Five Ways to Have Younger Softer Skin 


Want to find the fountain of youth?  Who doesn’t?  As a culture, we are obsessed with looking younger and having healthy, soft skin.  Some of us even go to drastic measures such as going under the knife to achieve these looks.  However, with today’s advances in medical skin care treatments that are not always necessary. Below we look at five ways to help give you that younger softer skin.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a great way to soften the skin and help reduce the visible scars and sun damage one may have.  In this procedure, a chemical solution is applied to the skin which causes the top layer to peel off.  When you have this procedure, it’s not uncommon to have a pink or red colored face for a few days afterward.  After the top layer of skin peels, you are left with softer looking skin.

It is important to note with chemical peels there are several variations.  The most common ones are advance corrective peel, micro peel, and micro peel plus.  This will depend on how deep you want the peel to go and how sensitive your skin is.  Chemical peels work best in a series of treatments usually three to six about a month apart.

Collagen-based Cream                                                                                                                                                  

As we get older, our bodies naturally lose collagen.  This is why it is essential to use a product that helps promote and stimulate collagen growth. These creams work by applying directly to the skin so your body can absorb some of the matter.

You can also do yourself a favor by wearing sunscreen when outdoors.  Eating less sugar will also affect your skin.  And of course, eating antioxidant-rich foods will help go a long way.

Botox Treatments

This is the number one procedure to make your face look younger.  A Botox treatment works by relaxing the wrinkles in your face to provide a smooth more youthful look. It does this by blocking the nerves that are attached to the muscles which in turn ensures you can no longer squish or contract these muscles.  Treatments are done by injecting the Botox into your face generally around the eyes and forehead areas.


The procedure of microneedling works by puncturing the skin with tiny needles which in turn help with collagen growth. This procedure will help create smoother skin while having a more toned looked at the same time.  The process itself takes about thirty minutes to complete and is most commonly done at a day spa or medical spa. In many patients, they see results also immediately.

The treatments are done usually one to one and a half months apart, and most people start with two to three treatments.  One of the main concerns people have is if the procedure is painful or not.  Most people report having no discomfort at all and the ones that do very little.  You can also get a topical numbing cream to help if you are worried.

Eat & Drink Healthy

You’ve probably heard this one all your life, and there is a good reason for it, it works.  Start within drinking enough water.  Did you know that when you drink proper amounts of water, it helps flush the toxins in your system?  It’s true, plus your cells need the water to help reach their full potential.

Foods high in Monounsaturated fatty acids are right for you. The anti-inflammatory for the skin helps moisturize the skin on the inside.  Examples of these foods are avocados, walnuts, and olive oil.  Tomatoes are also a potent antioxidant that will help in the repairing process of your skin.



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