154 Alluring Red Hair Colour Ideas That You Will Love


The world population consists of 1-2% of naturally red hair people. Northern and Western part of Europe comprising maximum redhead people has 2-6% red hair population which is centered around the British island. Hence, Ireland has 10% of redhead people making it the country with the maximum redhead population. Scotland has 6%, and England has 4% of red-haired people in the total population. The shade of red color varies from burgundy to burnt orange and strawberry blonde. The Naturally red-haired people are said to be feisty temper and short tongues. You can have the hint from the celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Julian Moore, Rose Leslie, Lindsay Lohan, etc. who are natural redheads.

The red hair started to be in fashion since the time of Elizabeth era as Queen Elizabeth I was a redhead. The redheads were highly bullied for their appearance before. Since then, the people around the world started using various ingredients to have a red hair of different hue. In the countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, people use henna and saffron products to get the bright red shade. When you get your hair red colored, there are few steps you should follow to manage the hair color.

  • Select the red shade properly that is appropriate for your complexion.
  • Use the shampoo and conditioner that will prevent the fading of colour.
  • Avoid being on the sun for too long.
  • Avoid over-washing your hair.
  • Visit your hairstylist regularly.
  • Apply appropriate makeup.
  • Take extra care while wearing a dress. Dressing code for each shade is different. e.g. green doesn’t go well with red.

Let’s get some information about the inspiring shades and styling techniques of the red hair.

1. Magenta Half-up Bun Box Braidred hair

Braid Box is itself the bold statement. The magenta red is applied to the braids all over to give a chic look.

2. Dark Red Side Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are beautiful in every texture hair. Add Red to make the hair spicier. Accessorize with hair clips if you are going for an occasion.

4. Ruby Red Hair

Shine brighter wearing the ruby red colour. Showcase your makeup skill for appropriate appearance.

5. Ruby Red Crown Braid

If you have the queen attitude, this is ideally the hair-do you will love. The Crown braid and red hair together reminiscence about redhead Queen Elizabeth.

6. Magenta Bob Loose Curls

Look all classy and cool with this Magenta Bob Loose curls. Wear big earring to complete the style.

7. Mahogany Locs

Mahogany Locs shows the dangerous nature of a person and is strong as the mahogany-woods are said to be.

8. Red Velvet 

Velvet is said to be a soft fabric. The balayage look provides a peek of under black hair showing a contrast in colour.

9. Burgundy Lob

The black root flows to become burgundy creating a Lob as a tunnel for the flowing liquid.

10. Bonfire Long Waves

The Long Orange Waves reminds about the large flames of fire seen in a bonfire. Wear hand and neck jewellery to flare-up.

11. Ruby Red Hair Bun

A bun is always the best way to get the hair out of your face, and red colour provides warmness.

12. Red Copper

The copper waves are highlighted by red giving texture to your streams. The hair suits well with the fair skin tone.

13. Cherry Cola Balayage

The Balayage waves above has the combination of cherry red and black colour worn such that it gives a contrast in colour.

14. Middle Parted Bob Waves

The fluffy red waves starting from the level of forehead shows the warm and playful person.

15. Velvet Bob

The velvet bob frames the face in such a way that the out emerging cheekbones fake dimples.

16. Mermaid Red Hairs

Do you want to look like a mermaid? Wear this sharp red without a hint of natural hair to look mythical.

17. Intense Red Emo

You can hit the red hairstyle not only to be fairy and imaginary but also for a punk look. Just wear intense red on an edgy straight hair.

17. Wavy Balayage

The red colour is inconsiderate about you size whether it is about your hair or your face. Wear balayage onto your hair flaunting your face.

18. Faded Velvet Braid

Rihanna flaunts the Red Velvet by fading it to a hue which suits with her brown complexion.

19.Faded Blood Orange Asymmetrical Lob

Little peeks of orange in the red in an Asymmetrical Lob makes Rihanna looks like a cartoon character.

20. Red Copper with Bangs

Don’t worry if you are into more of a nerdy red than a spicy hot thing. The Red Copper is the thing you will love with your glasses on.

21. Cherry Red Waves

The best thing about the shown Cherry Red waves is the lightening of colour at the few strands of tips and on the bangs to give a brighter look to the tips.

22. Shiny Intense Red Hair

If you are up for a costume party, you can wear the Shiny and front curvy Intense Red to look like Marina from zig and shark cartoon.

23. Gold Copper Faux Hair

Not everybody wants the hair to be pale; some want it to be thick and shimmer like gold. If you are the one, then wear the Gold-Copper Faux Hair to shine.

24. Intense Red Hair

We have already talked about Intense Red and how they can keep up with any personality.

25. Ariel Red

Be all dreamy with this black rooted Ariel red. Ariana has given justice to the look during her Disney show time.

