76 Micro Braids To Revamp Your Appearance For 2021


Micro braids would be the best option for you to revamp your appearance. It is tiny and thin suitable for hair of any length. The best part of this braiding style is that it tends to be kept for quite a long time as it is done firmly from the scalp. Strived by numerous young ladies everywhere throughout the world this hairstyle came in style through Afro-Americans. The following are diverse collections of micro braids displayed for you to review and endeavor for your special occasions.

  • Braids To Curls

micro braids

Micro braids curly hair as found in the image looks inviting and makes you prepared for any of your glitzy occasions or everyday look. To get this look, you have to make micro braids to your whole hair continued with tight curls up till the tip. Additionally, you can add on hair tints for additional appeal to your appearance or present your normal dark hair.

  • Black Twisted Hairdo

A large number of the young ladies out there reading this post may feel hard to make braids, would it say it isn’t? Assuming this is the case, you don’t need to stress over it because micro braids twist additionally enables you to look fantastic as the braids. So, for this look, you have to pursue few steps as referenced beneath and you’ll be prepared to flaunt your revamped appearance:

  1. First, detangle and separate your overall hair into little sections.
  2. For each section separated, make very tight rope twists by self or take help of someone.
  3. After that, give a final touch to your hair as per your wish and let it loose.
  4. There you have your hair ready to make you rock your everyday look.
  • Half Brown, Half Blonde

Playing with colors and experimenting different hairstyles is what make you stand out in the crowd. This look picturized here is something very quirky. For this, you first need to separate your hair into two sections and add-on, brown and blonde shade on each side individually. Make small and sheer braids to the uppermost part of your hair and leave rest for what it’s worth. It’s peculiar yet fabulous updo.

  • Simply The Scalp

In case you need to strive for micro twists yet feel alarmed to get it everywhere on, this micro braids just at the scalp would be the ideal alternative for you. The updo will give you a natural and dazzling impression.

  • Bun Updo

A similar procedure is used for two different kinds of the braided bun reference here. But the main contrast is, blonde bun updo has plaits just till the center of the hair whereas the other bun has braids proceeded top to bottom. Henceforth, attempt any of these as it is appropriate for casual and party looks.

  • Braids to Light Waves

Braids: micro or normal and wavy hair goes hand in hand. To get this glimpse, part your hair sideways into two halves and apply brown shade to one half and leave the other half with the natural hair color. Or, add blonde highlights to your natural black hair. Then, start making micro braids for each side till the middle and secure it with a hair tie. From that point onward, make light waves to the rest of the hair and let it loose. Micro braids wavy hairstyles that has so much fashion and finesse to it.

  • Long Braided Hairstyle

Do you feel shaky to chop off your long hair? In the meantime, do you wish to give a slight change to your long hair? That being the situation, you can make numerous micro plaits as appeared in the image above and look incredible.

  • Messy Style Braids

This haircut is additionally equivalent to the previously mentioned updo. The main contrast here is the messy braids. Also, these plaits flow downwards, making a dazzling everyday style.

  • Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

These micro braids followed by wavy hair gives you a beautiful appearance. Furthermore, the hair pinned up in a half-up, half-down style throws a sophisticated glance that is ideal for any length, any face type, and any event.

  • Twisted High Bun

As already mentioned in the beginning, micro braids or twist is something that will last for months which make your work somewhat more manageable. But, having said that the same hairdo for every occasion for months might seem very repetitive and tiresome. Hence, for a slight change to your party or an everyday look, you can grab all your micro twisted hair and roll it up as a high bun. It’s voguish and looks flawless.

  • Middle-Partitioned Casual Style

Simple the better is the term that we can relate to this hairdo. You should make tiny braids as haircuts appeared and let it free by separating your hair in the middle. Likewise, you can add a couple of hair accessories to make it increasingly alluring or leave it simple like shown here.

  • Peculiar Updo

Crochet Micro Braids

An attempt for peculiar hairdo’s at times helps you overhaul your personality. It would be an ideal alternative on the off chance that you wish to stun everybody in your next event as it most likely is striking and modish in the meantime.

  • Single Highlighted Updo

To get this look, pursue a few stages as referenced underneath:

  1. In the first place, all you have to do is detangle your hair and include a feature of a reddish brown shade to one thin strand of your hair.
  2. At that point, with the assistance of your beautician, begin making smaller twists until you achieve the focal point of your hair.
  3. Move ahead with appropriate tight curls until the point when you achieve the base of your hair.
  4. There you have your single highlighted hairstyle as in the image prepared to be vaunted.
  •  Ponytail Hairdo’s

Ponytail, as you might know, is an updo that never goes out of fashion. This updo is the best for circumstances when you are not ready for elegant updo yet need to look striking. But if, you are exhausted of the usual way you pull up your ponytail, at that point these ponytail styles appeared here would be the best choice for you. Besides, to add more grace to your look, you can add on hair accessories and hair tints according to your inclination.

