Quick and Simple Hair Styles to Achieve with Clip-in Hair Extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are a great way to add styling versatility to your hair. Extensions can give you extra volume and length when and where it’s needed. You’ll find that clip-in extensions will be easy to set in place, allowing you to go from daytime fun to nighttime glam in just a matter of minutes.

There are a number of great quick and simple hair styles that you can introduce into your styling routine for a fresh look once you have the added length and volume that your extensions will offer you.

The heat-free twisted low bun

This chic hairstyle will work well with all types of hair extensions, including clip-in extensions. Whether you’re spending your day darting between meetings or you’re going for a romantic night out with your special someone, you’ll soon find that this elegant hairstyle becomes your go-to choice.

This style is as simple as gathering your hair, twist your hair and wrap your hair. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t apply the same scalp stress as a high and tight bun will, which is a great bonus to this style.

To create your twisted low bun, start with parting your hair in the middle and gathering it at the nap of your neck. Take your index finger and start to gently twist the gathered ponytail with a round motion. Once you have the low ponytail tightly twisted begin to wrap it around itself in a circle. Wrap a hair tie around the bun to secure it and you’re all set.

Fun summer beach waves

Whether you have clip-ins or sewn-in hair extensions, the summer beach waves style is almost effortless to achieve. It’s also a timeless look that’ll see you looking your charming best at any event or occasion. You can certainly create it while you’re enjoying a holiday with your family, but this style works great as a work day and evening dinner look.

These loose and flirty waves can be achieved with the use of a curling wand, but you don’t need heat to create this look. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to keep your extensions from the risk of heat damage. If you’re concerned about the type of styling tools that can be used with your clip-in extensions, click here for more details and FAQ information.

Use the two-strand-twist method, which starts by using a lightweight hair mousse. Apply the mousse to your hair and then twist your locks to create those loose lovely waves. If you are in a hurry to create your style, you can use low heat. Just take care that you don’t fry your extensions.

The heat-free side-swept braid

This easy hairstyle is all at once flirty, fun and casually messy. It’s a fun go-to hairstyle for a holiday or for a daily look that’ll take you from office to dinner with your other half. Heat-free looks are the best go-to when you’ve got clip-in extensions.

Start by sweeping your hair together at the nape of your neck and move it to the side of your neck you’d prefer to wear the braid. Braid your hair, either starting with a French braid or simply just the hair that hangs down over your neck and shoulder. It’s that easy. You can make the braid as tight or as messy and loose as you’d like.

The sleek low ponytail

You really can’t go wrong with a ponytail, and it’s one of the best aspects of using extensions to add volume to your natural hair. The sleek and low ponytail is an elegant choice that will work well for those business meetings. The key to this hairstyle is to make your hair as sleek and smooth as possible when you’re brushing it back to sweep the ponytail together at the nape of your neck. You could use a smoothing hair product to help complete your look. Secure your low ponytail with a ribbon or a hair tie.

You can cover the hair tie with a small selection of your ponytail wrapped around the hair tie. This is a classic and easy-to-create look that you’ll love. It’s easy to transform this style into a braided ponytail when you’re looking to change things up a bit.

The double French braid

French braids are the epitome of elegance. While the single traditional French braid is a pretty choice for any event or occasion, the double French Braid adds a bit of romantic elegance. The key to this hairstyle is to ensure that you have an even downward middle part; you’ll need equal volumes of hair on each of the sides.

Part your hair evenly down the middle and then section It off to each side of your head. Start the braid at the front of your hairline and use the French braid method to create your look. If you aren’t confident with the French braid method, you can achieve a similar hairstyle by twisting strands of your hair. Having the extra length and volume offered by your clip-in extensions adds great versatility in style.

Hair extensions allow you to create a great variety of hair styles that can suit every mood and moment. Whether you’re wearing your hair down in a shower of cascading curls or pulling it up into a high ponytail, you’ll love the added styling versatility that they provide.



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