Online Gambling; Dealing With a Losing Streak


Losing streaks, though painful, are common in online gambling, and if you do not know how to deal with your situation, you could find yourself cursing the world and wearing a nasty smirk for days on end. The good news is that many established gamblers have walked down this road and retraced their paths back to their winning ways by taking these actions:

Find Trustworthy Casinos

Most online casinos have a good record when it comes to ensuring fairness and integrity with game outcomes. Despite this, there is still a slight chance of meeting some rotten apples in your gambling journey. You can always check out Uptown Pokies for amazing bonuses to boost your bankroll as you contemplate your next move.

Nowadays, it is easy to find out the most reliable casino with a single click. There are dozens of helpful online casino reviews to guide your selection. You can always tell trustworthy casinos going by the nature of comments. It is much easier to get back to winning when you are dealing with a fair casino.

Review Your Betting Process

Gambling outcomes are essentially the result of luck. Still, the process can reveal a lot of information and provide some valuable insights. A sound process goes a long way to bagging those winnings and always comes around in due time.

Before gambling, you need to conduct due diligence on the game. You need to have an in-depth understanding of your game to place informed wagers. When you have identified a dependable process and stuck to it, you can be sure that luck will smile on you in due time.

Have a Look at Your Betting History

Sometimes, it is easy to lose direction when all you feel is disappointment and disbelief. Yet, a peek into your betting history might give some helpful clues to unravel your mysterious losing streak. From a glance, you can quickly establish some useful patterns.

For instance, you can tell the games that brought winnings against those that left your pockets disorganized. Making adjustments is inevitable as you won’t get back to win when you keep repeating the same actions that brought losses.

Focus on Games of Skill

One great thing about poker is its low house edge, with that of Three Card Poker dipping to 1.5% while other poker games average at 2.5%. Blackjack also has a low house edge, usually 1.5%. These games are primarily a game of skill, and with the proper techniques and skills, you can increase your winning chances.

While at it, avoid listening to fairytale winnings, which can easily make you place more money than budgeted for. You still need to approach these games cautiously and set a strict budget to guide your playing.

Place Wagers You Can Afford

Every gambler ought to know that casino winnings are not guaranteed, and losses are part of the game. Whether you found a four-leaf clover on your doorstep or have a gut feeling that you are placing a winning wager, always stick to your betting budget.

When you stick to your budget, there is less disappointment and regret. Borrowing money from friends or taking a loan to bankroll casino bets will get you sinking in a pile of debt sooner than you think. If you don’t have the money, don’t place a bet.

Remember Past Winnings

Many gamblers are too quick to feel dejected after a losing streak, even when they have made impressive winnings in the past. Dwelling on losses will easily drain your energy and dampen your spirit and close your imagination to the possibilities.

You have made some fantastic wins in the past, and there is every reason to believe that you can do it over again. Experienced gamblers have losing streaks, too but knowing that everything is bound to change keeps them motivated to keep trying. Allow past victories to help you push luck and bring back the congratulatory messages.

Keep Your Cool

Keeping calm amid a losing streak is easier said than done. The frustration can wear you down and lead you down a path of irrational decisions. No matter how bleak the situation appears, it would help if you thought before taking further action. Losing focus every time a losing streak rears its ugly head will quickly land you in a worse situation.

As a general gambling rule, do not take your losing streak personally. It happens to the most experienced gamblers too. Mastering your emotions will prevent you from making rash decisions every time you hit a brick wall in your gambling journey.

Take a Break

Sometimes a break is all you need to clear your mind and restrategize for better prospects. Thinking about gambling losses every day can take a toll on your brain and affect your clarity. It is impossible to remain focused every single day, and taking time off to refresh can help significantly.

Do not think about missing out on winning opportunities. After all, there will be more chances to play and win when you resume your much-needed break. There is no need to play with a fuzzy mind, and you stand to win more when your thoughts are clear.

There is nothing peculiar about losing streaks, and every gambler experiences rough patches now and then. Like everything else, they are not permanent, and with the help of these guidelines, you can get over the disappointment and enjoy your online casino experience once again.


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