121 Sophisticated jumbo box braids Styles For You


Are you a busy person and bored with your regular styling techniques? Or are you tired of your usual length textured hair? Some people think you cannot change the texture or length of your hair without a natural growth, and you cannot look stunning and whimsical with the braids, but that’s not true! Jumbo Box Braids are just the right style if you want to rock your braid look with low maintenance and still manage to protect your hair. Some people think you cannot style Jumbo Box Braids differently and should follow the same pattern regularly, and even that’s not true!

The Jumbo Box Braids work with natural human hair. But if you want them for the extended period, then it is not recommended as the natural hair is easily damaged. So how many packs of synthetic hair do you need for Jumbo Box Braids? It depends upon the length and size of the braids you want. You may need 8-10 packs of Kanekalon hair. If you are using X-Pressions, then 4-6 bags is enough. The X-Pressions hair pack are fuller and longer than the Kanekalon bag, so you won’t need much if you are getting short braids. Read on to view the big braids hairstyle pictures and find fresh ways to styles your Jumbo Box Braids.

  1. Braided Ponytail

Ponytails are the perfect way to keep your hair in place, and side braids give a fun-loving look complementing the face structure. And if you are into jewels, you can surely decorate some strands of braids with small golden cuffs.

2. Half-up Bun Box Braids.

Styling your Braids with a half up bun is one of the ways to get the braided strands out of your face. And you can show your creative makeup skills with this elegant look.

3. Side Parted Star Braids

This technique is another ponytail Box Braids with the star parted pattern rocked as extended length braids. It can be styled with long neck chains to give a stylish appearance.

4.  Cornrow

The parallel parted cornrow braids are the most typical braiding technique which suits all texture and length of hair giving a traditional twists look. Piercing on the nose and ears gives a modern look to the Jumbo Box Braids Cornrow.

5. Purple Braids with triangle parts

Jumbo Box braids cornrows are already classic. But if you want to beautify it more, you should probably try the purple shade of colour.

6. Half up knotted

The knots of the braided strands gives merely a stylish look to the classic braids. And the added accessories cope up with style.

7. Dark Braid cornrow with golden jewels

This style is effortless to attain. Merely braid the hair and add cuffs to the hair to give a chic look.

8. Long top Bantu knotted

Same as cornrow and crochet braids, Bantu knots are also an excellent hair protective hairstyle. You can recreate this style with half top Bantu knots and the half down twists.

9. Asymmetrical lob Braids

Lob is that hairstyle that every woman has had or has wanted to have once in their lifetime.and if you have had lobs, this asymmetrical lob can be your next desired hairstyle.

10. Lob Braids with jewels

This hairstyle is another way to style your lob Braids. Merely clamping your braid strands with golden hair-cuffs can give you this perfect look.

11. Half angular top knotted bun up Half down Braids

We all ladies are obsessive when it comes to a top-knotted bun. This half up bun half down Braids are the best hairstyles for fulfilling the obsession and looking like a diva.

12. Long Braid cornrow with hat

This look is worth it if you are an outgoing woman and love the sun. This hairstyle will protect your hair from sun damage and as well as make you look trendy.

13.  Ponytail

If you are tired of your Braids not being in place, the Braids ponytail hairstyle is worth a try. It is the allrounder hairstyle that goes with any outfit.

14. Long Box Braids cornrow

Not everyone can go on with every hairstyle but Jumbo Box Braids are good enough for everyone to rock it because of its very low maintenance requirement.

15. Half side double braid up 

Simple side braids to the Jumbo Box Braid gives a feminine touch to the already powerful vibe oozing hairstyle. Pair with the Sunglasses for the more cool look.

16. Twisted Braids

Jumbo Box Braids are already a statement presenting hairstyle, twist it right above from ear portion to give a false crown impression.

17.  Braids with multi Highlighted strands

These Braids are just the right choice to play with colors. It suits any skin toned women and can be styled with any jewelry.

18.  Three strands back Jumbo Box Braids

You don’t always need to keep up with the hard look. This style is for those women who crave for an excellent and whimsical look.

19. dark lob Braids

The classic dark braids never go out of fashion. This retro look can be achieved with a lob braid with some strands cuffed with hair jewels.

20. Side high ponytail Braids

The high ponytail is one of the most attractive hairstyles. If you want to reflect your wild and sexy side, styling high ponytail Braids with smoky makeups is what you need.

21. Substantial high bun Braids

Buns are not always messy and tedious. This neat substantial top bun is the example of how you can look classy and gathered up at the same time.

22. Brown Braids

Beautiful doesn’t always have to be soft and silky. Try these pretty Brown braids look to be flattered with comments.

23. Half updo bun Braids

We have already discussed the topknot; this hairstyle is half up-do bun Braids. Take the half hair up to create a bun and let the rest down towards the shoulder.

