105 Wonderful Long Layered Hair That You Will Admire


If you are one of them that have long hair, we debate a lot with ourselves about keeping our long hair or chopping it off. And must of us go for the second one as the long hair can be frustrating and tedious. But don’t worry the idea of long layered hair will let you cut your strands but still keeps the length. They also provide more voluminous hair with better textures.

long layered hair

Long layered haircut was famous during the ’70s and ’90s and have been done by many celebrities till the day. In a 90’s show called ‘Friends,’ One of the character, Rachel Green, has a layered hairstyle which is now called ‘The Rachel.’ Since then many celebrities enhanced ‘The Rachel’ into their hairstyles. Before getting on with these hairstyle trends, let’s get a few tips on keeping them healthy.

Things to know

  • You should moisturize your hair from time to time.
  • Ask recommendation about the hair products from your hairstylists.
  • Go for hair treatments often.
  • Eat food high in vitamins and minerals for your hair.
  • You can also use hair supplements too.

Middle-parted Textured Blonde

The curly texture of the Middle-parted Textured Blonde makes it more of a wavy-textured than layered-cut. The fringes on the side are framing the face pretty well.

Raven Black with Layers

The Raven Black rooted head is layered starting just at the half of the length, and the layers-edges are highlighted with brown for the focus.

Blown-out Brown Sombre Layered hair

The Blown-out Long Layered hair is colored with a Sombre coloring technique with the dark brown roots slowing mixing up with a lighter brown and then into caramel shades.

Reddish Layered hair

The Reddish Long Layered Hair is thick at the roots and slowly becomes thinner as it moves towards the end because of its straight texture. Wear some patterned shirt underneath a jacket matching the hair-color.

Textured Layers

The textured strands go along with the layered-cuts because they both tend to create layers. Keep the color natural with the texture for real look.

Face Framing Layer

Some people love their hair flowing through their face framing it as it provides an excellent shape to your facial structure. Cut a layer just below your chin to expose your beautiful jawline.

Blonde Sombre

The Blonde Sombre is a V layered-cut with short bangs focusing on the eyes. The lighter caramel starts just below the ears to flaunt the beautiful lips and the jawline.

Layers for Oval Shape

Layers for Oval Shape is created by parting in the middle and starting just below the ears for framing the face shape. Color your hair into stages of coffee making.

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde looks fantastic on the fair skin tone person with green or blue eyes. Just remember to have a layer on the jawline for the Love shaped face to Flaunt their pointed jaws.

Shiny Out-blown Layered hair

How well do you go out to the pub or a club? This Shiny Out-blown Layered hair can be your hairstyle to shine out in the crowd for people to have a glimpse of you.

Ashy Sombre

How dark do you like your coffee? Showcase your love towards coffee through your hair keeping the caramel more for the darker one else ashy blonde more for a milky one.

U Longhair

Put all of your hair back parting the hair as you like on the front. Then, cut your hair into U shape to create layers keeping the length.

Side parted hair

If you want asymmetrical layers, then you can side-part your middle parted layers. You can razor the hair below the neck to have thin-progression towards the end.

Sombre hair

Having an Ombre look with two half differently colored can be a little too contrasting for some people. You can change the color towards the root nearer to the ends for keeping it real.

Edgy Auburn

The fringes towards the neck and the bangs are edgy that frames the face too well. Showcase your makeup skill to match the dress you are going to wear for your event.

Red Hues

The hair has layers on the front as bangs and towards the ends only. If you have a straight texture, layered-hair is hard to get, so fringes are taken.

Platinum Layers on Blonde

The Platinum Layers on Blonde seems angelic, and it adds some age to the young faces to look a little mature. Pairing up your necklace and ring set can dazzle your look.

Shoulder-length Layered hair

The Shoulder-length brunette hair looks good on the dark skin person with a small face. You can add bangs covering up the eye-brows little to shape your long face.

Tip Shine

If you usually let your hair down and want your hair to look amazing, then you can add layers to your hair and highlight the tips with a bright shade.


If you have soft hair at the ends, then comb your layered hair outside when it is wet after a shower to create the Outward facing layers. If not you can use blow drier.

Razored Straight Layered hair

It’s a little hard to show off layers in the straight strands. So we razor the half of the hair after layer-cut to showcase it which makes it thinner. Add some long necklace to have a punk look.

