101 Steal-worthy Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles


Wedding – A word that gives a distinct meaning to relationships and life by creating newer relationships and bonding being the reason behind earth’s existence. Just like new relations, it is the time to show your groom your refreshed colors of incredible beauty that will instantaneously steal his heart and brains just for you along with these Steal-worthy Long and short Weddings Hairstyles. Here are some tips to make your wedding day easier to help you carry these killing bridal hairstyles with stupendous attitude.

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  • Plan your wedding hairstyle in advance as to think of sophisticating hair with colors and highlighters for a natural look. The newer the hair colors, the more is the blunt look! Preparing at least a month before is an intelligent idea.
  • Now, on your wedding day it is preferable to get your hair styled not more than half an hour earlier. Imagine yourself carrying a ballet bun all long the wedding and your head is about to collapse! If you really don’t want headache of tight hairstyle then prefer loose ones.
  • The eye-to-eye romantic gesture then wedding then loads of photos to catch happy memories! Your hairstyle will definitely get ruined till the funny photography session if you don’t apply hair volumiser.
  • Indeed, shopping and searching for best hairstylists and makeup artist to bring upon the beautiful princess within you is utmost important. And who knows, if you really find someone holding specialization in the look you want at your wedding.
  • Anti-frizzing stuff will worsen the innate polish of your hair provoking you to stop wasting your money on that worthless stuff. Instead, hair brushes having boar bristles could be quite effectively useful for cleansing action thereby removing the dirt and oil.
  • Deep conditioning and hair cleansing one night before the wedding is really important to glitz up the shine of hair thereby scintillating the appearance.

If you’re especially looking for short hairstyles only then, we’ve the appropriate hairstyle collection for you, where you can simply find better and maximum hairstyles to opt from. But while selecting the hairstyle fro you, don’t forget to match it with the groom’s hairstyle too. That’ll make your wedding photographs more attractive.

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles

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Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles051

Most Popular Categories of Wedding Hairstyles

Curly Side Bangs Bun

Especially, for black ladies who are incredibly blessed to have sexy curly hair naturally will look great in this hairstyle. Rolling up a high pony gives you this sexy curly side bangs bun hairstyle by tilting bangs on either side of the forehead. Enthusiastic hair props are right here to decorate your hairstyles with uncommon charm. Also, you necklace must make a statuary statements on fashion souls thereby leaving your appearance at wedding forever.

French Mat Bun

This is a seductive hairstyle that is simpler in appearance and tougher in braiding. Divide head in three parts and start braiding so as to interlink each one of them. Your elite chignon will be ready just as you roll the hair up thereby securing it with a pin. Entire crowd at church will fall for this glamorous hairstyle and hence, your incredible guise.

Twist Braid

This incredible hairstyle is all about pulling and twisting thereby securing it with an elastic band. Other than trying this hairstyle on your wedding, you may also try it with your casual outfits to stun the world with redefined fashion sense. A classic long gown on your wedding with off-shoulder long sleeved structure looks crazily beautiful with this attire along with your stunning ballerinas.

The Cute Headband Chignon

You might be decorating your hair with artificial bow stuffs, isn’t it? But what if you could actually make a sexy bow chignon with your sleek and straight hair? Yeah, that’s too fascinating! All you have got to do is to start off with cute waterfall braid fetched up-to the neck thereby parting the braid into two. Now, simply braid two plaits and wind it over the head thereby pinning it up behind the ear. And you are done!

Dutch Braid

This contrary French braid is made by parting up hair into two. Pull hair from either side of your scalp thereby braiding up an inverse French braid. Pinning the style at the back of the head is all you need to complete your voo-voo-voom appearance. Don’t let the stun get over and wear a designer backless royal gown on your romantic wedding. Trust me; your appearance will unexpectedly transform to a royal princess with dashing fashion sense.

Best Wedding Hairstyles to copy right now

Classic Curls for Bride

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles7

Curly hair with chic embellished hair accessory will make your wedding day superb. Part your hair from left temple and twist all hair on the right shoulder with your gorgeous wedding gown. Select a body-hugging gown as to flaunt of this style. How about adding a hint of light straight hair bangs thereby redefining bewilder within?

Vintage Wavy Hairdo

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles27

If you aren’t in favor of stringent curly hair then these sophisticating curly long wedding hairstyles are here for you. The hint of golden hair with white classy gown is a classy combination for your D-day.

NOTE: Use curling iron to wave up your hair from the center of the hair strands for a perfect styling. Make sure that it is not too hot as to prevent hair from getting damaged.

Retro Inspired Curled-up Side Bun

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles34- Retro wedding inspiration

This hairstyle is so easy that you may make it by yourself without needing anybody to assist you. All you have to do is to part up the hair from left temple pulling hair to the right shoulder. Get hold of the hair and start rolling it up from the tip until it reaches scalp. Pin it and you are done!

