80 Outlandish Feed In Braids For Stylish You


Feed in Braids are just like the regular cornrow or other braids, but in Feed-in Braids instead of just having the natural twists or adding hair at the roots, we add extensions onto the natural hair strands by strands. The Feed in Braids protect the natural hair from various damage and are stylish too.

Hair is one of the most noticeable personality indicators for a girl or a boy. If you are one of those people who think your appearance matters, then you ought to keep your hair right. But not everyone has time and can give effort for the maintenance of their hairstyle, so they go with their boring ponytail, bun or let their hair down. But with Feed-in Braids, you no longer have to be passionless with your hairstyles.

Before twisting your hair, there are a few steps you should always take to keep your hair healthy and comfortable.

  • Moisturise your hair with enough of your well-trusted products after washing your hair.
  • Take time while choosing your hairstyle so you will not regret later.
  • Go to your trusted hairstylist or if you are doing it on your own, consult expertise.
  • Tightening your hair more can destroy your hair.
  • Have patience cause it takes time to braid and it takes more time to unleash your hair.
  • You may feel irritation for some days once you have the braid, but it will get good with time.
  • Wash your hair with a good product but not in a very short interval.
  • And lastly never forget to enjoy your hair by styling it.

Fish-bone Braids

feed in braidsThe small twists separate the big braids in-between which look like a fish-bone. If you are a fish lover or even working for amphibians right, you can have the braid to give any statement.

Simple feed-in braids

Simple Feed in Braids is created by adding hair extension to the natural hair strand by strand instead of putting the braids directly to the root which gives thickness to the twists making it look healthy.

Stylish Swayed Braids

The braids are partitioned and done in such a way that each partition portion of hair looks like the hair is swayed in the different direction. You can always add colourful extensions to make it fashionable.

Side Star Braids

Add a chick flavour to the up-growing chunky braids by creating a star pattern on the side while braiding. You can style the braids as a lower or upper ponytail as it is only half root braided.

Full Head Parallel Braid

Braid the hair by partitioning the hair parallel up-to-the dead end so the braided hair can only be tied low. The baby hair at the front is perfectly combed to give a neat effect.

Tiny Braids

The tiny braids are the see-through braids that show the portion of scalp more than the twists. You can always sway the hair partitions into different directions to give more view of the inner skin.

Blonde Braids

Add blonde hair extensions to your natural hair to give this shimmery vibe. Alternately braid the blonde added and small braids to create the pattern.

Divergent Braid

Divergent Braids start from a single point and diverges into different directions. You can accessorise your hair with golden hair beads to give a refined look. Keeping your baby hair combed is neat.

Bulky Braid with Bangs

If you want to make your hair denser than usual, then add thick extensions to your natural hair. If you’re going to frame your face, then you can leave some hair on the side as a bang.

Side-cut Mohawk Braid

There are various ways to style Side-cuts. One of the best ways is to braid it using the feed in the braid by creating a Mohawk Braid. Glasses and sweatshirt pair up well with the look.

Low Bun Braid

If you are an officer and want to keep it professional with the feed in braids, then the Low Bun Braids will surely help out. You can always embellish it with golden beads if you are up for a party in no time.

Cross Braid

Cross Braid is unique braids with the head partition in the middle, Braid the hair on either side with a thick braid and other smaller braids. The thick braid is crossed to another separation of the head to combine with the smaller twist which creates a Cross structure in the back.

Two Line In-between Braid

The thick braid in the middle is surrounded by two thin braids on the side to give this structure. Swaye the baby hair in the middle of the forehead to the opposite direction.

Twisting Blue Braid

Twist the parallel braids in such a way that it looks like a snake move. Add blue extensions to give the most relaxed vibe.

Crown Feed-in Braid

The front side-parted braid on both sides towards opposite direction looks like a stylish head crown. The braids from the two side are braided together at the back to give a pony braid.

Half-up Huge Bun

Leaving your braided hair down usually can be dull. Style your feed in braids into a Half-up Bun abandoning the rest of the hair down.

