Reasons Encouraging Studying


Studying is not easy, that’s for sure, and we are not going to pretend there is some magic trick that can get your motivation to keep studying back. There are, though, ways to boost your motivation up and increase your productivity. For a student, motivation is the key to success whether you need to read through and memorize some chunk of information or write an essay. There are some ways to get yourself more or less motivated for studying, and we are sure you will find at least some of them useful.

To begin with, let us clear some things up: studying can be hard, but it is doable. In my experience, literally, any student can do well by putting moderate effort into learning. No matter what you do, you can write essays, read books, work on a dissertation, and attend parties all at the same time. You don’t have to sacrifice everything for your good marks, and you can easily combine academic success and personal life. If you sit there thinking about ‘how to write my dissertation’, it is probably a good time for you to look for some inner strength and motivation. Just remember that you’ll have to put some effort before you get to enjoy the results of your hard work.

Set Short-Term Wins

That one works well when you work on some lengthy project. For instance, you are working on your dissertation, which is a huge chunk of work. You cannot finish it in one sitting, obviously, so you will have to break it down into smaller sub-goals. What is important here is wise time-management. Let us say, you have 2 months before the submission date: in this case, you just calculate how much you need to write every other day to finish work on time. Ask yourself “how long does it take to do my dissertation?”, and the answer will help you determine the amount of work you need to do each day. Do not forget to reward yourself for every milestone you reach on your way.

Try Something New

If you lack motivation for studying, there must be something you are motivated for. Even if you feel like you don’t have a passion for anything, there surely is something that will give you that spark you need. Go somewhere new, try something new, or just enjoy things you already like. Just make a difference, it will refresh your mind and help you change your attitude. Maybe it will help you realize what you are really passionate about.

Remember Where You Started and Where You Are Going

Almost everything we do in life – we do for a reason. There has to be a reason why you started studying in the first place. Sure, maybe your parents made this call for yourself, and you did not really have a chance to decide, but most likely, you have a reason to be where you are now. Even if you did not get to decide for yourself, you probably have a reason to keep pushing. First of all, you’ll have to pay for education, which means you are going to need money. What is better than getting a decently paying job to get money and pay out your loan?

Secondly, the better you study, the more skilled you will eventually become, and trust me, employers just love skilled professionals. If you lack student motivation, just remember that life will get easier once you are done with it. Later on, you will be able to just relax and enjoy life. Your efforts will pay off, as much as your lack of effort will. The harder you study, the better your life is going to get in the future, so you just have to make a call and choose what you like better: having a well-paid job and living a decent life or trying not to starve to death.

Cooperate with Your Peers

It is easier to work on projects with someone like your friends or peers. Even if you do not study together, you can gather your friends around for a sort of a party where you will be writing essays and reading books together instead of simply drinking. It might sound absurd, but if you manage to gather your friends and convince them just to study altogether, you are going to be surprised by how productive you guys can be.


Romans used to say that a healthy mind is in a healthy body, and it surely is a good thing to remember while you study. It does not mean you have to be a professional athlete, but at least some physical activity will surely help you stay both healthy and motivated to keep pushing forward. In the end, you can combine getting your Ph.D. with receiving your black karate belt. At the very least, physical activity will help you stay in shape as well as maintain your good health, which is surely a good thing whether you are a student or not.

In most cases, motivation comes from within, and you must find it yourself. Feeling like I can’t get motivated to study is a common thing among students, and it is completely normal you feel this way too. As said, there is no magic trick that gets you motivated, but there are ways to maintain some desire to study. You can use these tips above to try and boost your motivation. Likely, at least one of them will work so give them a shot. You just need to remember that you do 99% of the work here and that only you can motivate yourself to keep studying.



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