Roulette Strategy – How To Win At Roulette More Often


The game of roulette is one of the most played games in the world of gambling. Although many people enjoy the game, few understand the math behind it or the math’s implication. Additionally, roulette, like many other gambling games, favors the casino.

Many gamblers have several theories about how the wheels they are playing on are being rigged, but none of them is true. Nevertheless, the first thing you ought to do is ensure you enjoy your roulette game at a reputable casino. For instance, if you want to enjoy roulette Australia, you should read several reviews first. So, what are the best strategies to win roulette more often?

Even though you’ll eventually beat the house on the run, you can boost your winning chances on any session. This guide will learn several roulette tips and strategies to help you approach the game better.

Roulette Strategies

These roulette strategies are used by players worldwide. However, each strategy applies in different scenarios, so you need to read the guide carefully.

The Steady Betting Strategy

As you learn to win a game of roulette, you might have ended up being greedy. If you miss a few spins, you will likely increase your bets, hoping you will finally hit a winning spot. However, studies have revealed that many roulette players prefer to apply a more stable roulette strategy. They achieve this by repeating the same bet regardless of whether they are winning or losing. Unfortunately, the strategy only allows players to increase their wager slightly when they are on a winning streak.

As a result, you don’t risk too much of your bankroll on a particular spin, and you still have a good chance of hitting a winning streak and getting some good profits.

This strategy is not suitable for thrill-seekers. Such players need to go for a more aggressive strategy.

Martingale Strategy Roulette Tips

This is a popular roulette strategy around the world. You can also apply this roulette strategy to other forms of gambling like Blackjack. You can choose a minimum bet, and it will determine how much you are winning in ensuing spins.

So, if your initial wager is 1 USD per spin, you have to double it if you lose. For example, suppose you bet on red and the first number comes out black; you have to bet 2 USD on the next spin. Then, if the number is black again, bet 4 USD on the next wager.

Continue with the progression until you hit a red number. Note that this strategy might need you to have a hefty bankroll sometimes.

The demerit of this strategy is that if you miss several spins, you could end up wagering thousands to win one dollar! What’s more, all online casinos have a betting limit that significantly restricts how far you can push the Martingale.

Reverse Martingale Strategy

This popular strategy is the opposite of the Martingale strategy. In this strategy, you double your bets whenever you are winning. On the other hand, you’ll revert to the start of the sequence when you lose. This strategy is less susceptible to variance. This is because gamblers don’t have to wager large sums of money.

Additionally, the strategy is for players who can control themselves so as to figure out when to stop. Therefore, it is upon you to decide how far you’ll go.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

This strategy allows players to win more when they are on a winning streak. In this strategy, you don’t double your bets. Instead, you apply a mathematical progression referred to as the Fibonacci sequence.

The sequence starts with number one, which is repeated once. From there, you add the next two numbers to get the next number in the sequence. Therefore, you also need knowledge on how to apply the sequence.

The moment you hit a winning run, progress to the next number of betting units in the sequence. If you lose, you go back to the start of the sequence. This strategy also works on even-money wagers such as red/black or odd/even. The good thing is that this strategy does not require the players to risk a lot of their money.

The Fibonacci roulette strategy depends on luck and a solid winning streak. It is also upon you to decide when to stop!

Double or Nothing

This strategy works best for players interested in sectors of roulette like the Zero Game. However, it can either be more hazardous when you lose or lucrative when it works.

In this strategy, you select a sector on the wheel that consists of a number of not more than 7 or 8 numbers. After that, you bet on all the numbers in that sector.

When the ball lands on the lucky sector, you should use all your winnings from that spin to wager on the same sector again with a bigger bet. With this strategy, you turn a small initial investment into a massive win, especially if you get three or more successive hits into a small section of the wheel.


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