26. Mermaid Emo 

The Red Lipstick and the lip jewel with the side twisted red hair gives an idea about a mermaid with a punk personality.

27. Dark Cherry with Bangs

The Red and black are evenly applied which imitates a cherry. The edgy bangs give an intense vibe but the down waves bring the sweet side.

28. Reddish Magenta Bob

Short Bob cannot be styled in many ways. Hence giving a Reddish magenta colour to a bob makes you look fashionable and pretty.

29. Shades of Red

The Red hue can go from Brownish Red to Cherry and from Violet to Intense Red and complexion is considered to choose the shade.

30. Layered Velvet Burgundy with Bangs

The best thing about the look is the Velvet Red layer is above the Burgundy which gives the two-toned red shade on the same hair.

31.Dark Blood Orange

Some of us are in love with the idea of ginger colour hair, freckles and light complexion but they don’t want the artificial bright orange. Hence, the orange mixed with red and black shade is applied.

32. Fire Red Hair

The rolls on the bottom with darker red, the bright fire in the middle and the darker shade at the top resemble a burn with smoke.

33. Eggplant

The dark burgundy sleeked hair is always ready for either a fashion industry or an office desk.

34. Red wine Bangs and Bun

The darker roots bangs and the intense red peeks below the cheeks with cherry Bun gives justice to the Half-up Bun.

35. Blackberry Waves

The blackberry consists of the tease of velvet on the burgundy giving the waves good texture and a pleasant look.

36. Sunshine

Trying the neon orange, pink and yellow is only to those people who aren’t afraid of colours that will appear when you have to rejuvenate the existing one.

37. Shiny Long Intense Red

The classic way of painting Red never goes out of style. Shine Brighter with the Long Intense Red hair.

38. Black Faded Cherry One-sided Bob

If your mom is a chill type of person, then try the look with a faded cherry Asymmetrical Bob.

39. Styling Hot Cherry 

Whether its simple braids, multi-braids or just letting the hair flow in its texture, cherry colour always looks hot and warm.

40. Middle-parted Intense red

The simple way of styling an Intense red is middle parting the hair such that the root hair colour shows off.

50. Long Middle-parted Aubergine

We can always keep the classic technique of colouring by painting the whole hair with the same colour and aubergine is one of the best colours to colour it typically.

51.Cherry Coke Balayge

Balayage provides texture and thickness to your hair and what can bring the best out of balayage than natural looking cherry and black colour.

52. Intense Red Braided Lower Bun

The regular Cornrow braids with an Intense Red hue gives a hot look. Pair it up with some jewels to look classy. Watch 121 Sophisticated jumbo box braids Styles For You for more braiding techniques.

53. Cinnamon Waves with Short Bangs

If you want yourself to look not too old and not too young, the Cinnamon hair with Short bangs is your thing.

54. Ruby Red Perfect Lob Waves

This perfect Ruby Red Lob waves can be an excellent look for your relative’s wedding.

55. Reddish Coral 

The pop of the coral on the red is something different. It suits better on the fair white complexion.

56. Medium Golden Auburn

If you want to keep it low but still look shiny, wear an auburn color with some shades of gold.

57. Messy Cherry Burgundy 

Burgundy and cherry are quite similar, but there is still the contrast seen. The Side bangs are cherry-like whereas the lower ends are burgundy coloured.

58. Afro Red

The dark roots and bulging Red curls is a Sombre colouring technique which looks just like a masterpiece.

59.Pinkish Red Ombre

The Pinkish decoration garners the Cherry Ombre giving the taste of flowing Subtle red.

60. Copper Highlights on Cherry

What colour can be more shiner than Copper highlights on bright cherry? Wear dark shimmery clothing showing along your neck to look elegant.

61. Faded Burn

The people with brown complexion don’t usually go along with the bright colours. The faded orange is one of the best colour to suit the skin-tone.

62. Coral On Shiny Red

The hint of Coral on a Shiny Red is perfect for the fair complexion. Put on a rosy makeup to enhance your look.

63. Half-up Shiny Copper Big Loops

If you want a thick looking hair, doing a Half Up-do with the big loops can be an easy way. The Shiny Copper with darker shade root also benefits the thickness.

64. Black Subtle Scarlet

The blood red blends up perfectly with black to give this Subtle Scarlet loose waves.

65. Bloody Red

Bloody Red hair is perfect for a vampire look. Wear a crimson lipstick to complete the appearance.

66. Messy Red with Copper Highlights Bun

Messy Red Bun with the highlights of copper is not just appropriate for workaholics but also to those cute small faced people who want to show off their facial structure appropriately.

67. Red Sun Sombre

The mixture of dark roots flowing through red, orange and then yellow gives a vibe of strong energy radiating person.

68. Violet Sunset Waves

Have you ever sunset so good that it pops up some violet, red and orange? The diagonal waves here talks about the beautiful Sunset pattern.