Blonde Feathers

Rachel McAdams blonde feathery layers starting with bangs compliments her facial features pretty well which elongates to the chest. Wear brighter eye shadow to pop out your eyes.


The layers are twisted inward creating a bob like structure to the half of the hair, and the rest leans towards the ground more. Wear something classy like a blazer to overpower the look.

Blonde Ends

The Brown Golden hair has blonde ends that focus on the stops of the layers at different places. It is moreover straight with the hair flown outward.

The Rachel Hair

Jenifer Aniston was in 90’s series as ‘Rachel’ where she had a shoulder-length haircut which was officially called ‘The Rachel.’ This Layered hair is the extended version of the haircut.

Shaggy Layers

If you want a long hair that adds boyish vibe to it, the Shaggy Layers is the appropriate one for you. The hairstyle was popular as Emo look in the ’90s with the addition of dark makeups.

Half Bronze Half Brown

Mix the golden and brown to create this bronze hue and apply it to the roots of your hair and then follow the brown color from the half of the head to the textured ends.

Medium Hair with Bangs

Do you have an occasion coming up very soon? The wavy textured Medium Layered Hair with the bangs will give a jolly appearance that will look friendly.

Shaggy Metallic Blonde

The golden light brown and white highlights to the hair look fancy. The Shaggy cut makes the upper hair huge with the thinner ends.

Golden and Brown Overlapping Layers

If you are attending a party tonight with your partner, then Style your Golden Brown hair using the cylindrical comb and drier for the twisting the layers in a different direction. Wear a pearl neck piece for a mesmerizing look.

White Layers

The White Layers imitates a pearl with a dark shine like the root. The layers are flows in a different direction. Wear something black to show off the hair.

Blow-dry Brown Layers

Blow dried hair are the best way to keep your hair twisting and straightening at the right place. The bangs are blown upward showing off the broad forehead.

Wind-swept Blonde 

The layers to the chunk look as if it swings because of the winds but are just normal layered hair. Wear some golden ornaments with the honey-golden hair to look pretty.


The bed-head hairs are the best one. It makes us look good even if we look like we are just out of the bead. It is the trend of ‘I woke up like this’ sequence.

Curly Layered hair

The Curly Layered hair gives an adorable appearance. It flatters people with green eyes and fair skin making her look like a doll. Showcase your makeup skills with it ti better up.

Katy Perry Layers

The model in the picture looks like Katy Perry with her ever favorite bangs and layers. For more of her vibe, you can add colors to your layered hair.

Half perfect Inward Half messy

If we part the face in the middle, one part inward layers look classy, but another part twisted hair looks messed up. But the model’s smile covers the lousy part.

Rough Bronze

Showcase your warm and friendly nature through your hair with the fire highlights on the brunette hair. The Bronze gives a rough texture.

Rolled-up Ends

The blonde head, fair skin actress Amanda Seyfried looks fantastic with the hair where the ends layer forms a roll. The side bangs are framing her face majestically.

Soft Pink highlights

The Sombre hair with pink highlights to it gives a soft chick vibes to the layers. If you want to wear something girly as a dress, this hair goes perfect with it.

Black roots 

For the tip highlights, we use burgundy color mixed with henna to give this ravishing hair layers.

Mermaid Layers

How often did you fantasize about a mermaid during childhood? Get this Ashy Blue layers to look like a mermaid. Wear something fancier with it.

Dark Coffee Layered hair

How dark do you like your coffee? Add the dark brown color more to your long layered hair to showcase your love towards the drink. A black top will go with the look.

Cappuccino Layered Hair

Don’t worry even if you are a milk coffee lover, the addition of caramel and platinum blonde can help you to showcase your choice about the drink too.

Natural Red-head

How do you know about a Red-head? If he/she has green or blue eyes with fair skin and red-hued textured hair, he/she is a redhead.

Beach Waves

Where are you going to spend this summer? If your answer is the beach, then the place is incomplete without the beach-waves that has bright highlights.

Gorgeous Half Outward Layers

The thing that is striking this layered hairstyle is the hues of colors that is beautifully applied to it mismatching the shades of white with other.

Soft Blue highlights

Sometimes when there is a mixture of warm tones and cool-tones, there is a chance of getting different color shade and the blue highlights here is the same.