24. Half up ponytail long Braids

This look can be created merely by taking the half classic braided hair up for ponytail and letting the rest down towards the shoulder.

25. Burgundy Jumbo Box Braid cornrow

Playing with colors makes the hair look gorgeous. Burgundy colored Braids can be one of your choices for Braids.

26. Short Crochet Braids

Only the braiding mechanism helps us to make our thin hair look thick. This style is a short braid where the hair extensions are woven on the twists to give a rich hair look.

27. Half up space bun Braids

What is cuter than a space bun? This style makes you look all tied up for some home works bringing back the childhood memories and resembles a mouse.

28. Blonde highlights

To create this, take the portion of strands of Jumbo Box Braids to the back, and you can add a blonde splash of color to make your Braid look even more unique.

29. Side parted Cornrow

The next most easy and classic Jumbo Box Braids are the Side parted Braids which can be recreated merely by parting at the side before you braid.

30. Half up burgundy

Do you want to be complimented for your look? Style your hair with this Burgundy half-up Jumbo Box braids.

31. Star parted Braids with rubber

The spiky edges give the punk rockers look whereas adding the rubbers to the strands gives a little feminine vibe. This style gives you a vibe of the eccentric and stylish person

32. Mohawk

Side shaved Mohawk has always been popular among men, but this trend is now being followed by the women too as it presents one as bold enough to try out new things.

33. one-Side

This style can be recreated by taking a ponytail at one parted side and braids on the other to create a new and fun trend within your surroundings.

34. Honey blonde star side parted Braids

Honey blonde is the brilliant hair colour that goes well with any texture hair. Brush your baby hair in the front and wear this hairstyle to look neat.

35. Caramel middle star Braids

Want to impress your boyfriend? This Caramel braids look perfect for your date making you all pretty, confident and stylish.

36. Hip length

Every woman obsesses about having a long hair. This Jumbo Box Braids style can give you exactly your desired hair length.

37. Classic Jumbo Box Braids cornrow

Cornrow Braids have been popular since the beginning. Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna have flaunted this hairstyle.

38. High topknot bun

Wearing a High topknot is both fresh and classy either it is for the special occasion or on a daily basis. You can always adorn it with cuffs for more femininity.

39. Half up twisted bun Jumbo Box Braids with triangle parting

The half up wrapped bun braids with triangle parting is a way to go if you want to look sporty, elegant and stylish all at the same time.

40. Highlighted Jumbo Box Braids 

Use highlighted braids to give more special style to your hair and pigtails. Add bold lipstick to radiate positivism.

41. One sided Braids with golden hair-cuffs

Take the Jumbo Box Braids to one of the sides from the back nape of your neck creating an alluring style.

42. Medium Half up Bun

Sass up the Half up bun hairstyle with a bold statement makeup and everyday earrings to create this style.

43. Half upped bun and half ponytail Braids

Are you fascinated by the magazine models iconic hairstyles? You can surely recreate this hairstyle to look like those models.

44. Senegalese twist

The Braids not only gives a classy look but can also show your youthful nature. Pair it with a braided necklace and a simple ear-piece.

45. Half up loose ponytail 

The high ponytails go well with the voluminous hair, and since Jumbo Box Braids give good volume, this Half up ponytail go pretty well.

46. Light auburn Braids

This colour gives a beach vibes. Wear this Light auburn Jumbo Box Braids during summer where everything is fun and sunny.

47. Super Braids

Thick braids make you look young and healthy. Try this Super Jumbo Box Braids with lustrous hair colours for a more graceful look.

48. Lob with hair-cuffs Braids

Bobs are always cute and pretty. Add the golden hair-cuffs and your best everyday makeup skills to give this charismatic look.

49. Electric blue side-cut Bun Braids

Electric blue colour is known for knowledge, power and integrity. This Side-cut Bun Braids look gives the idea of a smart and brave person.

50. Double side twisted Braids

If you have an occasion coming up very soon, this royal look of the double twisted Braids is just the style you are looking. The white beaded earrings look perfect with the hair

51. Brown highlighted braided ponytail Braids

Wear your braids with highlights to complement your thick strands even more. Accessorize a golden neck-piece to give a trendy look.

52. Two large ponytail Braids

Is your child bragging about others mom’s styling techniques? This simple two large braided ponytails can be just the thing she is looking.

53. Walnut Side bang asymmetrical lob Braids

Compliment your face structure by getting a walnut side bangs with this asymmetrical lob Braids. Nude makeup goes well with this style.

54. Blonde Ombre pigtails Braids

No one is ever matured enough for pigtails. Create this ombre pigtail Braids look to show off your inner wild child.

55. Half up halo Jumbo Box Braid

Who doesn’t like big and healthy looking hair! Halo half up Braids are the representative of the youthful and charismatic hair.

56. Front huge topknot Braids

Are your braids distracting you from work? Put up your braids on the top as a knotted bun and complete your work without any interruption.