69. Magenta Puffy Twist

Magenta is a colour in-between Red and Purple, moreover reddish cherry. The Puffy Magenta Twist is for those who want it in-between the colours as well as braids.

70. Cherry Cola  Lob

Lobs are already sexier and pairing it up with the cherry cola makes it more alluring and beautiful.

71. Dark Auburn 

This Dark Auburn hair gives the impersonate of an Irish people with redhead and freckles.

72. Intense Red Face Framing Bob

The Bob with Bangs has always been called the Asian look especially the Mongolians. The Intense Red brings out life in the Bob.

73. Deep Copper Red

The Deep copper is for those who want to try the different but retro look. Jewel it up with makeup and nose rings.

74. Reddish Orange 

Rihanna has rocked every darker and faded shade of red colour with Long as well as short hair and here is the reddish orange.

75. Shiny Copper

The hairstyle has one layer of Shiny Copper and another layer with a darker shade that can be styled as both Lob and long hair.

76. Middle parted Red coils

The Red coils are messier at the roots and give a nice textured loop as it goes to the ends.

77. Faded Copper Lob

The Faded Copper is just the combination of blonde auburn and copper to give a lighter shade of colour.

78. Red Velvet Asymmetrical Lob

Red Velvet still looks good whether it is a perfectly textured hair or the Asymmetrical and whether it is long or short.

79. One-side shaved Ariel 

If you think it is too cliche to look like the character Ariel from Disney, then make it a low-key by cutting your hair on the side.

80. Softened Cherry Ombre

Sleek hair and Red Ombre are said to be match-made from above. The dark Auburn to cherry melts into coral and strawberry taking it soft.

81. Long Dark Cherry Waves

Long Dark Cherry Waves are beautiful like black and red dahlia. Another way of looking splendid with Cherry is Dark Cherry Waves.

82. Red Violet with A Side Strand Braid

What can be more feminine than soft red velvet, tiny braids and the waves?

83. Apple Red

The hair appears like an apple which has the different shade of red colour having bright and dark hue.

84. Dark Black Orange

The slight waves make you look young and fresh, and the Black Orange shows the natural Red hair.

85. Red Pastel Pink

There is something in the luscious Pastel colour that makes butterflies run in our stomach. The pastel is in between the pink and purple.

86. Intense Red with Orange Highlights

The best way to pop the waves texture in Intense Red hair is to add highlights of Orange in the strands.

87. Sleek Auburn

The best way to go low-key with red colour is to add red to different shades of brown giving an Auburn.

88. Side Parted Ariel

The Ariel is dense on the root due to the turning of hair on the front and gets thinner as it goes to the tip.

89. Side Parted Messy Magenta

The magenta to the brown roots is an excellent choice for a fair complexion with a funky character.

90. Magenta To Black Aubergine 

The Color shade has an advantage of dual appearance giving Magenta in the sun or bright light and a Black Aubergine in dim light.

91. Sleek Coral

Coral is another colour that makes the generation heart pound. Taking a glossy look with it makes you look fantastic.

92. Dark Root Ruby Red High Pony

Are you dating a vampire lover? This Dark root Ruby Red could be a look your lover would appreciate a lot.

93. Sleek Shiny Red with Bangs

Smooth and Shiny are the two words every woman wants to hear as the compliment for their hair. The Red and the Bangs are out-speaking about the shine.

94. Afro Dark Red

You should go for Afro dark red if you want the thin textured curls and thick looking hair.

95. Long Cinnamon Half-up Multi-braids 

The Long Cinnamon is for that old soul with a young body. The multi-braided hair with cinnamon and the dress up shows a character of a great archer.

96. Red Orange Dutch Braid

The Dark Red roots with the bulged out Orange braids is a beautiful hair for your autumn and summer vibes.

96. Ruby Red French Braid

French braid is another hairstyle the red will rock. The Ruby Red is the exotic of the red shades.

97. Red Crown Balayge

The waves are the ultimate flattering style done in a balayage. The crown plays a vital role in showing off the contrast. Watch 123 Beautiful Waterfall Braid Hairstyles With Tutorial for more waterfall braids.

98. Burgundy Lob Sombre

The Lob is also another way to flatter balayage. The transition of the dark shade to light creates a Sombre.

99. Cherry Cola Long Wave

The diagonal Waves of cherry in the middle is like a mediator to the dark roots and the peep of black on the tips.

100. Reddish Orange Large Waves

Orange fancy up the massive wave which gives on-point structure than any other curls. Rihanna kills the look here. Watch 101 Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles to copy right nowfor other celebrities hair ideas.

101. Shiny Reddish Orange Bob with Bangs

Reddish Orange Lob hair with the incomplete twist is the taste of the fun-loving and charming person.

