Piercing Ideas and Trends for 2021


Piercing trends have come and gone in recent years. We’ve seen the rise and fall of dangling belly button chains, large gauged ears, and septum piercings. This year, piercing trends (continue to be) all about minimalism. Just as celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thomson predicted that 2018 was going to be the “year of the ear” the trend will continue to skyrocket. But minimalism and dainty jewelry will be in more than just the ears, see how small piercings will trend in 2019.

Multiple Constellation Lobe Piercings  

Small, delicate jewelry with soft details have been on-trend and seen on celebrities and influencers alike. Think of brands like CatBird, that skyrocketed to Instagram fame with their exceeding simple, yet stackable jewelry.

Source: Catbird Instagram

There’s also celebrity piercer Maria Tash, whose signature style has lead to a revolution in earlobes, and increased popularity of constellation lobe piercings.

Source: Maria Tash Instagram

Constellations are multiple precise piercings along the lower- to mid-lobe, that don’t necessarily follow one line or pattern. The piercings really work well with stylish and minimalist studs and rings. The trick is to mix and match jewelry throughout your ear. Also, there’s no reason to have the same amount of holes or types of earrings in each ear, the individuality makes it interesting. Not too mention, actual galaxy-inspired studs look amazing with this piercing!

The Snug

Continuing on the path of the year(s) of the ear, enter the snug piercing. The snug is in the middle of the ear, the next section inward from your lobe, see Gamma Piercing’s example below (it’s the only earring besides the K). This piercing has been gaining stem because while it’s an unusual placement, it still allows for other areas of the ear to be pierced, to comply with current trends.

Source: Gammapiercing Instagram 

The Daith

The daith is another inner ear piercings, it’s the upper cartridge fold, directly above the ear canal. While all cartridge piercings hurt, this area is somewhat protected by the ear itself, so it tends to heal faster. See the below piercing, the diath is the small diamond hoop. (Fun fact: some people also claim this piercing can help with migraines, though it’s not medically conclusive).

Source: Maria Tash Instagram  

Multiple Nose Piercings

With the advancement of professional piercers, gone are the days of DIY or piercing guns at the mall. Piercers can expertly and safely pinpoint an exact area, which means the multi-tiny piercings have even migrated to the nose. Whether they line up horizontally or without a pattern, small and cute nose piercings can exist on one nostril.

Source: Needlepusher Instagram

Tight-Fitting and Thin Nose Rings  

Along the same line of multiple nose piercings, nose rings will be popular this year. Nose rings were prevalent in the 90s, phased out in the early aughts for blingy studs. They’re now enjoying a resurgence, for both guys and girls, but in the minimalist fashion.

Today’s nose rings should be very tight to the nostril, think more cuffing the nostril, not sticking out. With multiple piercings you can mix and match nose rings and studs, rings are even sold in packs by popular retailers like Spencer’s so you can have a variety to chose from.

Source: Mantis Piercing Instagram  

The Medusa

Also known as the philtrum, this facial/lip piercing is directly on top of the middle of your upper lip. Think of where that smell indention sits. Again with the minimalism, this piercing will be a popular choice for those looking to adorn their lips and mouth area with a small, understated stud. Paired with other facial piercings, this can really be a striking choice. Depending on the amount of space, you can even do a double stack of medusas in a vertical line. This style piercing has been really popular in Europe and will cross the pond in 2019.

Source: Ask & Embla Instagram

Piercing Trends of 2019

Piercings this year will be all about minimalism and precision. With high-quality, professional piercers, you can easily turn a small space, whether it be your nostril or your earlobe into an area for multiple studs and rings. Make it intriguing, use different studs, showcase your personality without being outrageous. Double up on nose rings, stack medusas or studs!


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