One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women


Any other thing on earth could hardly be as important as workout plans and healthy diets. People keep on running behind their work and career neglecting their diet issues and exercise sessions completely. But when it comes to spend a one month vacation at beach, no women on earth could agree to carry that stubborn fat on belly. One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women including the healthy food to get a control over junks without putting the tongue at stake.

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women1.1

Right from the cardio workout sessions and yoga asana poses up to food intake and routine maintenance, this article will guide you through Fitness Plan for Women to flaunt off the toned body in perfect shape. It is preferable to consult some efficient gym trainer to train you through the exercises properly following this One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women.

Not only controlling weight and unwanted health issues but also improving mental health and mood is directly concerned with regular workouts. The appreciation doesn’t end here! You will feel energetic all day long without feeling exhausted until the day ends. Moreover, the ultimate positivity that you will get from morning sun-rays while jogging will show miraculous results in your skin and beauty during this One Month Workout Plan.

NOTE: Don’t forget to start off your day by drinking warm water with added lemon juice and honey. This will boost up your immune system thereby striping off the excessive fatty intake all through the day.

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women

Day 1

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women1

A beginner should start the work outs with simple core exercises on day one that includes crunches and table bends and all of its different types. Basically, reverse crunches, cross crunches, boat positions, barbell twists and sit-ups are preferable. You have to spare those junks and be friends with healthy diets that counts on oatmeal and eggs for breakfast. Add fruits for breakfast and snacks thereby adding up veggies for lunch along with juice.

“This journey is going to be a hard one. But hard doesn’t mean IMPOSSIBLE.”

Day 2

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women2

Your body is prepared to take up cardio exercises that include jogging, running and cycling. You must be prepared to do 30 minutes cardiovascular workouts on day. Add up basic yogic exercises like suryanamaskar. Pranayama including anulom vilom and bhrastrika will make your respiratory system strong. Make this day a high-protein one by starting it off with oatmeal and eating dals and sprouts all through the day along with fibre containing fruits

“Stop competing with other and start competing with yourself.”

Day 3

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women3

Include several sets of upper body exercises on third day of workout. Hold those dumbbells and perform side bends and ball crunches. Do three-legged dog, side plank and firefly positions will tone up your upper body in no time. You may include quinoa and 2 egg omelettes for breakfast and salad containing veggies and fruits for lunch and grilled chicken for lunch. Munch in a little of milk if you feel hungry in between and drinks tanks of water.

“Fit is not the destination, it is the way of life.”

Day 4

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women4

Strengthening workouts are to be lined up for day 4 that counts on single leg dumbbell row, dolphin plank, superman position and other back exercises counting on yoga asana as well like cobra pose. Bound headstand is also practicable on day 4 to facilitate the efficient blood circulation and pulse rate. Keep the breakfast same and add up the ultimate strength of banana this day. Cranberry pork, salsa and ground turkey are some additional foodstuff to be added on day 4 of your workout regime.

“The question isn’t can you? It’s will you?”

Day 5

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women5

  • Fifth day must include complete workout from head to toe thereby making it the most tiring regime of the week. Aerobics work best to tone up your body from head to toe that must include bench and dumbbell exercises for day 5.
  • Flat bench leg pull-in, crunches, lifting legs on 30-60-90 degrees continues 32 times each and several jumping exercises are to be done.
  • Today, this stringent workout guarantees some cheesy cottage, almond butter and other yummy stuff in your diet. Don’t forget to know your limits and remember your targets.

“Set the goals and feel them in the face.”

Day 6

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women6

Beginners might be feeling pain in their joins including back and knee and shoulder and stomach, isn’t it? Day 6 will magically disappear all this unbearable pain in the body by stretching workout. Start off with regular joggings for 30 minutes thereafter doing runner stretch, standing side stretch, low lunge arch, seated back twist and simple back stretches. Oatmeal and 2 eggs along with some fruits are best for breakfast. Fruit salads and veggies along with quinoa, chicken mango, stuffed peppers and avocados could be munched in all through the day.

“Don’t stop just because you have hit the wall. Progress is progress, no matter how small.”

Day 7

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women7

Congratulations! You will be getting a full day rest today. Enjoy doing no exercises and relaxing the body chomping several diet stuffs that tastes yummy. Though, you can always go for a brisk walk for around 2 KMs in the morning and 2 KMs in the evening. Add enchilada bake and taco toppings to your super delicious day 6 diet as to celebrate your holiday.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Day 8

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women8

Drink a glass of warm lemon water mixed with honey thereby moving your body for workout sessions. Today, your workout sessions will consist of 45 minute cardio intervals along with squats divided in the sets of 9. Include boiled potato for your breakfast along with some fruits and a glass of shake. Pot roasts and sprouted foodstuff will make your complete day healthy and add up fruits and veggies as well.