102. Subtle Red Velvet

The dark roots of the Red Velvet give a delicate appearance of flowing water mixed with colours.

103. Light Cherry Auburn 

Keep the Red plain with the light-coloured cherry auburn. Showcase your makeup skill to look modish.

104. Side Wavy Aerial

The Side Wavy Red hair is the precisely the Ariel hair and the waves on the bottom are the princess curls.

105. Pinkish Red

These pinkish waterfall braids are just the hairstyle you are looking up for your daughter in her annual function.

106. Goth Red

Red and Black is also the goth colour. The fading in red is the old dye from some weeks ago.

107. Top-knotted Cherry Pink

The red top-knotted are not just cute, they are fancied beautifully by the Cherry pink Sombre.

108. Simple Faded Red

The unevenly layered hair complements the face because of the curve on the neck and the red that helps the fair complexion to pop out.

109. Copper Auburn Crown Multi-braided

Another multi-braid for an archer look is a crown braid of copper and Auburn colour.

110. Intense and Dark Red Loc High Ponytail

The dark roots grown up to red locs of two shades Intense and dark are tied at the top representing the silhouette of snakes.

111. Messy Orange Curls

The bulky and messy hair at the roots turns out to be beautiful orange curls at the ends.

112. Faded Magenta Curls with Hair-band

Hair bandanna is one of the best ways to protect your hair colour from the sun, but are the faded magenta?

113. Magenta Balayage Braid Box

The Magenta Balayage Braid Box is an impressive trick to rock the balayage showing off the contrast easily.

114. Dark Root Reddish Pink 

The Red hair suits any haircut whether it is a step-cut or straight. Root is left to its natural colour to outgrow the natural hair without any difficulty.

115. Edgy Shiny Pomegranate Red

The Shiny Pomegranate makes you look young and your hair healthy.

116. Sleek Burgundy

This burgundy has both warm and cold tone with the uniform shade of blue and red colour.

117. Faded Pink Half-up Bun Box Braid

The Half-up Braid Box Bun has the two shade of faded pink giving multi-colour effect.

118. Long Dark Auburn

Another hairstyle you can hit up for your intense, sexy look is this Dark Auburn Long Soft Waves.

119. Intense Red Mermaid Curls

Are you going to a black theme prom night? The Intense Red hair with mermaid curls is the perfect match for your outfit. Accessorize your hair with a black bow.

120. Red Burgundy One-sided Waves

What is up with the Burgundy Red that makes everyone go mad? Try the One-sided with the burgundy hairstyle to know about it.

121. Mohawk Red Bulky Coils

The Mohawk with long curls at the back is a perfect way to style your hair if you are into your long Red hair but also want to show a calm and strong side.

122. Two-sided Red Space Buns

The dark and light mixed up colour through the braids to spaced buns make the style different from other. Adorn your hair by adding some glitters.

123. Lower-braided High Bun

Another way to style your Red Bun is by upward braiding your hair and leading it to a cute bowed Bun.

124. Middle Parted Lob Waves

Just Middle part your Red Lobs and try waving it softly to take on a neat look.

125. Burgundy and Strawberry Face Framing Lob

The delicate framing Lob consists of various variation in red colour which emerges from a dark root to burgundy and has a hint of strawberry and Auburn in it.

126. Messy Copper Golden Curl

When we talk about curls the messier, it gets the better it looks. Here the dark roots become the copper and gold curls.

127. Cherry Fire Waves

The Cherry Fire is a bold choice of colour when put together. The Cherry flows down to Orange to create a distinctive look.

128. Reddish Orange Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

Reddish Orange Asymmetrical Bob is a fresh look for those who don’t want have time for their hair.

129. Orange Side Five-strand Braid

The five-strand braids with Orange and Auburn give dimension to the hair.

130. Dark and Red Dread Locs

Locs are better if you have multi-colour on your hair to create a contrast of colours.

131. Gold Highlighted Cherry Plain Lower Braid

The long normal braided cherry hair is illuminated by the Gold colour to show the variation in the shade.

132. Red Cornrow Braid

Cornrows are the easiest way to look different from the usual braids and red will bring out the uniqueness.

133. Red Highlighted Black

Intensify the natural black hair by highlighting it with Intense red to give a barbie look.

134. Intense Red Perfect Curl

The dark red on the front is faded as it goes back which is done to suit the brown complexion on the front.

135. Smooth Burgundy Balayage

If you are too afraid of your natural black hair showing off in the root after some weeks, then keep it simple by painting the balayage as shown in the figure.

Red is a fancy colour, and we should wisely choose the colours you are going to pair it up with whether it is your makeup, dress or another shade for your hair. It can be kept low-key as well as styled queenly as mentioned above. Try the appropriate colouring techniques with hairstyle and feedback us with your result. You may also like 101 Steal-worthy Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles.


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