101 Flawless Business Casual For Women To Stay Notable In The Office


Ladies! We are in 21st century, right? Now-a-days we are not known as any supporting element in a man’s life rather we are self-dependent and self-reliant individuals. There’s no gender disparity among our societies (Well, Leave apart some stupid folks).Cheers! To our freedom, girls! We truly enjoy being girly and being a woman; I completely love to talk in favor of women (No! don’t get me wrong, it’s no international women’s day and there are no speeches, please!)

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Much like man, present generation woman is equally workaholic. She is a complete package and comes out as a great business woman. Kudos to you! Ladies! Well, no matter how much professional we become, dressing is something which will still give us Goosebumps. Yeah! Now you get it. Is it fair or not, employees, bosses, co-workers are perceived as they dress. What, three-piece suit on Friday? Torn jeans and lace halter tops? Must’ve lost the club’s way!Here is amazing chic college girls fashion outfits to try.

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Both sexes face fashion risks but women face add-on challenges. Picking an outfit now-a-days is so complicated. Well, business casual for women is the answer? If it’s business casual, then “casual” means jeans? “Does that mean anything would do?”

In this write-up, we’ll discuss about “business casual” as it works for you ladies! You’ll get to know what’s acceptable at workplace and what’s your weekend attire? Hope this turns out to be complete women’s guide to business-casual dress. Wish me luck!


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The casual dress codes have been formulated to allow the workers (and off course the employers!)to work in the most comfortable manner. Without distorting “professional image” on the job, so many clothing choices are available for women. With casual attires at work, you can be more of stylish rather than conservative. Instead, you can wear skirts, blouses, pants and a lot! And truly there is no problem with this at all! You are dressing professionally and being trendy at the same time, Lucky you, girl! Men can never feel so advantageous. They envy us, for obvious reasons!

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Well, you should actually not take any advantage, ladies! If you’re choosing feminine casual clothing for “office” then hold back and learn clearly what is meant by business casual for women because all’s not suitable! At times, you need to ask for specific expectations. Don’t be unsure rather ask H.R. person,if there’s a lot of ambiguity over dress codes. Instead, look for other employees.Like this, you get good gauge of your employer’s expectations when they say business cum casuals!


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One of the learners told me, “In order to learn, what’s right just learn what’s not right and the rest is done.”Start with following items and get to know what’s not suitable at workplace:

  • Too much use of bright and gaudy colors.
  • Wild patterns on shirts or jackets
  • Sheer poor fabrics that make your undergarments visible
  • Clothes showing wrinkles or having stains
  • Shirts with missing buttons or loose threads
  • Excessively spiky and strappy sandals with rhinestones or shoes with open-toes
  • Low-cut dresses or dresses with high slits
  • Skin-tight clothes
  • Sundresses

Huhh! This list doesn’t ends here. Well, are you now bit confused as to “what to wear as far as business casual is concerned?” Why don’t you take cue from men in your office? They go for Khakis and polo shirts, really? You can consider it as standard even though you aren’t going to wear the same. Your aim is to look both stylish and feminine.

Again, confused? Aww! Ladies say forever goodbyes to all your dressing worries as the ideas listed beneath are exclusively about business casual for women. Yes! We have brought these for you and why wouldn’t we? After all, it’s you girl and you mean a lot to us!


Fresh & Fun:

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Nothing can stop you girl! Just play on. The idea is to look fresh, get rid of your boring and serious business suits! Have fun people! Get those loose pants and jeans out of your wardrobe. They need to see a sun soon. Go for a complete makeover to the saloon and let the freshness come in!

Classical, casual yet beautiful!

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Take this mantra! Surely this’s for you. What’s wrong with U-shaped skirts and light-colored tops. It’s causal and equally classical. Nevertheless, you look much beautiful in it. No! Do away with those stiff pants and blazers. Change is here, girl!

Just nail it!

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How about a burgundy blazer, open-collared white shirt, black skinnies and black stilettoes? Yes! This is for real. You can surely dress like this in office. You may need to give it a check once. But, if a boss says “you look too casual,” well that’s a hint to not wear these clothes again!

Pencil skirts!

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Live your life stress-free. Good news! Pencil skirts are among business casual for women. But, remember, avoid those under-lines and check-out for your skirt’s length. You mustn’t appear too sexy but you can be playful. Look for boundaries at right time.Girls love denim outfits so here are some ideas how to wear denim outfits.

Long casual pants are a way to go!

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Black plain pockets and long casual pants are a must to have this season. They aren’t for work-off days rather they will be your business attires. Let them be as wide at bottom as possible. Wear cross-tie shirts over it to maintain professional look!

Yes! Plaids are in demand!

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What is it, shirts with plaids or plaids blazers? Plaids scarfs? Let it be, ladies! You should be enjoying to dress with these. Well, now you see that’s the benefit of business casual for women. Why wouldn’t the employers even vote in favor of it? At least they see different formats and design other than work-reports and that too in a professional way.

Pleated crepe tank top with denims!

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This is a cute and adorable way to dress casually for working hours. So comfortable isn’t it? And don’t ask if this acceptable as off course we don’t want to see you in complete packed business suits especially on Friday evening parties. Choice matters!

Plus-size curvy fit dress pants:

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Plus-size women like me; you don’t need to feel shallow. Yes! You can equally grow above than those formal kurtas and full-length skirts. Don’t be ashamed of your curves; in fact flaunt them professionally with right clothes. Wink! Wink! Co-workers’ eyes are following you.