Bantu Knots

If we open the feed in braids, then we get the cute little curls. The coils are kinky, so we need to manage the hair on the front. Bantu Knots are the best way to get through the stubborn loops.

High Ponytail Braid

The high ponytail is sexier and is preferred by those having a beautiful facial structure. You can always wear bangs for face framing.

Divergent Low Bun

Simple Low Buns have been the working hairstyles for long. However, the shown divergent Low Bun is more stylish and unique with the alternating feed in and regular small two braids brought into a bun.

Long Ombre Feed-in Braid

Women prayed for long beautiful hair, but now you can merely add a feed in braids to have the length you want. The Ombre Feed in Braids is exquisite.

Swiped Baby hair Braid

If the hair on your face irritates you, then this Swiped Baby hair Braids is the best one for you.

U-shaped Braid with Ponytail

Are you out of hairstyles using feed-in braids? The U-shaped Braid can help you with that. You can leave your hair down or can put it up into a ponytail. It is simple and can go with any outfit.

Platinum Low Bun

Turn heads with the platinum feed in braids. Accessorise the hair with the golden cuffs to add up the classy look.

Half-up Bun with two Half-down Braid

Put the half portion of the hair into a Huge bun with the chestnut colour feed in braids. Then the rest of the hair is zig-zag partitioned into two and braided with the feed in pigtails.


The S-braid are simply the feed in braids with the cornrows braided in S shape rather than parallel.

Purple Highlighted Braid

Do you want some good compliments from your people? Dazzle yourself by using the purple feed in braids to grab some praise.

Side-parted Braid


Magenta and Navy Blue Highlighted Space Bun

Spice up your space bun with the multi-colour feed in braids for a cute hairstyle. The Magenta and Navy Blue bring the whole galaxy in the Space Bun.

Huge Twist Up-Bun

The Huge Twist Up-Bun can be your wedding look. It has all the classy, beautiful and colossal characteristic to be a matrimony hairstyle. You can jewel it up with sophisticated accessories to make it elegant.

Platinum Ombre Braid

Platinum is one of the most wanted hair colour for some years. If you want an aged look, dyeing your hair platinum will help but the Platinum Ombre will not make you too old. Showcase your makeup skill as it will help you glam up.

Curvy braided Ponytail

French braiding the small parts of the hair and adding the feed in braids and hair from the side to create a curvy partition which is gathered up as a pony.

Parallel Braided ponytail

The hairs are straightly partitioned and braided to give the parallel cornrow braids which are put up into a ponytail.

Two-side Double Braid Low Bun

Another unique hairstyle for out-going people is the Two-sided Double Braid Low Bun which is created by braiding your hair and adding hair from only one side and then taking some portion of hair just next to the braid and braiding it taking hair from another half to create the Double Braid. Then the twists are taken from both partition and are made a Low Bun.

Chest-length Fulani

Fulani Braids are one of the most impressive hairstyles. The pattern and the jewels embellish the head so much that you feel like the queen from the earliest tribe.

Triangle In-between Braid

Are you obsessed with the underworld and mafias thing? If so you can rock this bold look. The small braids are done after the huge below twist to highlight the triangular pattern to give a false impression of shaving.

Parallel Braid

The standard parallel braids never go out of style. You can always rock the look if you have no time for styling it.

Box Feed-in Braids

Box braids have been popular since ever. Celebrities like Beyonce, Janet Jackson, have had it. Its the trendiest hairstyle and keeps up with any outfit.

Full Head Alternate Parallel Braids

As already discussed above, the Full Head Parallel Braids are braided covering all the skin in a parallel manner. So, it can be tied only on the low end. The Alternate thick and thin braid is one of the styles.

Alternate Half-up Braid Bun 

Use the Alternate Parallel Braids to update the Half-up Braid Bun to make a Half-bun, and the rest is also left down doing Alternate Parallel Braids which can be further styled as a ponytail too.

Neat Fulani

If you are up for a business party and want to go with Fulani, Add only a few beads to the low ends and some rings just above your forehead. Wear a plain T-shirt and showcase your makeup skill to match the look.

