How Can Country Living Afford You Life’s Biggest Luxuries?


The demand for country housing has grown exponentially over the past few months, with Redfin CEO, Glenn Kelman, reporting that wealthy city dwellers are keen on reaping the best of country living. This phenomenon is only likely to grow stronger, with Forbes reporting that far from being a temporary solution, remote work is here to stay. The truth is that many Americans have become used to working from home, and when it comes to the ideal environment for doing so, few things beat a home ensconced in lush nature. If you are thinking of moving to the country and you’re used to living in the lap of luxury, you may be surprised at the many ways in which rural life may be perfectly suited to your purpose.

Immersing Yourself In The Bounties Of Nature

Living close to nature has become a luxury in itself, with studies showing that those who live near green areas and spend time outside enjoy significant and wide-ranging health benefits. A University of East Anglia study found, for instance, that exposure to green space reduces the risk of premature death, cardiovascular disease, preterm birth, type II diabetes, high blood pressure and stress. In fact, popular country homes such as the San Saba River ranch in Texas are enticing buyers, owing to the plethora of outdoor activities they facilitate. In this ranch, ensconced by a peaceful river, just a few sources of entertainment include acres of pecan trees, the proximity of wildlife (including axis deer and native whitetail deer), and fishing. The abundance of land (and ecosystems) promote an outdoorsy lifestyle that boosts health and wellness in ways that urban landscapes cannot emulate.

Embracing The Design For Life Principle

The ‘design for life’ principle – the idea that homes and indeed all products of design should have a long (hopefully everlasting) lifespan – has taken over luxury country homes. Just a few features luxury lovers are embracing in new builds and renovated homes include sustainable materials (such as recycled and reclaimed wood), open floor plans (to enable natural light to make its way through the home), and biophilic design (the inclusion of plants in home design). Vertical walls, hanging plant features, and ‘green roofs’ are just a few features to watch out for in high-end country homes.

Opting For Creature Comforts

Country homes are also more comfortable than in the past, with ‘smart home’ technology enabling discerning homeowners to control everything from heat and cooling, right through to lighting, music and other forms of entertainment. Underfloor heating, smart lighting, and contactless fixtures for doors and faucets are also more visible in modern rural homes. Smart solutions also enable dwellers to avoid accidents and injuries by informing them early of plumbing, electrical, and other problems.

Life in the country has become more appealing in recent times, with many Americans hoping to live a greener life while working remotely in the long term. Far from being a challenging experience, country living has a plethora of luxuries – including the health benefits of nature. Rural life also offers optimal design, sustainability, and smart living possibilities, which only adds to its everlasting appeal.


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