105 Lovely French Braid Hairstyles For You


French braid hairstyles look completely lovely and never leaves trend. This hairdo has become famous for the varieties as they can effortlessly be molded into any designs ideal for casual, formal as well as for party looks. You can go for French plait to anchor your bangs and let your style radiate through whatever remains of your look. French braided updos are a chic decision for anybody expecting to revamp their style.

Here, we have presented you plenty of marvelous French braid hairstyles that can quickly grab the attention of many towards you. All of the updos mentioned here are easy to be created. Comprehend our guideline to get a charming glance.

  • Side Fishtail Braided Ponytail

french braid

Do you have any school sports capacities to visit? Strive for this easy side fishtail braided ponytail. You need to create an exemplary fishtail plait along the edge proceeded till the scruff part and made a low ponytail from that point onward. An engaging yet charming style is prepared to be vaunted.

  • Three to One!

This braided updo as seen in the picture is quite easy and appealing for daily appearances. For this, you need to separate your hair into three sections that are, one at the middle and two at the side. After that, for the central part,  make a dutch fishtail starting right from the top till where you decide to secure with a hair tie. Next, for the sections at the side, make a low typical french braid and settle it. Finally, bring all the three braids at one point and combine it to make a single twist.

  • Top Braided Bun

Along with the braid, the hairstyle that never goes out of trend is the bun. As both, the plaits and bun are elegantly engaging, for what reason don’t you attempt these hairstyles as one? To get this look, make slight fishtail sideways until the point when you achieve the focal point of your head. At that point, get a handle on the entirety of your remaining hair and move it up as a high bun. An ideal updo for an ordinary look. Additionally, on the off chance that you brighten this updo with some hair embellishments it will be perfect for glamorous occasions as well.

  • Interweaved Frech Braid Styled Ponytail

Why go for a typical french twist when you can interweave with adorable cute twist style? This intriguing yet inconceivably spectacular hairdo begins with a little braid at the front, moving backward as a ponytail which proceeds all the way to the base of the hair. It’s weaved with a loose and little messy fishtail braid for an attractive style which will be ideal for a get-together.

  • Loose Style

Some girls out there reading this post might feel uncomfortable with tight braids, am I correct? In that case, you can strive for loose braids as shown above which will make you feel comfortable and appear graceful and fashionable.

  • Voluminous Double -Sided Braids

Do you wish to make yourself seem unique by experimenting amazing, quirky hairstyles? In that case, this hairstyle is the best option for you. All you have to do is make four strand dutch braids on two sides. Once you reach the bottom, pull through your twists to give a voluminous glance. Moreover, this updo looks better if you have healthy and thick natural hair.

  • Ladder Braids

As referenced before that there are numerous varieties of braided updo that you can attempt to look enchanting and alluring. This ladder braids one of them. Further, this hairstyle isn’t as hard to make as it shows up in the image. Take the assistance of your close ones or beautician to make this style if you have your eyes stuck on it. Also, this ladder braids will most likely gain a great deal of public attention.

  • Basic Yet Rich

This basic yet rich updo is the updo that many people consider when they think about a French braid hairdo. To replicate this hairdo, detangle your hair and influence an ordinary to fishtail twist at the middle. It would look pleasant on anybody from school young ladies, professional girls or proficient models.

  • Pull Through French Braid


How To French Braid?

To create this look, follow several steps as mentioned below:

  1. Start from one side as an inverted french braid that flows to the other side.
  2. Once you reach the other side, pull-through your braids to give a voluminous glimpse.
  3. Ultimately secure with a hair elastic.
  4. The hairdo is ready to flaunt on your party wears especially gowns.
  • Waterfall Hairstyles

A waterfall hairstyle is the ideal romantic hairdo for any event. Likewise, when you need to take your summer styling to the next dimension, this updo is the best approach. It might resemble a ton of struggle however once you ace the loose procedure, an entirely different creation will be made for day-to-day and party appearances. The methods for this updo are mentioned underneath:

  1. Take a thick section of your hair at one side and separate it into three sub-sections.
  2. For the three sections divided, take the front and back strands and cross over at the middle.
  3. Every step you move ahead with, add a new section from the top.
  4. Continue step two and three until you reach the other side of your head and clip it.
  5. The waterfall braid is ready to make you look utterly striking and different.
  6. Moreover, you can leave your hair straight but if you have highlights or ombre shade added on make curls or waves for that extra poise and finesse.
  • Two French Braids

This hairdo is a standout amongst the most exemplary French twists. The hair is separated down into two sections, and both the parts are framed as French plaits either ordinary or inverted beginning appropriately from the top. Further, this look is super for young ladies who love to look cute and definitely for children for their school updo. It is effortless to be pulled off by everyone.