Huge Divergent Braids Pony

Feeding thick extensions can help you get the thickness to your hair. The Divergent Braids are the best way to show the bulk as it goes on increasing with distance.

Highlighted Braids

Use only a thin portion of hair extension as your feed in braids to give the vibe of highlights on your hair to make it look like hair-colour instead of the added chump of hair.

Red Braid

Colours say a lot about a person. Choose red hair braids to excite your sexiness and to give hints to the people about the danger they are getting themselves.

Corset Braid

We usually use a corset to keep things in the place. But here withholding your hair on the right position, it is used as a head accessory.

Alternative Braid Bun

We have already seen some hair-do with the Alternate Braids. If you don’t want your hair to disturb you, you can surely wear your stylish braid into Bun.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie has been one of the favourite characters from the Disney World to most of the children during the ’90s. If you are one of them, try this Minnie Mouse Braid with fantastic makeup.

Side Pony Braid

Get all of your best things together and change yourself into a Diva like Beyonce with this Side Pony braid, large rings and exotic makeup and get ready to rock the world.

Brown Alternate Braid

Brown is one of the natural hair colour, and most people dye their hair brown. Get your brown extensions as the feed in to get this Brown Alternate Braid.

Divergent Alternative Braid Bun

Use the two best Divergent and Alternate braiding ideas into one to create the bun. Some golden cuffs are used to embellish the knot.

Zig-Zag Braid


Styling Alternate Feed-in Braid

We have discussed some ways for styling with Alternate Braids. It can be merely braided parallel or you can zig-zag it up a little. Comb your Baby hair correctly to neat up the look.

Alternate Braid Out of face

Buns and Ponytail are the best way to get the hair out of your face. Donuts-bun goes with the cute skirts and gowns whereas the ponytail looks good with the tights and shirts. Accessorise your hair with hair-jewels.


Ariana Pony Braid

If you are Ariana Grande’s fan, with Thank you, Next kicking the box office, thrown on some Ariana vibes with this high ponytail braids to support her.


Divergent Braid with Braided Bang

Braiding doesn’t require that all the hair on your head should be braided. You can always pull off some bangs on the front for the different look, and it can also be braided later if you do not want to get disturbed with the fringes.

Burgundy Ombre Fulani Braid

Fulani is already beautiful with all the designs and patterns on your hair. But if you want a fresh look, you can add the burgundy feed in braids.

Magenta Sombre Braid

If the extensions are feed in from the root of the braid, then the hair-do is known as Sombre and if from a little more distance from the roots then, it is known as Ombre.

Wolverine Braid

Marvel fans are always excited by little things that remind them of their heroes. Do the Wolverine Braid and get ready to be flown with compliments. Mix the reddish-hued extensions for fire.

Shiny Alternative Braid

Shine on with this black healthy Alternate Braids.

Blonde Parallel Braid

Chris Brown is undoubtedly going to have a tour near around you someday. You should remember this hairstyle to attract his attention.

Creative Braid

Is your daughter having a fashion competition soon? You can have an appreciation for your daughter with this beautifully innovative hair work. Accessorise it with some hair cuffs to let it dazzle.

Two-side French Braid

Nothing can be more comfortable than a French Braid for a daily basis. Use feed in braids for a healthy looking hair.

Cinnamon Alternate Braid

Cinnamon can be another best extension you can use as feed in braids. It’s hot in there with the Alternate twists.

One-side Spiral Braid

On one of the sides, Attach the hair to the root so that the part looks like it’s shaved. On another section, Braid it spiral with the perfect combing of the spiral baby hair too.

Love Bun

Wear this Love bun with the double side braids if you are going for a date with your loved one. It gives both the cute and bold vibes. Pair it with a sun-glass to look classy. Out of most of the styling ideas of feed-in braids, The Alternate Braids seems to have filled maximum space in the feed which is because the alternate braiding has been the most used hair twisting style in the very meantime which is used with or without the Divergent partitioning ways. Adding different colour extensions has brought bright hair ideas without actually colouring your hair. We hope for your recommendations on other innovative hairstyles.


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