Gynecology Treatment in Ukraine


Since many gynecological diseases tend to be symptomless, it is difficult to diagnose them without a proper gynecological examination. To avoid pathological developments that could result in cancer, every woman should undergo an examination at least once a year.

Gynecological treatment can easily turn into a burden on one’s budget. Finding a professional to attend to your unique needs might also become an issue. But what if you could get exceptional medical support for your gynecological issues at an affordable cost without sacrificing its quality? That’s what many people looking for actionable gynecological advice come to get in Ukraine.

Gynecology treatment accounts for a lion’s share of medical tourism to Ukraine. The array of gynecological diseases that can be effectively treated here is vast:

  • infertility;
  • amenorrhoea;
  • dysmenorrhoea;
  • menorrhagia;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • bacterial vaginosis;
  • imperforate hymen;
  • Bartholin’s cyst;
  • uterus, vagina and cervix infections;
  • urinary tract infection and many more.

The ultimate goal of each gynecological treatment is to not only timely diagnose and treat the identified pathology at an early stage, but also help women avoid complications and preserve their reproductive function.

Book a consultation with a gynecologist if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • vaginal secretions have changed their color, consistency or smell;
  • you are experiencing dryness, itching or rash in the area of the external genitalia or pain in the lower abdomen;
  • the menstrual cycle changed its duration or has become more painful;
  • duration of intervals between cycles has changed;
  • breast pain.

In order to prevent and diagnose various gynecological diseases, you might need to undergo examinations such as colposcopy, cardiotocography, biopsy, electrocardiogram and others. In addition, cytological, biochemical, immunological, cytogenetic and molecular genetic testing might be required.

Some of the most popular of the gynecological treatment people from all over the world seek in Ukraine are:

  • treatment of cervical pathology;
  • identifying causes and treating miscarriages;
  • hyperplastic processes in the endometrium;
  • menstrual disorder, painful menstruation;
  • climacteric disorders;
  • diagnosis of hormonal background and treatment of hormonal disorders;
  • personalized selection of contraceptives;
  • examination and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, etc.


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