  • Bob Updo’s

Bob hairdos look incredible on straight or wavy hair, simple to manage and style and overflow advancement. We’ve introduced two different micro braids bob updo’s that gives you a fantastic appearance.  Braids can look impeccable and chic in an angled bob hairdo. This bob is an affirmation that you can have an unusual style and solace over the single method. Moreover, it’s an exceptional style that is smooth and amazing for any occasion.

  • Striking Hairdo

If you look very carefully at this picture, you can see too small and delicate micro braids just at the roots of the hair. The updo referenced here might seem challenging to make but take the help of your beautician and get the striking style. At last, set your hair free or make a high bun.

  • Double-Sided Twisted Space Buns

Are you looking for an incredibly cool bun hairstyle? That being the case, an attempt for this double-sided twisted space buns would be the best choice for you. The final result will give you super cute glance.

  • Hair To The Side

Would you like to give your workplace look a twist? For that, you can create rope twists to your overall hair and sweep it to the side. Also, you can go for highlights to lighten up your appearance.

  • Mohawk Pouffe Ponytail Inspired Updo

Another great example of micro twisted hairdo that throws a beautiful glance. It would be perfect updo for girls who love something very bold and daring.

  • A mix of Blonde and Red

Just take a careful look at the image shown above. Did you see very tiny, delicate braids only at the scalp? It is the best choice if you do not want to dedicate lots of time making micro braids all over your hair. Also, for refined and sophisticated result move forward by applying blonde and red hair tints followed by wavy style. The look is ready to make you stand out in the crowd.

  • Braids at the Roots

Till now we have talked much about braids at the scalp or the top followed by different styles. But, this is just the opposite. This updo has plaits at the roots at the nape part continued as the simple bun. If you are searching for hairstyles that go well with gowns or any other party attires, then, you must attempt this hairstyle.

  • Wavy Micro Braids

Micro Braids is never a wrong decision of hairstyle, would it say it isn’t? Half plaited hairdo can give you an inconceivable finish with curls or waves with the addition of vibrant hair colors or highlights. Likewise, you can also add volume to your look with the side-swept hairdo. Subsequently, attempt this updo and get that attractive young lady look.

  • Extremely Tiny Braided Updo

These braids are extraordinarily tiny and require lots of time and effort. You will surely need the help of your beautician or anyone else. Then, set up your braids into a smooth ponytail or a bun. Besides, big fashionable earrings or any other accessories help you enhance the look.

  • Lovely Style

Do you prefer being cute and beautiful rather than sexy and bold? If so, strive for this hairdo and look attractive in an endearing way.

  • Minimalistic Braided Hairdo

This hairdo as you can see has very minimal braids just at the upper root portion. You can endeavor for this hairdo if you want to avoid hair coming to the face or only as to create a voguish glance.

  • Glamorous Braided Hairstyle

There is no any issue if you are a long hair lover but, the typical every day long hairstyle more often may look tedious and unaltered. Along these lines, young ladies with long hair can go for micro braids and appear startling. Further, put on some dazzling outfit, accessories and flawless makeup on to get that captivating impression.

  • Glowing Braided Updo

Hair shades add on different appeal to your general look. Do you cherish shining and splendid hair tints? Is braids your solace hairstyle? Is that being the situation, for what reason don’t you blend both the shades and plaits and wind up making hairdo as appeared?

  • Hairstyle for Thin Hairs

Some of the young ladies out there watching this may have usually thin hair. Additionally, some may have been confronting hair fall issues, isn’t that so? And, because of that, if you are searching for coiffures that enables your hair to look voluminous and thicker, this multiple micro braids is unquestionably the best for you.

  • Duo Coloured Hairdo

These two differentiating hues on twisted ponytail as mentioned above merely is so astonishing. You will not determine an idiosyncratic and startling glance other than this hairstyle.

  • Decorate With A Flower

Have you got any party by the beach to attend? If any then attend the party with this hairdo and grab the attention of many towards you. For this, you have to shade your hair blonde and sweep it sideways initially. At that point, make interlaces exactly at the scalp and the roots towards the scruff of your neck. Finally, decorate with a flower along the edge. Likewise, it would be increasingly classy and luxurious if you embellish with a flower of the color that coordinates your outfit.

  • Beads That Gives A Chic Glimpse

Without speaking much about the braids as you may have adequately made sense of the best approach to make plaits at this point. Subsequently, you should add on hair beads at the base of each micro braids as it encourages you to look elegant and stunningly chic.

