Quirky Wedding Trends for Millennials


Only 44% of millennials were married in 2019, compared to 53% of Gen Xers at the same age—as found by Pew Research. The median age for women to get married for the first time in this group is 28, compared to 30 for men, which is also indicative of this generation’s greatest interest in meaning and purpose, as opposed to tradition. Millennials are no longer marrying when it is expected but rather when they achieve greater stability. Many are content to live together and those that are getting married are doing so ‘their way’, with many shunning some of the more traditional elements of weddings that their predecessors embraced. The following popular trends show that for this generation, romance prevails over custom and fun takes precedence over expectations.

Embracing Sustainability

Around 75% of millennials are eco-conscious enough to switch their alliance in favor of environmentally-friendly products and services. This passion for green living extends to weddings, with couples making a plethora of green choices—including the reliance on venues with green energy and water-saving practises in place. Couples are looking for a variety of ways to reduce their carbon footprints such as using potted instead of cut flowers, vintage or preloved wedding attire, and sewn flowers for the bouquet—all of which can be seen as quirky but wise, purpose-filled choices made by those seeking to make a positive difference with their event. Many are also choosing completely vegan menus as a way to embrace eco-friendliness and kindness to animals.

The Rise of the Small Wedding

The past couple of years have seen a boom in micro-weddings and elopements, with many couples foregoing big church weddings and choosing more intimate outdoor events. The idea is to play it safe and save on costs (since many millennials are still paying off college loans) while holding a meaningful, fun-filled ceremony to celebrate their union. Extended groups of family and friends are being kept ‘in the loop’ by live-streaming weddings and/or setting up dedicated websites in which authorized users can view photographs and video files of the event.

Loving Las Vegas

Vegas wedding celebrations are eternally popular, especially among those who don’t want to wait too long for paperwork to come through. Las Vegas is home to a bevy of venues ranging from huge (think the Las Vegas Convention Center or the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino) to small and intimate (Springs Preserve or the Newon Museum are ideal spots). The city of lights is also home to a plethora of restaurants serving a wide array of international foods, as well as accommodations for all budgets and group sizes. Thus, couples can either elope or hold a fun wedding in the company of party-loving family and friends.

Packed with Personality

Millennials are celebrating weddings that celebrate their hobbies, tastes, and styles. Just a few features you might find at the next millennial wedding you attend include mismatched bridesmaid dresses, colorful wedding dresses and tuxes, and choreographed dances. Since weddings are, to a great extent, about the joy of celebration, couples are including special touches such as donut walls, photo booths, and alternative cake shapes or cupcakes instead of traditional wedding cakes. Many are creating their own DIY wedding favors, mason jars, and candles to give away to guests as a memento of their special event.

Millennials are getting married later in life, with many wishing to settle college debt and purchase a home before saying ‘I do’. Those who decide to celebrate a wedding are ensuring their event is meaningful and very much indicative of who they are as a couple. From fun photo booths to über sustainable plant-based meals, choices reveal the characteristics of a generation that values sustainability, purpose, and true romance.


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