  • Roll It Up!

This hairstyle looks bizarre.  But, experimenting great hairdo’s is what makes you stand out as bold and striking. You need to take hair from the focal point of your head and make french twists. When you start rolling the braids upwards, add hair on each step. Continue turning it until you reach the scruff and secure it with a hair clip.

  • Two-Sided Braided Bun

Discard your particular tedious hairstyles with this basic bun hairdo. You should merely mix the refinement of two sides interlaces to a bun that will brighten up your general appearance.

  • Keep it to the Side!

Ladies! do you prefer simple updo over fancy ones? In that instance, go for this classic French braids. Furthermore, to look stunning even with the straightforward updo hold it to the side as opposed to keeping it at the back.

  • Heart Shaped Braids

This hairstyle is easygoing but looks exceptionally unusual. To recreate this look, all you have to divide your hair into two sections till the center of your head. For the two separated sides, make regular french braids until you reach the bottom and bind with a hairtie. Next, hold both the plaits, roll it upwards in the opposite direction as shown in the picture and clip it.  Your heart-shaped french braided updo is ready to turn the heads of many.

  • Twisted Updo

The updo referenced in the picture above appears like a perfect plaited updo. But, it is the twisted hairdo created in the form of braids. You need to take strands of your hair on two sides and twist it. For every wraps until you reach the base, twist and bind with a hair elastic. You will get a perfect updo to rock your daily appearance.

  • Half Up French Braids

This lovely hairdo needs specific steps to be followed for an utterly beautiful output. The procedures for this cute updo are as follows:

  1. Divide your hair into two sides till the center of your head.
  2. For one side, start making regular french braids till the base and bind it properly.
  3. Again, for the other side, repeat as mentioned in step two.
  4. Once the braids are complete, bring it together as one by securing with a hair tie.
  5. Let the rest of your hair free for what it’s worth.
  6. There you have your half-up french braids ready to make you appear gorgeous on a daily basis.
  • X-Shaped Hairdo

A style is something that comes from within you. If you want to look trendy and fashionable all the time, you can straightforwardly create different hairstyles. The updo referenced here is nothing but a regular french braid given a little change to form an X-shaped design. Just concentrate on the picture correctly, and you will be able to recreate this updo within no time.

  • Braided Ponytail Style

Are you a big-time ponytail lover?  However, do you wish to add something new to your ponytail or say, to change your hairstyle? If so, create double-sided french braids until you reach the nape of your neck and bind as a low ponytail.

  • Underside Braided Ponytail or Bun

This hairdo has french braids made from the underside of your head moving upwards. When your braids reach the center, tie as a high ponytail or roll it as a top bun. A perfect hairdo for summer to avoid the irritation of scorching heat.

  • Unique Hairstyle for Long Hair

I feel that girls with naturally long hair are blessed as they can mold into any desired style. The hairdo referenced above is unique which can be created with the help of a hairstylist. Moreover, decorate the updo with dazzling embellishments which will act as a cherry over the cake.

  • Just at the Middle

The alluring viewpoint about this haircut is that plaits at the top center. That mesh is then maneuvered into a high ponytail with a hair wrapped over hair elastic for a perfect and cleaner look.

  • Net Braided Updo

Amongst different variation of braids, the net twist is also one of distinctive and striking hairdo. It is the least troublesome, a most straightforward and fastest hairstyle which is made by fusing dutch and regular braids forming a net-like design, ending up with a lower ponytail or letting the hair free.

  • Side Braids to Low Bun

Here is a side braided low bun that runs extraordinarily best with a wide range of outfits. Making side plaits one, two or three according to your desire and sweeping it to the side will adjust off the whole look immaculately.

  • Waterfall Ponytail

As already mentioned in one of the posts earlier, waterfall hairstyle is a perfect way to throw a charming glance. To get this look, you need to create two layers of waterfall braids and after the second layer, tie as a low ponytail. Further, you can keep your hair curly or straight as per your preference.

  • Dutch Voluminous Fishtail Braids

Grey hair tint, one of the most trending hair shades in recent days amongst young girls. Do you wish to try something that helps you give a fashionista feel? Strive for this voluminous dutch fishtail braids settled as a low ponytail. It is simple and will be prepared within no time.