“It’s easier to wake up early in the morning and workout, than it is to look in the mirror each day and not like what you see.”

Day 9

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women9

Start off with same 45 minutes cardio interval sessions thereby adding up core workout along with relaxing back flooring movements. Perform 3 sets of 10 squats and sit-ups on day 9. Eat a banana along with a glass of milk and go for complete protein and fibre plans for complete day. Your diet must include oats, wasa crackers and as much fruits and veggies as possible.

“The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.”

Day 10

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women10

You major ambition is to increase the time to work out and so the stamina slowly and steadily. Repeat the same workout as on first day by merely increasing the time period of movements. If you have been doing 2 sets of 15 crunches including cable crunch, half bent crunch, cross crunch and twists; make them 3 sets now. Follow the same diet plan thereby adding in some new protein and fiber rich foods.

“The moment when you feel like giving up, when it doesn’t seem worth it, that is where the change happens. Keep going.”

Day 11

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women11

On day 11 you have got specific HIIT workout sets to be done in continuation and without break. Follow these in order as mentioned performing each movement 20 times in one set to accomplish 3 sets taking a break of 1 minute after each set.

  • Warm up
  • Push-ups
  • Squats (basic, narrow and sumo squats)
  • Butt kicks
  • Triceps dips
  • Side lunges
  • Jumping jacks
  • Sit-ups
  • Relaxations

“The pain of being overweight is far worse than the pain of working out.”

Day 12

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women12

Make this day enlightened with divine yogic exercises that stretches up the body in most relaxing manner discarding the toxic contents in the body. Begin with normal 3 minute warm up thereby moving onto anulom vilom, bhrastrika, Kapalbhati and suryanamaskar. You won’t need to do any other yogic exercise for 12th day if you do the 12 steps of suryanamaskar 12 times continuously forming the posture perfectly.

“You get what you work for, and not what you wish for.”

Day 13

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women13

Move on your yoga asana to a next level with cobra pose, bow pose, plough pose and boat pose along with the set of breathing Pranayama and suryanamaskar. You may do these yogic workouts in the morning and go for jogging and running in the evening. Run at least 3 KMs with medium pace. Restrict the cooked foodstuff for this day and go for fruits and vegetable salads along with milkshakes.

“Good things come to those who sweat.”

Day 14

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women14

Turn on your body with positive enthusiasm and energy by aiming at increasing the potential and stamina. Run 4KMs today thereby going for basic crunches, front kicks, back kicks, squats and Pilates. You will find doing suryanamaskar very beneficial for your abs and toned stomach and arms. You may eat brown bread with green tea in the morning and oatmeal, sprouts and yoghurts along with fruits in lunch and dinner.

“The more you workout, the weaker his knees get.”

NOTE: Add suryanamaskar in your daily routine now at the beginning of any set of exercises.

Day 15

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women15

Enjoy your second rest day on day 15 since your body needs to cope up without that fatty podginess that has been thrown away. Today, you will not be going for any workouts but will be going on a brisk walk in the evening or morning. Follow your proper diets consisting of low calorie foodstuff and high proteinaceous diet. Include green leafy veggies as much as possible and count on several fruits in colours of the rainbow.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are right.”

Day 16

Woman jumping on the beach

Jogging is the best warm up one could ever do before starting off with the core exercises. Day 16 must witness basic core exercises after you jog for around 45 minute. You may also go for 30 min jog and 15 minute cycling. Today, you will be doing basic 20 minute HIIT workout along with 200 jumping jacks at the end. Your breakfast must consist of 2 eggs omelette and a fruit with almond milk. Salsa, quinoa and peach balsamic along with sweet potatoes shall be eaten throughout the day.

“Motivate the mind, the body will follow.”

Day 17

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women17

You might have observed changes in your figure by now. But there may be certain parts of the body that may still have excess flab left which has to be removed. Target those body parts and workout to bring them in shape. If your stomach has not bulged inside to look flat, work out yoga asana and crunches the most. And if it is for arms, go for push-ups and dumbbell exercises. Likewise, paying special attention to other parts.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked for it every single day.”

Day 18

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women18

Celebrate the TABATA day today to see the 4-minute miracle blasting off the flab from body making you look 200% slimmer, and that too without any equipment. Even a one hour aerobic workout cannot bring on this much change that a half an hour TABATA workout could do. Mountain climbing, burpees, squat jumps and ski moguls works best after done with 30-minute treadmill.

“If you are tired of starting over, then stop giving up.”

Day 19

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women19

Steady cardio workout is today’s regime of exercising. Finish your steady cardio workout session in first 30 minutes thereafter going for abs workouts. Flow of proper crunches and push-ups will be more than enough for today. Dumbbell pullover is yet another set for modulating abs and shoulder along with toning up the arms. Your diet must include grilled chicken, quinoa, eggs and loads of veggies and fruit salads.

