102 Prom Hair Ideas That Tosses A Breathtaking Appearance


Prom night is in pattern nowadays among the youths, and particularly young ladies prefer to look dazzling that night. If you are searching for the ideal hairdo for prom, you are in a convenient spot! We know picking a fantastic updo isn’t that easy. Moreover, if your event is around the corner, it means that you need a hairstyle that suits your dress and your prom vibe.

To enable you to seem startling, we have got 102 of the most breathtaking prom hair ideas. There is something for everybody with long hair, short hair or anything in the middle. Any of the haircuts highlighted will give you a prom look that will seem marvelous.

  • Doughnut Bun With Braids Underneath

prom hairstyles

Bun hairdo is dependably in style. Attempt this prom hair updo which is a straightforward yet engaging donut bun style spiced up with a braid from underneath.

  • Bow Style on Long Hair

It is an entirely beautiful and pleasing half up prom hair styled as a bow-knot in the middle with remaining hair left free either in a wavy or straightway.

  • Side Braids With A Loose Curled Bun

Prom is an infrequent occasion for which each young lady has the right to seem stunning and be the focal point of fascination. This staggering updo includes free twists with an open mesh along the edge and ultimately tucked up as a bun. Besides, an updo like this will suit a long and pretty gown.

  • Criss Cross Twists Decorated With A Hair Accessory

This glam loose wavy hairdo tied in a criss-cross manner is lovely and with the hairclip looks mind-boggling!

  • Fishtail Braided Bun

If you wish for an easygoing updo on an incredible gown, strive for this fishtail braided bun.

  • Flower Decorated Hairstyle

All of you may realize that floral hairdos fling a romantic look and this prom hair referenced here resembles a style straight out of a fantasy.

  • Twists to Loose Braided Updo

How to get this look?

  1. Run a curling-iron slowly over the lower part of your hair to create a wavy texture.
  2. Take three small strands of your hair on both sides, twist it and clip it at the center.
  3. Grasp the middle part of your hair as in the picture above and make loose braids until you reach your desired point.
  4. Let your hair loose and flaunt it without a doubt on your prom night.
  • Perfect Curled Updo With a Crown

If you genuinely wish to captivate everyone, attempt this ideal twisted prom hair with a crown at the front. Also, this haircut looks better on a long, elegant and glossy gown.

  • Tantalizing Taylor Swift Style

Taylor Swift, an outstanding artist, lives in the core of numerous young women out there, am I not right? Strive the prom hair like her and seem bewitching.

  • Low Bun Updo

This hairdo is simple! Make a twist at one side and tuck it under your bun, prodding your hair to mix them. Moreover, decorate with stunning hair embellishments for extra glamour.

  • Top Front Braids To a High Ponytail

There’s such a significant amount to cherish in this look! Everything from the front top braid to the wavy high ponytail is simply supreme flawlessness.

  • Pouffe Style

If you need a basic and jazzy prom hair, this could be for you. It is a half-up updo with pouf at the upper half. Furthermore, you could wear this updo with a classy dress or with a short skirt for a retro look.

  • Two Side Braids To a Low Bun

A delightful blend of two great meshes and a little volume at front meets up to shape this astounding low updo.

  • Pretty Braided Wavy Prom Hair

For women with long hair, this haircut, as appeared, looks chic and voguish whenever worn on a delightful prom outfit. Give it an attempt and let the compliments stream like a flood.

  • Half Up Messy Knot Bun

Enhance your prom glimpse with this half up messy knot bun. It’s somewhat eccentric, and a great deal is engaging!

  • Waterfall Updo

Like the real waterfall, this waterfall hairdo also hurls a gratifying and satisfying appeal. Diverse assortments of waterfall hairstyles have appeared here which you can strive for your prom night. Also, this haircut looks sensational when pursued by flawless twists or waves. You can even enrich with hair adornments if you desire to sparkle splendidly like a diamond on your prom night.

  • Low Bun Variations

These low bun styles work the most perfect for long hairs. It casts an effortless and chic impression.

  • Side Braided Prom Hair

Do you need a straightforward yet exquisite mesh hairdo for your prom night? Here we have a hair idea that includes a side mesh with whatever remains of the hair left down. With this fashion, you get to boast both the styles correctly. Besides, you can twist or fix whatever left of your hair, but waves would look more classy.

  • Bun Updo Decorated With Amazing Hair  Embellishment

Well! This hairdo is a total goal if you wish to look cute and enchanting at the same time.

  • Side Braids To Low Wavy Ponytail

A hairdo like this gives a stylish and current refresh. Side meshes to a low wavy ponytail like this would be ideal for a dress that has a boat shaped neckline or any details that you need to boast.

  • Quirky Prom Hair

Is looking different from others in the crowd your style statement? That being the case, opt for any of these quirky prom hairdo’s referenced above.

  • Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles

Prom is unquestionably a night for you to look impressive yet that doesn’t generally need to be with an extravagant hairstyle. You can keep it uncomplicated by making light waves and securing your hair in a half up way.

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  • Braided Bun

prom hairstyles

This braided bun updo will run with any outfit or theme. Take this pattern to prom by deciding on a free wavy bun that coordinates your dress and tossing it onto your updo! It’s completely chic.

  • Blonde Bun Hairstyles

A basic bun is always trendy, all you have to do is, flavor it up a little by applying a shade of blonde followed by streaming waves.

  • Keep It To The Side!

If you have a long lustrous hair, making a bun might look to huge and heavy. So, curl your hair using a curling rod, make loose braid at one side, secure as a half up pony making a small pouf at the front. Lastly, keep your hair to the team by decorating with an appealing hair accessory.

  • Gatsby Inspired Updo

How to get this hairdo?

  1. Utilize a curling rod to curl your hair firmly.
  2.  Mist with hairspray and backcomb your hair to create a volume.
  3. Top your style with a small crown to get that princess feel.
  • Captivating Curled Hairstyles

Are you looking for a hairdo that attracts and hold the interest of others towards you? For that, endeavor any of these curled hairstyles and seem captivating.

  • Twisted Hairdos

Apprehend your inward poise and rock a twisted bun or half up haircut for your prom night!

  • Half Up, Half Down Spiral Curled Updo

Gracious em-hmm! How stunning is the half up, half down spiral curled hairdo?! Regardless of whether you need to show up exquisite, adorable, attractive or whatever, this is a hairdo to attempt.

  • Lovely Prom Hair

The best part about this updo is that it genuinely outlines your face with a volume on top to finish everything. Also, it radiates those fantasy vibes.

  • Reverse Headband Style

Are you searching for an in vogue haircut? At that point, this could be for you! Here we have a mesh produced using opposite sides pull through towards the middle. It is an extraordinary decision for any individual who needs a unique watch that emerges from the group.

  • Elegant Bun

If you need an excellent prom look, at that point pick a bun like this one. It is chic, lovely and vibrant. Also, this bun is versatile. Possibly attempt a high bun in a slightly loose manner. It is a hairdo that is ensured to look stunning with your dress as it suits everyone and any style.

  • Flower Knot At the Middle

By now, we have already talked much about half up, half down hairstyles but this is a little modified pattern of half up hairdo. Here, you need to create braids from two sides flowing towards the center and lastly, finish off by creating a flower designed know at the middle.

  • Enchanting Low Braided Bun

This style is another handy solution that looks extraordinary with beachy curls and loose braids along the edge. The mesh from one side of the face is stuck to the inside and bound together with residual hair to shape a low bun.

  • Decorate with a Flower Tiara

  • Graceful Hairdo

If you cherish curled hairdo, you will love this look without a doubt. This haircut is straightforward, graceful and will suit everybody. Moreover,  this haircut will look lovely with a sparkly ear accessory and a glitz dress.

  • Ponytail Updo

In case you want to make your regular ponytail look all the more energizing for your prom, this is the best approach.

  • Fishtail Braided Low Doughnut Bun

As already mentioned at first, doughnut bun is in trend in recent days. To get this look, you need to make classic fishtail braid from one side flowing toward the center and then grabbing all the remaining hair to create a low doughnut bun.

  • Accessorized Hairstyles

Regardless of whichever hairstyle you select, complete the general look with a stunning hair adornment, and you are prepared to be in the spotlight.

  • Ponytail or Bun?

Each young lady has distinctive options in term of hairstyles. Likewise, the haircut that best suits the facial structure is an absolute requirement as that is the thing that makes one captivate everyone. Here, we have exhibited you a voluminous twisted low ponytail and loose braided side bun which you can decisively vaunt for your prom night.

  • Braided Swirl Bun Updo

This bun is a fun interpretation of an excellent look. Make thin interlaces to your general hair and slick your hair once again into a tight bun, turn, and secure with a hair tie. You’re done with an incredible prom hair updo.

  • Four Strand Braided Hairdo

This prom hair updo is cute and lovely. Create four strand braids and sweep it to the side. Additionally, leave a couple of strands at the front to hurl that graceful glance.

  • Pouf Hairdo

The best part of this prom hair is the shiny bobby pins. To get started, create perfect captivating curls and make a pouf at the front. Further, grasp the upper half of your hair and pin it as a half up hairdo.

In this manner, these are stunning hairdos for you to slay on your prom night. The haircuts referenced above gives you a luscious glimpse. Moreover, in case you need some completely perfect inspo, review these pictures referenced above and give it an endeavor for at least once. It will leave you astounded and stop people in their tracks of numerous toward you.


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