Solid roll-tab blouse with black skinnies!

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Get trendier this season by choosing correct business casual for women. With sleeves, half-rolled and black skinnies in combination are in a way business combined with casual. Color selection is the only point to be focused, rest you can manage, I’m sure!

Collar blouse with dark denims:

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Yeah! Yeah! You have been looking for this. We understand your issues, ladies! After all, we are no different. Sisters’issues, right? Go for tropical green blouse and pair it up with navy blue jeans. You have collar girl! Don’t worry your boss will not scold at all. You don’t breach dress codes at all.

Printed knot-front top with pencil pants!

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This is cool. You should select dark and natural colors for this attire. Don’t get too flashy or it will spoil the charm and will look too much bright. Knot-front tops are so good with clients and colleagues, you actually realized so late!

Tapered ankle pants!

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This is so modern cum voguish business casual for women. Congo! Girl you achieved what you desired. Grey colored tapered ankle pants are such a perfect fit. You need to tuck-in tops neatly with it. Nude bellies or simple pencil heels will make you look so appealing. You need to run for shopping, I guess!

Sleeve-less button down shirts are so good!

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Off-course traditional business attires and dressing codes wouldn’t have agreed for this. But we are discussing about business casuals, girl! These shirts are a regular feature now and trust me they look so amazing.

White ankle-pants and striped tops:

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Wow! Now this is what you call as casual! Yet, this is so professional. Can’t believe your eyes? The pairing is so good. Remember dark black stripes over white base and white ankle pants, white is so in. Carry your black leather side-bag, it’s a must!

Maxi-shirt dress!

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Watch out ladies! Business casual for women dresses won’t tolerate, long slits till thighs. You need to understand the difference between being sexy and being slutty. But, anyway chiffon maxi-shirt dresses are a must to wear. Go for belts, they will help in differentiation.

High-low maxi skirts with V-neckline tops:

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V-necks are always eye-catchy but you should do make the same for good reasons! Big deal! Wear your silver-line sweet necklace, yes! This is allowed as per business casuals. Do I need to say anything about maxi-skirts? They are good for so many reasons. On next Friday, you’re wearing this, okay?

Lace tee with blowy skirt:

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Sophistication! Isn’t it? The name says it all. Lace tees are just so sober and simple. No expectations and without much pairing problems, these are just so good. Check for blowy skirts fabric, you shouldn’t face any sort of embarrassments after all!

Printed asymmetrical tunics, Cool?

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Why not try floral prints! Make men desirous of you rather envious if you really hit the right point at right points.No! Ladies, we aren’t taking about those naughty points (Ahaan! really?), rather hit their hearts and heads so they start valuing business casual for women like never before.

Skinny Jeggings with denim tops:

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Denims are forever and rather they are much of cool and casual type, so there seems no problem with wearing them. Your HR won’t make you read those long dress codes if they see you dressed-up like this. So just chill!Jeggings off course are part of business attires.

Scoop neck fit and flares dresses!

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I personally love this! It is so comfortable and at times feels like a blessing to wear it. With no hassles! No tardiness! No discomforts! Enjoy being girly. The flares one-piece dresses impress all clients and they employers truly have no issues with these! Go for it girl!

Polka dot blouse with navy blue pants for work!

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

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Marvelous! Business causal office outfit idea.Don’t even give a second thought, it’s tested and tried buddy! Large polka dots are the trends in this styling idea and blue work pants help you in staying professional cum sorted.

Pull on dress pants with off-shoulder tops:

Business Casual For Women0631

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Going to your office with nude shoulders? What, did you mother just couldn’t accept this? Don’t worry!She must’ve seen it for first time and so does your boss will. But, it’s guaranteed he won’t scold. It’s business casual girl! No worries, please! Pull-on dress pants are so cool. Truly in love with this attire!


Business casual may be one of common dressing forms, but still getting dressed every morning is complicated for us!Following are some tips for adaptability of your business casual wardrobe whenever there’s need:

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  • Keep few items at your workplace to just throw on in bad times:

This includes a cardigan or blazer of neutral color or a scarf. Black flats should be kept handy as well. These smallest items will help you in fetching a more conservative look, if the need arises.

  • Even if formal dress isn’t required, show up from time to time:

Business casual for women doesn’t mean a “Big No!” to formal dresses! Come on girls, you like when people say “Wow, you look lovely today!”

  • Accessories are a quick fix:

Causal dressing provides you an opportunity to dress with more flair and style. The power of Scarf, earrings, sandals and belts shouldn’t be under-estimated. They can do wonder ladies!

Business Casual For Women0001 Business Casual For Women0021 Business Casual For Women0041 Business Casual For Women0051 Business Casual For Women0061 Business Casual For Women0091 Business Casual For Women0111 Business Casual For Women0131 Business Casual For Women0161 Business Casual For Women0181 Business Casual For Women0201 Business Casual For Women0221 Business Casual For Women0241 Business Casual For Women0261 Business Casual For Women0271 Business Casual For Women0281 Business Casual For Women0291 Business Casual For Women0301 Business Casual For Women0321

Definitely, you’ll overcome the dressing challenges easily! But, what’s your feedback now? I’m sure you’d be happy to agree that this is a complete guide to “business casual for women”. Well, you want to experiment before nodding? Sure, ladies! Choose the best dressing idea and compliments are coming directly your way, for sure! Waiting to hear all the goodies from you soon!


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