Windswept Braid

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles35-windswept braid + floral crown

A messy windswept braid with a floral crown looks adorable with your stunning wedding gown. Wear an off-shoulder gown with dashing lacy embellishment looks wonderful with this hairstyle. You may also entangle a metallic circlet in this floral crown and scintillate the look.

Natural Hair Bride

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles36-Natural Hair Bride

Ladies who love curly hair look fantastic with this natural hair bride hairstyle. A sweetheart neckline wedding gown with strapless structure look way dashing than you could ever imagine. Wear amazing earrings and metallic cuffs with this gown as to gain an inimitable look.

Messy Fishtail Braid

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles38

Two kinds of fishtails of which loose and messy ones are perfect for your wedding ceremony. Your single strapped garb looks fascinating with this hairstyle. Why don’t you twist and roll this fishtail braid into a classy bun for a royal guise? Rhinestones and sexy hair beads are always there for you to glam up this bride!

Bridal Bobs

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles40-Bridal Bobs

A classic up-do with hair asymmetrical bangs twisted to the side of the head is one of the vintage short wedding hairstyles that have been in trend since fashion existed. You will love wearing a dramatic statement making necklace with this sophisticated hairstyle and your sheer wedding gown with netted shoulder with deep v-neck shape.

Southern Indian Bride’s Braid Hairstyle

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles41-Southern Indian bride's bridal braid hair

Southern India celebrates wedding in silk wedding outfit called Sari with complete golden Zari detailing. Traditionalism is made compassionate with sassy bride’s braid hairstyle. Toupee is used to make your braid longer and is beautified by using numerable hair accessories mainly in golden hue.

Low Rolled Bun

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles45

Part your hair into two from front of the head and wear a simple elastic headband. Start rolling up the hair from both temple portions thereby rolling several long hairs at the back to get a sexy up-do. Your classy netted strapped wedding A-Line backless gown will look gorgeous with this headband low rolled up bun thereby flaunting your sensual back.

Tragic Chestnut Chignon

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles47

Tie up your hair in a high ponytail and start loosening up the pony slowly. Make sure you don’t ruin the hairdo. Just after you fetch the elastic band up-to the mid, divide the ponytail into two equal parts and star inserting the ponytail inside the gap thereby rolling it to get an amazing Chestnut Chignon.

Vintage Bob Haircut

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles50

So sexy! A decent yet classy haircut to make your wedding outfit look incredible with this hairstyle. Get vintage bob haircut with sassy hair detailing accessories is an amazing choice for your big day. How about highlighting your hair strands as to create a distinct personality and unique charm?

Short Black Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles54-short black curly wedding hairstyle

Intensity of your curls will definitely intensify his attraction towards you on your wedding day. How about wearing a hot defined necklace with this hairstyle to sophisticate your silk one piece with increased shine and glory to win his heart all over again? And a dark red colored lipstick is a must. Don’t forget; Red is hot!

Ponytail into Chunky Fishtail

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles56

No other hairstyle on earth could be as simple and yet, so dashing for your wedding ceremony as this ponytail smoothly turned into a stylish chunky fishtail. You complete appearance will be enhanced when this hairstyle will be accompanied by a backless sexy wedding gown.

Bouffant Braided Up-do

Kosty555.info - World Celebs

This is somewhat similar to ballerina bun. All you need to do is to part your hair in two portions. Upper larger portion will get a sassy high ponytail for you and braid up two French braids from hair of lower portion. Twist and roll the ponytail to get a bun thereby outlining the bun with tragic French braids to get this classy bouffant braided up-do.

Side Braid Hairstyle

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles60-side braid with baby's breath flower

Braiding this Long and short Weddings Hairstyles starts with glamorous waterfall tress with temple hair thereby making the fishtail side braid by pulling hair to either side. Baby’s breath flower will decorate your ponytail so amazingly that your appearance will straight way leave him speechless.

Roll-it-up Bun

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles61

This is yet another dramatic headband roll-it-up chignon Long and short Weddings Hairstyles. Simply divide your hair from the front and place a sexy headband without pulling the hair over it from behind. Simply star rolling hair over the headband as to hide it with hair. Pull the remaining hair at the back and start twisting them and pinning as to get a sophisticated marigold-like up-do.

Highlighted Vintage Curls with Floral Circlet

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles63

Full sleeved off shoulder nuptial gowns are simply fantasized with this chic hairdo accompanied by adorable floral tiara with exotic combinations of colors. Your plain white pearl embellished gown will look incredible with classy pearl necklace along with earrings. Get your hair smoothly highlighted as to change the look from regular bridal to exotica!

Curly Up-do Short Hairstyle

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles67-Curly Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Part your curly hair from left temple portion and simple put it into a messy loose up-do with floral side hair accessories. Your single strap sheer gown in body-hugging structure looks beautiful with classic white earrings.

NOTE: Make sure that you pin your hairdo properly in horizontal and vertical alignments as to avoid ruining.