  • Classic Curls

Little voluminous curls is another hairstyle that can draw out your charm. Smaller scale twists at the leading part as seen in the picture appends your adorableness. Let your hair free as this appealing hairdo will get heads turning.

  • Shiny Black Braids

You don’t generally need to make stylish hairs to look voguish. Just make regular micro braids and look stunning. Likewise, take a stab at a layered hairstyle and make twists on it. This impressive style will look exquisite.

  • Tiny to Big Braids

Endeavor for this look by following few of the steps mentioned below:

  1. Make micro braids to your overall hair.
  2. After that, sweep your hair at the front and clip it by twisting it till the middle.
  3. Bring all your hair to the side after the twists.
  4. Grab all your hair and make three strand braids either halfway or till the bottom as per your liking.
  5. You mix of micro and big braids are ready to roll your casual look.
  • Mohawk Bun

Mohawk hairstyle which has both sides of the head shaved is very bizarre and chic. It is a micro braids mohawk bun that looks quite sophisticated and daring. Shave both the sides at first and for the hair at, the middle, color it bronze moving forward as micro braids. After that, grab all your hair and like fishtail braids moving bottom to top. Once you reach the top, roll your updo backward as shown above to give a quirky glimpse.

  • Curly Braids

We have only discussed micro braids followed by wavy, curly or straight hair. But this is micro braids on a curly hair till the bottom. Create light curls to your hair and make micro braids. Let your hair loose by parting at the middle to get that beautiful appearance. This hairdo is ideal for both party and casual aspect.

  • Fashionable Bun

Are you are a fashion freak? If yes, you might have a clue that fashion arises out of anything that you prefer to make. This updo is only the regular plaits tied with beautiful colorful bands at the base. What’s more, to avoid annoyance due to summer warmth or to look stylishly cool you can grasp all your hair and move it upwards as a funky bun. Additionally, you can make a simple round bun, bow-shaped as appeared or whatever other shapes that make you feel good.

  • Appealing Updo

This hairdo has something distinct. Unlike other hairstyles, this hairdo had braids starting several portions beneath the scalp and continued till the tip of the hair. To look appealing, leave your hair free in a little-unorganized way.

  • Criss-Cross Braided Bun

Want a magical bun updo? Strive for this criss-cross bun by following several steps stated underneath:

How To Do Micro Braids?

1. Aim for micro braiding your overall hair.

2. Then, grab the front portion of your hair to create a pouf and clip it at the center of your head.

3. Begin to form a criss-cross pattern until you reach the nape of your neck immediately after the clipping.

4. At that point onwards, take all your remaining hair and fold it as a low bun.

  • Celebrity Inspired

Are you a Keke Palmer Fan? Do you wish to endeavor some of her looks and appear astounding just like the way she does? A high micro braided ponytail continued as a four strand braid till the end looks stunning. This style fits any occasion like a wedding or just a party at the beach. It’s exceptionally flexible, manageable and pretty.

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  • Shaved Hairdo

Some of you might be concerned and possessive about shaving your hair and giving yourself a bold look, isn’t that so? But, keeping all the fears and concerns aside aim for this appearance at least once and get that classy look. Sweep your hair on one side to flaunt your shaved side or just part it in the middle if you want to hide it.

  • Style It With A Hat

Do you want to look fresh and lovely at the same time? Are you planning to go by the beach or pool with your friends? So, why don’t you style your micro braids with a hat?

  • Heart-Shaped Bun Updo

This bun is like the criss-cross bun referenced previously. The main difference here is you need to make twisted criss-cross bringing it towards the inside framing a heart shape. Additionally, add-on highlights to make the entire style fly out.

  • Curls Till The Waist

These are simple hairstyles that seem wondrous that you might feel like keeping it forever. Since the hair is too long, it might require a little more maintenance or else is perfect updo for all girls.

  • Twisted Ombre Updo

The above mentioned is an ombre hairdo which has been attacking the market trend in recent days. For this micro braids long twisted ombre, you need to apply blonde ombre towards the bottom of your hair. After that, by middle partitioning your hair, make a twist to your overall hair and leave it loose. This hairdo surely stands out.

  • Pointed High Ponytail

This style will be perfect if you have super long hair. You need to make braids in the first place and later, by grasping all the hair securing it as a high pointed ponytail. Ask your hairstylist to redo the updo on you and end up seeming marvelous.

  • Half-Up, Half-Down Updo

The above presented three images are different forms of half-up,half-down hairstyles. Be it micro twists or micro braids, pin it up as half-up style, and you are ready for your special occasion or everyday glimpse.

Therefore, these are different types of micro braids updo’s that help you be ready for any event. Micro braids have been flowing for a considerable length of time. It is not difficult to style and requires less maintenance. , look marvelous and classic with this hairstyle and get the heads to turn towards you while walking down the road.


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