57. Half pulled back Bun Braids with Side bangs

Who says Jumbo Box Braids cannot go along with bangs? This retro style can be it if you are someone loves bangs.

58.Violet Side twist bangs Braids

Turn peoples head wearing a violet coloured Jumbo Box Braids. Twist it at the side for a creative look.

59. Multi colored Space bun Braids

We have discussed the space buns before, and these multicoloured Bun Braids are just another colouring technique for turning heads.

60. Side Bouffant lob Braids

This hairstyle is a simple lob Jumbo Box Braids with a side bouffant that takes only a minimal effort.

61. Lose half up bun Braids

If you have been fascinated by hippie culture, this is the right hairstyle choice you can make. It can be made more 90’s style if you embellish it with golden hair-cuffs.

62. Asymmetrical bob Braids with cuffs. 

If you want your look to be adorable, this asymmetrical bob braids with these cute hair-cuffs can be your best approach.

63. Dark half up halo Braids

If you are a bossy person, this can be your signature hair to go as it signifies the bold, independent nature of women.

64. Half up twisted knot Braids

Twisted knots are the new high school hairstyle to look all spontaneous and gathered up. Wear a spec to give an intellectual vibe.

65. Caramel highlighted with triangle

Caramel is another shade of brown that goes well with the Jumbo Box Braids. Highlight some strands of hair with caramel and get a sassy look with cuffs.

66. Half up top knotted classic Bun Braids

Are you going to an occasion during a busy schedule? This sleek half up top knotted classic bun takes only 15 minutes.

67. Side part double twisted Braids

Crown yourself as a princess with this Side part double twisted Jumbo Box Braids. The twisted part gives you the crown illusion.

68. Side part Huge Braids

Side part your hair before making your rich braids. Pair it up with some trendy sunglasses, and you are ready for the sun fun.

69. Middle parted Braids

Another way to wear a Jumbo Box Braids is to part it in the middle and gives symmetrical shape to your face.

70. Side parted ponytail Braids

Picture your favourite artist with this look! Don’t you think it’s perfect? These Braids are almost everyone thing, and you should surely try it.

71. Crisscrossed Mohawk Braids 

Mohawk is providing the intense look, and crisscrossed Braids are giving you femininity is the double benefit of this style.

72.Symmetrically parted Box Braids

If you have Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, these symmetrically parted Box Braids are perfect for you.

73. Brunette Standard bob Braids

Almost every age group of people flaunts standard bob as the look provides cute and positive attitude. Brunette is the colour you will surely love for a lob.

74. Red highlighted Braids with golden cuffs

Red highlights can be spotted anywhere at any time. If you want to be the centre of attention, you should surely try this hairstyle.

75. Purple ombre Braids

The dark purple colour towards the roots and light purple towards the end of hair gives the ombre look which is undoubtedly elegant.

76. Burgundy Braids with triangle parting

Burgundy is the colour if you want your hair to look silky and shiny. Put your hair into a small triangular parted ponytail and braid for the look.

77. Light mahogany side star Braids

Light mahogany is also another colour you can put up with your braids. Cuffs are inevitably going to enhance the style.

78. Doughnut Bun Braids

As a child, you admittedly have fantasised about being a Barbie doll! This barbie like Doughnut Bun Braids will make your childhood dream come true.

79. Red highlighted half up Messy Bun Braids

The messier is the bun; your hair is going to look gorgeous. Try this Red highlighted Half-up messy bun Braids for an amusing look.

80. Multicoloured rubber Bands wrapped half up bun Braids

Another way to style your Braids is to wrap rubber bands around them. This colorfully wrapped braids with the bun are paired up with the beachwear for fun look.

81. Reddish rubber wrapped Braids cornrow

The white wrappings on the braids give a vibe of an occasion. You can add cuffs for more classy detail and pair up with white dresses.

82. Multicoloured highlighted high ponytail Braids

Nothing can go wrong with colourful Braids. You will have enough things to style with it and also look eye-catching.

83. Dark Super Braids

Give an appealing look with the Dark super Box Braids. Show your make up skills to go with it.

84. Star spaced half up dark cinnamon highlighted bun Braids

Bun up with a highlighted braids to give a unique top knotted bun and add golden hair-cuffs to each downward braid strands to create this look.

85. Red highlighted jumbled ponytail Braids with wraps

The Red highlighted jumbled Braids gives much more volume to the hair and shows the youthfulness. Cuffs and wrappers are used to accessorise it more.

86. Parallel Braids with star cuffs

The classic parallel braids are given a stylish look by pairing two golden hair-cuffs with the twists.

Well if you ever have thoughts on having unique and head-turning hairstyles that need low maintenance and are protective, you should try one of these Jumbo Box Braids. And be prepared for the fantastic compliments you are getting that day. If you have short hair and you are still in doubt with your hairstyle, you can check out  Short Hair Styles for Women.


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