Most Popular Online Casino Games among Women


You might think that the classic arena for gambling is masculine in population. Still, the reality is that a female punter is as much geared toward capitalizing on the online gaming craze. Women-centric games have been developed to cater to the ladies, with talented, patient mums, grannies, and sisters eager to make significant moves towards larger reward payouts. A study by the Oregon state university found that online slot games have an uncanny attraction to female punters based on the social interaction and levels of excitement they exude.

From the land-based platform, women have been attracted to live and virtual gaming favorite that reflect a female touch and multifunctional dominions. The most popular online casino games among women include;

Online Roulette Games

This is one of the oldest games that gamblers have been enthralling themselves in a while taking away winnings and wheel of fortune like thrills make it a female’s favorite.  There’s a prospect of luck and chance associated with roulette, a ‘wheels of fortune’ like adventure that seems to attract droves of women around online roulette. It started when men used to bring their significant others around the wheel for luck, but the ladies became better at identifying the various betting strategies punters can win big with roulette.

Variants of online roulette take on the original land-based version where a spinning round table takes in chips on 38 slots, after which rollers are let loose. Landing on the winning slots is anybody’s guess, but the built-up anxiety and adrenalin rush makes for exciting times that ladies will involve themselves in a while chatting with co-punters.

Online Craps Games

Six out of ten people playing online casino games are women, and the uncanny feminine understanding of craps is a major contributor to this. A highly engrossing game, the availability of variants of craps designed specifically for the female gender sees a high attendance level of women in online casino platforms.  The more of a raucous game area in brick and mortar casinos is around the crap tables, and this is reflected by the chat traffic occurring as craps are played online.

A simple looking game, online craps offer punters with a variety of betting options, both high and low staking availability that gives a healthy reward return. Statistics state that over 60 % of all gamers on online crap tables are women.

Online Slot Games

Slots and women have a romance that’s been going on for a while now, and the online niche has the game completely overwhelmed. Research available suggests that for each male punter, there are over twelve feminine players on any one time at the best online slots. Indulgence in online slot games for women in this great starter game is also as a result of their being easy prey for bonuses, promotions, and payouts, unlike other casino games.

Online Live Poker Games

Due to the increase in the technological advances of the online casino niche, compatibility with the ubiquitous mobile device has seen more women playing live poker games. The popularity of this online casino game among the ladies has come as a cold realization to male punters used at dominating the live real table action. Since there are more stay at home mums than dads, female popularity with online live poker and poker players has seen well-groomed feminine players gracing and dominating the streaming portals of online live poker games.

Mention Texas Draw or Stud Poker and the online platform dominators are women, and there have been prevalent female pros that have bluffed their ways to big payouts.


There’s a rising trend within the ever-growing online casino games sector, and it’s the attracting and retaining of female punters with game offerings designed with them in mind. There’s ample opportunity and honing skill grooming available on every major online casino platform, and women are more at ease behind the virtual divide than at land-based casinos.


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