“When you think like quitting, think about why you started.”

Day 20

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women20

Get ready to do stringent yoga asana today since you will be moving one more step further in yogic exercises. Seated forward bend, wind relieving posture, camel pose, raised foot pose, cat pose and suryanamaskar are to be done along with breathing Pranayama has to be done for today. You may go for 2 KMs walk in the evening. Protein supplements like lean red meat, egg whites and fiber rich stuffs oats and whole grain bread has to be consumed.

“This month’s choices are next month’s body.”

Day 21

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women21

Body weight workouts are to be planned on day 21 that counts on jumping jacks, prisoner squats, walking lunge, hamstring, side plank pose and running. These are enough exercises to carry on day 21 along with the same high protein and low calorie diet. You may take 100gm of carbohydrates today as to change the taste and equip your body with it as well.

“Skinny girls look good in clothes. Fit girls look good naked.”

Day 22

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women22

Stretching is a fun and pain relieving exercise that makes your body flexible apart from being fit and slimmer as well. You actually enjoy stretching exercises that counts on flooring workouts which doesn’t make you feel exhaust. Start up with basic cardio interval workouts thereafter moving onto stretching exercises. The diet remains the same consisting of fruits and veggies with gallons of water.

“It is not always easy, but it is always worth it.”

Day 23

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women23

Here ends your third week with a drastic change in your skin and shape. You might be loving this new you with a perfect or tending to perfect figure. Take rest; hang out with friends today as to flaunt off your amazing figure and charming glow on face. Hanging out with friends doesn’t permit you to consume those junk stuffs. Carry your fruit juices along and eat fruit salads in lunch and wholesome salad for dinner.

“What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up.”

Day 24

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women24

Start the day 24 workout session with 45 min cardio exercises including running, swimming and cycling. Carry out your regular core workout after the cardiovascular actions. You may eat cornflakes with a cup of plain milk in breakfast. Beans and sprouted pulses along with green veggies and juicy fruits are most beneficial. Stay active all day long as to make your body fit and increase the stamina.

“Train like a beast, look like a beauty.”

Day 25

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women25

Day 25 is again the upper body workout day to make your belly and arms more toned. Though, you can always add up the lower body exercises as to tone up the thighs and butts as per the requirement. Jumping jacks and relaxing flooring back exercises are to be done at the end. You deserve to eat fish today! Eat 2 egg omelette and a low-calorie cooked fish. Salmon is also preferable for day 25 making your diet plan a scrumptious one.

“Yes, I am trying to eat healthy. No, I am not on a diet.”

Day 26

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women26

You had been doing TABATA for half an hour thereby doing cardio exercises as well. This time, you will be doing only TABATA for an hour just after 5 minute warm up process. Chicken taco, turkey roll up, sandwich without cheese, cranberry pork and veggies along with juices and shakes will work best. Making your diet plan more tasty and healthy is what we need.

“Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.”

Day 27

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women27

Steady cardio exercises half an hour along with abs workouts and lower body toning must be the scheduled workout plan for day 27. Jumping squats, crunches, side bending, forward bending, dumbbell lifting and cat pose push-ups shall be lined up after doing cardio exercises. Almond milk with brown bread omelette is a great breakfast edibles for day 27 along with boiled veggies and fruits for lunch and dinner.

“Don’t stop when it hurts, stop when you are done.”

Day 28

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women28

Yoga asana and Pranayama exercises that simple balancing poses or breathing controlled exercises are the major focus for day 28. Suryanamaskar has to be done 24 times in continuation. If you are a beginner, perform suryanamaskar in sets of 6 at a time taking a break of 2 minutes. Let this day be celebrated with the food of your choice. Ahaan! No calories though! You have to choose from the above mentioned diet stuffs.

“It’s a slow process; don’t make it slower by quitting.”

Day 29

Pilates class.

End up this one month workout regime with body relaxing stretching and normal flooring and back exercises. Warming up by jogging and stretching up the arms holding dumbbells will make you free from laziness. You may also perform suryanamaskar since it facilitates the best stretching to your body. Your body is ready for the cocktail party at beach thereby flaunting off the extreme fitness and hot figure.

“Be stronger than your excuses.”

Day 30

One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women30

Congratulation ladies! Your One Month Fitness Workout Plan for Women has come to an end bringing about the drastic change in your body and beauty. Enjoy this last day having rest. You may prefer a steam bath for more relaxation and removal of skin intoxicants. Follow the same diet plan as above! A simple rule; low calorie intake, high proteinaceous diet and greater fiber content.

“Fall in love with the process and the results will come.”

You may be having plan of getting married thereby surprising the guests and your fiancée with your attractive body-line and irresistible hotness. Follow these diets and workout plans straight to make your one month efforts meaningful and worth your time. Be determined and you will see positive results for sure, doesn’t matter if you didn’t see any change initially; trust me, it will!


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