Make Coloured Contact Lenses Look Natural for Contacts You Buy Online


The closer a colour contact is to a person’s natural eye’s tone, the less chance anyone will notice them. The brand will determine quality and appearance. But to obtain a pair from a top-notch brand providing the most-natural looking products, the cost will be exceptional.

The contacts come in either opaque or enhancement tint translucency. With the enhancement tint lenses, its slight transparency allows the iris to go through the lens, meaning there is no change in the eye’s true shade. With opaque, the entire iris is transformed to a colour that the wearer chooses.

The suggestion for people with a lighter eye is to enhance the tone merely, and those with dark tones can play it up with varying shades. The idea is to be subtle with the change to remain true to your appearance. A drastic alteration could prove difficult to blend with a neutral appearance.

Creating A New Look That Appears as Though It Was Always There

Everyone enjoys transforming their appearance every once in a while. It is nice to make changes, to feel fresh and different in your own skin. Usually, people do this with a new hairstyle or dye or maybe change up their makeup. But you can alter your appearance in other subtle ways to make you feel like a new person. Go here to find out if contacts or glasses are the way to go.

Coloured contact lenses allow individuals to change or highlight the iris transforming a physical feature while also improving vision. Instead of buying regular contacts to help you see, you can take advantage of your need by using them to spruce up your look.

The suggestion when buying these options is to try to stick with options that complement your current shade rather than attempting to achieve a start difference. Some advice based on your eye’s original tone include:

** Shades of Blue

For those who have a lighter shade iris – like blue, you have the most choices when it comes to these types of lenses. With the iris appearing almost translucent due to less of a dark pigment at the base, you can choose either lens translucency – opaque or enhancement tint.

That means you can entirely transform the eye or enhance what you have to a grander level. A suggestion is a violet tint that will fully alter but still retain the brilliance of the original shade.

** Rare Is the Green

Not many people want to switch away from the rare and beautiful shades of green. Most choose to wear an enhancement-tint, with some choosing deeper highlights to make darker emeralds brighter while the beauty of the iris shines through the semi-transparency of the lens. Light tints will not work well with a dark eye. The darker shade will be too bold for the contacts.

You can alter pale shades of green with deeper tints that will almost transform them to greyish tones or even blues. But as a rule, green eyes being a stunner usually mean to be highlighted and have attention drawn to them with enhancement.

** Lighter Tones of Brown or Hazel

Lighter brown or hazel eyes can fully transform to a multitude of different colours. The range in dark lenses goes as deep as onyx from mahogany. Regardless of the depth you choose, there is still “life” in the sparkle of your eyes because these are transparent, allowing light through. That is not saying you have to choose the darker options, but with hazel and light brown, enhancements are limited to green tints to see any difference or highlight.

These are unusual, especially hazel, since the natural eye tends to change colour in the sunlight or based on the different shades you wear in your clothing.

** Deep Dark Tones

A challenge with these contacts is exceptionally dark eyes like a deep brown or almost black iris. These can completely overwhelm most translucent lenses. Enhancement tints are not a good fit in this category.

The suggestion is to select a “tonal” instead of a “flat” shade. You’ll want to go with lighter opaque tints but not necessarily solid tones, more so those that offer flecks or hints of other highlights throughout, like perhaps a honey lens with speckles of mahogany and amber.

These not only give the illusion of a genuine eye, but they add overall depth and dimension.

People with hazel/light brown and deeper tones can completely change the eye to something completely different. It is possible with quality lenses and a reputable brand that no one unfamiliar with you will notice.

But as far as anyone close to you, it will be a significant change for them to adjust to, not unlike a new hair dye or dramatic makeup change. You won’t be able to pass by friends and family without them noticing your eyes are a different colour, at least we hope not.

Final Thought

Contacts first and foremost are medical devices (in some countries) requiring a prescription to either buy contacts online or in-person for both types of lenses. Before concentrating on cosmetics, it’s vital to see your optometrist for an exam and fitting.

You might not choose to purchase your pair from your doctor, but the professional can offer suggestions on top-grade brands that can provide the quality coloured lenses that you’re striving to obtain.

There are many brands to choose from, both online and with brick-and-mortar establishments. Still, you can narrow these down by only selecting those who expect a prescription, who verify the script with your doctor, and who has a good standing in the industry with a strong following.

Your vision and eye health are vitally important. Keeping your optometrist in the loop through your contact lens journey is essential to ensure both remain intact. Avoid putting contact lenses in your eyes that are not your prescription, which is not meant for you specifically or sold at a local Halloween or costume store. Protect your eyes.


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