Choppy Bangs

The chopped bangs look outstanding on a heart-shaped face with sharp jaws. Only a few strands are cut into layers below that part to create a bland cut.

Shaggy Subtle Ends

The Shaggy hair is gorgeous with the subtle ashy ends. The bangs enclose the eyebrows flaunting the grey eyes. Embellish the look with golden chains and smokey makeup.

Choppy Black and copper hair

The Choppy Black and copper hair have the back-flapped bangs with other layers inward bringing Charlie’s angle look. The cola color is vibrant with the rosy eye-shadow.

White Feathers

The White color to the hair reminiscence about the feather of the dove that is soft and beautiful. It gives a matured look to the model. Wear something white for angel vibe.

Unseen Layers

The layers on the hair cannot be appropriately seen because it’s just the ends that have some of them. Emma looks perfect with the Unseen Layers.

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Pleasing Golden Brown

Nothing looks so pleasant than this golden layers with twist and turns which will look fabulous for the warm summer with a summery dress.

Voluminous Wavy Layered Hair

Rolling the hair below the eyes to give the thickness to your hair will provide an elegant look. Back-flap your bangs to go with the hair’s flow. Showcase your makeup skill.

Divergent Ends

If you don’t want bulky appearance with the layers, you can create conversing ends with your straight chunk for soft layered hair.

 Short Layers On Long Hair

The layers could be put into an outward lob if you tied the long down hair loosely giving a different style.

Layers with Side Bangs

How about jazz vibes for the next party? Get the Layers with the Side bangs to dazzle up the evening with your loved ones. Wear a shimmery dress to rock the look.

Out-blown Inverted Lob

Unlike the Lob that has short length at the back of the neck and increases towards the front, the inverted bob is just the opposite with longer back-hair that decreases towards the front-side.

Black Layers

What is promising about the black layers is that it can give a natural look to your even after some weeks with no destructed ends or split-ends if you take good care of it.

Brown Lobs

The Lob consists of layers that are short towards the back of the neck and becomes longer towards the front creating an A-line symmetric shape.

Brunette Ear-back hair 

Putting your hair at the back of your ear is another way to create layers. The Brunette hair looks striking on Megan Fox with her mesmerizing blue eyes. Wear red lipstick to brighten up.

Twisted Layer Ends

Styling your layers by twisting its ends provides a different appearance that vibes about a fun loving person.

Icy Layers

Are you a marvel comic fan? If so, recreate the character Rouge replacing the black hair with the ashy blonde keeping the white on the same place.

Messy Layers

The ‘I woke up like this’ hair is a trend that seems to rock the Messy layers. Dazzle up the look with the shimmery dress and statement ear-piece. Showcase your makeup skill to handle the appearance well.

Dramatic Highlighted Hair

The Dramatic highlights on the layered hair are artistically striking. The different hues of brown are colored to the layers in balayage technique to give the appearance.

Celebrity Appearance

The layered hair with the pearls and a simple black dress makes the model look like a celebrity.

Jessica Jones Style

You undoubtedly know the main detective character Jessica from ‘Jessica Jones.’ This hairstyle looks like the long and brown version of her hair, and the coat is undoubtedly something she would wear.

Layered on top

The layers are cut such a way that the tips are overlapped over one another instead of letting it flow just like the bird’s wings.

Layers for Thick hair

The denser hair looks more profound with the layered-hair than the thin-hair. It is fuller and playful that seems captivating. Wear red lipstick to go with the flow.

Edgy Long Bob Layers

Long Bob is the adorable hairstyle. Adding asymmetrical layers to it makes it more beautiful that vibes about a fun loving person.

Soft Layers

The blonde highlights to the hair make it look softer at the ends while the dark roots are still rough. Wear a no-makeup makeup to give an everyday look.

Rolled Ends

Are you going to the red carpet event? This thick Rolled up ends with the curvy bangs will glam up your look. Add a statement ear-piece for an attractive appearance.

Brown highlights with Layered Bangs

The brunette hair has layered bangs, and the ends of layers are highlighted by brown color. The side fringes are flaunting the persons pointed face.

The long layered hair can become the hairstyle for people that can get real trashy sometime and also go classy when needed. People often leave it messy like the ‘just woke up’ vibes or use some blow drier and the comb help to keep the layers on a place for a neat look. If you are like the day-to-day fashionista kind of person, you can also highlight your hair with the newest techniques to go with the trend.


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