  • French Braid Ponytail

Do you wish you take your usual ponytail hairstyle to a different dimension? If so, settle your pony with dazzling french braids at the side. It’s pleasingly ingenious and simple for a night out as well as for spending the day at the lake. Begin with gleaming side plaits rolling back to a mid-height ponytail. Moreover, complete this hairstyle with loose waves which makes you look more enchanting. Also, you can follow the steps shown in the picture above to make your work easier.

  • Side Fishtail Braided Updo

Hairdos like this will work the best for hair of any length. Additionally, any young ladies out there can pull off this delightful haircut. The fishtail twist is woven from one side moving towards the center and settled with a pin. This advanced look is extraordinary with wavy hair and perfect for rare occasions and outfits.

  • Loose But Attractive

From the picture, you might have a thought that how can this sort of hairdo blend well with a dazzling gown or party attires, am I right? But once you dare to endeavor this updo for the glamorous event, I bet you will be in the limelight. Examine the image and go for it without even batting an eye. It is unimaginably easy and should be possible within a couple of minutes.

  • Criss-Cross Braids

Do you desire to experiment quirky designs almost every day? However, are you running out of unique hair designs? If that is the situation, why don’t you try the hairstyle mentioned above at least once? For this, you have to separate your hair into two divisions and make standard dutch french interlaces. Be that as it may, before proceeding onward with the regular twists, leave two thick strands of your hair on both the sides so it will be less demanding for you to make cross-cross toward the end.

  • Amazing Updo

Like some other braids we have talked about up until now, this is likewise the same. The main distinction for this updo is that the plaits are shaped by taking little strands from the side making an astounding outcome toward the end. Additionally, you can enhance with blossoms at last to give a bohemian impression.

  • Macrame Braids at Two Sides

As of now referenced in one of the posts prior that this sort of haircut is the least difficult, snappiest and the most straightforward. You require to make a net-like plait on opposite sides proceeded till the inside and bound with a fastener. Starting there forward, make reversed fishtail until your desired point. Also, this is a half-up, a half-down hairdo with a blend of macrame and fishtail interlaces ideal for you to seem astounding.

  • Boxer Braids Tutorial

Boxer braids to be precise is a regular dutch braid that is in trend for many years. Be that as it may, boxer braids is unique compared to French hair plait. Work out or any other form of exercise, this hairdo will be your savior as there shouldn’t be any hair disturbances amid practice.

We would also like to present you several procedures of boxer braids to avoid any confusion that you might face:

  1. Detangle your hair and apply on hair cream to give a smooth touch.
  2. Divide your hair into two sides.
  3. For one side, again part your hair into three strands and start with an inverted french braid until you reach the base of your hair.
  4. Continue the same as mentioned in step 3 for the other side.
  5. Give a final touch to your hair with a setting spray.
  6. There you are ready with boxer braids to comfortably and confidently attend your workouts or any sports event.
  • Loose Braids for Long Hair

This hairdo takes a free French interlace streaming sideways and later proceeded as a fishtail mesh. The loose braids pursued by tight fishtail looks marvelous and stunning. Also, for the rest of the hair, let it free either straight, wavy or in a kinky way. This look would be incredible for work or a night out.

  • Cute Upward Braided Bun

Commence with an upside down french braid and once you reach the focal point, roll your hair as a high bun. Moreover, the bun can be standard, doughnut or a bow-shaped as per your fondness.  This hairstyle will unquestionably help you earn a lot of recognition.

  • Braided Hair Swept Back as a High Bun

This plaited bun haircut is excellent if you are planning to spend your weekend by the shoreline. The hair is worn to the side, and the plait turns toward the back of the head. A delicate and messy bun is created on a daring glance. Besides, it looks decent with the blonde features.

  • Braided Curls

Are you a curl lover? But, are you scared of damage that might occur due to electric curling rod? Leave all the tensions aside and go for braided curls. All you have to do is make tight french braids either regular or inverted and leave it overnight. Also, make twists on slightly wet hair to achieve the perfect curls.

  • Fishtail Braided Ponytail Followed By Romantic Curls

Have you got to attend a date night with your lover? On that occasion, are you seeking for something captivating and sophisticated? Then, try this braided ponytail followed by curls. You need to make a ponytail at the first place and move on as a fishtail braid somewhat till the middle. Once you reach that point bind your braids. Now, for the remaining hair, make curls at the tip and leave it for what it’s worth.

