put on to look magical. The Side-bun Twist reminds me of the dancers.

Hip-length Twist

If you are into long and thick hair and want them within just a period of time, then Senegalese Twist is the one for you to get the hair you desire.

Sexy Twist

You can also create a alluring look with the Senegalese Twist. Wear a smoky makeup and wear some tights to flatter your body.

Middle Brown Highlighted Twist

You can try out various of patterns with the twist as it is easy to unravel.

Senegalese Twist Ponytail

Ponytails are the rescue to work. Once you pull up to a pony, you will be ready for any thunder.

Locs Twist

Locs are not always messy and dirty. They can be neat if we take proper care and you can still have a fresh look.

Cool Twist

Pair up some headphones and wear a flannel shirt to play it a little more cool than ever for the Chill look.

Medium Twist with Scarf

Scarf can be used both as a styling technique as well as a protective cover while you go to sleep. Never forget to pair a statement earring with the scarf as a style.

Side-twist Senegalese

Creating side-twist with the Senegalese Twist is easier than normal hair because of the bulkiness it provides and won’t fall-off faster.

One Twist left Bun 

If all the styles are same and you are bored with it then you can leave a strand of twist to give different styling techniques.

Opened Senegalese Twist

Senegalese Twist has the best curls as the two strands of hair are overlapped over each other which are kept for an extended period.

Senegalese Cornrows

Cornrows are done on the root of the hair that gives flat effect to the head and cannot be parted once done. Here the cornrow imitates like a shaved portion in one part.

Blonde Ombre Lob Twist

Crochet Blonde Extensions are added to the shady twisted Lob to give this contrast in color Ombre look.

Blonde Large Half-up Bun

Do you work as a Fashionista in a company? The patterned T-shirt with the Heavy Half-up Bun Twist with the chill glass and nose ring is the way you should start a day for an artistic vibe.

Jumbo Twist

The Jumbo Twist with a side shaved is just a hairstyle if you are into a healthy lifestyle with all the gyms and veggies.

Jumbo Bun

Not everyone will have a smile on their face with a massive Bun on. If you can handle the sexiness, then you should go for it.

Half-up Senegalese Twist

Half-up styles are effortless and gives you a total change just with some flips in hair. hence it is preferred by most of the hairstylists.

Curled twist

The twist cuddled into other twists seems artistic and if you are one of the beautiful freaks go after the Curled Twist.

Coal Wrap

If you want to kill people with your warmth, then you should surely go with the Coal Wrap. Wear nude makeup to match the look.

Forehead Wrap

Create your Hat with this Forehead Wrap to look like the Queen of England attending a ceremony.

Senegalese with Cap

Senegalese twist are so comfortable that we can also wear a cap around it. The pretty pink cap also helps to keep the twist in place.

Mohawk Top Bun Twist

The Mohawk was a men’s hairstyle, but later women wore it as a statement of freedom. Now, the Mohawk Bun is a way of styling it.

Middle partition Twist

Middle Partition is the classic way for the division of hair as the hair-strands can be easily placed beyond your ears for ease.

Side Braid Twist

If you are going to a wedding as a bridesmaid, then this Side Braid twist can be a hairstyle to stand out among the crowd.

Half Pony Twist

It is the standard way to put your Half-up hair into a pony which is among the easiest styling technique of hair.

Side-parted Half-up Twist

Another way to style a half-up hair is to part it on the side to create a bun or a pony or braid.

Full Top Wrap Twist

Look like a Diva with this Full Top Wrap Twist that creates a double bun like structure just above the forehead giving a vibe of straight-forward person.

Bandanna Wrap

Wearing colorful Bandanna to your hair is a perfect way to match up with the summer and go to the beach.

Ethnic Twist

Wear a jewel on your forehead representing a specific ethnic group outside the twist to look like a goddess.

Side-parted Twist

There is always a side of a women she feels prettier about. Find about the side and partion your hair in that manner regularly.

Top-up Twist

Showcase your playful side with the Top-up Twist which gives a puff and the hair falling from the side makes you look like a child.

Huge Low Wrap Twist

Style your work classy low bun as a Huge Low Bun to give a good impression among your work buddies.

Blue Wrap and Braid

You surely know about Nikki Minaj, and her everlasting hair-colors, The Blue Wrap and Braid remind me of her, and if you want that kind of fame, you go girl.

Red Twist

Colours can be the expression of your inner thoughts and emotions. Showcase it in any possible hue you can.


We have talked about various types of buns and how efficient they are to make. Whether its an event or a casual day, bun is a saviour.

Asymmetrical Lob

Its actually simple to create a Lob with the Senegalese Twist because you can twist the extension upto the length of hair that you want.

Side-shaved Twist

The Side-shaved hair has become a trend among the celebrities, and the fans are too following the look to impersonate their idol.


