Reset your mind, body and soul after a difficult period in your life


Have you recently been through a rough period in your life and you don’t have any clue what you can do to reset yourself? You need some guidance at this point in your life and reading is one way to keep your mind quiet and get that long-lost balance back. This article should give you some tips on how to grow spiritually, reduce your anxieties and establish better health habits in the shortest time possible. In case you are not familiar with the term grounding, you should know that it means regaining your balance in your body and soul through the help of nature, detoxification and other holistic practices. Grounding means you start learning how to live in the present moment only, without worrying about what happened in your life or what is going to happen in your future. Here are some practices that you might want to explore:

Green therapy

If you are not exposed to plants very often, you should consider bringing them inside. Indoor plants have a huge impact on your mood and can help you find that lost balance again. Even though it might seem like a small step, plants can influence your life tremendously. The ambiance in your house can either help you get out of your current state or make you fall deeper into the problems you struggle with. This is why you should invest more of your time and resources into creating a pleasant atmosphere inside your house, from bringing indoor plants here to using aromatherapy or crystals.

Keep in mind that plants such as lavender has numerous benefits besides making you feel better. Lavender helps with acne, sore muscles or eczemas. You can even induce sleep with the help of lavender oil – amazing for people who suffer from insomnia due to trauma. Bring a Himalayan salt lamp and place it next to an indoor plant for the maximum therapy effect you can receive. Both salt lamps and indoor plants purify air, boost moods and promote sleep.

Green therapy works when you choose the appropriate plants to surround yourself with. It is well-known that greenery absorbs bad energies and helps with making the symptoms of mental health issues milder. In order to improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, you should invest in these following plants that can purify your home:

  • Spider Plant – easy to take care of, absorbs carbon monoxide, xylene and benzene
  • English Ivy – absorbs unpleasant smells in the house, carbon monoxide and others
  • Peace Lily – absorbs ammonia and has beautiful flowers
  • Orchid – beautiful decorative plant, also absorbs xylene and toluene

Changing your diet

Your diet can influence the way you feel, and when you are under stress, you tend to eat unhealthy foods at inappropriate times. Changing your diet can result in a visible change of your mood. Try an elimination diet – you need to replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones and stick to the plan for as long as you can. First of all, it will help your body and mind to detox. Secondly, it will keep your mind busy with something much more productive than feeling bad about the events that happened in your life lately. Combining a good diet with exercising is the ideal habit you should strive for at the moment. Here is an idea of what foods to include or exclude from your alimentation:

  • Fruits: give up oranges, strawberries and bananas for whole fruits
  • Dairy: exclude all the dairy products you eat and go for nut milks instead (almond, hemp seed, rice etc.)
  • Grains: give up wheat and corn, choose brown rice and quinoa
  • Oils: say goodbye to margarine or processed oils and pick cold-pressed olive oil or coconut oil
  • Drinks: stay away from alcohol, coffee, soda, and drink water, green tea and coconut water

Train your brain

This might be the most complicated parts of them all – training your mind. After struggling with a difficult phase in your life, you must learn how to meditate for emotional healing. At first, it will be complicated and you’ll feel like it is useless. In fact, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself at the moment. A regular meditation session should look like this:

  • Close your eyes and practice some breathing exercises to tune into the moment
  • Bring the attention entirely to your body and the sensations you have
  • Continue scanning your body from your head to your toes without paying attention or sticking to the thoughts that come to your mind for a few minutes
  • Gently come back to your surroundings by opening your eyes

Let go of your past

When you go through something that truly affects the way you perceive life, it’s difficult to let go of it, especially if it altered several parts of your life. For instance, drug abuse affects both your mind and your body, and it’s hard to get past the consequences. In case you struggled with addiction or mental health disorders in the past, you should think about choosing ayahuasca as a rehab method.  You need to let go of worrying about whatever happened in the past and focus on your present self. Meditation is part of this journey, and you can also try booking a few nights at a detox resort and detach from your routine. The fear of the unknown or the fear of a relapse should not have a place in your head either. Worrying about all the things that you have no power to change will only make you feel worse about your current state.

Finally, you should stop overscheduling your life to avoid losing your regained balance again. Whenever you start straying far away from the healthy habits you created, you might slip back into the mental state that you have experienced before. Don’t overindulge in these unhealthy habits and stick to what’s good for you at the moment.


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