  • Braids From Above and Beneath

Are you fond of making yourself stand out in the crowd with anything unique and striking? This hairdo is something that most of the girls don’t endeavor for. You need to make usual french braids from above and beneath until you reach the center. Clip your twists at the center and create a high ponytail from that point. It is utterly fabulous and adorable.

  • Reversed S-Shaped

This hairstyle also comes under the variation of waterfall hairstyles which we have already talked about in detail earlier. The updo, as shown above, starts with a braided waterfall design continued in a reverse s-shape till the bottom of the hair and settled with a rubber band.  It’s an entirely marvelous hairdo for casual days as well as for social gatherings if decorated with bright hair ornaments.

  • Bang Braid

Most of the girls or beautician or a hairstylist out there reading this post might not know the way to create bang braids.

How to French Braid Your Own Hair?

The steps to create this hairdo is as follows:

  1. Braid three strands at the front of your head, twice.
  2. Then, put a first and third strand together and use a new strand as a replacement.
  3. Continue this process all the way across the front of your head.
  4. When you reach your desired point, tie or pin back your hair.
  • French Braid Vs. Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are nothing but an inverted version of the French twist. Some of the steps to create both the braids are mentioned beneath:

French Braid vs. Dutch Braid

  1. Divide your hair at the center into three sections as 1,2 and 3.
  2. Take section 1 over section 2 and three over 1. Whereas, for dutch braid take the parts from below.
  3. On every step, when following procedure 2, add a new replacement.
  4. When you reach the base part, secure your hair with a hairtie.
  5. Thus, French and Dutch braids have only one difference that is procedure two other things remaining the same.
  • Double -Sided French Braid Ponytail

The French interlace ponytail works extraordinarily for young ladies who like to look appealing in a pretty or charming way and also girls who want to look stylish for their school. It makes a marvelous casing along the edges and back of the head. Likewise, you can make twofold sided interlaces pursued by a solitary or two ponytails.

  • Wedding Hairstyles

How To Do A French Braid?

A wedding is the big day of your entire life, and you deserve to appear mind-boggling. Here, we’ve presented you two different kinds of hairstyles which you can ask your hairstylist to recreate it on you. A must try hairstyle for all the bride to be.

  • Scarf Styled Updo

There are circumstances when you don’t have enough time to make astounding updos for your essential occasions or gathering with companions. So, to tackle such hard times attempt for simple hairstyles and enhance with something very catchy. We’ve shown an example of fancy scarf wrapped around the braids which look eye-catching.

  • Beautiful French Braid With Messy Bun

For this updo, just the highest point of the hair needs to be maneuvered into a beautiful braid design. Once the braids are finished, anchor as an easygoing messy bun, this is a straightforward look that can be assembled in minutes. It looks great on everybody with long hair, regardless of whether it’s wavy or straight.

  • Hairstyles for Short Hair

The vast majority of the young ladies with short hair stroll around with the discernment that they can’t attempt haircuts which young ladies with long hair effectively can. However, that is a wrong observation that young ladies have been strolling around with for such a long time. Above appeared are some varieties of short french braid hairstyles which can be paraded splendidly by anybody and for any events.

  • French Braid Twisted Half-Up

Do you wish to join two of the most trending hairdo’s and take the style to the next dimension? This style has French twist either a single or two along the edges later framed as a messy bun. The hair is executed as half up, half down. Moreover, the plait is created loosely to portray a romantic glance.

  • Infinity Designed Hairdo

Unlike any other hairdo’s this infinity designed updo is something that will surely make you stand out in the crowd. This hairdo might be challenging to be self-created, so it’s better if you go to a beauty hub and ask your beautician to create it for you. It will surely turn the heads of many towards you.

  • Double Dutch Braids to a Low Bun

A two-sided dutch braid to a low bun isn’t just simple to wear. However, it likewise looks very beguiling and charming. Look at the hairdo appeared in this image and you will comprehend why this hair styling is adored to such an extent.

  • Appear Sassy By the Beach!

Have you got any plans to go to the beach during vacations? And, do you yearn to appear bold, lively by the beach? That being the instance, strive any one of the hairstyles mentioned above and vaunt it vividly.