Peanut Mohawk Bun

Peanut can be an excellent shade to apply to the Twist as it’s color and the structure resembles a rope. You can always wear a pair of white stones to your ear.

Coal Multi-wrap and knots

Describe your sophisticated mind through your appearance with this Multi-wrap and knots of the Coal Braid. You should go low with the makeup to match the red hair.

Top Flat Bun

The Flat Bun is the Ballet Bun but flat at the top giving an actual structure of the bread-bun. Wear a monochrome outfit to flatter the look.

Opened Huge Curls

If you love large curls, then you should go with the Jumbo Senegalese Twist to unravel it as shown in the gallery.

Rubber Bounded Twist

An idea to keep your strands of twist on place is to bound them together with a rubber-band not far from its area like shown above in the picture.

Wedding Bun

If you think you are going with a easy and comfortable bun on your wedding day then nothing can be best than this simple yet elegant Twist Bun.


Box Twist

The division of the hair is done in box-shaped hence the twist is known as Box Twist.

High Ponytail Twist

The high ponytail has a thick strands of hair that are falling sideways giving a bubbled Lob appearance. Create this playful look pairing with a rocky jeans.

Top Knots and Half-up

If you have a company to run as a Boss, you should surely be unique and sturdy enough for your employer to respect you. These bold look with half-up knots is just the right choice you should make.

Woven Bun Twist

Have you seen how the sweaters are woven through the strands of wool? The Woven Bun is created just like that but instead of a strand here some strands of hair is overlapped over other to create the structure.

Opened  Dense Twist

Denser hair shows healthy and well-cared head that tells a lot about a persons personality.

Thin Senegalese Twist

Thinner Twist creates the small cute curls that is hard to create with machine. If you want to be well prepared for a function, get the twist.

Twisted Side-twist

A way to get the hair out of the face without tying your hair is to roll the front portion of the twists sidewise and clip it on the back.

Half-up Space Bun Thick Twist

The Space Bun are too adorable to handle. If you want to dominate the cuteness, wear a cool T-shirt like that of fired thrasher.

Platinum Twist Tie

The twist strands can also be used as a tier to other twisted-strands. The Platinum grey color gives a mature look, and the shades are faced with framing.


Beautiful twist with Coils

The coils on the end of the twist signifies the freedom from a tangle of life. Wear the Twist as you desire without anyone’s consent.


Half-up Senegalese Twist

The tightly pulled-up half hair pulls your facial muscle along with the strands and makes you look young with your lifted facial structure.


Criss-cross Twist

Hipsters are the free people on earth that don’t really care about what people think and go on with their thing. The Criss-cross Twist are for those hippie by heart people.

Green-hued Thick Twist

The mixuture of the turquoise green and the grey colour imitates the grasses on mud during the autumn which gives a down-to-earth vibes.

Ombre Twist

The addition of the magenta extensions downward to create longer Senegalese Twist gives the Ombre effect. Wear a matching lipstick to go on track.

Casual Twist

The Senegalese Twist goes not only with party and events but also with the casual outfits. You can leave it down and wear a causal Superman T-shirt and still look fabulous.

Perfect Doughnut

The Twisted-Bun is perfectly in the shape of the doughnut which is mostly created for the ballerina.

Eggplant Slanted thick Top-braid Twist

The Thick slanted braid created by the twisted-strand above the forehead are majestic that is framing the facial structure. The Eggplant hue and the net outfit shows luxury.

Thick Twist with sealed end

The Thick Twist can easily open up so the sealing is very important which can be done either by dipping on hot water or burning the end.

Red Lob 

The darker roots are slowly added with the red extensions to create this sexy Lob which is perfect for the summer.

Senegalese Twist with open Ends

The open ends are created either by adding crochet hairs to the ends or by applying heat a little above than the end of hair.

Half-up Bow Twist

Is your child bragging about some stylish mother she met? If so create this cute Half-up Bow Twist showoff your talent.

Side Bang

The face framing bangs with the double step ring makes you stylish even with a plain top on.

Mohawk braids and Twist

This Mohawk braids and Twist is the actual vamp look you ladies have to get to give the people idea about your fierceness and power.

Long Twist with Face-framing Bangs

The face-framing bangs showcase your facial features, and the long hair twist makes you look like the Rapunzel that doesn’t need a prince to fight for herself.

Curvy Lob

If you have a circular facial structure, the curvy lobs will compliment your appearance. The circular ring will match up with the lob.

Grab on a paper and make a list of hairstyle you would like to do start up with the first one and start writing the advantage and disadvantage with each one. Start cutting off the more problematic one and select the one with least disadvantage and more advantages. This will help you up with hair problem for the rest of your life. If you have any ideas that i need to add to the list of hairstyles above, we will be happy to get your recommendations.


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