How to Choose a Canvas Wall Art?


How to Choose a Canvas Are you thinking about introducing canvas wall art into your home? Such pieces make homes cozier and more inviting while pulling the space together. Artwork adds personality to the space and upgrades every room instantly.

Nevertheless, sourcing and installing such pieces should be done by following a set of rules in view of size, style, color, and theme.

We hope this information below assists you in choosing the best artwork for your home.

Consider the size

A crucial consideration when selecting canvas wall art is the size. Homeowners should consider the size of the art piece and the available wall space. By bearing size in mind, you’ll doubtlessly filter out the unsuitable options more easily. If planning to decorate the room with multiple wall art pieces, you should always start with the largest ones and fill the remaining gaps with smaller ones. The following URL,, includes some handy tips for creating the perfect gallery wall.

Furthermore, a general sizing rule is that wall art isn’t supposed to take more than seventy-five percent of the available space. It should take up at least 60 to a maximum of 75%. Homeowners should start measuring the wall height and width, after which they’ll multiply them by 0.6 and 0.75 to get the most suitable canvas print sizes.

There are various artwork sizes to take into consideration before making an ultimate choice of dimensions. For instance, oversized art pieces are over one meter in length, which makes them the focal point of any room. They look amazing when placed above large furniture pieces like a sofa, dining table, or bed. In contrast, large pieces are between eighty and a hundred centimeters long. These are usually centerpieces in a crowded gallery wall.

Medium-sized art pieces range from sixty to eighty centimeters in length, making them the most versatile variant. Homeowners can add two of these in the available space or just a single one as a standalone work of art. Conversely, small canvas art is between 45 and 60 cm in length, which is ideal for a gallery wall. You can combine two to six pieces to create a dynamic effect.

Last but not least, mini frames are at least twenty-five to a maximum of forty centimeters long. Just like the small frames, these mini prints look the best when grouped. There are other proportion rules to remember when adding artwork to your rooms. For instance, the pictures aren’t supposed to be longer than two-thirds of the sofa. Height matters just as much as length, which is why canvas art should be placed at a minimum of fifteen cm above the furniture edge.

Instead of filling a large space with a single print, why not group multiple prints together. These can be created by the same artist or have the same color pattern to match each other. If you aren’t sure about the right number, you won’t do wrong by buying in threes.

Consider the style

Another aspect to take into consideration is the interior design style that dominates your home. It doesn’t matter whether the style is traditional, modern, Scandinavian, or chic, as long as the artwork complements it. Homeowners can use a multitude of ideas, such as using abstract prints, nature photography, minimalistic paintings, etc.

The feeling that’s present in your home should be reflected by your artwork. Many homeowners opt for beach photography or paintings, as these provide them with a sense of relaxation despite living in a bustling city. Modern homes, however, would definitely stand to gain from black and white artwork.

Additionally, framing can do wonders for the appearance of canvas wall art pieces. Make sure to go here to see a collection of canvas prints, posters, and wall tapestry. You should match the frames with the interior style to create harmony. Hence, a wooden frame would incorporate well in a Scandinavian home, much better than a silver frame would.

Consider the color

The color of canvas wall art is another factor to use in finding pieces that match the color schemes that already exist in your home. Homeowners should use two main approaches in selecting canvas artwork by color. The first approach involves accent hues through selecting a single color or two, which are already used in the room. These hues should be your guide to choosing the right pieces in an attempt to create a sophisticated result.

When using the first approach, homeowners can play with tones and shades of the two main colors to enhance the existing color palette without straying too far from it. In contrast, the other approach is going bold for no good reason. You should identify the most prominent color in the room and select a similar hue by checking the color wheel. Nevertheless, the new color must be introduced through several items to create the desired impact.

Take the theme into account

Your home theme should be taken into consideration when choosing canvas wall art. Your new art pieces can be sourced based on your house theme. If your house has a beachy theme, contemporary artwork won’t suit the theme properly. Instead of contemporary pieces, you should choose neutral elements in cool hues, such as green and blue.

Final thoughts

Selecting the right canvas wall art can make a huge difference to your beloved home.

It sets the tone and evokes a feeling of uniqueness!


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