Bohemian Braids with Sparkling Headpieces

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles75-bohemian braids & sparkling headpieces

A simple braid when loosened up so that the free hair strands redefine the wedding vogue with a simple hairstyle looks insanely heart-pumping. Your collection of designer sparkling headpieces will make your look just like a bohemian queen. Your bohemian gown for the one big day of your life is perfect to match up with this hairstyle.

Half Up-do Hairstyle

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles76-Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

Your heavy hair with stupendous curls look so very attractive even left natural and without any hue! Your style will definitely look astonishing with this half up-do hairstyle. Moreover, your other significant always fall for you just as he watches you in your gorgeous untied hair, isn’t it? Then do go for this hairstyle with your metallic beaded hair circlet to dazzle up the appearance.

Indian Rose Chignon

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles77- Indian Bridal Hairstyle

The wonderful wedding Joda with heavy detailing is quite famous in India and it becomes way beautiful when worn by a stunning bride like you. This rose chignon is a great hairstyle to suit the beautiful garb. Simply curl your hair and make a tight head chignon. Its curls will make your hairdo look as gorgeous as a rose.

Waterfall like Fishtail Bun

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles78

This is so stunning! Seriously! Just look at how gorgeous this hairstyle is and the chic halter necked silk A-line with authentic pearl embellishment with lacy elaborations. Wear a sassy bracelet with this outfit along with matching pearly ear hangings to suit the wedding gesture. You will love wearing a traditional head circlet in metallic look.

Pakistani Bridal Up-do

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles79-Pakistani bridal hairstyle

If you have long curly hair with drastic waves then you must go for this amazing hairstyle. Simple half up-do hairstyle to glam up your attractive face cut and flaunt off the celebrity make up with your sassy bridal dress up. Your glamorous jewelry will complete the left over embellishment by making you alternative of the moon of earth.

African American Hairstyle

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles80

The exclusively curly hair is quite uncommon unlike African American ladies that make them way pretty and unique than anything else. You may also try cornrow bun Long and short Weddings Hairstyles with stupendous pearl necklace with your dashing white gown or matching earrings as well.

Long Hair High Head Bun

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles81

High head bun is preferably the best and preferably the worst! Best because it gives world class chic appearance on your special day and worst because it may make innumerable men heartless by watching you looking so wonderful. Your hair securing strategy and pining up must be done carefully and a bit loose to avoid headache and deteriorating of hairdo.

Headband Chignon

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles85

A simple headband could do wonders on your wedding day with this stunning hairstyle. Trust me wear a netted body conscious floor-length gown and pound up his heart. Make sure that you avoid wearing hair beads and other accessories with this hairstyle but you may choose your headband to be an articulated one.

Chinese Bridal Hairstyle

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles87-Chinese bridal hairstyle

Elegant parting up of hair and using sexy traditional hair ties to tuck them up by puffing up the hair and getting an out-of-the-globe hairdo. This Chinese hairstyle suits a bohemian wedding garb or sexy Chinese attire. You may also shock people with colorful necklace made out of natural flower. You may also wear a floral tiara to spread up the beautiful fragrance over his mind.

French Braid Headband Hairdo

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles90-Braided with flowers

Pull hair from behind the ear and make a chunky French braid thereby pulling it over the head and then pinning it up behind another year. Leave your superb curly hair like princess that will make his heart skip for a while! Your stunning headband and that too, a natural one is here to make you look so damn beautiful.

Waterfall Hairdo into Bun

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles95

Simple waterfall French braid followed by a low ponytail rolled up into a curly head bun will sophisticate the bride when worn along with a hot strapless sweetheart neckline bridal gown. You open neck will look fabulous when accompanied by a sexy necklace with dramatic statement making detailing.

Bob Haircut with Floral Diadem

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles101

The adorable floral could make any hairstyle look way classier than it is actually. This simple haircut with authentic parting up of hair and putting stylish diadem looks stunning with your wedding outfit. Your ban collared sleeveless outfit with stunning necklaces and glamorous makeup and this hairstyle and voila!

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles100-wedding updo

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles70

Long and Short Weddings Hairstyles18

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles061

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles071

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles081

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles091

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles101

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles111

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles121

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles131

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles141

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles151

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles161

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles171

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles181

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles191

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles201

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles211

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles221

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles231

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles241

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles251

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles261

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles271

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles281

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles291

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles301

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles311

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles321

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles331

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles341

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles351

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles361

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles371

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles381

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles391

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles401

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles411

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles421

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles431

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles441

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles451

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles461

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles471

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles481

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles491

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles501

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles511

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles521

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles531

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles001

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles011

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles021

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles031

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles041

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles051

Long and Short Wedding Hairstyles081

“Yes, I do!” this is what you have been waiting for so long to listen from him, isn’t it? Then why not make this forever extraordinary moment more breath-taking by getting any of these Steal-worthy Long and short Weddings Hairstyles? Right from the Cinderella look to Jasmine semblance is waiting for you to show the wonders of these exotic hairdos in your one more special event in life – the celebrations of new relationships growing with love!


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