  • Blonde Tinted Hairdo’s

Blonde! as you may know, is a standout amongst the most favored hair tints by numerous young ladies as of late. Above shown are different types of hairstyles that are utterly captivating and chic. But,  what has made these styles more striking is the blonde shade. Consequently, look for any of the braided methods yet with blonde shade on and you will be the focal point of fascination.

  • Flower Decorated French Braid

This hairstyle is bohemian-inspired as it has been vivified with a flower. Make french meshes on opposite sides streaming towards the middle and when you reach the desired point, grip both the plaits in an overlapped manner. In conclusion, embellish with a flower at the crown position. Convey freshness to your style this season with this updo.

  • Frizzy Braided Bun

Are you facing hair fall and frizziness in recent days? Also, are you fed up of not being able to look alluring due to the hair problem? Don’t worry we have a solution to keep aside your tension and make you feel comfortable. You should merely, make typical french interlace till the scruff and turn your residual hair as a low bun. Further, tie it with a shiny hair clip as it will toss a new appeal.

  • Twists to Fishtail Braid

It is another fantastic style as the twists on the upper part indicate such an extensive volume. It’s conceivable to make a unique look with extensive free twits pursued by fishtail interlaces on the two sides. Also, the bluish shade is the thing that applies more appeal to the general style.

  • Multi Braided Updo

A multi-braid hairdo is noteworthy with long hair. The center braid is thick and stunning. Plaits along the edge are maneuvered into two flawless little twists which are worn more tightly for a clean appearance.

  • Flower Shaped Braided Bun

To achieve this look, separate the top of your hair in a half up, half down manner. Then, for that top section, divide into two or three parts and form a regular french braid until you reach the bottom. Next, get a handle on the entirety of your twists and move it to the top like a flower-shaped bun. It’s that simple. Also, this look is splendid and enchanting.

  • Two Wondrous Full French Braid styles

This two French twist style is lovely with the blend of two different braids as well as due to the highlights that have been reflected. With such long hair, it’s conceivable to make a fabulous twist. Hence, an attempt for hairstyle as such will give you a remarkable glimpse.

  • French Braid Just at the Center

One of the most natural hairstyles has to be this one as you need to make french braid at the middle and tie as a ponytail grasping the remaining hair. It’s the best option for girls who love to look modish but feel lazy to attempt for amazing hairdo’s.

  • Side Swept Braid Styles

For an unobtrusive look, attempt this plait to the side. The hair is pulled flawlessly from the side and goes down the back of the contrary shoulder. It is smooth and ideal with no strands hanging free. Moreover, it would be pleasant to carry with a sweater on a during winter days.

  • Side French Braid Ponytail

It isn’t always essential to make multiple braids when you make a braided ponytail. It is one example of single side braided ponytail which looks incredibly cool.

  • Single Braid

This classic look is the thing that the vast majority consider when they think about a French plait hairdo. It is plaited down the center part. It would look decent on anybody, and this thick, smooth twist is ideal for long hair which can be made in a couple of minutes.

  • Headband Braids

Need to put forth a unique style expression with your haircut? Decide on a headband! But, wait! Not a headband accessible in the market instead go for headband interlaces on your hair. Above is an image with procedures to make an ideal headband interlaces. Along these lines, see it, attempt and get that extraordinary look.

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  • Chic Braids with Two Buns

This two French braid at the top anchored as space bun gives a classy appearance. The plaits on top look incredible with the with highlights included.

  • Pretty Hairstyle

This pretty hairdo for long hair consolidates three twists in one. The focal point is braided straight down the inside part and kept free for a contemporary look. Further, the hair underneath is plaited into two more tight braids, one at each side. This look takes a short time to assemble yet it’s justified, despite all the trouble.

  • Fishtail Pony

How to Fishtail Pony?

  1. Take two pieces of hair from the top of the head.
  2. Cross Piece 3 from the right side to the left piece.
  3. After that, Cross Piece 4 from the right side to the left piece.
  4. Move strand 5 and six from respective sides.
  5. Lastly, cross Piece 7 and eight from respective sides.
  6. Continue until you’ve braided all hair.
  7. Finish!
  • Two-Sided braids on Curly Hair

Curly hairs are tough to be managed yet to avoid that difficulty and irritation try this two-sided dutch braids. It looks fashionably elegant and sophisticated.

  • Half -Up Braids

These are the different variations of Half-up, half-down braids perfect for you to rock your casual days. The braid or twists at two sides is pulled back into a ponytail with a hair-wrapped elastic which is again continued as a braid. It is a gorgeous updo.


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